US, France, and UK Attacking Syria after Faking False Flag Chemical Weapons Attack as a Pretext

Just before the OPCW inspectors were due to arrive this weekend to review the evidence for the fake false flag chemical weapons attack, this maniac lunatic Trump attacks Syria, along with pathetic poodle UK and Zionist poodle Macron in France.
There have been 40 minutes of cruise missile launches, first from the east, and then more from the West off the coast of Lebanon. Syria is trying to shoot them down, and they have shot down a number of them. Attacks are avoiding areas where there are Russians, but there were a number of attacks right in Damascus. A fleet of Russian warplanes just took off from Latakia towards Damascus. I am not aware that Russia shot down any missiles or has attacked any US-allied ships.

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7 thoughts on “US, France, and UK Attacking Syria after Faking False Flag Chemical Weapons Attack as a Pretext”

  1. Robert these (((strikes))) are complete and utter bullshit. There is not even a modicum of evidence (especially not any compelling evidence) that these chemicals attacks even transpired. It wouldn’t makes sense for Assad and his regime to use chemical weapons on the rebels or civilian population, especially given their current situation in the conflict.
    Even if these attacks did (hypothetically speaking) occur we don’t know definitely Assad is the culprit as it’s very possible the rebels used these chemical weapons and did everything they could in their power to try and frame Assad because they probably knew their would be backlash, especially Western backlash.
    Still this is most likely just another false-flag conflict predicated on misinformation — just like the Iraq War (remember those WMD’s?).
    This is complete and utter bullshit and hopefully these multi-national strikes done by France, the US, and the UK don’t lead to something more significant, but there’s a very good chance it could. Sick and tired of America policing the world and all these fucking ZOG wars.

    1. Hey Shawn, your cynicism is not only 100% true but it is also completely justified. But most people don’t believe that false flags even exist. Of course if everyone says there’s no such thing as false flags, that leaves the false flaggers to do all the false flags they want to, right?

