Delphi Murders Update July 23, 2017: Update on the Crime and a Profile of a Delphi Murders Suspect

I am getting really sick and tired of saying this over and over, but most of the material below is made up of rumors and my own opinions and theories. None of that is represented as fact. Furthermore, I am not using rumors as reliable sources as has been alleged. I never said they were reliable sources. How reliable is a rumor? That’s for you to determine, but in general a rumor is not considered to be a reliable source, and they are not treated as such below. 
The only thing that is represented as fact are statements sourced from LE or the media. If you have issues with rumors, theories, opinions. etc., just quit reading right now and get off my site and don’t come back. You will not be missed!

I thought I made this one thing perfectly clear as Richard Nixon used to say:
I have no sources whatsoever among the families of the girls.
I have no sources whatsoever in LE, local or otherwise. 
There ya go.
What I do have is sources close to the families. These people generally live in Delphi and the surrounding region. So that makes my rumors even more hearsay. I’m not even talking to the families. I am talking to people who talk to the families!
Of course I have no LE sources. I thought I made that clear. Never have. Yes, I have talked to some of them, but of course they didn’t tell me a thing. A couple of times they told me that a certain person was a POI or that a certain person had been cleared with an airtight alibi. I suppose they don’t mind giving out that information. But other than that, they don’t tell me jack. It’s hard enough to even get them to call you back. I think if I asked them if my name was Robert Lindsay, they would say, “I am sorry, but I cannot comment on matters relating to an ongoing investigation.” That’s how bad it is.
So what do I have? Once again, I have sources who are close to LE. They get their information from LE, then they talk to me. So once again this is even more hearsay, as I am not even talking to LE but to the people who are talking to LE.
I really wish people would quit claiming I have LE or family sources. I just don’t. If you think I have these sources, just quit reading my stuff right now and go away. You will not be missed!
NOTE TO COMMENTERS 3: The lies never end. The latest is “Lindsay takes other people’s theories and claims they are his own.” Of course I don’t. This website is nothing but a compendium of rumors from all over the Net regarding this crime. I go through the rumors and try to rank them on a scale of weak to strong. I compare them against other rumors to see which one is better. All sorts of theories have been flying around since day one. I report those too.
The theories are really just more rumors. I’d say the vast majority of the rumor theories reported here were thought up by other people. I find most of my theories on other sites about this crime. That’s how it works, you know. You get theories about the crime from others. Yes, you use your own theories, and you use other people’s theories. I really do not have time to down through the list of theories and say where I got them from. I have come up with a few of my own, but even with those, I guess someone else thought of them first. Also a lot of the theories here are also the result of constant brainstorming I do with my fellow sleuths.
Notice: All of the really hot discussion and sleuthing on the site has headed over to the private password-protected forum, where our team of ~200 websleuths has been working on this case and has assembled a huge case against our suspect, including videos and many photographs. Instructions on how to get on the private forum.
This is a profile of a man who we feel is the best suspect in the double murders of Abigail Williams and Liberty German in Delphi, Indiana on February 13, 2017. In also contains some new evidence on the crime and a new rundown of the crime itself.

New Information

But first of all, we have some new important information on a Vehicle of Interest in the crime.

