Are People on the Schizophrenic Spectrum Less Intelligent?

Answered on Quora: 
Indeed, repeated studies have shown that schizophrenia is associated with a somewhat lower IQ – possibly 5–10 points. These studies showed that schizophrenics had lower IQ even before the schizophrenia developed.
Why schizophrenia is associated with lower IQ is not known, but schizophrenia is a disease of the brain, and it seems that whatever is causing the schizophrenia is also lowering the IQ.

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One thought on “Are People on the Schizophrenic Spectrum Less Intelligent?”

  1. One of the most beautiful and intelligent girls (or women – she was 18 at the time) I ever dated had a mild case of schizophrenia.
    She had writing and acting talent. She was intellectual and cultured. When she was in a good mood she was charming. I am saddened when I think of what she could have achieved if she had been in better mental health.

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