If Gaddafi Had Been President of the US

Our great commenter Francis Miville on why Ghaddafi should have been president of the US.
If America had Gaddafi as president, the country would be in a much, much better shape. First of all he would judge the whole Republican Party for crimes against humanity and condemn to death all its politician members for high treason. The non-politicians would be given the choice between a certain number of years of reeducation or loss of citizenship. There would be one party left, the Democrats, he would then purge of all pro-slavery elements in the same bloody way.
The national religion would be Islam, but in order to be considered a Muslim only two things would be necessary, praying in public twice a day (one at midday, another after work, no necessity of performing the full Muslim salat, just being silent and motionless for a few minutes) and giving both of one’s efforts and money to the poor : any expression of contempt for the poorer ones would be punishable by death, as well as any opinion as to prayer being a loss of time that should be dedicated to money-making. The other three pillars of Islam, as well as the three other prayers of the day, would be left to individual conscience alone.

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2 thoughts on “If Gaddafi Had Been President of the US”

  1. I do think the richer ones need to show more a heart for the poor – in that at the very least, they should be willing to invest in biz ventures of the poor – assuming they’re not incredibly dumb ones (like make 10,000 from one phone call or something).
    Well, what I mean, is that they could help someone say start up a store (You know like is common in the Philippines.).
    But anyway, the total contempt of the rich and middle class for the poor is unbelievable and they think all the poor’s biz ventures should be funded by the poor themselves – from their crummy little jobs.

  2. The rich have no respect for the poor cause they think they’re stupid It’s no joke. So it’s no wonder they won’t give them a hand up at least (not even a hand-out). A hand-up would allow the poor to fend for themselves and isn’t that what these Republican jerks want anyway?

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