Vehicle of Interest

We believe we have identified a Vehicle of Interest (VOI) in the Delphi Murders case. It is a late model white Dodge Dart with paper plates. This vehicle was spotted by a witness at the north end of the bridge at 3 PM on the day of the murders around the time the girls were killed. To our knowledge this is the only vehicle at the scene that was not cleared, so we believe it may be the Bridge Man’s car. We believe the car was a rental car, and the paper plates were stolen.
This same vehicle was also spotted seven miles south of Delphi in the early AM on the morning of the murders at a woman’s home. We believe that our suspect is in this photograph with the VOI. He was visiting a woman’s son, BH, at the home. The woman thought the suspect looked suspicious, so she photographed him and wrote down his license number. We have that license number, and we have several photographs of this vehicle with the suspect standing next to the trunk.
Later the woman’s son, BH, was swabbed for DNA by LE. Reports indicate that the woman who took the photo, shown photos of our main suspect and the man on the bridge, said our suspect was both the man by the car and the man on the bridge. However, her statements have been very inconsistent, and she is not the best witness out there.
One story is that this man was there to pick people up to go off in the woods near the bridge to make methamphetamine. However, I question that, and it has not been proven that our suspect is involved in manufacture of methamphetamine. Further, we are not even sure if our suspect is meth-involved at all.
However, it does appear that at some time later, the woman’s daughter M, her boyfriend KC and another man named TJF did leave (probably in a separate vehicle) to go make methamphetamine in the woods near the bridge. It does seem that there were two small teams making meth in the woods around the bridge sometime during the day or night of February 13. This is part of the “Meth Theory” according to which some of these people murdered the two girls. I am quite dubious of the Meth Theory of the Delphi Murders.
We believe that the car photographed may have been the same car used in the crime. We investigated the license plate and traced it back to the nearby city of Kokomo. We believe that the license plate was either stolen in Kokomo or provided by someone in that town. The license number is #G908510. At the time of the crime, the license plate was still valid, but it expired in April. We believe these plates have probably been discarded. This information has been shared with LE, but we have no idea if LE agrees with us that this may be the VOI in the crime. This is simply the car that the Beyond Highbrow team of ~200 websleuths believes may be the VOI.
We have reason to believe that LE may be interested in this photograph although they have not made any statements about these photos. Nevertheless, we feel that if you recognize the man in the photo or if you saw this vehicle or license number around the time of the crime, we think you should notify LE. We also would also like to talk to you. Contact information for this site is on the Contact page.
If you are innocent and you are the man in the photo, or if that is your vehicle, or that was your license plate number, we feel you should go to LE and inform them of that so you are no longer under suspicion. Nevertheless, we have serious doubts that an innocent man, vehicle or license # is in this photo.
It is correct that LE has not released any information about this photo, but perhaps they may in the future. Although these photos have been released on some Facebook fora, they have sparked little interest. We have been holding these photos for a long time and were afraid to release them for fear of interfering with the investigation. However, with the release of the composite and after thinking long and hard, we are having a hard time understanding how releasing this information harms the case. Instead, it may well prompt more tips. Also, MSM news sites may pick up on this story, which may prompt even more tips.
At least some of us sleuths here sometimes work with LE on this case. We cooperate fully with LE on all of these posts. After publication, LE was asked if they wanted us to take down any photos or information on this page due to possible harm to the investigation. We were not told to withhold any of the information or photos here, so we are going to continue publishing this material until we are told to stop. These photos were specifically turned over to LE on Friday morning, July 21.

White Dart in Delphi 2-13
Photo of Vehicle of Interest (VOI) 5

Dodge Dart 2-12
Photo of Vehicle of Interest (VOI) 4

White Dodge Dart 2-13
Photo of Vehicle of Interest (VOI)  3

White Dodge Dart rental car
Photo of Vehicle of Interest (VOI) 2.

White Dart with license #
Photo of Vehicle of Interest (VOI) 1. Photo taken in the early AM seven miles south of Delphi, Indiana on 2-13-17, eight hours before the Delphi murders occurred in that same town. The person was at a woman’s house visiting the woman’s son, a man named BH. An identical vehicle was seen at the crime scene at the time of the crime. We believe that this may be the vehicle used by the man on the bridge in the crime. We believe that the man in this photo may be the man on the bridge. The license # is written on the photo.


The Actual Murders

Items Owned by the Girls

We doubt if Libby’s phone was recovered by LE. We believe all of the information on the phone was taken from the Cloud before the phone died. We believe her phone was taken by the killer. We continue to believe that he may have disposed of it in a gravel pit lake on the Mears property next door to Ron Logan’s property. We do not believe that LE has yet searched or drained this lake. They would probably need a warrant to do that, and I doubt if the Mears wish to give LE permission to search or drain that lake.

The Audiotape of the Crime

One of the victim’s family was allowed to hear only the first six minutes of the audio. It is from the following listening session that we have learned the following:
Only six minutes of the 40 minute video are known. After the killer say, “Down the hill,” there are only the sounds of people walking through the forest for several minutes. There are muffled voices of more than one person talking at this time, although it is hard to make out what anyone is saying. Towards the end of the six minutes, the Bridge Man and the girls can be heard crossing the creek, which was knee-high where they crossed, albeit icy cold.
At some around this period, you hear both girls screaming on the audio, probably before the attack took place. Why no one heard these screams is not known. We believe the actual attack started after the three had crossed the creek. It is unknown what prompted the attack. We believe that the first attack consisted of a knife attack to the back of the neck of one of the girls, and the victim went right down after this attack. It is not known what is on the rest of the audio, but it appears to consist of the sounds of the two murders taking place. Both murders were apparently caught on audio in full.


The following consists of a number of rumors about how the girls were killed. Most of these rumors have not yet been validated and should be taken with a huge grain of salt. However, the rumors in italics are apparently true to the best of our knowledge:

Probably or Fully True Rumors

Both girls were disrobed either partially or fully. One was naked, but the other had a top on. Both girls were bottomless, and the panties of both girls were found at some distance from the crime scene. Some of the girls’ clothing was found in the creek.
One girl was propped up against a tree in a sitting position.
One girl had the top half of her body covered with leaves.
There was blood and dirt under Liberty’s nails and dirt under Abbie’s nails. Abbie’s nails were badly torn up.
One girl had an F carved or burned into her chest.
Police believe that Libby had 4-5 chances to escape, but did not flee because she was so dedicated to her friend that she vowed to not leave her friend in this horrible state with this monster. In real life, they were inseparable.
One or possibly both girls had their throats slit. One girl’s throat was so badly cut that she was nearly decapitated.

