You Can't Fool People Forever

You can’t fool people forever.
You can fool people for a pretty long time, but sooner or later, people are going to catch on to the fact that you are screwing them over. Why is that? Because human beings, contrary to popular belief, are not stupid. Even a 100 IQ human is easily one of the most intelligent creatures on the planet, far more intelligent than most other animals.
Ordinary people aren’t as dumb as you think. People have a nose for being screwed over, and they don’t like it. Most humans are able to figure out who is scamming them, lying to them, and ripping them off after a while. As part of an instinct towards self-preservation, we have our antennas out all the time looking for enemy creatures and particularly, sneaky enemy creatures because those are the most dangerous people of all. Go visit some primitive tribe and stay with them for a while. Try to lie to them, scam them, and rip them off by devious means. See how far it gets you. Even those “idiots” and “low IQ tards” with war paint and spears will figure you out faster than you think, and the payback will not be pretty. You’ll be lucky to get out alive.
This is why con artists move around all the time. Like child molesters (who also move around a lot), after they have been in one place for a while, people start catching onto their cons and molestations, so they need to take off. Con artists are always in search of new victims and that means always finding “fresh blood” who are not onto them yet.

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4 thoughts on “You Can't Fool People Forever”

  1. “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

    This theorem is pretty valid but please explain the honorable outlier.
    Vladimir Putin
    Putin gets to choose his opponents. One can imagine how stifling it must be in Russia. And the same undemocratic template is being replicated in other countries – M0DI in India, Duterte in the Philippines, Erdogan in Turkey.
    All these leaders are fascinated with winning a majority of the vote so they rig elections, spread the fake news on social media, have cyber troll armies at their behest and intimidate media into silence.
    Americans should consider themselves lucky because still there are independent media sources which call bullshit on everything Trump says. The sheep in other countries almost put the so-called great leaders on a pedestal. The atmosphere is suffocating, it feels like Breitbart x 100. It’s been a while since I stopped following Indian media sources because of their fawning coverage of dictator M0di.

    1. Duterte’s not fooling anyone. He really does have massive support. He’s a nationalist-populist. The system is fairly democratic. His administration is as democratic as any of his predecessors. He gives the people what they want.
      Erdogan has a lot of support, but the country seems to be split. Maybe half love him and half hate him. He has definitely restricted democracy in that country and he is pretty much running a pure dictatorship right not. Russia is much more democratic than Turkey.

      1. He gives the people what they want.

        I have to disagree. There is a reason I used the word sheep. Just because a sizeable number of patriotards are blind supporters of the top leader does not mean that the executive branch of the government should gain excessive control over the judiciary and civic institutions, Without these autonomous bodies and an independent media to impose check and balances on the government, it can only be a downward spiral that will lead to Qaddafi or Saddam Hussein.
        These countries aren’t pure dictatorships as we understand the term but more on a continuum of crony capitalism and corruption on one end, and nationalistic chauvinism on the other.

        Russia is much more democratic than Turkey.

        It’s no longer Soviet times but the average Russian would kill to live in a liberal democracy with no hero worship.

        1. If America had Qaddhafi as president, the country would be in a much, much better shape. First of all he would judge the whole Republican Party for crimes against humanity and condemn to death all its politician members for high treason. The non-politicians would be given the choice between a certain number of years of reeducation or loss of citizenship. There would be one party left, the Democrats, he would then purge of all pro-slavery elements in the same bloody way. The national religion would be Islam, but in order to be considered a Muslim only two things would be necessary, praying in public twice a day (one at midday, another after work, no necessity of performing the full Muslim salat, just being silent and motionless for a few minutes) and giving both of one’s efforts and money to the poor : any expression of contempt for the poorer ones would be punishable by death, as well as any opinion as to prayer being a loss of time that should be dedicated to money-making. The other three pillars of Islam, as well as the three other prayers of the day, would be left to individual conscience alone.

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