The Decline and Fall of the United Kingdom

Ninnibooboos: Macron is the new Thatcher.
The UK I think now, is probably the most corrupt country on the planet. Our government is seriously seriously evil. We have big elections here in the UK next month where the vile, fascist Tories have been polling so low that they predict a Corbyn Government will closely follow. We need our Jezza (Jeremy Corbyn) as our Prime Minister. Every time we go to war, he accurately predicts that it is an illegal move. He will clear out the Russian and Saudi London-based mafias and hopefully save us from being the worst country on the planet.

This is a great comment Ninni. I agree with most everything you say here. And Macron is the new Thatcher.
I am shocked at how bad the UK is becoming. It is like the Tories are trying to complete what Margaret could not.
The UK seems more and more like the US all the time (and that is never good), and the Tories seem more and more like the Republican Party all the time.
I always thought the UK was a so much more progressive, socialist and hence better country than ours, but I am not so sure anymore. It is frankly shocking and appalling what is going on over there.
And yes, the UK badly needs Corbyn.
The pendulum, thankfully, only swings so far towards reaction and concentration of wealth. They you get an inevitable Left revolution or blowback, by election or by some sort of violence and often by both.
People really need to read Marx. He spelled this out so clearly, better than anyone at the time.
Marx’s analysis of capitalism is virtually unsurpassed. He actually praises capitalism to the skies (read him and see) but he felt it was so full of its own contradictions that it was not sustainable, and of course he had a lot of beefs with it too. In particular, Marx praises the dynamism, productivity, and chameleon-like nature of capitalism. Just when you think you have capitalism pinned down, it squirms away like a blob or mercury and transforms into something else. I mean a capitalist could put the word Revolution! on his products, sell a million of them and pocket a fortune. That sort of adaptivity is pretty incredible, let’s face it.
Marx was right!

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9 thoughts on “The Decline and Fall of the United Kingdom”

  1. The UK is in the midst of a identity crisis where there is no middle ground and instead a fight between far left and far right. Far right has been winning over the recent years, but ONLY because of media manipulation (80% of our press is owned by far right hard Brexit patriotards). Also by the massive amount of cheating the Tories do in order to win elections. (The Brexit vote was a huge fraud with excess funds and the help of Steve Bannon and Cambridge Analytica).
    BUT the reality is that the majority of Brits are fairly moderate. It’s also our older population (in huge numbers due to our brilliant healthcare system) who are ruining our country. We need to stop senile old twats from voting as they have lost a sense of reality and only vote to keep their property prices high, so they fall for the corrupt Tory lines.
    The Tories are on their way out (permanently) but are going down like a radioactive dinosaur. I think this is happening in the US too where we are seeing the neoliberal, right wing, mainly white, mainly male traditional power structures disappearing. They are screaming and arms flailing whilst they wreak destruction on own democracies.
    Corbyn and Labour should have won last year but only didn’t because of Tory cheating. Theresa May has no majority. Just like America right now, we either reach a pinnacle and overthrow the evil, or evil wins by throwing out democracy and goes full on dictatorship.
    The Labour Party is the largest political party in Europe. Go figure.

  2. Protecting the nhs from privitisation is an extremely popular position, and there is public support for renationalisation. It is Corbyn’s extremely pro immigration and cultural left stances that put a lot of people off. If you could combine Corbyn’s socialist sensibilities and his attitude to war with a willingness to reduce immigration, I think you’d get a clear majority.
    The problem is that people who lean to the right in the ‘culture war’ issues get put off labour. They may be socialist but they are a total sjw party, very feminist, pro equal outcomes, pro-choice, pro immigration etc.

  3. Personally, I could forgive labour most of their sjw stuff because overall they’d create a nicer society than the tories….its only the abortion issue that is a deal breaker for me. But I live in a very safe labour seat so my vote makes no difference anyway lol.

  4. Corbyn has many times spoken about how uncontrolled immigration has brought down workers wages. He recognises that this has caused the abuse of workers rights. We have to have a certain amount of workers in our country because we live in a capitalist society. People expect to buy what they want, when they want, as long as they have the money to do so. You’re not one of those people who can’t do the math and thinks that students and unemployed northerners can ensure every single millionth job is done?

    1. Regardless of what he’s spoken about, he wont restrict immigration at all.
      What math? You’ll have to be a bit more clear about exactly what point you are making there.
      The more people you have in your country, the more workers you need.
      Why are there countries with 5 or 10 million people that have higher per capita income than ours and all the goods and services they need? Yet 65 million is not enough people and we have to continuously grow the population by hundreds of thousands per year?
      Can you maybe just have net migration in the tens of thousands like we had in the past? And if we trained people better, maybe unemployed northerners would be able to do more of the jobs.

      1. Numbers? Ok think about it. A person wants to buy apples. They go to a shop and buy them. But that activity is far more complicated than it needs to be. The apples have packaging design with fancy graphics (jobs). The apples have been wrapped in plastic (jobs in factories). The apples have been chosen to be the best (jobs in fields and factories). The apples price has been entered onto the stores computer system with a code for pricing (I,t. jobs). It goes on and on…. what I am saying, is that whereas a century ago a grocer obtained the apples and simply put them on a barrow in the street, now this process involves many many people to ensure that the apples are sold in the conditions that they expect to find them.
        We expect high standards of commerce. People must realise the sheer volume of jobs needed to ensure this standard is kept.
        Then there is the huge elderly population. Who cares for them? Their children are too busy working to pay their mortgages.

        1. So have we topped out the number of people involved in the process of producing and selling apples or are there ever more jobs being created in that field and all others?
          Since you are about the numbers, how much immigration do we need in your opinion? Is net migration in the hundreds of thousands per year necessary or can we return to significantly lower levels like in most of the 20th century?

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