More Uncertain But Plausible Rumors

At some point, at least one of the girls was stricken with the blunt end of a gun.
At least one of the girls had the back of her head badly bashed in with a heavy object, possibly a rock.
A stake was driven vertically into the abdomen of one of the girls by the killer who was standing over her body. This is another persistent rumor that we have made great efforts to refute but still have not been able to.
One girl had a knife wound to the heart and another to the jugular vein in her throat.
Both girls were beaten nearly beyond recognition.
This stake to the stomach is one of the reasons for the consistent rumors that one of the girls was pregnant. It is not known if either girl was in the early stages of pregnancy, however this is a persistent rumor that we have not been able to refute despite our best efforts to do so. The rumor initially stated that one girl was pregnant, but now it says that the other girl was pregnant. Another rumor is that part of the attack was set off by the killer becoming enraged when he found out one girl was pregnant. How he found this out is not known, but perhaps she told him in an effort to spare her life.
The killer used some sort of strong chemical to try to destroy any of his DNA left at the scene.
The girls were  “posed” in the crime scene.

Inconsistent Rumors

There are inconsistent rumors of whether the girls were sexually assaulted. One rumor says they were, and in fact, it goes into some detail about what happened during and after the assault. We will not go into the details of this rumor at the moment for obvious reasons. But the latest rumor, apparently from an excellent source, is that the girls were not sexually assaulted.

The Bridge Man and Our Suspect: Too Many Coincidences

We believe that the Bridge Man is wearing boots from the Indiana Packers plant in town. The suspect formerly worked at Indiana Packers for a significant period of time from the mid-90’s to mid 2000’s and may have retained work boots from that job.
We believe that the Bridge Man is a fisherman. The suspect is an avid fisherman almost to the point of obsession and fanaticism.
The Bridge Man is definitely left-handed. The suspect is also left-handed. Actually he is ambidextrous, but he prefers his left hand.
The Bridge Man is bowlegged. The suspect is also bowlegged, probably from extensive horse riding as a youth. We have a photograph of the suspect next to a horse. The suspect grew up right around the area of the crime in the vicinity of a lot of horses.
The Bridge Man is duck-footed; that is, his feet go outward when he walks. The suspect is also duck-footed.
The Bridge Man has an injury to his left knee which is obvious in the moving gif’s of him walking on the bridge. The suspect also has a serious injury to his left knee, has several deep stitches on it, and sometimes wears a brace. We have a photograph of the suspect’s scarred left knee and a photograph of the suspect wearing what appears to be a knee brace on his left knee.
The Bridge Man is 50-60 years old. The suspect is 52 years old.
The Bridge Man is 5’8 – 5’10 and weighs 180-220 pounds. The suspect is 5’8, and when last weighed was 170 pounds, but that was a few years ago, and he seems to have gained weight after his recent release from prison.
The Bridge Man appears to be in good shape for his age based on the way he easily navigates the rickety, frightening bridge. Being an avid outdoorsman, the suspect has been in great shape his whole life, but he has developed a paunch as a recent middle-aged development.
The Bridge Man smokes and is smoking during the crime. He may also smoke cigarillos, as a cigarillo wrapper was found at the scene. The suspect also smokes, and he does smoke cigarillos. We have a video of the suspect smoking a cigarillo.
We believe that a white compact vehicle may have been used by the Bridge Man to commit this crime. The suspect was photographed the night before the crime in Indianapolis, and the photographs were posted to a social media page the night of the crime. We have two of these photographs. In one of these photographs, the suspect is standing next to a white compact car. We believe that this photograph was used by the suspect to foreshadow the crime he intended to commit the next day by leaving a tantalizing clue, which is something that he loves to do.
In the number and strangeness of the tantalizing clues this suspect leaves about his crimes, the suspect resembles the Zodiac Killer, the BTK Killer and others. The suspect also likes to ridicule and mock LE. If this case ever goes to trial, it may go down in history on the same level as those other crimes where the criminal left clues behind to tease and taunt LE.
We have quite a few more coincidences between the suspect and the Bridge Man, but we do not want to release that material now due to fears of harming the investigation. All of our material was officially turned over to LE on Friday, July 21.

More About the Man on the Bridge

Although the Bridge Man is said to be wearing a fanny pack in the bridge photo, he is actually wearing what is called a deer kit. This typically contains scissors, knives, etc. for cutting up the game that the hunter has killed, and the Bridge Man’s pack may have contained similar items. He may have used some of these items to cut up the girls.
We know the Bridge Man is left-handed because he has a left-handed gun holster strapped to his right side with a semiautomatic pistol in it. We believe we know more about this holster but are not releasing it for now.
We know the Bridge Man has a gun on him as it can clearly be seen in outline under his jacket. We believe we know more about this gun but are not releasing it now.
We believe that the Bridge Man’s gun is either unregistered or stolen. If stolen, we believe he may have stolen it from Ron Logan somehow. If this is true, we do not understand this aspect of the case.
We know much more about the Bridge Man but are not releasing it due to fears of harming the investigation. All of this information was officially turned over to LE on Friday, July 21.

