How Those Hip, Groovy, Cool IT Capitalists Are Actually Some of the Worst Capitalists Ever

There was this idea that the Internet capitalists were somehow going to be different from the rest of the capitalists. The Internet guys were cool, hip, groovy and right on. The truth is that the IT capitalists have actually turned out to be some of the worst capitalists of them all! The brick and mortar model is far better for consumers than horrific ecommerce, where consumer abuse is the name of the game, and customer service is a nonexistent concept. Ever noticed that if you ever have a problem with a product, you can always take it back to the brick and mortar store and get the matter cleared up to your satisfaction? That’s customer service at the brick and mortar level. It’s almost always superb because in brick and mortar, the customer is always right. Because ecommerce has severed the face to face ties that humanize and create the great customer service model at the brick mortar level, the motto in ecommerce is the customer is always a sucker to be milked, ripped off, and hung out to dry. Ever tried to get your money back on software? I have. Suppose your software simply does not work. It’s happened to me. Too bad there are no refunds! I mean maybe there are refunds, but good luck getting one because all software companies have destroyed the notion of customer service. There simply is no customer service desk at most IT corporations. There’s no such thing.

A Rogue’s Gallery of IT CEO’s

Look at the examples. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, and a truly horrible human being. Amazon’s corporate culture is one of the worst in the US and for the life of me, I do not know why anyone would work at this modern day IT salt mine there unless they were a masochist. Bezos orders all higher level employees to be at each other throats all the time, and everyone is trying to backstab and sabotage everyone else so they can steal that person’s job. Quite a few people said that working for Amazon ruined their mental and physical health. The warehouse workers are horrifically abused, worked like whipped pack animals and forced to work in sweltering heat until they collapse. They are poorly paid and are frankly some of the worst-treated workers in America today. Psychopath Bezos delights in this dog eat dog law of the jungle atmosphere, as he feels that this is what has driven his company’s success. That’s dubious to me. At any rate, what of the human tool? Bill Gates’ behavior when running his corporation was about as sociopathic as any career criminal. (((Steve Ballmer))), his second in command, is an obvious psychopath and a terrifying man. (((Ralph Ellison))), CEO of Oracle is an extreme narcissist and all-around lousy person. He’s basically a Libertarian like so many capitalists. (((Mark Zuckerberg))) of Facebook out and out ripped off the idea for Facebook from a fellow college student he developed it with while never giving his partner a nickel. If you study enough of these guys, you will notice how many of them stole their way to the top. Microsoft stole just about every piece of software they ever developed. They violated endless patents. They cheated and backstabbed every single company that partnered with them. They tore up and violated every legal contract they ever signed. Bill Gates was the Ted Bundy of the IT corporate world. Scott MacNealy, head of Sun Enterprises, was hero of the new geek Net culture. MacNealy slyly made use of monopoly law to go after Microsoft, and that was a very good thing. On the other hand, MacNealy was a Libertarian like so many capitalists, and it was clear to anyone that MacNealy was only anti-monopoly because a monopoly was ruining his business and would have loved nothing more than for Sun, victim of  monopoly, to become a monopoly itself and victimize its own rivals. Even Steve Jobs was said to be an awful boss, a tyrant who terrorized all of his employees. He was an A-1 asshole of the first degree. The founder of the Adultfriender dating site Andrew Conru ran an extremely amoral business, was an extreme psychopath and was hated by everyone who worked for him. His site, like most dating sites, is run on an organized crime model. For one thing, overbilling is standard practice and not an error. The FTC has issued at indictment against the company for systematic billing fraud. The overwhelming majority of dating sites and almost almost 10 Former founder and CEO of Uber (((Travis Kalanick))) is a narcissistic psychopath and a sexist to boot. His corporate bro culture is horrible to their female employees, and the corporate environment is toxic and terrifying. Uber drivers are terribly abused, dishonestly called independent contractors, receive no benefits whatsoever, and are often paid below the minimum wage. You could always boycott Uber and try Lyft, but Lyft is almost as bad as Uber. Let’s hear it for the new sharing economy! Hip, hip, hooray! Peter Thiel, the founder of PayPal, is a monster of a man with truly horrifying political views. He believes society should be ruled by an aristocratic elite, no doubt especially Internet billionaires, has a near-monarchical view of the state and displays a profound hatred for democracy, which he wants to phase out as it gets in the way of aristocratic royalist billionaire rule. Elon Musk is no good. All you decent humans need to quit idolizing this capitalist POS right now. He’s the latest groovy businessman that everyone loves and idolizes. He is very smart, this is true. He has some good ideas, this is true. But have you seen how he runs his factories? Workers at his factories have long complained of severe abuse by management. The rot starts at the top with Musk and extends all the way down. They are poorly paid, seriously abused, and not allowed to from unions. Musk has arrogantly refused to even look at these problems and insists that they do not exist. He seems to have contempt for his own workers like so many capitalists. This guy is not the latest Tech Age groovy billionaire idol of humanity. He’s just another piece of crap capitalist like all the rest of them.  

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14 thoughts on “How Those Hip, Groovy, Cool IT Capitalists Are Actually Some of the Worst Capitalists Ever”

  1. All the above scumbags you listed- Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerburg, Donald Trump etc. are White Americans. Greedy and self-centered.
    Europe-based IT corporations are run by far more decent people, although there aren’t as many of them as in the US.
    SAP Labs of Germany is one of the most sought after IT companies to work for. It’s been consistently ranked as one of the greatest employers.
    Spotify, a Sweden-based music streaming service, is worth over $2 billion and over 1600 employees. It does not have a big company culture. Its customers are happy with the services compared to that jerk-off app called iTunes.

  2. You are making it sound like the American capitalists can, easily or with some effort, flout the labour laws, there.
    As long as the labour laws are complied with in absolute totality, the working class there don’t really have much to complain. The labour laws in the developed countries are far more fair and humane.
    Here, in this Indian er Hindu scheme of things, labour laws are a bit biased against the working class, and, even then, they can be openly flouted, almost effortlessly, thanks to the corruption here. Things are improving but at a snail’s pace.

  3. And, yes, the capitalists, in general, are cold, ingenious blood suckers within their immediate sphere of influence. That’s how fabulous wealth has had mostly been created, through the back breaking efforts of many others.
    Newly converts to hardcore capitalism are the worst of all. I know one such arrogant, sophisticated motherfucker. He revels in his arrogance and unscrupulousness even though he prefers to call them hard work and enterprise.

  4. Robert “The One Man Shoah” Lindsay STRIKES again! He has now exposed some of the top IT CEOs as one of (((them))).

  5. Zuckerberg gave his partner something like 5 percent stock – but on Facebook that’s millions. Anyway, though, it wasn’t what he was actually entitled to.

    1. The excuse is given the movie that the partner broke the rules by letting the servers go down one day – but was that a good reason to leave him out of a 50/50 deal?

      1. Obviously, the partner was either stupid or a pussy.
        You need to negotiate hard with the capitalists including the so called agencies else they tend to run away with most of the goodies.

      2. Nope, no offense to Robert, but according to him, people ripped off – either by Nigerians or psycho capitalists are victims.

        1. If you let another run away with much of the goodies which, in principle, were yours then you are quite possibly both a simpleton and a coward.
          The more one tends to give in to the others, the more the others tend to take away from him. It is essential to be fair to one and all.

        2. He and the two jocks (who claimed to come up with the original idea) sued him I think – I know the jocks did. But it was to no avail.
          Anyway, that’s why you have to copyright ideas off the bat – even for things that might not do anything.

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