Congressmen Push for 20 Years in Prison for Any US Citizen Who Even Supports a Boycott of Israel

Look up at that headline. I can’t even believe I wrote that. How could this even be happening in the land of the free (sic)?
Senators of both the Republican and Democratic Party incredibly are introducing a new law that would make it a felony punishable by up to 20 years in prison for any US citizen to even support boycotts of Israel.

It was drafted with the assistance of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee [AIPAC].

Well of course. One of most evil PAC’s in America would obviously be behind one of the worst criminal justice bills in memory. It’s already illegal, incredibly enough, for any business in the Unites States to boycott Israel for any reason. Heavy fines are laid out on a regular basis.
Even requesting information about boycotts of Israel would carry up to $250,000 civil fines and up to 20 years in prison and $1 million in fines. Unbelievable.

If passed, this tyrannical bipartisan bill would blatantly violate the constitutional rights of every United States citizen by punishing individuals based on nothing but their political opinions and decisions as consumers.
There is no coming back from that.

No shit.
A man who has now anointed himself king named King Donald is already tearing up the Constitution and getting ready to declare himself Dictator for Life, and the 40% of America that are now open traitors (also called Republicans) are backing this project by a percentage of 85%.
This is where democracies go to die.
Not that we ever had one anyway, but we came close there for a while.
Republicans obviously all hate democracy, as democracy is the direct antithesis of the aristocratic hierarchical oligarchic rule (not much different from royalism) that they all support.
Conservatives hate democracy because conservatism itself, otherwise known as aristocratic rule, is the complete opposite of democracy. Democracy and conservatism (aristocratic rule) can only be enemies forever. Well of course the Rich hate democracy.  Democracy hates the rich. You would think the feeling would be mutual. And of course their foolish, masochistic supporters who are middle class and below are Stockholmers. They’re literally worshiping their class enemies, the very aristocrats who oppress them.  It’s nuts, like the serfs worshiping their lords. Wait, that’s what it actually is. Why not just take some broken glass and cut up your arm? At least you would be a faddist then.
As if Republicans who are currently driving a stake through the heart of democracy for good now to fulfill their lifelong dreams were not enough, we also have to deal with (((certain people))). It’s obvious (((which people))) are behind this diabolical bill. Ahem. (((Those people.))) I’ve got some news for you. (((Those people))) hate democracy too. (((The Chosen))) are literally aristocrats by dint of God’s golden touch alone. How can a (((people))) obviously superior on every level to everyone else support any sort of democracy? It’s not even possible.
These (((people))) have a naturally totalitarian style. Kevin MacDonald makes this clear in his essays and books, and that for that crime, (((certain people))) launched a years-long totalitarian campaign at my alma mater to get him fired for the profound crime of telling the truth. Totalitarian people are allergic to the truth. Truth and totalitarianism are like oil and water. They don’t mix. Hell, they won’t even be in the same room with each other.
(((These people))) have always lived under totalitarian rule the whole time, hundreds or thousands of years, when they lived under the dictatorship of the rabbis. The community would decide on a party line, and the dissenters would be fiercely pummeled over time to the point where the whole community was united on any cause they get behind. Dissenters were treated as aliens and worse as traitors to their own people.
This lasted even after the ghettos were liberated starting with Napoleon. This sort of rabbinical totalitarian rule where the community had to speak with a united voice on issues of great importance continued in the shtetls of Eastern Europe all through the 18th Century. In this sense, the people who were liberated from their ghettos promptly went and created new ghettos called shtetls. And they have now created the biggest and worst ghetto ever. It’s called Israel. The ghettos are portrayed as a bad thing, but (((these people))) often love living in the ghettos. In many cases, (((they))) built them themselves. They were very useful in preventing the worst enemy of (((their people))), assimilation.
Israel is anything but a free country. It’s as free as the Apartheid South Africa which it is modeled on. Israel can never be democratic due to the nature of the (((naturally totalitarian people))) who reside there.
We are digging our own grave. Having (((these people))) in your country is one thing, but once you let (((them))) take over like this idiot country has done, you can just kiss your nation, your country, your democracy, the whole ball of wax, goodbye. (((They’ve))) been thrown out of most countries (((they))) ever lived in. You think that was a coincidence? You know why? Because of crap like this. They kept pulling crap like this, and finally the rest of the people had it up to here with them, and they booted them out the door.
Letting (((these people))) run our country is a suicide pact of the worst order for the rest of us or for any Gentile people. It is folly of the worst order, and dangerous folly at that.
What are we are thinking?