The Suspect

Suspect’s Background and Life Story

The suspect resides within a 20 mile radius of Delphi.
The suspect is a former resident who grew up in Delphi right around the area of the crime and still knows all of the landowners around there, including Ron Logan, Marvin Sandifur, the Mearses, and Ivan Brumbaugh. The suspect is either Amish (shunned), German Baptist or is strongly associated with one of those communities. He knows the area around the crime scene, including Logan’s land, Deer Creek itself, and the bridge like the back of his hand.
The suspect has a low education level but probably graduated from high school.
The suspect had a very messy divorce with his ex-wife, including violent child custody issues. The suspect did a short stint in prison for badly assaulting his ex-wife.
The suspect has a long record of mostly minor crimes with some jail stints and one short prison stint. All crimes were committed in Indiana. Crimes were mostly repeated drunk driving but also assault and harassment charges. All of his ex-wives have no-contact orders against him, which implies domestic violence on his part in each case.
In terms of crimes for which he has not been caught, he has been accused of petty theft. We also have suspicions that he has been involved in arson, perhaps multiple arsons and that one or more of these arsons has resulted in homicide. We believe he may be a serial killer, and we suspect he may have been involved in another at the very least one other multiple murder in the local area. We are currently investigating his background to look for other possible crimes he may be tied to, especially arsons and homicides.
The suspect is no longer employed and is on disability, but in the past he worked at different jobs, including handyman and electrician.

Suspect – Social Aspects

The suspect has strong, warm feelings towards his two grown children and seems to have a great relationship with them.
The suspect has a new girlfriend about his age who may be a native of the region. She is a kind, sweet, gentle lady who absolutely adores the suspect and nearly worships him as a god. They appear to have a stable, warm, loving relationship. She is apparently completely clueless about his dark side.
Relations with the ex-wife are not known, although both the suspect and the ex-wife showed up for his son’s recent high school graduation. Some say that the suspect has strong hatred for his ex-wife, but this is uncertain.
The suspect has a circle of warm friends with whom he has good relations. These are very masculine, tough, hard, outdoorsy men of about the same age who think he is completely on the up and up. He’s fooling them all.
The suspect can seem quite warm and friendly, “like your best friend.” He is easy to befriend, when befriended seems charming and disarming, and seems increasingly harmless the more you get to know him.

Suspect – Psychological Profile

The subject has Axis 2 Cluster B pathology. The suspect is a psychopath and has narcissism/Narcissistic Personality Disorder/Malignant Narcissism. He has no Axis 1 Disorders. He is not psychotic. In fact, he is very sane, almost too sane, and that is part of how he gets away with his crimes. There are no signs of mood disorder. The suspect appears calm with little or no anxiety issues.
The suspect is strongly heterosexual. Although rage and hatred towards females seems apparent with the crime the suspect committed, these feelings are otherwise not obvious in his life. The suspect sometimes displays hostility to women. A lot of men do this when provoked, but he does it with little provocation, and his reactions are quite extreme, often including vague rape and death threats.
The suspect is very masculine in the manner of many middle-aged men in the area. He is a hard, tough man who uses foul language and has a rough and sometimes menacing way of speaking.
The suspect seems normal, but the following concepts also describe him well: sneaky, devious, unreadable, slick, bad boy, naughty, playful, outlaw, gleam in his eye, and rebellious. He appears to be hiding something or keeping a secret. There is a general feeling of what you see is not what you get.
The suspect is the ultimate chameleon. He is an enigma, puzzling and hard to figure out, an actor who sees life as a series of roles. He does not appear suspicious to most observers. Instead he hides in plain sight and blends right in with society. He is very capable of fooling people, an Academy award-winning actor who sees life is an endless series of roles to be played based on whatever the needs of the given situation may be.
The suspect is capable of fooling people so easily because he is a sneaky, devious, underhanded, conspiring and plotting man. Most of his actions are well plotted and planned, even calculated to the point of being choreographed. The suspect displays little spontaneity other than regular rages.
His IQ is surely within the 84-116 normal range (2/3 of the population) and probably within the 90-110 range (half the population), though he may be towards the lower end. However, the suspect is much more intelligent than he appears and possesses a sheer animal, devious, and cunning intelligence. In terms of this sort of intelligence, he has a genius IQ. He is a very hard man to fool, and he is an expert at reading others.
The suspect has a violent hair-trigger temper which can be set off at any time with little provocation. Although he has committed acts of serious violence in the past, this temper nevertheless generally takes a verbal rather than physical form and consists of menace, threats, stalking, harassment, terrorizing and intimidation.
The suspect takes little or no responsibility for his actions and blames others for everything. He attacks others and then claims to be acting in self-defense.
The suspect is a pathological liar. Truth is mixed in with lies and fabrications to the point where he believes his own lies and even gets caught in them. Reactions when caught in his pathological lying are temper tantrums, rage, ranting, and veiled threats via angry and menacing language.
In his court cases, the suspect engaged in shameless, pathological, defensive lying and blaming of others.
The suspect has the following life themes: You can’t win, They’ve got it in for me, Life is a game, I’m fooling them.

