Can a Person Have Above Average IQ 125-135 SD=15 and Still Be a Slow Thinker?

Answered on Quora.
That would not make sense at all.
IQ more than anything else (at least fluid IQ) is a test of raw, pure, brain speed and efficiency. Studies have found that as IQ rises, the brain works more efficiently.
If you have spent time around bright people, one of the most striking things about them is how lightning fast they are. This can be seen even in conversation. Have you ever met people so fast that they almost finish your sentences for you. You get halfway through the sentence, and they are already reacting to the sentence because they have actually predicted what the rest of the sentence is! That’s pretty damn smart.
Some very bright people have fast moving eyes. If you watch them when they talk, you see their eyes flitting all around very rapidly. Sometimes there are also a lot of micromovements with their faces.
In fact, I think I can see this even comparing a 110–115 IQ person to a 95–100 IQ person (I am guessing at their IQ’s). The latter are noticeably slower, and the former are often strikingly fast. The slower people are often very nice and pleasant, but they’re just not as fast. You have to admit it.

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2 thoughts on “Can a Person Have Above Average IQ 125-135 SD=15 and Still Be a Slow Thinker?”

  1. I have an friend thats probably around 130. Its that guy i called white as fuck lol. He won some math contest in our area during early childhood, i dont know how many participants were there but its indicative of something. He is very fast and witty, i used to be very jealous and maybe i should keep being jealous, as he could become an A student and charm people with his well endowed vocabulary and grammar. Well, not only that, his fluid intelligence kinda leaked everywhere (haha, thats an pun), and its a little threatening seing an higher ascended lifeforms in your prescense.
    Oh and he was nice too.

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