Is a Man Who Doesn't Like Breasts Automatically Gay?

Answered on Quora.
No, but it would be awful strange if a straight man did not like women’s breasts. I have never heard of such a man in my life. What’s wrong with him? He doesn’t like tits? Why not? What the Hell is his problem? If these men exist at all, I think there is something wrong with them.
Gay men have no sexual interest in women’s breasts, zero. And in fact, quite a few gay men find women’s breasts to be disgusting. “It looks like a cow!” is a pretty frequent comment you hear from gay men about women’s breasts. This is normal for them, as gay men like men and not women, and disinterest in women’s bodies is ubiquitous and even even disgust with their bodies is fairly common among gay men.

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16 thoughts on “Is a Man Who Doesn't Like Breasts Automatically Gay?”

  1. All men like breasts, but they don’t have to be that big. I don’t think there are any men (as in straight men) who hate breasts, though.

  2. I can’t think of a single straight man who doesn’t like boobs. Quite a few straight men may not find a female ass attractive, but not liking boobs is an impossibility. I liked boobs even back when I was five years old and knew nothing about sex.

    1. I like them-
      but it’s like one one millionth as important as her ass.
      Titties are sensitive- that’s probably why tit men love them. Not neccesarily for how they look, as long as they’re not musquito bites. But as I said I am not a tit guy so I don’t know.

        1. Mr. Yiddish continues to prove he can dish it out but can’t take it.
          Did the Talmud teach you that your people get to behave by different rules than the rest?

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  3. Which also makes me wonder, do most women even have the slightest idea just how much straight men love boobs? Do little girls also like boobs when they are 5 – 10 years old because it is not something sexual?

  4. Top freedom or bra burning movements are really crazy. Which straight man doesn’t like bare or jiggly boobs?

    1. It is an interesting question. I think homosexuality or bisexuality means you are attracted to men’s bodies. If you are not attracted to men’s bodies, you are not gay. I have seen some fascinating data lately that shows that there are men who are completely heterosexual, massively turned on by women and not at all by men, who are nevertheless into cock or cocks. Some of them even like to suck cocks. Yep there are men out there who like to suck cocks and they are not even gay. They’re straight. Straight guys who like dick.
      Crazy or what?

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