Suspect – Verbal Style

The suspect has a versatile verbal style and can seem sentimental, poetic, moving and even philosophical. He is capable of fooling people into thinking he is a person who cares deeply about life’s small and kind wonders.
Verbal defenses are denial, rage, rants, and especially redirection. Other defenses include an excellent ability at distracting people and directing attention away from what is important. For this, he utilizes red herrings, irrelevancies, redirection, minor details, fussing, wrong turns, wrong directions, wrong way streets, and misdirection.
The suspect is also a storyteller and likes to tell long, rambling, colorful, Mark Twain-style stories that tell it like it is about what seem to be ordinary people and communities but in fact are anything but. He can be entertaining in this role. He turns off some who find him a quasi-literate blowhard, but others find him endearing, as his stories could be seen as charming.
The motivation for this crime is hard to figure out, but we suspect it may be similar to many serial killers. Although there is no evidence yet that the Bridge Man has killed other people beyond this crime, he certainly may have. Hence we believe the suspect is a “serial killer type” instead of a serial killer. In that case, the motivation for the crime is that of a sexually sadistic psychopathic serial type killer.

Suspect – Appearance, Lifestyle, Habits, Beliefs and Opinions


The suspect has one large tattoo on his upper right front shoulder. We do not know what this is a tattoo of.


The suspect has some sort of gang ties with the Aryan Brotherhood (AB), possibly as a result of his incarceration. We have photographs of the suspect throwing Aryan Brotherhood gang signs. Nevertheless, we have little evidence that he is a White Supremacist, and on his social media pages, he comes across as an anti-racist, even a coastal liberal variety. He may have only joined the AB for protection in prison.
The suspect appears to be a carefree practical joker who lives a playful, laid back, easy-going lifestyle where most things are jokes, and little is to be taken seriously. He is the life of the party.


The suspect is a regular drug user. He mostly uses marijuana, which he enjoys a lot.
The suspect was formerly a very heavy drinker, and many problems, especially legal ones, resulted from this. We believe he may now be sober.

Beliefs and  Opinions

The suspect’s philosophical outlook can be summed up as a cynical one that humans are lowly animals who are corrupt at their core and are driven by low, base interests. He accuses LE and small town government people in the local area of being incorrigibly corrupt. His reaction to the picture he paints of Tobacco Road sleaze in the underbelly of Mayberry RFD small town White America is offended, cynical, fatalistic and somewhat disgusted – the good citizen outraged by omnipresent sleazy corruption.
The suspect has a very low opinion of LE in Delphi and the surrounding area, as he claims that they ran him out of town as a habitual drunk driving offender. He has a grudge against local LE.
The suspect’s political beliefs are quite liberal. He comes across as an aging hippie type, unusual for Indiana.

Suspect – Role in the Investigation

The suspect has inserted himself deeply in the investigation to an almost unprecedented degree. He is now one of the most well-known people who are “trying to find the killer.” In part this is being done to try to divert attention away from himself, but another factor seems to be narcissism, possibly even Malignant Narcissism, which means he can’t help himself. He loves the limelight and the sound of his own voice, is something of a publicity hound, likes the idea that he is hiding right under the noses of everyone and getting away with it, and thinks this is all some sort of a joke.
The suspect’s attitude towards the investigation is hard to figure. We believe he is nervous and fearful of being caught but also sees the whole thing as a hilarious game of cat and mouse. He’s fooling LE and all of society, getting away with murder, and hiding right under their noses. He also seems to be playing a game of, “Neener neener. I’m the killer, and you’ll never catch me ha ha!” In this sense he resembles the Zodiac Killer and the BTK Killer.
The suspect sought out LE (FBI) early in the investigation in order to leave a tip. We have a video of him calling in this phone tip.
We believe he did this as part of a plan to frame an innocent man. We believe he was originally going to commit this crime and then lay low, but that changed after he was photographed and recorded on audio. Over the next month we believe he then formulated an elaborate case to try to frame an innocent man, a former workmate who he had had a falling out with. This consisted of a very long and elaborate theory which did not make much sense on examination. Further, the man he attempted to frame did not seem like the type to do such a crime. The suspect also included a number of videos as part of this plan. He then went out on the Internet and tried to promulgate this theory on a number of websites and on Facebook and Youtube. He was fairly successful at this until some people started catching on to his scheme.

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  1. It is sad that you still have to live in fear of this guy. Assuming you are not living in Indiana, you are probably somewhat safer. My condolences for your experience.

  2. If you sincerely believe it was him, libel won’t hold up. Even if it was actually someone using his name. I suspect he will not want to stir that pot. In his current job, such attention would be quite unwelcome. The date would put his age at about 52. That sure is in the range.

