Republican Congressmen Say If You Make $450,000/Year, You Are Middle Class

They’ve been talking like this forever. This is simply the way that Republican idiots think here in the US. That’s why the party itself is a what I would call a toxin. The party to me isn’t really a political party; it’s more of a substance akin to snake venom. It’s dangerous, toxic to mind and body, and you regularly need antidotes when you subjected to it. Hearing Republican ideology is like getting bitten by a rattlesnake.
In order to under why insane Republicans talk like this (and have been for decades) you need to understand  crazy US society. In the US, everyone insists that there are no classes at all! Somehow or other, everyone is middle class! There are no rich, no such thing.
This is why you get Republicans saying $450K is middle class. It’s a denial that classes exist at all in the US. If you say there are no classes, then there can be no such thing as class war in US society. Of course, class war is constant and vicious in the US, but if you deny that it exists, a lot of people will just say, “There is no class war.” When a lot of people deny this, most of the lower classes will not want to engage in class based actions because there’s no such thing as class war. Of course the rich know full well that there is class war in the US and they are masters are practicing it. This particular type of nonsense that that comment sprung from is an “Americanism.”

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10 thoughts on “Republican Congressmen Say If You Make $450,000/Year, You Are Middle Class”

  1. Not only is there a class war, but it’s mostly jealous elites, “captains of industry” etc who get jealous when workers who build their companies start making “too much”. Nowhere is this more true than in IT where many workers are way smarter than bosses and execs. So bosses start to feel inferior that a worker is better or smarter or demands high pay for hard work, then the elites go into “slap down” mode and have to bring workers down.
    Nowhere was this more visible than in the 90s when even greedy bankers got jealous of American tech workers. Of course almost no tech workers make $450K so we are all LOWER class according to them. Which is just what they want.
    Gotta keep the slaves and ants in line, so they can make their billions off the backs of the people. In fact Apple now makes $1 million profit per year per worker.

    1. Thanks comrade. I call you comrade because we are socialists here and you are a worker who has good class consciousness and wishes to pursue his own interests as a worker and for the working class! Good for you.
      I am very much interested in your thoughts about tech workers running their own companies as worker owned businesses. I think it’s really cool!
      Also you should join the Tech Workers Union. You guys need to quit fooling yourselves and saying, “We are not working class. We are middle class.” Working class or workers is everyone who sells their labor time for a salary. Some workers are highly paid and some are lower paid, but they are all workers. We workers are all in this together!

  2. As Trash would say, things are so downtrodden that someone making 25,000 a year is middle class now and if you want to stretch it, maybe 100,000 a year.

    1. Lower middle class starts at $16,500 and goes up to middle class around $45,000, then to upper middle class around $75,000, ending wherever you draw the rich. Are the rich the top 10%, 5% or 1%?

  3. Someone making 450,000 a year is practically an upscale doctor – at least where I live. They’re for all purposes rich, maybe not like Elton John, but they can take European vacations, live in the top housing etc..

  4. Well, you do know that 1 in 5 CEOs are psychopaths :lol:. This is real science, Just look up the article.

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