Repost: Are Oriental Massage Girls Safe?

This post ran a long time ago too, but I sold some ads on this one too, so I thought I would rerun it. Great post for any male commenters who like to purchase their sex. BX Monger writes:

You missed out and should have boned her good. Most of these MP babes are cleaner than the avg chick you may meet in a bar and bang. Some of the older MP babes that only do handjobs will put out on occasion, and it’s the tightest p*ssy on earth. 40 yo single Korean babe with no kids and rare romp occasionally likes being ravaged!

I don’t discuss my own experiences on there, but from talking to my friends, those Asian massage parlor chicks in the US ain’t got a damned thing. I have friends who used to go to those places all the time. They told me they never caught a damned thing. Talking to numerous men over a period of years: No cases of: Gonorrhea Chlamydia Genital warts Herpes 2 Syphilis HIV Trichomomas Not one single case.

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13 thoughts on “Repost: Are Oriental Massage Girls Safe?”

    1. I associate gays and blacks with STDs, many White women favor these groups as one would stray cats and dogs respectively. No surprise Asians are the least dirty. I believe Asians may be trannys for the $ more in Thailand than say an African infused mestizo in Brazil. I believe Portuguese importing so many African slaves led to it becoming a tranny haven, Brazilians likely get their nice asses from black slaves too. White and heterosexual clientel coupled with Asian masseuses creates an environment as clean as the clouds of heaven.

      1. I don’t know about you, but these non-whites need a little more redneck in them. Stuff like hunting, fishing, and being tough can only keep them from becoming freaks. LOL

  1. Oriental girls are THE BEST. They keep themselves very clean, are beautiful to look at and not a single piece of unwanted hair on their bodies.
    I would like to share my yellow fever adventures all over Asia. Sorry ladies I did promise not to share your pics with anyone but I deserve my Alpha male bragging rights.
    Here’s the legend called SHI with his recent conquests. Do rate the women especially if you find anyone particularly attractive. Extremely sweet girls. They are Vietnamese, Thai, and Chinese-Singaporean.

  2. “with no kids”
    Oh, they’ve got kids, they just dump them off on someone else to raise. Also these Korean chicks working the massage places tend to be in their 50s but fool guys who want to be fooled by dressing like Brittany Spears and keeping up their appearance like movie stars do instead of letting themselves go like the lower class land whales you see waddling around Walmart, over the hill by 30.

  3. The prostitution in South Korea is shocking – but its certainly not any cheaper than US prostitution. I mean, it’s everywhere. If there was that much in the US, especially in the Bible Belt, then there would be mass protests. I mean, at best in my area you will get some lingerie stores (one or two in a medium sized town) – that’s all.

  4. Tip for the traveler. Korean barbershops with two barbershop lights (the red and white things, not sure what to call them), not one, have prostitution services. 😆

  5. I used to go to those places a lot. Hell,I’ve even have had luck of them asking me to marry them. I love asian chicks, especially ones from SE asia,as opposed to east asian broads.

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