  3. I am so creeped out…he kept a neat pile of little girls’ clothing magazines, all neat and spotless. He looks just right. Morning Heights Cemetery has two folks with his surname…and the only thing he loves more than an old tombstone is his own name. I sent in a tip at that point. It was just too much.

  4. Did the voice recording sound like him at all? Glad you sent in the tip. If he is not able to establish his whereabouts on that day, it gets even more suspicious.

  5. Interesting, Christina — found this after doing a little search… wonder if he was in town that day.
    September 27-28, 2014 – “Archaeology at Baum’s Landing: Searching for Carroll County’s First Families.” A public archaeology dig will take place in Delphi, IN, sponsored by the University of Indianapolis and the Wabash & Erie Canal Association. Come and watch archaeologists at work as they investigate. Baum’s Landing is located close to the intersection of Old State Route 25 and IN-39, southwest of downtown Delphi along Delphi Historic Trails (behind the Arby’s).

    1. They’ve been back to that site for several years. I noted in one of the announcements that they were inviting individuals and school groups to join them. There are more coincidences as well. He may have relatives in Delphi.

  6. I’ve thought the same. And every time I see he has been/could be around children I wince. But yeah, historic trails, BRIDGES, and cemeteries are his things…what other coincidences? And that’s one of the things that struck me…he would know that area as well as any fisherman…really?? Family in Delphi???

      1. I know…I’ve seen that he works with mound civilization, which is what made me curious. But I feel a little paranoid veering off in that direction…

    1. Not at all crazy. What he did to you an how he did it (it’s called grooming) indicates an attraction to teen girls. Very predatory.
      I hope you continue to heal. Doing things like this are part of that process. Your strong will is overcoming your fear, that strengthens your sense of control; and weakens his hold on you.

  7. Actually, Jimmy, you helped a lot. I feel less terrified…I just wanted to see if some sleuths could keep an eye out…

    1. Did a little additional sleuthing. Looks like he may have a New Mexico tie, or at least he did His mom’s obituary has a grandson listed in New Mexico. I assume you are taking all necessary precautions if he comes down that way to visit.

  8. Re: his voice, it is eerily deep and hypnotic. If you spoke to him, you’d know what I mean immediately. Is the recorded voice quite deep? It’s really hard to tell…

    1. Christina…check march or april dnr linked site. There is a pic of abbie and Libby at prophets town. I have a poi and I found yt? He link on his facebook. It was from 2016.

        1. I found this?? “Start Date: 9/17/2016 Start Time: 9:00 AM
          End Date: 9/17/2016 End Time: 4:30 PM
          Event Description:
          Delphi Historic Trails
          502 W. Main Street, Delphi, IN
          Cost: Free
          “Come help University of Indianapolis archaeologists investigate the home of one of the earliest settlers in Carroll County. School groups welcome.”

          1. I wonder this since this man you guys are talking about would he know of any underground bunkers or caves?? I heard a psychic say about the Delphi murders that the man took them to a cave or bunker that’s why the searchers couldn’t hear them screaming . I wonder if that’s the case just a thought

          2. Thanks T. I have long thought that they may have been taken to someplace cold and dark such as an underground structure or a cave.

    2. Christina, sorry for your experience. It’s a bit fascinating though, I agree with Jimmy that turning him in is part of breaking the grip of fear. it makes me wonder how many other possible perps are being turned in this way?
      But if possible, can you focus on two important questions: 1. IMO BGs voice isn’t particularly deep, it’s a bit breathy and light as if a slightly winded smoker, he’s not a Bass voice by any means if that is what you mean by deep, have you listened to the loop of BGs voice?? 2. Do you think he had violent tendencies? Anger? And was capable of staking out a bridge like Monon to take two girls? It’s a big step from grooming someone over the net….

      1. I agree about the voice. If he’s a bit out of breath that might change the tone.
        As for grooming, I keep going back to the Kik app that Libby apparently was using. He may well have been grooming one or both over the internet. This one feels like a better fit than the other POI. Motive here, opportunity is the big question. If he was verifiably at work all day, he can be eliminated.

        1. By which I mean he would have a more flexible work schedule than many of us do. That’s just a guess, but since he is often out in the field, it isn’t wholly implausible.

        2. You now what, analyst? Me, too. I was concerned enough to come here to learn more in addition to offering my own perspective. And there are plenty of details in my story that were pertinent to the possibility he was involved. I figured most people could ignore me, since there’s an entirely different forum.

      2. Interesting comment about other perps being outted. Positive “collateral damage” for a change. Many people who won’t turn someone in for them self, will for somebody else.

        1. I would love some “positive collateral damage.” He told me, when I was fourteen, “You can’t help who you fall in love with. Abby looks an awful lot like I did back then. And once he has a girl hooked on the internet, it’s over. He is such a good manipulator. And there’s another pic oh him floating around from a few years ago, to give greater perspective, if you can find it.