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26 thoughts on “Congressmen Push for 20 Years in Prison for Any US Citizen Who Even Supports a Boycott of Israel”

  1. Absolutely insane. I’m going to a DSA meeting today and the main issue is mobilizing nationally to fight this bill. Truly frightening.

  2. Interesting. Speaks volumes about the wholesomely Middle-Eastern Jewish race who are a small minority among the elite Gentiles, yet seem to enjoy fabulous affluence and influence, despite their innate ‘gentleness’.
    He who controls the West owns the World.

  3. I’ve noticed that fewer and fewer people are buying the “poor innocent victim who dindu nuffin” line.
    As Henry Kissinger said, and group of people who have been persecuted for 2000 years have to be doing something WRONG.
    The Jews are setting up their next pogrom. Pushing for diversity and for millions of Muslims who hate them more than the neo-nazis do into Europe wasn’t a great move either.

  4. Yet you know the Republicunts are going to almost overwhelmingly support this bill. Don’t get it twisted some Democrats will as well but no way if Congress was (hypothetically speaking) all Democratic would this bill even pass.
    However it’s no surprise that AIPAC (i.e. the most powerful lobby in America and possibly the world) are behind this bill. (((They))) essentially have the legislation in this country (especially the venal individuals in Congress) in their grips.

  5. Conservatives hate democracy because conservatism itself, otherwise known as aristocratic rule, is the complete opposite of democracy. Democracy and conservatism (aristocratic rule) can only be enemies forever. Well of course the Rich hate democracy. Democracy hates the rich. You would think the feeling would be mutual. And of course their foolish, masochistic supporters who are middle class and below are Stockholmers. They’re literally worshiping their class enemies, the very aristocrats who oppress them. It’s nuts, like the serfs worshiping their lords. Wait, that’s what it actually is. Why not just take some broken glass and cut up your arm? At least you would be a faddist then.
    You know it’s bad when Dear Leader fires Sean Spicer to replace him with someone unqualified man called Scaramucci. This is what Mafia Rule looks like.
    Trump has filled his entire cabinet with family members, plutocrats and assorted douchebags. Apparently, a lot of positions in the White House remain unfilled. Knowing how to do your job properly with honesty and integrity actually disqualifies you from the Trump administration.
    Many would sympathize with Sean Spicer for having the worst job in the planet, reporting to an asshole who can throw you under the bus any minute it pleases him can be stressful. Unfortunately, there are no heroes among scam artists and thieves. Sean was caught stealing a mini-fridge from his junior staffers. It pretty much explains that if you want to work for someone like Trump, you’ll have to become the most despicable human being imaginable.
    Unfortunately, Spicer went about procuring a fridge in a manner that could best be described as ill-advised. A Wall Street Journal report detailed the long and winding road to Spicer’s high-profile resignation Friday and began with an anecdote that showed the press secretary hatching a plan to steal a fridge from junior staffers.
    Wrote Michael C. Bender of the Journal: “[Spicer] dispatched a top aide to a nearby executive office building where junior research employees are crammed into a room, surviving on Lean Cuisine frozen lunches. Mr. Spicer wants your icebox, the aide said, according to people familiar with the incident. They refused to give it up.” (I had to read this over and over again. Working for a US corporation can be soul-destroying.)
    Now, here is the moment Spicer could have shifted gears. It’s already (as the kids say) a bad look to demand the workers underneath you give up their icebox. Kudos to them for turning down a senior staffer. But Spicer wasn’t satisfied. There is a Walmart about 1.5 miles from the White House where the press secretary could have bought a mini-fridge (for as little as $60!). Instead he waited. Then he pounced.
    Wrote Bender in the Journal: “So Mr. Spicer waited until sundown—after his young staffers had left—to take matters into his own hands. He was spotted by a fellow White House official lugging the icebox down the White House driveway after 8 p.m.”

