Newsflash: Many Surgeons are Controlled Sociopaths

A new trick among surgeons is to take one operation and chopping it up into four smaller operations and double their money. There are actually popular seminars for surgeons showing them exactly how to do this. What a sleazy ripoff!
However, many other physicians frown on this scummy behavior. A physician who does this can lose their hospital privileges and get sued. When I worked as a paralegal, most of my time there was spent working on the defense of a sociopathic lowlife physician who did exactly that, and that was exactly what was happening to him. Local hospitals had revoked his privilege, and a number of his former patients were justifiably suing his crooked ass. And I was getting paid to legally defend this guy. It was morally trying to make a living defending slugs like this, but the money was good, and I sloughed off the guilt. Doubt if I would do it again though. Some jobs actually cause moral injury, in my opinion.
This arrogant dirtbag was suing the hospitals who had revoked his privileges! And we were helping him do that, and getting paid from his unlimited money supply in the process. The arrogance. I see narcissism, and it looks like some sociopathy too.
It’s not well known, but many physicians are controlled psychopaths. The field of surgery is full of them. And you wondered why so many surgeons have the reputation of being the worst arrogant physicians of them all. These professionals have learned to channel their sociopathy into quasi-legal avenues in order to become “legal criminals.” But these folks do a lot of damage. Look at our politicians corporate executives? Just how many are not controlled psychopaths?

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4 thoughts on “Newsflash: Many Surgeons are Controlled Sociopaths”

  1. Becoming a surgeon is in itself an exceptionally long and demanding process; the investment, both in terms of efforts and capital, is huge, gestation period is much, much longer, and, even then, success is not guaranteed. To make it worse, every body has quite acquired a taste for money, these days. Besides, the corporate jobs have become quite rewarding. Every thing seems to be taking a heavy toll on the surgeons.
    Surgeons should be reminded of the status they enjoy in the society irrespective of the money they make. Surgeons should be made to realize, how deeply they touch human lives.

    1. Sociopaths are not able to ‘realize how deeply they touch human lives’.
      I’d add that both male and female OB’s are as much sociopathic as they are misogynist.

      1. But the sociopaths have to treat people, that’s life for them. Reward them suitably, sensitize them adequately and the other things may quite possibly fall in place.

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