Microsoft – A Debacle for Humanity: How One Corporation Caused Untold Damage to the World Economy, Cost Society Untold $Billions, Severely Damaged Human Productivity, and Even Significantly Set Back Human Progress

Microsoft was and is still an abusive monopoly which ripped off society for billions of dollars, caused vast losses to the world economy, and even set back technological progress for all of mankind by a significant amount. You had to buy Microsoft Windows, and Microsoft Windows was always a piece of crap.

Think of how much this worthless to lousy to dysfunctional OS cost consumers, business, and society due to its crappy nature.
You are always hearing that “the system is down” right, whenever you go anywhere? The ATM is down half the time you go there. Call random businesses and 10-20% of them will tell you “the system is down.” I will bet you that that is a Windows system that has crashed at that enterprise.

Windows’ endless dysfunction and crashing caused a tremendous amount of damage to the US military who moronically decided to use Windows all through our country’s fighting forces for just about everything. Great. A computer-based military where the system always crashes. I’m sure they’re going to win every war they fight.

Basically, all of humanity was forced to use a glaringly obviously inferior product for all of its computing needs. This inferior product had constant problems which drove a spike through the heart of productivity at the individual, business, nonprofit, and government level. All of humanity was using inferior computer systems that barely worked and failed all the time.

All of this time, there were much superior systems out there which could have beaten Windows if they only had a chance. Amiga OS was always one of finest ever developed. BeOS was an outstanding OS, amazingly great. OS/2 was an out of the world OS. All of these OS’s were fantastic at multitasking and even multithreading. People routinely ran up to 80 applications at a time on OS/2 with little or no slowdown. BeOS was about that good and may have even been faster. But with a monopoly on the desktop where everyone was forced to use Windows, all of these other OS’s died a sad death.

Unix has long ruled at the university and corporate level, and much of the Net runs of Unix. Larger server systems have always run on Unix at the level of the large enterprise, be it government, corporate, or nonprofit. But Unix has never really broken in on the desktop where Windows still reigns. Windows is much better now than it was in the Windows 95 era (Remember how horrible that OS was?). I am currently running Windows 7, which is the best Windows I ever run, but it’s still crap. It suffers from unfixable file corruption and sometimes needs a hard reboot or goes down altogether.

Unix on the other hand is virtually uncrashable. It is very hard to take down a Unix system. They are nearly resistant to crashing. File corruption is virtually nonexistent on Unix because of Journaling File Systems and text files instead the idiotic and flawed Registry of Windows. The Registry is so flawed that it can probably never be fixed. As long as the Registry exists, Windows will continue to be slow, hog memory and hard drive, be awful at multitasking, crash your applications, suffer irreparable file corruption, and go down hard and need hard reboots.

Mac OS is an excellent OS now that it runs on a Unix core. Mac OS is almost uncrashable now, and it never or almost never needs to be reinstalled. Plug and Play is as easy as plugging in any electronic device in your house, whereas Windows plug and play has always been horrible, and it still is here at Windows 7.
Windows also harmed the world economy by forcing us to shell out untold billions for OS’s, word processors, browsers, databases, spreadsheets, and presentation programs.

Microsoft of course leveraged its OS monopoly to create browser, database, spreadsheet, and presentation monopolies. All of these products were quite expensive. In the process, many excellent word processors (remember Wordperfect 5.1?), spreadsheets, databases, and presentation products were all destroyed. It didn’t matter how good they were. It didn’t matter if they were better or even vastly better than their Microsoft competitors (Access was always junk) because due to the OS monopoly, none of the competitors in this other software stood a chance.

The truth is that all of this stuff could have been had for free all along. Linux is free and open source, and that is one of the reasons why it is so great. Firefox and Opera are also free now, and Firefox is also open source and has been taken over by Sun. Free online email programs like Gmail have cut significantly into the market share of Outlook Express (always awful – Eudora was so much better) and Outlook.

Open Office, now taken over by Sun, is free and is starting to give Word, Access, Excel, and Powerpoint a run for their money. I use Word Writer all the time, and it’s just as good as Word by now. If the world moves to free browsers, OS’s, word processors, chat software (Skype), spreadsheets, databases, and presentation software, think of how much money can be saved at the individual, business, nonprofit, education, and government level! It will be a great step forward for humanity.

There is no way for Microsoft to compete with a free product of course, so we will hopefully begin to slowly destroy this diabolical corporation, one of the worst ones that ever existed.