  6. That is sheer hubris. This is the last straw it takes to break the camel’s back. One thing is sure : time-old Jewish wisdom always commanded the Jews to strive to win most regularly excellent second rank in a country (over ten, over one hundred, over one thousand) as well as in any part (let it be a school, a bank, an intellectual discipline, a sector of the economy) thereof, never the first too systematically for too long. Jews are the greatest for themselves and for their hosts as long as they lead and champion the opposition (and a real opposition, not a controlled one) not the ruling party. Jews are the greatest geniuses and achieve their legendary IQ when they concentrate on asking all askable questions, to the point of putting the whole universe into questions, NEVER on providing answers to all questions. When they take the latter posture, that is the beginning of the end for them as well as for the country who still consents to listen to them.
    I do not agree about all what you say about the totalitarian dictatorship of the rabbis, what you expose here is mostly an information pointfully transmitted by Israel Shahak (among the most renowned) so as to counterbalance the all too common mistaken idea that Jews were by essence geniuses of the most open-minded and generous kind. It has been mostly true in certain parts of Eastern Europe but in most of other parts of the world rabbis did not traditionally enjoy that kind of authority you and Shahak hint at, in most of the cases they didn’t seek any big authority at all but only the privilege of basking in their own intellectual light together with a few amateurs, while the rest of the community is there for their sustenance. In many places, especially in North Africa, the Rabbis were mainly respected and also feared as magicians and sorcerers having developed their personal occult forces, not as religious authorities over the whole group or over the whole world the group was supposed to control. Actually the Jewish Rabbis tend to mirror the same attitude as the religious authorities of the non-Jewish world around them, and it happened that in Slavic countries the Christian doctrine allows for no personal opinion at all and only rote learning. But that East European totalitarian tendency you hint at is definitely at work now : after all most white Americans, since a little after the Civil War, are former immigrants from central and Eastern Europe, and that is even truer as regards Jews, it is as though the same dialectics as used to be at work in Easter germanic and Slavic countries during the final phase of that part of the world were due to repeat on the American continent as by atavism, with both the serfs and the Jews fighting for the tyrant’s ears.
    My opinion is that the very effort to make that AIPAC proposal into American law will result in America entering a second civil war (most probably not for that official reason) before it is enacted. Actually the Israel, even at the time it was a merely virtual country, has always been the sovereign power over the United States since the very beginning, by tacit but very purposeful design, in replacement for the English Crown and Nobility. Ben Franklin did wish for a national American Religion (half-Calvinist, half-Judaic, linked together with Masonic hermeticism) to be proclaimed to only faith of the land on a par with inquisitorial catholicism in Spanish colonies, but the Jewish financial sponsors of the early American revolutionary enterprise just refused and sternly order him and the few other so-called founding fathers to instate rigorous separation between religion and state. AIPAC aims (do they realize?
    I don’t know) at the very kill switch of America and the very effort to make such a law come true, that would be tantamount to America’s final loss of independence towards a foreign country (however amicable it is supposed to be) quite in the same fashion as Canada is still dependent upon the British Crown, would exert the same effect as a perfect resonance wave applied to a crystal : explosive break-up. Jewish control must remain implicit or silent to be effective : when it goes against this principle of omerta, the control exerted is no longer of Jewish nature (it can be of catholic or stalinist nature, for instance) and is already an antisemitic form of control in the making. Talmudic Judaism, despite the absurdity and the monstrosity of much of its contents, is a system a free debate.

  7. I’m starting to think a REAL Holocaust is the only and final solution. These satanic jews have proven time and time again how evil they are. They created all the problems like feminism, gay rights movement, trans movements, communism, they are behind it all. Anything bad in society and 90% chance it was created by jews.

      1. Jews have satan’s DNA in their blood since they were created by Lucifer himself. We have to fight Satan and physically remove all traces of Lucifer’s DNA in this world before the kingdom of God can dawn in this world.

        1. I recollect, you don’t exactly belong to the Christian faith. Ohhh! I recollect you are the agent of an Arian er Indo-Aryan called Christ er Krishn.

    1. Holocaust, probably, did happen. As a matter of fact, the Nazis did kill millions purely on their whims and fancies. However, the remaining Jews, and the others, did benefit, a lot, from the Holocaust.
      Complete alienation of the Jews by the Gentiles should suffice, without offending the passionately liberals around the world.

  8. Allah Akbar!! Allah Akbar!!
    As a part-time Muslim, my IQ (Islamic Quotient) jumped through the roof on hearing this.
    — The pace of World Jihad is quickening.
    — The Kufr civil war of ‘conservatives’ vs ‘liberals’ vs SJW will be deepened
    — The Global Ummah will be more unified under the stress of intensified perceived oppression.

