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This is not a free website.

Regular Commenters – $10 donation

Delphi Murder Info Forum – $20 donation (optional)

Reading this site is like reading a newspaper or a news magazine. If you give money to the site, it is like you are buying a newspaper or magazine copy or subscription. Think of it that way. Reading for free is like going over to the newspaper rack and opening up newspapers to read without paying for them. That said, no one has to donate, and people may read for free all they like, especially if they are poor. But even if you are poor, I would suggest that regular readers might want to donate $3 or so.

This site is independent media. We consistently go against the entire mainstream corporate media, and we regularly expose the lies and machinations of the media and the government. We also discuss the  lies and machinations of foreign governments. The motto here is, Let the Truth Shine. We are not going to knowingly lie to you about anything here. According to readers, this is the most “uncomfortably honest site on the Internet.” That’s the purpose of the site.

Although we are on the Left, and this is a socialist website, we will also expose the lies, machinations, and falsehoods being peddled by the Left. If the Right is correct and the Left is wrong on some particular issue, we may well side with the Right, as abhorrent and wicked as they are.

All controversial issues must be evaluated for their truthfulness. Truths need to be reported on even if they make my side look bad and the other side look good. All lies and misinformation needs to be called out, even if calling out the lies makes my side look bad and the other side look good.

Although this is not my only source of income, I do not have a regular job for health reasons. Nevertheless, I work for myself and earn money that way via various income streams, and this happens to be one of them. So this is one of the jobs I do in order to make money.

I don’t feel like writing for this site for free. If that’s the way it is going to be, I may well just shut down the site. If you don’t see me posting for more than a day, that means that I am on strike. On strike for more wages or any wages at all. By asking for donations from this site, I am requesting to be paid for more labor. I am a worker who is asking to be compensated for his labor and hard work. I am not a beggar. I work very hard on this site, and it’s very hard work to do.

You may worry that you are making me rich. I figure I got paid $5/hour at most to write for this site. That’s half of the California minimum wage. If you want to know my current financial situation and whether I am feeling flush or busted broke, email me and I will let you know what is going on. I don’t expect you to donate to a rich man, but that’s not what you are doing here.

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43 thoughts on “Sticky: Support Beyond Highbrow”

  1. I just always thought 10 or 20 bucks isn’t that much. If you like to read here, you won’t starve to make a small donation. I’ve posted more than I thought I ever would. I’m not a sleuth by any means. I just enjoyed reading so I felt I would contribute what I could. Give it a try; it’s not that painful.

    1. In Marxist theory, that is called a contradiction. I am well aware of this problem, but I still think I am doing the right thing. Plenty of leftwingers and liberals make good or decent money in this country. It’s not as if Lefties have to be poor.

    2. Look I am banning you. We usually ban all you guys out the starting gate but we kept you on if you agreed not to talk about the stuff you are talking about now.
      I wish you all the luck in your life, but you comments are simply compatible with this website.

  2. Oh yeah. Been in on Delphi since the beginning. Tried to post something on page 8 the other day but it wouldn’t go through for some reason. I’ve got a weird phone here! My question had to do with where POI#1 gets his money from. I’ve always wondered that. He always seems to have quite a bit of money.

      1. You could try putting together a video instruction course for Udemy or Skillshare. They pay handsomely. The only reason I didn’t get far is that I have a croaky voice which often breaks down thanks to my years of smoking habit.
        All you really need is a selfie stick and a smartphone camera along with good lighting and soundproof ambiance. It would be best if someone else holds the camera though.
        Ideal course length should be between 35-50 minutes divided into 10-15 videos. No need for any special software – Windows Moviemaker is just fine although they recommend Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Camtasia Studio. Heck, they’re all a pain in terms of memory consumption. And far too expensive.
        There’s a freeware called which isn’t really bad if you can spend some time on it.
        Topics of interest could be
        a) Psycho-analyzing women
        b) What human beings can learn about /Insert topic/ from our cousins, chimps, and bonobos
        c) How to be a successful blogger
        The audience is mostly normie people loving the cliched stuff.

  3. Need more commentators on this site. I mean, it seems like I’m the only one on here and Robert’s quality hasn’t gotten lower.

    1. I am not sure what’s going on. I guess a lot of people are straight up cheap fucks. After a while, I ask regular commenters to donate, and maybe 75% of them refuse to and just take off. I think of the last ten people I asked to donate to keep commenting, they all took off. Cheap fucks won’t even give me 10 bucks. Geez.