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7 thoughts on “Microsoft – A Debacle for Humanity: How One Corporation Caused Untold Damage to the World Economy, Cost Society Untold $Billions, Severely Damaged Human Productivity, and Even Significantly Set Back Human Progress”

  1. I have not used Microsoft Office in 5 years. I currently use a Chinese software called Libre Office. Sure, there are some irritating ads but that only lasts 5 seconds from the first time you reboot your program.
    The Word Processor, Spreadsheet and Presentation programs are compatible with Office, you can save your files in .wps, .doc, .docx. Highly smooth, and some very beautiful templates for resumes, letters, emails, flyers, brochures, datasheets and what not.
    The best part is, Libre Office is totally free, except for those 5s irritating ads in the beginning. Even the paid version is superior to, and better than Office. they don’t ever force you to upgrade to the paid version. I used to have a very low opinion of Chinese products. Not any more.
    Chinese software companies are more humane compared to their American counterparts like Adobe, Microsoft, Google, and so forth. They have been designed keeping poor people in mind. Adobe used to be fantastic in the past, Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Illustrator were free. Now they have coalesced all of that into a monstrosity called Adobe Creative Cloud which costs INR 2100 (USD 35) for a single program per month. People in third world nations can no longer afford to use Adobe products anymore, even though many are forced to if they wish to edit videos or work with graphics media.
    Adobe’s programs have become very memory intensive compared to the past. It’s purposeful because they know third worlders can’t generally afford higher spec PCs. There was a time I could easily run Photoshop on a 512 MB desktop RAM without worrying about performance. Right now, Adobe programs like After Effects crash your system if your laptop processor isn’t up to the mark. I was forced to upgrade my RAM from 2 GB to 8 GB. Still, there are performance issues which means I’ll have to someday upgrade my laptop to an i7 processor from a quad core. i7 laptops from Dell, HP etc., cost in the range of INR 60,000 (USD 1000).
    I am considering ditching Adobe for good, and move on to their closest Chinese mock products. I am tired of how these US corporations are treating their customers like cash cows without regard to their financial condition.
    The only reason I can’t ditch Microsoft Windows is because I hate Apple even more, and they’re definitely pricier. The deal with open source products is that Microsoft, Adobe, Apple Facebook and Google have formed a cartel which they use to kill competion from open source products. Open Office held a lot of promise once, I did migrate to it. But, it’s been killed completely because almost no one uses .odf formats. The comptibility issues are enormous.
    The best antidote to greedy US corporations is China. They’re not just an effective match, but in many cases, are outperforming US products. None of the Chinese products rip off customers. I have always had positive experience with Chinese products.
    Libre Office > Microsift Office 2016
    In the smartphone segment, had it not been for Chinese innovation, we all would be paying through our nose to get our hands into a Samsung Galaxy or an iPhone, as the suckers do. I use a One Plus One 3T model which is simply an amazing high end phone which still costs 50-60% less than iPhone 7+ or a Galaxy Note. My Chinese phone never really crashes, the graphics are of very high quality. Performance is anyday superior.
    I think China should take over the world and save us from greedy US corporations.

  2. I’ve always used windows since 95 and I’ve always liked it, except for 8. I’ve never had problems. God knows I hated 8 though.

  3. Linux user here 😉
    Part of the reason why Windows was so crappy was that they rarely created a new system, but instead cobbled an operating system over old code. Windows 95 was still a windows compatibility layer on top of Dos. That causes problems. Also, there was poor distinction between where windows ends and third party software begins. Often, third party software, and Microsoft software too (especially Microsoft software) would ad-hoc update core system libraries. One piece of software might update a core library, which bring incompatiblities, and instabilities to another.
    Microsoft themselves aren’t sure which direction they are taking Windows or what the future is. MS have lost their shit.
    By the way, the Windows filesystem NTFS is journaled.
    The worst thing though, is the closed proprietary nature of it all. Windows isn’t configurable. Windows doesn’t do much out of the box. Big box windows software is “take it or leave it”.
    Microsoft have created a culture of computing, where the computer is a black box, not meant to be tinkered with, examined, studied. Windows is hard to configure, and its harder to create your own workflows. You use your computer the way the corporation envisages it. Mac OS isn’t much different.
    Linux and BSD on the other hand stick more to an open platform. It’s far more configurable, you can study the software code and change it, and unlike Windows where its internal workings are hidden, they’re exposed. The Linux mentality is one where YOU decide how to use your computer, and you should be free to use it anyway you like, and share the software.
    Thats why I left Windows. I wanted to use my computer the way I wanted, not the way that MS thought I should.

  4. Maybe one answer to this mess is open source software like WordPress, phpBB (forum software) etc.. It’s certainly changing the game and a million times more people prefer it to paid versions.

  5. Hi Robert, do you even know what you’re talking about? You’re way out of your element here. You don’t have to have an opinion about everything and you don’t have to showcase your hatred for the rich in a myriad of new ways. We get it; you hate the rich.

      1. You’re so cool-headed, man. No wonder the chicks dig (dug?) you! This blog is now officially my favorite blog and you’re officially my favorite author. My previous favorites were Joseph Heller of Catch-22 fame and Thomas Pynchon, who wrote Gravity’s Rainbow, a piece of work with which you are quite familiar.

        I just can’t get enough of your blog! I wish I could donate but I am more than just a lil’ tight right now and I can’t draw from a trust fund either. But I WILL help you for all the knowledge you have offered me the first chance I get.

        Thank you!

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