      3. Fair enough–but he threatened to kill me plenty. When driving through a particular area he started giggling and said he could leave my dead body out there and no one would ever find me. So in terms of capability, he has it in him. His voice is deep but it’s been a looong time. I have listened to the tape and that’s what confuses me. It’s too quick to get a good feel of it. But I mean super-mellifluous. He told me someone once told him he should be a preacher because of his distinctive voice. He has a domestic charge from 2003. Very angry. But is he the killer? I don’t know, and that’s basically why I am here. And he would know the area because of his work with historic bridges, cemeteries, and trails, so…

        1. Christina, just be sure to out in the call to the ISP/FBI tip line and discuss him thoroughly. He sounds like a deep voiced meliflorious (as you say) guy. I’ve known many of that type, singers, broadcasting majors etc. That isn’t the voice I hear in BG.
          But you owe it to yourself (and the girls) to see this through at this point and report your hunch and discuss him thoroughly with the tip line which is fully staffed again after the new sketch.
          Talking to us does nothing except perhaps promote your own healing, please phone in your tip in for the girls.

        2. Um I have sent in several emails, analyst, rest assured. I thought it was interesting info and thought I would see what others thought. I resent the fact that you dismiss my intentions as somehow self-promoting. I simply wanted to know if people agreed that this was a possibility.

  9. I am also wondering about Evansdale…I mean, there are so many similarities, and it seems like he attended a conference in Iowa City in 2010. But then maybe my imagination is going crazy but I feel weirdly certain that he is up to something very very bad

    1. Look for dnr December 11 2016 link…down a ways promoting prophets town state park. Libby is wearing a shirt with the american flag…and abbie is in the pic too. If I can figure how to send it …I will. I thought it was wierd that they loved hiking so much and then how it lead to their demise. I think the peep is into parks and recreation.

        1. I mean, I think he goes out and does surveys and such out there–I mean RIGHT THERE. I’ve seen Deer Creek mentioned with his name also.

      1. You probably ought to join if you can. I’ve posted some additional “background” information that was in response to someone thinking things did not add up. It would be good if you can confirm that. This is our only serious alternate POI at this point as best as I can tell.

        1. For once, one of my theories is correct. I’m glad you are where you are now. This is one bad dude, even if he didn’t kill the girls. One thought. If he did do the crime, and if he learns you informed on him before anything official can happen, are you safe if he shows up bent on murder? Especially with RPH’s post this is a serial hebephile who is willing to seriously hurt people.

        2. No, frankly, I am in no way prepared to deal with him. I am shaking badly right now. I think you have figured out the whole story, and if you’re a counselor, I can imagine you know why…I am seriously going insane to know who else might have been victimized by him.

        3. We need to get you off the public thread. I’ll see if I can get back to the donation thing and properly make it work again. In the mean time, find out the location of the nearest women’s shelter or other safe location you can go.

        4. I mean, I have a husband and stuff…but I will never stop being afraid of him. I could have five trained pit-bulls and three pistols and still be afraid. I am not sure what to do. I can’t drag my family to a hotel….gah, just thinking of the expense…but. You are doing so much for me, Jimmy. Just listening to me, seriously. You have been like a guide through this dark and ancient terrain.

        5. Definitely. The other POI has a large number of coincidences as well. I wonder if the two of them have met. That would be really wild but at this point my mind is still open about both.

        6. Aw that’s sweet. I just don’t know much about the case other than what’s in the paper…and I am not sure who the other suspect might be.

        7. Once you get over to the other thread you will. The other POI s a very strong candidate as well. Plus a few various individuals who are still under suspicion.

        8. Well, I am glad he on the radar for you guys. I knew there were a lot of people working on this and thought your group was better equipped to research the intricacies than I. I think you are an awesome human being, Jimmy, and am glad you’re on the case. I worried my several emails might be lost in the shuffle, so I also thought maybe if I could get other people thinking about him as a possibility, the authorities might hear a loud chorus (if people agreed with me that it was a viable theory, that is.) But I firmly believe this isn’t a vendetta for me. I worried over this for weeks before finding enough coincidences to validate for me that I should at least spread the word.

        9. You need not live in fear, but please remain on your guard and exercise appropriate caution. I do appreciate the compliment. Since I live a bit east of you I will need to sign off soon. Hopefully Robert can process things and get you on the other thread fairly soon. Just a reminder, I had to lay out things pretty clearly to support your story, so please don’t be too surprised. In the process, it answers your “How?” question. If for any reason you need to verify my bona fides, I gave Robert permission to tell you enough to do so.

      2. If not the picture, can you give the link or how to find it? Iv’e searched all kinds of combos on Google and can’t find it.

        1. Ill get with my son to figure out how to perhaps get the pic up. It was a December 11 link to dnr…scroll down to prophets town. The girls are pictured

    1. I appreciate that. I am a mental health professional and have worked with both victims and offenders. It is sometimes really hard for the victims to do what you are doing. I traced some of his history. I suspect he has hidden violent tendencies.

