Israel: Journey to the End of the Night

Very nice piece by our great commenter Judith Mirville.
There is a much nicer way to state what you’ve stated. When as usual I hear people from various religious backgrounds, no matter Jewish, pro-Jewish, anti-Jewish, or half and half, asking me to pray for Jerusalem, I always answer: “The day nobody is praying in Jerusalem any longer, that day will be a great day!”.
When I hear people talking about the deep spiritual golden aura one bathes in when strolling in Jerusalem, I answer: “I lived in Jerusalem (more accurately half-way between Jerusalem proper and Bethlehem, not that far from the wall of shame), and there is less spirituality there than in Ottawa, Canada around the American Embassy. The golden light and the foliage hues are much more soul-nourishing there in early autumn.
Israel is some offshore suburbia of Hollywood where as you put it everybody plays a second-grade actor’s part and each employee’s salary depends on his art of unknowing the truth about the plot of a the fictional TV series episode projected all around the world at six and ten: there can be no peaceful end of any kind, as it would prevent the series to go on and sell, since gratuitous ever-increasing suspense is the name of the game.
I saw one Israeli checkpoint employee humiliating transiting Arabs telling them they would never be able to perform like Woody Allen due to their low IQ: traditional biblical law required all performing actors to be beheaded on sight and that rule remained in vigor up to the 19th Century Jewish emancipation in the Pale of Settlement.
There is no light at the end of the tunnel as you say, though there is a final dead end: Israel was originally founded to be a purely secular state, but as the state committed more and more and ever more faults against all human decency, they flew ever deeply into fictional religion of the most stinking kind so as to daze themselves out of reality. They are now entrapped by their own cheapest religious script.
They are condemned, so as not to answer for their broken promises, to build the infamous Third Temple. They will mobilize all sorts of crowds in the the world, Jews, philosemites, and also antisemites to suggest that building it together with animal sacrifices will make accrue to them the riches of all nations for eternity by its very magic divine presence, except that no divinity or shekinah will show up, as the whole Holocaustian theology is based on the idea of the absence of any divine presence in the world.
One day the Temple will enter into operation. It will have been built very rapidly, all pieces ready to be assembled like LEGO blocks. They will have already put the whole Arab world at war when they destroy the Dome of the Rock. The stock exchange places in Asia will conclude that after all those Jews which had been mistaken for a people of geniuses are one superstitious Arab tribe among so many others of about mean 95 IQ (in Israel).
In a few hours or so all Jewish fortunes will melt like Groenland under the freakish polar weather. Much graver: the conclusion of most Oriental assessors of dying Western cultures to be studied and preserved or not will be that Jewish expertise, though not negligible, had been grossly overrated in nearly all fields compared to that of so many other nations.
Israel will end up as poor as Nauru after the extraction of the last phosphates, level with Yemen, and without any means to buy the energy they need to guzzle just to export Jaffa oranges, now toxic because of over-irrigation and heavy metal accumulation.
The only alleged domain of superiority that will remain to them and bring them some clients will be their power as masters of Kabbalah, level with Haitians and their voodooists and Romanian Gypsies with their divination techniques.
All countries that count on the biggest temples of the world to crown themselves into eternal superiority (whatever their faith may be) end up like Ivory Coast after the completion of the greatest basilica of Christendom in Yamoussoukro.

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2 thoughts on “Israel: Journey to the End of the Night”

  1. Breitbartican “morans” identify with Israel because of Ziocon mind games.
    Those mind games go something like:
    If your sister is at great risk of being raped by a Sharia patrol in Europe, and then you see on TV the Palestinians acting like monkeys, then you’re going to identify with Israelis. This is why praising Hamas or Hezbollah is counterproductive.
    or if your sister is at great risk of being raped by MS13 in the US, and then the talking heads say “goy, Mexicans are just like Palestinians. Netanyajew wants to save you from those dirty browns. White power!”. So you go “thanks merchant, you’re my greatest ally”
    And of course….
    ‘Goy, that evil Negro Obama wants to euthanize grandma. He also hates Israel. Hence we’re you’re friend!’.

  2. The continuous stream of crap being thrown at Israel for building a wall to prevent armed terrorists entering its cities and committing attacks is a shame in itself.
    That wall has saved many human lives and, unlike the deaths that happened when there was no wall, it can be removed. Look at Jerusalem, Psagot, Ramallah. There is no shortage of places where barriers have been removed because there was no longer a need for them.
    A wall is no war, is just a drawing of a line, and it prevents attacks. Even Israelis have human rights, contrary to popular opinion.
    Also, no one will build the Third Temple in the foreseeable future. Jews are just too divided among themselves to do that. And it should be on the place of the Dome of the Rock, which is already occupied by Muslims, so it is pretty much impossible to build there.The only people working for a third Temple are some Jewish nutjobs and the Evangelical Christians, and even between these people differences are so profound that nothing can be really done.
    Concerning “traditional biblical law required all performing actors to be beheaded on sight”… what is that? First time I hear of this, Google says nothing, I do not think it is true.
    Jews are maybe originally similar to Arabs but 50% of the Israelis descend from people that had the time to know European culture (and actually to contribute to it greatly), this is not negligible element of their culture. And Arabs are backwards today but have had their Golden Ages too, reducing everything to IQ does not work too much with cultures.
    Israel may enter cultural and economical crises, Zionism may become degenerate, but the core idea of Zionism is ultimately a liberation movement, and it will be necessary as long as Anti-Semitism persists. That is, at least as long as Christianity and Islam live, since the fuel of Jewish hatred came mostly from them.

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