Gender Identity Disorder and Transsexualism Are Mental Disorders

Jynxi: Would you say it’s safe to classify gender dysphoria as a psychosexual disorder, and would other sexual dysfunctions fall along a similar spectrum?

It’s not a sexual dysfunction. Those things make it so you can’t have sex very well.
Delayed ejaculation – Guy can’t orgasm or takes forever to orgasm. I actually had that for a while, and honestly, women don’t care that much about that particular disorder!
Premature ejaculation – Guy gets off right away.
Impotence – Guy can’t get it up.
Anorgasmia – Woman can’t orgasm.
Dyspareunia – Painful sex.
Vaginsmus – Clenching of vaginal muscles leading to difficult or impossible penetration.
Those are your sexual dysfunctions.
Wherever Transsexualism was before in the DSM before it was wrongly removed, that’s where it is now.
Gender Identity Disorder – I doubt if it is a paraphilia because it goes away in a lot of cases and paraphilias don’t go away. In minors, it goes away on its own in 70% of cases.
Actually GID looks more Anorexia Nervosa and Body Dysmorphic Disorder where people have a distorted view of their body. In anorexia, their self-image is always fat even if they are wasting away. In BDD, their self-image is that there is always something wrong with their face, even if nothing is wrong.
In both cases, the conviction with which the beliefs are held is either an overvalued idea or it is off into a sort of a psychosis. However, BDD is more of an anxiety process rather than a psychotic process.
In GID the belief that one is the opposite sex is also held with delusional intensity. I believe that these are simply mentally ill people suffering from the delusion that they are the opposite sex.
If a man insists that he is a woman against all evidence, isn’t that obviously a delusion? How could it be anything but a delusion? Take his clothes off. Let’s look at him. OK, well, he’s definitely a male. There’s no doubt about that.
What’s the evidence (that contradicts the physical evidence staring in our faces) that this man is really a woman? There is none other than his firm belief that he is a woman. But since when does someone believing that they are something make it so?
I believe I am a Carne Asada Super-burrito with Extra Onions and Cilantro and Added Cheese, Please. I am afraid to go outside because some hungry person might try to eat me.
Where’s the evidence that I am not a super-burrito? Just look at me. I am obviously not a serving in a Mexican restaurant, although any attractive women who think I am are welcome to try to gobble me up anytime they want to.
What’s the evidence that I am an 1100 calorie burrito? The evidence is that I believe I am. Ok, this makes it true? It’s true because I believe it?

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One thought on “Gender Identity Disorder and Transsexualism Are Mental Disorders”

  1. I’m glad you cleared that up because that was exactly my conclusion. That being said, how would you go about classifying homosexuallity? Would it not be a type of BDD light?

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