How Do I Become Asexual or Permanently Freed from Sexual Desire?

There are some drugs out there that will kill your sex drive pretty well. Either that or wait until you are my age (60), and your sex drive will go away on its own whether you want it to or not!
Realistically though, some men have gone off to monasteries for this reason. As far as turning off the very physical drive though, good luck with that!

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2 thoughts on “How Do I Become Asexual or Permanently Freed from Sexual Desire?”

  1. Remember Marshall Applewhite’s UFO cult? He and some of the guys were castrated in Mexico in order to be more like the imaginary space aliens they wanted to become. As I approach 50 I notice my sex drive is about 10% of what it was when I was 20. And there is a severe drop around Christmas until March when it practically goes away. Don’t know if it is from the lack of daylight or lack of activity in the cold weather or the blood pressure meds I take.

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