A Capitalist Society Is a Society of Liars

As noted earlier, it is not often noted, but it is true that the Cultural Left turns most of us into liars – it creates a society of liars. In order not to be bigoted and racist, to keep our jobs, our careers and our friendships, we are mandated to lie. The truth leads to personal destruction. This has terribly corrosive effects of the glue that binds society together, which is basic honesty and trust. Capitalism already does that to a vast degree anyway. Most people in a capitalist society have a peculiar type of philosophical outlook. The moral philosophy under capitalism looks like this:

  • A fact is anything that makes them more money.
  • A lie is anything that causes them to lose money.

Greed completely blinds human beings and makes them little more than slavering wild beasts. This is another problem of capitalism that you capitalist fanboys never discuss. What do you have to say about ow capitalism creates huge societies of pathological liars as a direct consequence of its economic system? What’s so good about that? Who wants to live in a society of liars? I don’t. Do you? Why?

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4 thoughts on “A Capitalist Society Is a Society of Liars”

  1. Part of this is the Capitalism introduces a different values system. Capitalism, or more accurately, Market Philosophy presumes that “the market” is an accurate means to judge, well, pretty much anything.
    Capitalists make the following assumptions.
    1) Humans are rational, mostly.
    2) People act with intention. The result of a free market transaction gives information as to intent.
    3) The market is therefore not simply a means to trade, but an indicator of the wishes and values of people.
    4) Therefore of something sells more, people value it more. Some make the leap to say that this means that people endorse it. The market will punish liars and reward the good players.
    Therefore, Capitalists don’t think that anything that is a fact, is something that makes them money ,but that if it makes them money, it must therefore be a fact, or valuable information.

  2. To make this shift we need to help people to understand that without an underlying ecology there is no economy: that economics is a purely human construct that depends on a functioning ecology for its existence, while ecology is a fact of nature like gravity that functions on its own. When I talk about a transformation of consciousness to the ecological, I really mean recognizing the primacy of ecology, and as a result understanding and accepting that our economies are only branch offices. – [EoP Amended] Paul Chefurka; The Message of [Overpopulation and] Overconsumption
    – IG: 18-03-24_putin-branchsaw-bangbuck.
    Besides culling overbreeders/consumers; the implementation of EoP Intnl law would result in a form of eugenics that enabled individuals – of whatever race or religion – addicted to deception, manipulation, etc to cull themselves from the planetary genepool [crimes-of-aggression.tygae.org.za]; once they repeatedly violated fully informed consent laws. Ultimately, EoP Intnl law would enable a much more honest society. In a society currently drowning in bullshit the public verbal diarrhea two faced hypocrisy; one can only imagine what the socio-cultural – cooperation and co-creation of existential meaning and purpose – results would be of living in a society that rewards honesty and honour.
    The process of implementing EoP Intnl law would require individuals to prioritize honesty and cooperative root cause problem solving to themselves and others, which ultimately may result in a conscious or unconscious shift in such individuals identity values from racial/religious primary identity values to honour primary identity values, with race, religion or ideology as secondary to honour.
    The ultimate outcome of EoP Intnl law is a society where everyone’s primary identity value is honour identity. The outcome of secondary identity values could result in the society being 9 or 90% European, or Asian, or Catholic, or Muslim, depending on how many of those individuals adopt honourable cooperative problem solving as their primary identity.
    – EoP Leg Sub: 20 Sep: J Zimmerman et al: EoP culture re: Trump, Charlottesville ‘cultural relativism’; price of bourgeois culture, etc.

  3. In a lot of families, the richer ones are convinced they’re absolutely morally right – despite obvious falsehood in the statement. Of course, by richer, it doesn’t mean like billionaires who inherited money – but just middle class people who, to be honest, do work hard, but also managed to get into jobs not threatened by economic trends.

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