Is It True That Some Old Gay Men Wear Diapers Because of Anal Sex?

Answered on Quora.

Absolutely! How common it is, I am not sure. I’ve been researching this for years though because it fascinates me. You will see references all over the web saying that this is a myth. A published study attempted to answer the question and came up somewhat affirmatively, but the study just led to more arguments.


This man certainly did. His name is Joseph Scambria.

Scambria was a very sexually active gay man for only about 10 years. He contracted a number of STD’s in his anus, which among other things apparently led to a lot of anal scarring. Due to anal sex, he also developed hemorrhoids which became large and inflamed. Soon they protruded externally, and later he developed an anal prolapse.

All of this was from straight up anal sex (although a lot of it with countless partners) over a 10 year period. Finally he was vomiting blood and bleeding anally. He was in hospital care for four months. He dripped blood when he walked around the hospital and lost control of his bowels before he could make it to the bathroom sometimes.

Due to the scarring, he had multiple surgeries on his anus, and a section of it had to be removed. His sphincters were stitched into a narrow channel, but the stitches soon broke. Somehow or other this left him somewhat incontinent, and at the age of 30, he was already in diapers. Two gay male commenters on his site, one 41 and the other 61, both said they have to wear diapers now due to decades of anal sex.

Scambria notes that the bodybuilders he knew wore diapers when they lifted because the strain could cause incontinence.

So on that site, there are three older gay men in diapers from anal sex and some bodybuilders wearing them part-time for the same reason.

Obviously this is a potential but possibly uncommon outcome from a decade or decades of very frequent anal sex.

Scambria also said that he spent a lot of time in the protologist’s office due to anal complaints before he became incontinent. He said that many gay men in San Francisco went to proctologists for one reason or another. He often saw his friends at the office.

He also said that quite a few gay men bottom for 10–20 years and then develop some sort of anal issues, so they quit bottoming and switch to being mostly tops.

The question is how often this happens. There are many reports of gay men who have been having anal sex for decades with few to no problems.

This can also occur with women who have a lot of anal sex, but my perception is that anal incontinence in women from anal sex is much less common than in gay men.

That said, for a gay man to get this, you might have to have a lot of anal sex for 10–40 years with many partners, get multiple anal STD’s, develop terrible hemorrhoids or a prolapse, and get a lot of warning signs before this happens to you.

This issue of anal sex and incontinence in gay men is covered up and handwaved away or out and out denied by a PC media and gay community. As chronic anal incontinence is an outcome for at least a few gay men, I think this issue should get a lot more publicity and research.

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10 thoughts on “Is It True That Some Old Gay Men Wear Diapers Because of Anal Sex?”

    1. You know, that is a fascinating question, and thanks for asking.

      In my search for the sickest and most fucked up stuff on the Net, I went to the forums of the shitlovers and shiteaters. Of course I am not into this stuff, but if it’s fucked up, I am fascinated!

      A lot of the people into eating shit are gay men. In fact, studies have found that 6% of gay men are coprophiles. They either like to play with shit or they like to eat it. 50% of scat porn is gay, and only 1.5% of the population is made up of gay men. It seems gay men have a massively elevated rate of this sort of thing.

      There were a couple of gay men on this shiteating forum talking about their love of shit and eating shit. They went into how it started.

      One guy, Shiteater 1, had his initial foray into shiteating when he picked up a guy and went down to eat his ass, and it was “crusty down there.” Well, Shiteater 1 went to town on the guy anyway, never mind the butt-nuggets. Damn the dingleberries, full speed ahead! Afterwards he said he liked the shit – the taste, smell or whatever – and this is what got him into shiteating.

      Another gay man (Shiteater 2) got his start in shiteating when he was in some sex club or bathhouse, and some man (Man 1) was fucking some other man (Man 2) in the ass. Man 1 pulled out of Man 2’s ass, and Shiteater 2 leaned over and sucked the cock coming out of the ass. Ass to mouth in other words.

      The only problem was that when Man 1 pulled his dick out of Man 2’s ass, Man 1’s dick was covered with shit. Well, Shiteater 2 happily sucked on it anyway even though it was covered with shit. He said after that he started getting into shit and shiteating.

      So it seems like in the course of their sex, gay men deal with shit a fair amount of the time, and after a while, some of them develop an interest in it or start to get turned on by it. It’s developmental, not inborn. Most of the things that turn us on are developmental other than basic orientation.

      Thanks for the shitty question, Anus!

  1. As I said before modern homosexuality has become a religion and should be compared to early christianity
    Faggotry ——> Early Christian Church
    Public toilet —–> Underground church
    Semen ———> Eucharist wine
    feces ———> Eucharist bread

      1. Constantine —> Obama ?
        I read the Roman Empire was in a state of decline, and Constantine tried to reform the system to arresting the decline, not unlike what Obama was said to be doing. Like Constantine the first Christian emperor, Obama has a number of ‘firsts’:
        –First Black Prez.
        –First ex-Muslim Prez.
        –He legalized gay marriage

  2. Sounds like Pavlov’s Dog, the way the dog soon digs the bell as much as the food. Or the way dope addicts come to love the disgusting act of “shooting up.” I thought I saw an article on this site about some strange club of homos in France called “The Sewer Rats” where they literally formed the “Big Pile” of wiggling homos going at it just like in South Park, except in this case they were smeared with shit and eating the shit out of each others asses.

    1. Yes I had some photographs of this group or one of their parties. It was in a building and it is about how you described. I linked to it and my readers got mad at me for “homophobia.”
      WTF man come on that’s fucked up behavior gay or not.

    1. The poop stuff is especially nasty. Some female pornstars have to wear diapers eventually. Being a size queen is irrational. The ladies and gentlemen in diapers are proof. Sort of a gluttony, they keep wanting more and more size. On a taxi cab confessions show a gay was saying assholes are amazing at healing themselves. More gays probably push it to the limit.

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