R. Kelly, Scumbag

This is bad. I knew this guy was bad, but I never knew he was this bad. I doubt if he is doing anything illegal here. It’s not illegal to be a controlling sociopathic POS. It’s not illegal to control your women’s movements, tell them what to do and when, ask for permission for anything, etc. It’s not illegal to run a cult.
I do not think any of these things should be illegal.

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0 thoughts on “R. Kelly, Scumbag”

  1. R Kelly is a known sexual pervert. This is the same guy who pissed on an under-aged girl back in the day. Obviously what he’s doing isn’t illegal but definitely weird.

  2. The irony is if some guy were treating these women with courtesy and respect, she’d probably friendzone him. For women that chase abusive alpha males, I say fuck them. I don’t feel sorry for them. They could walk away if they want. They have no problem walking away from “nice guys”, so let them walk away from sociopathic bad boys too.
    Yes, R Kelly is a turd, but I can’t get mad at the guy if he isn’t breaking the law. He’s living the life. He’s in his 50s yet has crafted a harem of beautiful young women willing and eager to service his sexual needs in exchange for high roller lifestyle. So be it.
    Also, a lot of people call him a pedo, but I think he’s clearly an ephebophile. I don’t have his any issue with his obvious attraction to late teen and early adult women as long as he doesn’t break any laws.

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