The Story of Mr. Hands

Betiality porn is apparently legal in the US. There are bestiality photos and videos all over the Net. You can go look at them if you wish, but it’s pretty messed up stuff. Yes, the video is called Mr. Hands, and in that video, you can indeed see this idiot getting fucked in the ass by a horse. The same act that you see on that video ended up killing him hours later. Perforated rectum I think. I don’t like to rejoice after deaths too much, and I won’t rejoice over his, but I don’t really care that this idiot died. I don’t care when fools do stupid things and die. I don’t care when idiots jump out of airplanes and die. I don’t care when morons climb 20,000+ foot mountains in Alaska or Tibet. A movie called Zoo was made about his story. It’s excellent, I cannot recommend it highly enough.

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10 thoughts on “The Story of Mr. Hands”

  1. Zoo… now there’s a movie I haven’t heard about in a while.
    I read about this particular documentaru a few years ago on AICN, alas it’s made no appearance on Netflix or Amazon over here in the UK – which makes me wonder why… whether it’s a distribution issue or whether it’smay have even possibly been banned by the BBFC due to its subject matter.

  2. How about that other fool from that movie “Grizzly Man”? The guy thought he could live amongst Grizzly bears as their “friend.” The bears end up killing him at the end. What a surprise huh? Dummy.

    1. Yeah what a dumbass. No sympathy.
      There was some dude who had a tiger for a pet. He was a big, goodlooking gu y. There’s a photo of him in his bed with the tiger and he’s about as big as the tiger. The photo is amazing, actually, and a bit touching. He had that damn tiger for like 20 years, no problems, then one day the damn thing mauls him for no damn reason at all.

  3. Some daring things are cool, some not. I mean, some people are such cowards they won’t do anything – won’t even venture out of their home or town.

  4. I actually saw the video years ago. I remember telling a girl I was dating at the time that I’d watched it and she was damn near ready to walk out on me just for having looked at it. I found out about it when I watched Joe Rogan’s review of 2 girls 1 cup and he mentioned seeing a video of a guy get fucked to death by a horse. My morbid curiosity got the best of me I guess.

  5. Bob,
    Is the story of Mrs Hand aka Czarina Catherine real? I read she suffered the same fatal obsession and death

        I read Coco Chanel was a collaborator (though not charged by the French gov as one) during WW2, and she had an affair with a German diplomat/intelligence officer during German occupation. I didn’t know until recently that it happened when she was about 60 years old.
        I also read that Chanel likely had also ‘matronised’ Igor Stravinsky who probably was the most influential composer in 20th century.

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