  10. Haha I feel like your MY counselor. It’s been so liberating to just not be afraid. Violent–yes. Even when I was fourteen. He’d fly off the handle for no reason. In some motel on that horrible trip he hit me and photographed it because the “bruises” made me “beautiful.” He’s a real winner, that one.

    1. Christina, you are not the only woman who has brought up this name. There is another woman out there with a similar story about him. It was shared via private email with me. If you are interested in comparing notes, let me know.

    1. My email is I am an author, currently comissioned for a project on this case. That email address is my personal one and will go straight to me. I promise I am legit. The other lady found me through interviews I was conducting with Delphi residents. I would like to get you two connected.

    1. You need to email Robert. He’ll send you the passwords and links. Copy/paste the passwords. We’re mostly on the 4th protected thread.

    2. I don’t know if you have emailed Robert- on the main page his email can be found at the top under the contact link or the donate link. From what I read above, your donation is taken care of, so just email Robert from the email you want your passwords mailed to, then go to bottom of the second sticky and type in the password to the corresponding thread that you want to read. Number four would be where the most current conversations
      are happening. All the rest are very interesting for background. Sometimes it takes Robert a little while to get back in touch.
      I am waiting on the new passwords too (there was a new donation requirement after I got back from vacation and new passwords) so I don’t know what’s been happening in the newest thread at all.

      1. Bless you for answering my desperate plea for attention haha. I’ll be more patient. Hope you vacay was wonderful!

        1. Thank you 🙂 We went to the Grand Canyon, Carlsbad Caverns, and a place called Enchanted Rock in Texas. Also, some other interesting stops.
          So, very nice to me.
          Thanks again for your information and bravery. I look forward to talking to you more about it on the private threads. I don’t feel that comfortable with the information on the public threads.

        2. Ooooh that sounds magical! I totally understand the public post thing. I have been feeling defiant since I started talking on here. Like, and what? What exactly do you plan to do, Mr. Monster–sue me for the truth? Expose you for the disgusting violent perp you are? Bring it. But I completely understand the reticence to post publicly about such a provocative topic.

  11. I’ve emailed him several times. Perhaps he is unavailable. But Jimmy, if it was you who paid for me, pleasepleaseplease give me some way to pay you back as soon as possible. I would feel just awful otherwise.

    1. When you run across someone in serious need, do the same for them. That’s how things like this get repaid.
      Robert sometimes takes a bit of time to respond. He has several irons in the fire, so to speak.

      1. I do forward the kindness, but I’d like to reimburse you. You have been a breath of fresh air in all the dank muck of the situation. You are simply a badass.

        1. I saw your responses on the private forum. Many of these people do not know about trauma survivors and their struggles. In their desire to check things out, they do so in the anonymity that is afforded by the internet. I don’t blame you for being angry. I had hoped to be home when you got on thee forum, sorry.

        2. It’s awful sweet of you to offer encouragement (and I promise I am not hitting on you.) I just kind of went berserk there and laid it all out. It was probably a bad idea, but at this point I don’t even care.

        3. Interestingly, for most survivors, the more they tell the story the less it holds power over them. You responded with anger, not fear. That was the healthier of the two. I try to get my clients to move in that direction.
          You have very obviously done a lot of healing to be in a marriage after all that crap you went through. Those experiences can mess up relationships for a life time. But I probably don’t really need to tell you that.

        4. Actually the anger feels very new and very good. Refreshing. I hope you believe me at least. I feel like I am being as honest and vulnerable as I can. But I feel totally lost re the details of the POIs etc…I need to poke around the other fora perhaps. I’m a little leery now, but I feel the need for details.

        5. I never had serious doubts. OK, so i just posted here again……. Poking around is a good idea, but it can get exhausting.

    2. I emailed him about 8 a.m. my time. He will probably be in touch some time today. He is in an earlier time zone than me.

  12. I just wanted to give you guys something to chew on. If it isn’t him, trust me, I am beyond glad. But I thought he should be on your radar. Some of you are awesome people, working so hard for Libby and Abby. I think it’s beautiful that so many people want to assist, and I am sure the research is invaluable.

    1. Thank you Christina, I was wondering, have you met Mayur Varshne yet? Robert posted some info on the private thread #4 regarding a romance/immigration proposition from him that everyone is asked to consider.

  13. Hi Robert,
    I just made the $20 donation, please email me the 4 passwords for the 4 threads. Thank you for all you do!

  14. Hi, I am new to this case and reading this forum/blog etc. Has anyone wondered if the perp has a problem with his gait? i’ve been doing some researching and his knee in one of the pictures looks like he is about to turn around. I would think he’s walking toward the girls, nowhere to turn on a small bridge. I have done some video analysis of people with gait problems and it seems his knee is elevated (from what a normal gait would look like). I wonder does he have a gait / disability / foot drop / leg length discrepancy??? Anyone delved into this?

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