Another View of Henry Kissinger

Judith Miville in a fascinating post on Henry Kissinger from a very interesting angle. She posits that Kissinger was actually a practitioner of Black Magic. I’m not sure if that’s true, but it’s a fascinating notion.
He doesn’t die because he is a practitioner of vampiric magic, his interest in politics and diplomacy is only motivated by the prospect of ritual human sacrifices he can drink from the energy of, otherwise he finds the matter just boring (anyway most of what he writes is composed under hypnosis from entities he invokes that supply him with the accurate information). He can postpone his death indefinitely through the performance of yet other sacrifices.
Another well-know political leader who used to be motivated by ritual blood sacrifice only, for indefinite biological survival, was Winston Churchill, and one of these olden days he faced the reality that he had controlled absolutely nothing of his political destiny, as he had consented in exchange for indefinite survival energy to be a mere robot (remotely-controlled through hypnosis) in the hands of forces he had surrendered the Empire and Britain itself to to be dismembered and destroyed all over for good.
Same thing will happen his alter ego H. K. once the whole American Empire dissolves pitifully for good (as the nominal victor in a Second American Civil War where the good side officially wins but to end up with less territory than in 1791) and he realizes he never exerted any shred of control : when what you only love is bio-energy you renounce to be the author of any of your actions and thoughts. Once he really faces the fact that he never had any control on his own actions and thoughts the feeling of boredom will be so overpowering that he will just stop breathing and pass away, exactly as happened with Churchill.
People who choose energy drinking as a way of prolonging life indefinitely need not commit ritual crimes, they have to renounce explicitly to be the authors of their actions, they have to kill ego. Only those who don’t kill ego kill for energy until they face the fact they had actually renounced to all freedom from their first ritual crime on. Kissinger and Churchill just did the thing in the wrong order, and when you do that in any domain of human activity you destroy by your strange horrible decisions the whole enterprise having had the misfortune to hire you.

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2 thoughts on “Another View of Henry Kissinger”

  1. Hmm Really? Well, that accusation has been given to most of the elite from actors to musicians – and honestly, they deserve the rep. Look at Michael Jackson who hired an African voodoo priest to kill Stephen Spielberg (via magic). Also, look at the weird coincidences – like so much music and movies obsessed Satanism
    But it’s easy to dismiss this stuff as entertainment. I mean, if Robert Johnson is running from the devil, then is it the actual devil – or is he singing about someone else?

    1. I mean to say is Robert Johnson running from the devil himself, or is he singing about a fictional character? For instance, you could say someone is an alcoholic (not spirit or supernaturally related) and he’s running from his demons, so to speak.
      But anyway, it gets difficult to see if this stuff is really personal and Satan really exists.

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