    1. Who exactly is a part-time Muslim, I am quite curious to know.
      Indeed.Allah Hu Akbar!! Allah Hu Akbar!! Allah Hu Akbar!!
      But the Muslims won’t get anywhere with their Jihad. They shall more or less remain the Bedouins, in essence. Thanks to Quran!

      1. “Who exactly is a part-time Muslim”
        I avoid (not abstinence) alcohol for obvious health reason and pork. Pigs are no longer the accursed parasites infested animal during the Prophet’s time, but scientists had found out pigs and apes are closest to human in terms of genes, and most xeno-transplant organs are from pigs. So eating pork is like cannibalism. When the Holy Prophet said the Jews were descendants of pigs and apes, actually he greeted them: “Welcome to Humanity”.
        Religions are usually mixed with interest of ethnic/racial groups. Judaism, Islam and Hinduism are the more extreme examples. Protestant Christianity actually has the least ethnic colors, for example it imposes almost no dietary, costume, lingual restrictions.
        — Judaism is literally Jewish history, culture and civilization. Does ‘Chosen People’ ring a bell?
        — (Sunni) Islam is the vehicle of Arab power. Arabic is the language of paradise, and the person with the final say on the future of humanity is also an Arab. Shiite Islam is a dilution of such power, and therefore is hated for that. After the Holy Prophet ascended into heaven, the divine mandate according to Sunnis was passed on to his son-in-law tribal chief.
        — Hinduism is casteism/segregation designed to keep the Brahmins on top. You’re a Dalit sewage diver? Too bad; you had done evil in your previous lives, and here you’re reincarnated into Dalit misery. Its dharmic spirituality, and don’t blame the Brahmins.
        The average religionists have more important things to care about in their daily life than theology. Religious symbolism like the burqa define their identity and being, not some scriptural teaching like piety. So a dietary Muslim like me is actually quite Islamic. I even bought an Arab head scarf to show my Islamicity if coining some Islamic jargon aren’t enough.

        1. You are damn right! I am a light eyed, fair-skinned Valmiki. I quite have a taste for both the Brahmin girls and truly blue blooded Muslim girls. I have had unprotected sexual intercourse with the both kinds, on numerous occasions. In fact, I quite do both the types in the arses. Besides, I quite have a fetish for the oral. But,I ain’t a pedophile.
          I am quite in favour of equality for women.
          I am quite into philosophy, but I don’t intend to hold the entire mankind to ransom. I definitely ain’t a self-proclaimed, quasi deluded Messenger of God.
          In fact, I quite despise harming complete strangers, without any provocation.
          I do pray once in a while, but I don’t clean my bellend with mud before praying.
          I do take a proper, conventional bath, on a daily basis.
          No, I ain’t a slave to a mere book.
          No, I don’t need to pray to God Almighty every now and then. I believe much more in the deeds than in the rituals.
          I love my immediate family more than God himself.
          Actually, pork is extremely good for libido. A Moslem once told me.
          No, I don’t really need alcohol to warm up. I am hot-blooded!
          I get it! You are a Muslim, but only by birth.

        2. On a second thought, I will like to add that the Arabic language sounds pretty stupid, like the Bedouins. It definitely can not be the tongue most dear to Allah.

    2. As long as Islam makes prostitution and opium legal, I welcome a global Islamic world. Much better than this jewish-controlled world we are living in rihgt now.

      1. You do seem to have an extremely soft corner for the pimps and the drug peddlers.
        Muslims er Arabs will simply fuck everything up, with their sharia, mullahs etc. etc. Besides, they seem to have the most terrible intentions for the females of the Gentile race. Jews are much, much nicer.

        1. “extremely soft corner for the pimps and the drug peddlers”
          that Includes ploughing transgenders too,he revealed in one of his comments Such a pervert..

  9. Optimus Prime
    Magneto is alright. It seems that he deliberately goes over the top in his criticism, and, he seems to have the license to do that, here. He definitely comes hard on everyone including the Indians. He seems to be quite taken by the buxom belles of the South, though.
    On a serious note, this blog seems to be plagued by a compulsive masquerader.

      1. Definitely of Indian origin.
        Let us not get carried away.
        And, yes, Magneto is a proper Christian by birth. He definitely ain’t status conscious.

  10. Israel is anything but a free country. It’s as free as the Apartheid South Africa which it is modeled on. Israel can never be democratic due to the nature of the (((naturally totalitarian people))) who reside there.

    Nobody likes living around condescending cunts – whether Israelis, certain White South Africans, certain racist Scottish Americans or SJWs. No way…

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