  2. Don’t worry too much : the real thing will be started by Macron’s France alone. When things get serious, Anglo-Saxons NEVER expose themselves as first-line fighters. When things get serious, America sell weapons on a cash and carry basis, they rent mercenary corps, they pretend to remain peaceful and dormant up to the fag end of all conflicts. When America attacks first, it is only in the certainty of crushing a poor country with a ratio of about 100 to 1, without any chance for that country to summon allies : they dare not provoke a regime change in Venezuela. The American bloodhound attacks first only puppies, and only in the certainty their mothers are bound. Actually the only reason why Trump is attacking is to operate a world media diversion from what is happening in Israel, which is now far more atrocious : they do ritually sacrifice small Palestinian children raised from birth on for that purpose (not all blood libels are false).
    America is a dumb elephant. America is a moving corpse whose only living soul is Israel, and that has been since long before political Israel appeared on the map. America never confronts comparable powers in first line, that is outside their DNA. There never was any speck of bravery about America proper, though there used to be many very brave Americans at the price of some lack of insight. As a collective body, America will not and cannot pose any ballsy gesture, that is outside the motherboard’s functions. America cannot go to world war without a far, far bigger false flag on her own ground, and that only after more than half of the planet is already ablaze and the combat proper is already won thanks to others’ lives. When America goes to war, it is to try to provoke regime change in their own zone of influence, they never venture into the real opponent’s turf proper.
    Contrary to what Chomsky says, America’s only deciding entity is Israel, they have always been incapable of any political decision making without word-wide Jewry. America is the body, Israel Eternal the soul, that is the way the US were actually defined by Benjamin Franklin and others. You cannot have a soul as an American without having a Jewish soul of some sort, though then you are free to be a Zionist or not, and any intelligent American trying to remain honest and human is forced to be more and more actually a Jew, though that kind of Jew that more realistic ones will send in sacrifice into some Holocaust so as to cash in the dividends thereafter from the accused butcher for the crime they have ordered him. The alternative to being a Jew in America is not even being a goy or a shiksa, it is being a Golem, a zombie, a soulless walking body as Haitian sorcerers are wont to produce.
    France, on the other hand, does have a soul of her own, though an incredibly evil one, a prostitute’s like none other. France does have gall and balls of the kind Ayn Rand or Thatcher could have for instance. France is capable of self-sacrifice of some sort, that is sending her whole population to butchery. France, since Napoleon summoned the grand Sanhedrin for the first time since the destruction of Judaea by Titus, does have a soul as Israel’s elder daughter, in the same way Old dead Royal France used to define herself as the Christian Church’s elder daughter. France as an animal is a cock, and it belongs to that cock alone to sound the morning crow of all world wars, and provoke directly the main power that be into battle. As you must know, since Trump was elected, America has lost the initiative of the New Word Order game in chess parlance. The initiative of the New World Order game, though not really taken by Macron, is voiced by Macron since that politician’s well-manoeuvred electoral coup of last year. Macron is now a far more central piece on the future world war chessboard than any US president can ever hope to be. Only when Macron is left to attack Syria alone by his allies are the things about to get really serious. Trump has now just proven to the world his word is of ZERO value even to fellow scoundrels, so as his own country’s, which he is purposely driving down to African-style banana republic status : you just cannot negotiate with Trump in front of you, he is not a real human being, he is some kind of Emperor Bokassa (actually any present-day African head of state has now more power than he has to start something serious), I even dare call him America’s first real Black president in as much as orange is the new black. America has already lost the battle Trump pretends to wage, that of asking for respect it cannot earn back. America’s MSM broadcast stupidity only, France’s conscious perversion only. In America you have to pretend you are dumb to function in society, in Paris you have to pretend you are at least as cynical as malevolent as the Marquis de Sade just to lead your daily life.
    When things are getting really serious (very soon but not today) France goes to war alone with Macron putting on Napoleon’s boots, while England waits and sees (or at worst just declares war without making any real effort on the ground) and the US pretend nothing unusual has ever happened. Israel has the intention to sacrifice France, not the US it just wants to go one using like a purely utilitarian vehicle of its property. Israel has the intention to sacrifice France because in Judaism, contrary to what is the Christian custom, children have to sacrifice themselves for the reparation of their parent’s karma, and Israel’s karma is now reaching the highest heavens. France is there on the map, as Israel is now thinking, to bear the brunt of all Arab hatred Israel has accumulated, and the most numerous community of non-starving, non-impoverished Arabs is in France, not in the Arab world proper. For Israel that is the sole justification of France’s existence, as is the case with all non-Jewish nations generally which are allowed to exist by their god only for some like utilitarian function before being phased out. France, and France alone must clearly be shown to the Arab world as their most heinous enemy ever by a concrete action Macron is about to perform so as to momentarily outshine Israel in malice.
    Macron is now facing a greater social discontent than he expected to meet just a few months ago as he seemed to able to unbuild the whole social protection system chunk after chunk without great problem, Thatcher’s style. Some parts of the French working class seem ready for violent action, though they are still a minority. Never forget that Macron really thinks he is Napoleon’s legitimate heir. What did Napoleon when the ruined Parisian working class threatened him with abandonment of the newly installed republican government back to royalty? He offered them glorious battlefields of conquest in Italy and even into Egypt. Macron will offer France the utter destruction and conquest of Syria boots on the ground, in a clear suggestion to revive the glorious times of Algerian conquest when Arab-hunting season was open, beckoning to the cynical and disillusioned FN-voting (though not all FN are fascistic) nationalistic Frenchmen that just dream of the not so ancient time they were still respected as Whites by natives and could shoot down Arabs in the streets with relative impunity rather than the contrary as is the case now : Macron is the magician capable by a single declaration of war against pro-Assad Arabs to give back poor Whites license to hunt. I even for one think that Macron is capable of destroying Damas with a de Gaulle-built nuclear weapon (after justifying his action by four or five gigantic false flags such as the destruction of the whole Cité Island in Paris by a Moab brought in by truck) : the guy would love to perform some feat like that (he is even capable to proclaim himself emperor and declare France to be the Third Empire. Russia would in such a case be in no position to retaliate in kind as they would not be implied as such.
    Actually the only immediate result would be Assad and Erdogan uniting their respective countries into one Islamic empire and summoning the whole Arab world (with the exception of Saudi Arabia and Morocco only) to unite in a common determination to conquer Rome and the whole of France, a perfectly feasible task of revenge. Israel, as the master coward it is, would sign a pact of non-agression and promise Palestinians full compensation in lost territory surface for their sufferings provided they attack France, not Israel (remember Molotov-Ribbentrop : without such last minute surprise and un-expectable counter-natural pact no world war is possible). It must be also know that Russia has absolutely no intention to be a major player in the conflict to come, and if forced into it would rather be a passive and merely economic player as long as possible such as America was before Pearl Harbour. Meanwhile, as the unified Arab armies are marching in Marseilles and then in Paris, as the whole of France is subject to utter revengeful destruction, Israel would gain its opportunity window to build their infamous temple as a last moral resort, as all the Arabs’ hatred is too busy battering France to protest the demolition of al-Aqsa (by an artificial earthquake most probably). This would be only the very beginning of WWIII.

