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I am really getting sick and tired of this endless bashing of me by scumbags for trying to make some money off my website. It is really quite incredible.
So for now and into the future, the website will no longer be a free website. It will move to a donation model of many pay websites. However, like a lot of such sites, you will still be able to access a lot of content for free. For instance, all of the articles on the main site can be read for free forever! However, if you wish to comment on articles, there are now limits. If you become what I consider to be a regular commenter, you will have to give a minimum of $10 for a donation. After that, you can comment forever on the regular website’s thousands of articles forever!  You are certainly free to donate more than $10 if you wish, and many people do. I regularly get donations of $50, $100, $200, $250 and rarely up to $500.
People who like the site often give quite a bit of money to keep it going. I do not have a high income, as I have made ~$14,000/yr for the last several years. By donating/, you are mostly just helping me to survive.
Of course, when you go on those pay sites and read their free stuff, they hit you up to buy a subscription or buy whatever it is they are selling on a regular basis. It’s logical. Do you walk into a store and assume you are not going to buy anything? Of course not. You go into a store, and the owner assumes that you may well buy something. Same at the pay sites. So you get nag screens, pop-ups, limits on free viewing, etc. pretty regularly when you access their free content. And why not? Accessing the free content is like walking into a store fully intending not to buy a thing. The nag screens, requests to donate or buy a subscription, popups, etc. are like the owner repeatedly asking you if you want to buy something. The limits on free viewing are like when you spend an hour in some store not intending to buy anything, and the owner finally asks you to leave.
As this is now a pay site, it’s perfectly logical that I should have announcements or comments seeking people to donate to our services.
I am a journalist. I have a BA in Journalism from a good university. I have previously worked as an editor at a major magazine. I worked for a while as a freelance writer for money. And I am now a published author. Most authors don’t go to work for some newspaper or magazine and expect to work for free. They expect a wage or salary. Book authors don’t give their books away. No author who makes his living off writing gives his writing away for free. Why should he? Everyone else works for money. Why shouldn’t authors work for money too? Apparently my critics think I have no right to work for money! I have no right to offer my writing for sale instead of giving it away like an idiot. I am supposed to give all my material away for free and I guess starve or live on the streets and beg or something.
So if you hear, “Lindsay’s always hitting people up for donations,” first of all, this vicious lie of my critics is not even true. I only occasionally ask for money on here. A few site services now cost money, and people are told that if they wish to access that material, they must pay a fee.
Second, why they Hell can’t I ask people to give a donation?
You go to the New York Times, Washington Post or Guardian, and they hit you up for money all the time. The Times and Post only let you read a few articles for free a month, and then you are cut off. If you wish to comment on the Times or Post, you need to purchase some sort of subscription. The Guardian hits you up for donations at the end of every single article you read. And why not? Are the Times, Post, and Guardian supposed to give their product away for free? Why? How are they supposed to stay in business? How are they supposed to survive? They run a business. Why do you expect businesses to give their products away for free? They will all starve and live in the streets if that is the case.
Why should I be any different? This is also a news site run by an accredited, experienced, and published journalist/author. He doesn’t give his writing away for free. Not exactly anyway.
It is quite amazing what you can read on here for free. On the other hand, like many pay sites, to obtain full use of the site, you must make some sort of a purchase.
I am getting sick and tired of hearing idiots screeching that I ask for money. Damn right I do. This is a pay website, and like the rest of them, we will hit you up for donations like any other news outlet on the web. Why it is outrageous that I wish to work and survive and get paid for my labor in America is beyond me. This is something I will never understand.
If you enjoy the hard work that goes into this website, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site. Donations are the only thing that keep the site operating.

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0 thoughts on “Website Going to a Subscription/Donation Model”

  1. No justification necessary Robert. I don’t know anyone who would put in the time and effort you do and not deserve to be compensated.