      1. I have to agree with you Rob. Some of the people that used to comment seemingly every 10 minutes are nowhere to be found now. Jason is the only one that’s stayed consistent (to his credit) over time. Maybe you can start a “Whatever happened to?” segment.

      2. That’s why I hate the blogging model. I mean, I’ve even considered it, but looking at this blog, maybe not.
        But It is true some political writers are actually pulling this off and making even thousands a month! How are they doing it?

      3. Watch how those cheap fucks hate Jews and will bitch about being persecuted by the cheapskates!
        But I know, they’re just joking around!

        1. I’ll send something soon. This blog is one of the few predictable things for me in an unpredictable life.
          Mind you my financial situation is similar to Stuart from the Comic book store in The Big Bang Theory..
          Just hang in there. Please don’t drop dead before my next cent shows up. I’ll feel guilty then.
          (p.s. – I have written rain checks to plenty of hookers and strippers. They hate me but I still get a lot of freebies and extras for crying before them. One day I want to write a book on hookers with hearts of gold .)

      4. Yeah, cheapskates are a problem. Even I have this website I’m running and this guy even had a trucking job, but he makes me pay for hosting, all modifications – everything, not even 1 penny from his pocket.
        The idea is that I’m a co-owner, but still, this is ridiculous as he probably make 4X or more than me I think.

    1. Trash got banned. He wouldn’t give me ten bucks either. He claimed he didn’t have it. He owns three homes in three countries and his wife owns a restaurant. And he can’t give me ten bucks.
      Trash is a narcissist though. There is no one tighter than a narcissist. You are either a giver or a taker in life. Narcissists are all take and no give.

      1. The obsession with status is interesting with these types. They float around you when you’re winning and bash you when you’re losing and of course, won’t help you when you’re losing. Maybe not when winning either but they will compliment you, hang with you.

  4. People should give, but not to TV preachers! It’s just the idea that people should be generous as default. Many in my family, in various ways, are not generous! But the excuses from the left is “I don’t have the money” and from the right, “You should earn your own money, you worm!”.

    1. I haven’t checked the Delphi page in a while, but there are a couple of people over there that are serial posters. I suppose people are free to post all they want, but to the average person that mostly likes to read (like me), seeing the same people commenting every five minutes can be sort of annoying. (Names withheld but they know who they are).

  5. $9,000 off the site last year is an awesome income for a website, but yes, it’s only lower middle class, actually, I think it’s still low class.
    Anyway, $9,000 extra combined even with a fast food job would be lower middle class or more I think.

  6. I think most of your $9000 was coming from your crime investigation thing though. But that’s dried up so what would this site make without it?

    1. He scares away other commenters, and he spams the site with his prose, which makes me spend a lot of time reading his stuff. If you are going to make big posts here all the time, I think those people should pay me something for all the time I have to spend to read their posts.
      Trash drives off commenters. It’s not cool.

      1. Why can’t Trash fork over even $10 despite the fact that he owns three homes in two different continents and one frikkin’ restaurant, I guess?
        I am guessing it’s some Asian restaurant in Australia. Do you even realize how much money they mint every day down under in the restaurant business? Even if you deduct employee wages, bank loan repayments, property taxes and GST, it’s a handsome margin of at least AU$500-1000 per day for a super cheap hole-in-the-wall. More so during the weekends.
        Trash is a frikkin’ multi-millionaire and he basically comes here to make fun of people who are struggling financially.

    1. It’s so hard to say you know. A lot of this stuff I already know, so I really don’t have to do any research at all. On the other hand, I am always more or less doing research. I am always learning new things. I have an insatiable appetite for knowledge. I have questions coming into my head all the time and then I go on the Web and research them. Some of my posts really took a lot of work though.

    2. It’s so hard to say you know. A lot of this stuff I already know, so I really don’t have to do any research at all. On the other hand, I am always more or less doing research. I am always learning new things. I have an insatiable appetite for knowledge. I have questions coming into my head all the time and then I go on the Web and research them. Some of my posts really took a lot of work though.

      1. Well, there was a YouTube video in which I heard your voice. It was raspy as fuck!
        Btw, I really like this blog. There are some things in which I disagree with you thoug (they are interesting reads though).

  7. I don’t comment much on here, but I do enjoy the content on this blog. I just donated twenty dollars.
    It isn’t much, but I’m in the same boat as you are: broke as a joke.

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