High-Quality US Poll: What's the First Word That Comes to Your Mind When You Think of Donald Trump?

From Quinnipac University poll May 10, 2017. The poll asked people what word first comes to their mind when they thought of Donald Trump. The most frequent first word was idiot. Incompetent and liar were 2nd and 3rd. Unqualified was 5th, and further down were ignorant, egotistical and assshole at 9th, 10th and 11th. I am shocked that so many Americans answered asshole on a national poll. This is too funny. 9. What is the first word that comes to mind when you think of Donald Trump? (Numbers are not percentages. Figures show the number of times each response was given. This table reports only words that were mentioned at least five times.) idiot 39 incompetent 31 liar 30 leader 25 unqualified 25 president 22 strong 21 businessman 18 ignorant 16 egotistical 15 asshole 13 stupid 13 arrogant 12 trying 12 bully 11 business 11 narcissist 11 successful 11 disgusting 10 great 10 clown 9 dishonest 9 racist 9 American 8 bigot 8 good 8 money 8 smart 8 buffoon 7 con-man 7 crazy 7 different 7 disaster 7 rich 7 despicable 6 dictator 6 aggressive 5 blowhard 5 decisive 5 embarrassment 5 evil 5 greedy 5 inexperienced 5 mental 5 negotiator 5 patriotism 5

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33 thoughts on “High-Quality US Poll: What's the First Word That Comes to Your Mind When You Think of Donald Trump?”

  1. my reply was numbe rfour on your list. He is a true leader with adysfunctional congress. HE is fighting a deep state led by an expresident i wish, well i better not put that on a post. me is fighting dieased minds, but a true leader does tht and eventuay comes out on top. Our problem, our bring supporters and real americans are a bit fragminted. We the people MUST together as one, organize and have a unified plan.It is our duty if we want this idea called AMERICA to keep from unraveling.As the old song goes “Stand by Your Man.”. Leadersaren’t noticed when they are dwn 8-0 in the 5th inning , but they sure are when they put the entire tam on there back , make a comeback and sore three runs in the bottom of the 9th. Don’tgivenever give up but we as a people must find a way to contribute.President Trump has accomplished so uch, but with a obstrctioist opposing party, and a media paid to lie, they purposly deflect the things he has accomplished, and how so many are trowing fire bombs to distract us. Keep your eye on the ball., or the prize or hello globalism..
    . .

    1. Hi Bob, I respect your views, but this is a socialist blog and you are not allowed to support Trump, the Republican Party, the Libertarian Party or any Republican officeholder for that matter, and you cannot attack the Democratic Party from the Right. You cannot promote conservatism on here either except for social conservatism (we are ok on that), but even then, you need to keep it nonpartisan. You cannot attack liberals and the Left.
      Sorry my friend, I ban on all that stuff.

  2. Trump has jewish cock so far down his throat that he is a pointless leader. He is not going to change anything. He is certainly not going to stop the jewish Elite.
    There’s no hope for America but a total collapse. The country needs to just burn to the ground so it can be rebuilt completely

    1. the ONLY silver lining about Trump is that he is driving feminists, SJWs, and parasite immigrants crazy. I so much enjoy watching their mental meltdowns.

      1. Indeed. The multi-cultural, novice politician called Donald Trump should thank precisely them for his foray into the American politics.

    1. It’s mostly Pakistani Muslim men they’re up against. I doubt Punjabi Sikhs would have a problem with White men going out with their daughters.

  3. And, yes, Sikhs are a bit different even though mostly North Indian. Punjabi Hindus are a lot different. But I am none of these.

      1. They tend to be a bit healthier than the rest, on an average. Definitely more enterprising. Tend to stick together, pretty well.

      2. A select few Punjabi Sikhs are of pure Aryan stock. They are tall, have a handsome countenance and also intellectually gifted. Check out Kabir Bedi.
        Most Punjabis are rather dumb, like the Polish but not xenophobic. They drive very fast, but not rashly. Good drivers.
        Punjabi Brahmins (with surnames like Sharma, Vaid etc.) aren’t too bright either. But sonehow ahead of the Sikhs.
        I really like Punjabis because of their swagger, and macho tendencies. I prefer Punjabis over other Indians, in fact. But, they tend to be too cocky for their own good which gets them into serious trouble frequently. Especially abroad where the Goras have no tolerance for that kind of Punjabi braggadocio. Except for the Italians who are like separated twins of Punjabis. Lots of Punjabis work as agricultural workers in Italy, and get along well with Italians due to very similar cultures.

  4. Why didn’t the following make it to the list?
    misogynist, sexist, chauvinist pig, groper, creep, lecher
    Maybe women secretly love this guy as much as they claim the opposite. The Donald’s taught playas a very valuable lesson, “Women, you gotta treat them like shit.”

    1. A chronic women-basher suffers either from a limp, retarded dick, or, a broken heart.
      You are most definitely not the passionate kind.

      1. That’s not a nice thing to say, fake Christian. Aren’t you lot supposed to turn the other cheek or something?
        The Donald and I, we both LOVE women. We just have a peculiar way to express it.

        1. Forgiveness is a stupidity, while one is dealing with the most typical Hindus, especially the Brahmins.
          As a matter of fact, the Bengalis remind me a lot of the Biharis.
          I am all for kindness and compassion. Even a retard can make that out.

        2. Your hatred towards Brahmins is off the charts.
          I’m not Bengali though my family has been in Calcutta for 2 generations. I’d love to identify as Bengali but we happen to be originally from the same fucked up, state as you (U.P.) but have never really been there. How is Yogi Adityanath treating you?
          I have spent all my life in and around Mumbai.
          If you’re still in UP, get the hell out of there first before trying to move overseas. Bangalore, Pune, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Chennai – lots of nice places.
          UP is a jungle.