  2. Robert there is no reason for anyone to say that you shouldn’t ask for donations or subscriptions to your website. You obviously work hard and people can’t expect you to work for free. Thank you for your dedication to Liberty and Abbey with trying to solve the case with us. Most of us know you genuinely want to find the person or people responsible for this crime, and that you work hard on all other subjects that you write about.

    1. Good for you. Your talented writing, wide range of topics covered, and your analytical skill is worth every penny. One of the more interesting blogs I have run across. Keep up good work.😊

  3. No need to justify or explain yourself in ANYWAY. I also read your other postings on your site as well. You are a awesome writer. I always wonder
    how do you find the time to write ALL these incredible articles. Go for it!

  4. Like others, I appreciate your great writing and hours spent on this site, and that there are mature and responsible people commenting. Donation coming soon!

  5. All this talk about donations and paywalls makes you sound like a capitalist Robert. I am so disappointed in you.

    1. I thought the same thing, but I hope I can still comment. I’m broke af.

      1. FRWHA4, I do have a policy for waiving people if the $10 fee is a hardship. However, if your financial situation improves later on, you really are expected to subscribe. Also it only applies to regular commenters. Irregular/rare commenters do not have to subscribe.
        $10 for unlimited commenting for life? Damn good bargain I would say.
        In looking over your circumstances, and plus I think I remember you, I am waiving the $10 fee for you due to financial hardship. You will be allowed lifetime comments here.

        1. Robert stop letting people in for free! All of the hardship scholarships are maxed out!!
          Everyone is giving you the same “poor” story. $1/day for 10 days will get them in!

        2. Come on Robert, things just aren’t the same as before. Just let people donate freely, and also write a bunch of controversial topics that get the commentators coming. Like the old days, I miss the old days.

      1. Lmao….I thought I heard someone calling for security
        Yeah baby….Good job
        This place is locked down like Fort Knox and fumigated too..

  6. Please don’t do this. Go on welfare if you have to, but please no subscriptions. Pleeeassee.

  7. You can do as you please to monetize your site. I hope it works out for you. Just consider that some people just don’t expect to pay to read blogs and that may depress your readership. There are other ways to monetize a blog besides subscriptions. You can place ads on the site as well. If you get high traffic there’s also sponsored posts. There’s Patreon. You can self-publish a “best of” compendium and sell it as a book on amazon that people can read offline. This is the model these PUA types like Roosh with no real job do for income. They blog about what they like, people read it for free and they live off selling ebooks.
    Not telling you what to do, just saying that requiring subscriptions in an environment that people expect to be free(and 99.9% of blogs are) could cost you readership. It’s up to you to determine if the reward of subscribers outweighs any risk of losing readers.
    Best of luck.

    1. “all of the articles on the main site can be read for free forever! However, if you wish to comment on articles, there are now limits. If you become what I consider to be a regular commenter, you will have to purchase/give a minimum of $10 for a subscription/donation. After that, you can comment forever on the regular website’s thousands of articles”
      I think that’s fair enough. People can come and read the blog all they like for free. Regular commenters are people for whom this blog actually adds something to their life and 10 dollars for lifetime access is nothing.

    2. Roosh doesn’t have a job? WUSSY… Get a job like a real man. Talk about projection – but that’s normal with white nationalists nerd-boys.

  8. Hello. You mention there is more information regarding Delphi murder on the private thread? and do you also tell who you think is responsible? Not into commenting, i know very little. I do like to read.

  9. Have you tried to do something with Patreon? On there you can force donaters to pay at least a dollar or more than that a month. I mean, if if you have 2000 patrons, you’re talking 2000 a month.

  10. Being cheap is one of the downfalls of capitalism. The customers want something for nothing – literally nothing. But some stuff really is bad – but that isn’t always the case. I mean, look how people rushed to get free music downloads back in the day – with no conscience about it. So who is worse the businesses or the people?

  11. This site is also kind of neutral, unlike the mainstream news. Everyone gets bashed here. Disagreement is accepted here too, which I like.

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