Amazon Is Out to Kill Your Business (and Your Job)

Here. I am starting to think that this company is an out and out menace. Their CEO Jeff Bezos is a real piece of crap, a radical rightwing Libertarian like so many awful IT CEO’s. But worst is that Amazon’s model is apparently to replace every business in US and become a single corporation, WorldCo apparently, that has a monopoly on most business in the US and maybe later on the world. No matter what your business is in the US, Amazon probably has you in its sights sooner or later. Amazon is a menace.      

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0 thoughts on “Amazon Is Out to Kill Your Business (and Your Job)”

  1. Local businesses need to try harder and do better. Where I live, local businesses all seem to share some kind of haughty attitude and treat customers as if it’s a privilege to shop at their stores.
    This is why I choose Amazon these days. Why spend more money for less selection and piss-poor service? On top of all that, with Amazon, you don’t even have to deal with assholes that would rather not have to deal with customers.
    Interesting topic.

    1. I don’t know. I live in a small city and generally speaking, any brick and mortar joint I go into around here, they completely kiss my ass. As a matter of fact, Walmart took business away from some local computer stores and I was pissed because I loved the way they treated me. I really don’t have to deal with asshole sales staff too much around here. There are a few stores like that, but they are all run by Punjabi Indians, and I simply refuse to patronize them and patronize their competitors instead. Here if you don’t like the service at one store, you can just go to another one.

        1. Complete automation will never see the light of day. People in large numbers will be rendered useless and lose jobs in the heavily industrialized countries.

  2. One should never forget the types who are not very fond of crowds, and, who prefer to keep to themselves, mostly. The internet including e-commerce is extremely popular among such introverted and loner types.
    Here, the after sales service is provided only by the well established brands. E-commerce is less expensive and requires more shopping effort.

  3. The delivery drivers are fucking lazy worthless bastards. And now that many of the delivery drivers in the West are INDIANS, the service has gone way downhill. Think you’re gonna get your package same day delivery? WRONG. The indian delivery guy will not even bother to call you or try to deliver the package. He’ll just mark it down that you were unavailable and the package will be attempted again tomorow.
    Amazon’s indian delivery boys are fucking lazy bastards.

    1. I am wondering, who gives such Indians visas to the West.
      Each country has it’s own work culture and ethics which are practically the same for the majority as well as the minorities. In fact, the immigrants from the third world countries are more than happy to work like mules, for peanuts, in the developed countries.

    1. In large markets, there is enough for almost everybody.
      Staying ahead of the competition on a consistent basis is one thing but killing competition is another.
      Oligopoly, and not monopoly, is far more feasible but it takes a lot of time and hard work to create a brand.

  4. Yeah I’ve heard about Amazon for quite some time now. Apparently Amazon is a very unethical company that treats its employees like shit.

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