    2. no shit. Donald’s an alpha male with the ladies. Shows you gotta be an asshole. The bigger the asshole, the hotter the women you will get

  5. Delhi, for almost the entire last eighteen years of my life.
    You most definitely do not give a Hindi impression, even remotely. Eastern Up ites are not very different from the Biharis, though.Common native language…Bhojpuri.
    The entire Hindi belt which happens to be the stronghold of the Brahmins is quite a fucked up place. Even West and South are not too different but the Brahmins were never all too powerful there, and, the Muslim nomads never really conquered Deccan.

    1. You hate someone for being Brahmin. That’s sad.
      Yes, we’re originally from Kannauj. I am rather multilingual. Fluent in Hindi, and even Bhojpuri which is my native tongue. Also Urdu (totally self taught). I speak Bengali and Gujarati and a great deal of Marathi as well, having lived in the West. It makes me pan-Indian, except for the South. My grandfather was a learned Sanskrit scholar so even I’m very natural at it. I can recite many Shlokas and can read an intermediate level Sanskrit text without translation. I have the perfect diction when it comes to Sanskrit. No Sudra can learn to pronounce Sanskrit words correctly.
      Languages are my hobby. I am also good at French. Can read a French newspaper like Le Monde at a fast pace, without translation. I can understand spoken French if repeated slowly. I have spent time both in France and the French part of Belgium. Can watch French movies without subtitles.
      I’m learning a bit of German now, nowhere near as good as my French but have been everywhere in Germany, wasn’t uncomfortable one bit. I’m quite comfortable with most Northern European language sounds – Dutch, Scots Gaelic, Welsh (I can pronounce their words correctly). I’m not sure if I should learn Spanish first but it’s very useful, and I like the sound of Spanish words.
      I have picked up and retained like 200 words/sentences in Thai, and a bit of Laotian, having spent time in SE Asia.
      Superior Brahmin genetics at work here. Makes me naturally multilingual and a polymath. I love every sq. inch of myself.

      1. Good, for you.
        As a matter of fact, you should be quite ashamed of your behaviour, here.
        Hindis are thin-skinned though the Bhojpuris are probably different.
        Definitely a pan-Indian but quite the Brahmin.
        No, I don’t hate anybody, in particular. But I find the entire system pretty too fucked up, and, I blame it entirely on the Brahmins.

        1. If you’ve cared to look into my previous comments, you will find that I do not self-identify as Indian unless asked. I’m a dropout by choice, far removed from conventional Indian expectations of raising a family and having a steady job. I’m the least racist person you will ever meet. Despite being Brahmin, I’m into business.
          I don’t really hang out with Brahmins much, but many of them are indeed intelligent beings. Many also have virtues like patience, self-sacrifice and a passion for knowledge. There are also plenty of dumb Brahmins, and smart Sudras.
          I’m not religious, I’m a man of Science. But, I definitely enjoy reading the Vedas, Puranas, and Shastrad. There’s a lot of ancient wisdom in those books. I have also read the Bible from cover to cover, that too the King James Version. I can see a lot of commonality with the Hebrews and Judaized Gentiles.

      2. Shi, I really need you to stop picking fights with Mayur, ok. Mayur is sort of my pet project here. And on Mayur’s end, I will ask him to stop fighting with you. If you guys can’t talk without fighting, just don’t stop.
        I really need to have some compliance on this. Seriously.
        Thanks for your cooperation.

    1. LOL yes Shi is a narcissist, but he’s not a real bad one. He still has an accessible core of humanity and visible self down there inside of himself underneath the narcissistic peacocking fortress he’s set up there. I doubt if he’s NPD though. He’s not that far gone. You might say he has narcissistic traits. He’s too nice and too sane to be an NPD.
      Also Shi is a player, a legendary one. I thought I was bad, but he is vastly worse than I am. He’s heading towards Wilt Chamberlain territory.
      Dirty little secret: Many players and womanizers are narcissistic. That is often the core personality of such a person, from Casanova to Donald Trump. At the very least, they are egocentric, vain and conceited. That seems to nearly be a prerequisite.
      That’s how they get women. Women are hopeless suckers for douchebags and narcissists. These guys can be very charming and they put on quite a display.
      NPD’s have a very nasty, ugly side to themselves and they are out of touch with reality to some degree. Trash is not really a sane person. There seems to be something off about him. His behavior is not normal. That’s glaringly obvious. The narcissism has taken over and there’s not much of the core person left to see anymore. It’s still down there, but it’s buried amidst all the bluster and showmanship and it’s hard to see anymore. In bad NPD, all you see are the defenses anymore. There’s still a human down there, but it’s hard to see amidst all the fortresses, battlements and armaments.

      1. Most excellent sir, I beg to disagree with you, in totality. I wish, I truly had the privilege.
        As a matter of fact, Trash was not ignorant. He wasn’t pretty stupid, either. Besides, he was infinite times classier than this Bhojpuri Brahmin with a pan Indian presence.

      2. I believe ShesinParties was referring to Donald Trump, not me.
        In my defense, I’m not narcissistic at all. I have a healthy, positive self-image and often feel invincible and unstoppable, with the right amount of Mojo in place.

  6. ….Superior Brahmin genetics at work here. Makes me naturally multilingual and a polymath. I love every sq. inch of myself…..
    As a matter of fact, the entire Deccan, is quite multi-lingual.
    Being a multi-lingual, by itself, does not really prove anything much.

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