Game/PUA: Have You Ever Kissed Someone without Consent?

Answered on Quora.
Of course. I’ve kissed more girls and women than I can count more times than I can count, sometimes for long extended sessions. Every time I kissed a female, it was without her consent. I never asked for consent, ever. I just leaned in and did it. Not usually aggressively, but a few times I basically attacked them. They got into it very willingly every single time, so I assume they were consenting on that basis alone.
Asking for consent to kiss a female is insane. Just lean in and do it. If she doesn’t want to kiss you, she will move away or push you away or turn her face so you can only kiss her on the cheek. That’s how you know she’s not consenting. It helps if you do it very gently because that way she can protest or push you away if she’s not interested and hopefully you get the message and back off and the kiss never takes place. Plus a lot of women like tender, gentle kisses, especially the first time.
You have to learn to read the vibes. If she’s willing to let you kiss her and get sexual with her, she will send out signals saying that it’s ok to go for it. If you get that signal, just lean in and kiss her.
If you don’t get that signal, I would not do anything sexual with her. Forcing kisses on unwilling women is pretty rapey behavior.
She will always give out a sign. The sign is in an unspoken mental language and is the closest thing I can think of to telepathy. In order to pick up on it, you almost have to read people’s minds in a sense, and it is possible to read minds this way. I am very good at reading minds this way, but I imagine a lot of folks, especially men, are not.
Have I ever kissed a female without her consent where she did not want me to and she got mad? Nope. That’s pretty bad. Either you read the vibes wrong and made an honest mistake or you are an asshole and a quasi-rapist. I suspect most men who do this are the latter.

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One thought on “Game/PUA: Have You Ever Kissed Someone without Consent?”

  1. That’s not really lack of consent. A better example would be similar to grabbing a woman’s ass, LOL.

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