  3. Macron is the new Thatcher. The UK I think now, is probably the most corrupt country on the planet. Our government is seriously seriously evil. We have big elections here in the UK next month where the vile, fascist Tories have been polling so low, that they predict a Corbyn Government will closely follow . We need our Jezza (Jeremy Corbyn) as our Prime Minister. Every time we go to war, he accurately predicts that it is an illegal move. He will clear out the Russian and Saudi London based mafia and hopefully save us from being the worst country on the planet.

  4. Can you imagine a world in which Israel and only Israel has any real geopolitical influence? Yeah, neither can I. Israel has massive influence for a small, belligerent state that breaks international law and commits war crimes and genocide as a matter of course. It is the only country that can compel the United States to act on its behalf even when Washington knows it is not in America’s best interest to do so.
    However, the United States props up Israel, not vice versa. And Americans have to take responsibility for how their leaders act on the world stage. Washington could decide to cut Israel loose and stop pandering to AIPAC etc. and there is nothing little Israel could do about it.
    America’s relationship with Israel is America’s responsibility. Pretending that it isn’t, and that Israel is all-powerful, is a lame excuse so that you don’t have to get off your lazy ass. It renders the world in Hollywood black and white, with a master villain and the helpless damsel in his thrall waiting for the superhero to save her.
    The world can be chaotic, ambiguous and unpredictable. Reducing it to larger than life villains and heroes with no dark shadows and unexpected storms takes away the anxiety of living in a vast and indifferent universe.
    Why are people who preach personal responsibility to others often loathe to take their own advice when it applies to themselves? Utter hypocrites.

    1. The American people themselves, not just the political elites, strongly support Israel. Our support for Israel is a self-inflicted wound. It’s not these evil Jews pulling around these nice Americans with a rope through their noses. We are in on it. We are not so much controlled as that we want to be controlled by them in sense of being fanatical allies. The US-Israeli alliance is as much Americans’ fault as Israel’s. It’s a dual embrace.

      1. As I say, it is the US themselves who decided that they would have no collective soul but Israel, right from the time they conquered their land second amendment gun in their right hand and old testament in their left one, right from the time they decided to replace their allegiance to the King of Britain by that of Israel Eternal in the masonic rituals that presided to the creation of the US (without such a mystical contraption Fundamentalist Protestant America as had been begotten by the Great Awakening would have never marched in). America and Israel are in so absolute mutual telepathic co-dependency that most of the money spent on lobbying is actually squandered to force in open doors : if AIPAC were to be destroyed by some Arab attacking their congress, America would obey even more automatically. All Israel needs is to will something and America follows even without being aware of what Israel wills. America has chosen to be that way. To put it otherwise Israel is the God most Americans adore and pray for success in life, each American wishes for a God that will protect him from all moral interrogations and lead him to worldly success, in the certainty that is the chief sign of election. Calvinism is based on the premise that one should not work at one’s salvation, rather leave that business to God, and work meanwhile fight for survival at everyone’s expense. Calvinist America needed psychopathic Israel to appear on the map just to continue to exist, hadn’t Israel existed or had Israel heroically refused to play such a part (it could have done so during the Kippur war and opted to stay an essentially secular kibbutz-based country, and entered alliances rather with the Eastern Bloc) America would have foundered apart in the mid-seventies and become a collection of more and less hippie states, this could have been done had Vietnam been an even more terminally humiliating defeat for those degenerates.

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