I Will Not Take Crap from a Woman

I realize that nowadays that the Cultural Left, PC and feminism have taken over society and the patriarchy has been overthrown and replaced with a repressive matriarchy, what I am going to say will seem like a horrible sexist attack on women, but I will say it anyway.
The thing is, I can take crap from a man. Online for sure. I just block him on Facebook or Quora or on my site. He’s just gone. Other than that, I just leave the conversation. I don’t usually start stuff with men online. I have started stuff with a few of them, but they came to my site walking right in the front door swinging fists at me. I wrote a few of them back emails cussing them out and vaguely threatening them. Vague threats are 100% legal by the way. If LE arrested everyone who engaged in vague threats, they would have to lock up half the population. Even people who make full and explicit threats are rarely charged, though they can be. If it’s done on the phone, you need to record the conversation. If it’s in person, you need to record it or have witnesses. And there are great problems with online threats, which are almost never prosecuted.
Thing is, I can hold my own against men, especially if I have done something wrong. If I screw up, I just apologize and try to calm the guy down. Or maybe I just walk away and call him some name as I am out the door. I don’t want to get into it with a man. I accept because it’s man to man, so it feels “fair” to me.
In Man World, if you insult a stranger or someone you do not know well, all men know that you can very well get hit. Or worse, you can be killed. I sort of feel that  other men have a right to punch me in the face, and that’s why I suck up to almost all men when I am out in public. And if there are any serious bullies, I usually just apologize, back down, go submissive and try to get them to back off.
People do not understand the world of men. When a bully challenges you and threatens you, he is not necessarily going to hit you. He is going to hit you if you don’t back down. What he wants first and foremost is a sign of submission. So you go seriously submissive to the guy and apologize floridly. Generally speaking, the bully just backs down. It’s like when a cat attacks another cat and the other cat goes submissive and rolls on its back exposing its stomach. That’s all the attacker wanted. He just wanted to dominate that other cat. Once the other cat goes submissive, it’s over, and the has proven its dominance and is free to walk away.
Most displays of aggression are often just dominance games. The attacker is trying to dominate the other party, and he wants him to go submissive in front of him. Once the attacked person has gone submissive or apologized, it’s all over because the attacker has now shown his dominance over the attacked.
The thing is, I absolutely will not take crap from women at all. Period. Not even 1% really. Especially from strangers either online or in meatspace. I almost never get any crap from women in meatspace.
The thing is, I have an end to the bargain to uphold. I have to behave with basic common courteous politeness and decency in general and to any woman that I am interacting with in particular. If I start acting like a serious ass, men and even women around me are going to start giving me crap and rightfully so. So in order to not invite justified aggression against myself, I behave like a gentleman in public.
I pretend to like people all the time.
I can take it from a woman if I know her and she has some power over me. My landlord chews me out sometimes. I just go submissive to her and apologize whether I did anything or not. She’s my landlord. I have to kiss her ass. I have to at least pretend to like her, and for the first five years I lived here, I did just that.
Does anyone know why I feel this way? When I react this way, I am not even thinking. It is raw and primal. It feels as natural as urinating, defecating, eating or drinking. My mind just goes into automatic and I act completely unthinkingly. Afterwards I often ask myself, “Why did I blow up and cuss that woman out, anyway””

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67 thoughts on “I Will Not Take Crap from a Woman”

  1. Cats don’t show submission by rolling on their backs. They are freeing their hind legs to rip into the other cat. Cats don’t show submission in general. They engage in staring contests and then maybe the weaker cat backs away at a very slow pace, like an inch per minute. Once enough distance, the retreating cat turns away and walks more quickly. Alternatively, the weaker cat can use some outside event, like a human approaching, as an excuse to run away. Losing cat in a fight will also run away if turning the situation around is hopeless.
    Submission by rolling on the back is done by dogs.

      1. Actually, he comes from the only Indian er Hindu society which truly reveres women and treats them as equals to men.

  2. Women do not have giant egos.
    Women can be almost infinite times more manipulative than men, on an average.
    Women are far more sensitive and caring than men but they do not have much passion, on an average.
    Women are far more artistic than men, on an average.
    These days, we live in a terribly materialistic world. Romance and unconditional, everlasting love have lost much of their relevance.

  3. Of course, women, in general, suffer from excessive envy, even without having much of an ego.
    Of course, women, in general, are compulsive liars.

    1. Mayur
      Could you remove your overimposing pic? No offense but you look like a murderer that just got out of Tihar Jail. Thanks.

    2. I am a woman and have actually never experienced envy. I am not rich or jaw dropping gorgeous- but I see that I have blessings and have always been content for the most part. Though I have faults for sure, envy is not one of them. I don’t really even understand the emotion. I have experienced jealousy- feeling threatened about losing attention/affection from someone I care about, but that is a different thing. I have never resented/hated someone for something they had that I didn’t.

      1. Women are their own worst enemies, that’s the common perception. Women suffer from excessive envy, in general.
        You are definitely an exception. Hats off!

        1. Well, it’s not something I overcame, I was just not born to have that emotion, so I really feel blessed in that way. It must be a miserable way to be. It’s kind of like feeling hate every day over trivial things- even toward strangers who do nothing to you personally. Sounds like a real energy drain. I have seen it in others and have even felt it coming toward me on occasion for random, petty reasons. It feels like hate directed at me for something I haven’t done- just for being me and minding my own business.
          I have an aunt and uncle who are very envious people. They are very rich business people. If anyone they know elevates themselves in any way they always talk bad about that other person and their accomplishments. If any other person they know expands their business- even though it’s no competition to them- they get angry. It’s very weird to see. They think that other people’s accomplishments somehow take something away from them when it has absolutely nothing to do with them. The uncle is at least as bad as the aunt.
          Anyway, in general, I have seen envy in both men and women, so have never thought of it being a “woman” thing, though women may obsess over each other’s looks and age more. Perhaps I can agree that women are somewhat more prone to envy, but it’s not exclusive to women.

      2. Oh yea, you are the one exception, amirite? Because NOT ALL WOMEN AER LIKE THAT, eh? But of course, it’s perfectly okay for women to GENERALIZE about men and call ALL men as rapists, pigs, dogs, etc.

  4. White societies, in general, do not seem to suffer much from envy, to an outsider, because they are Christians in basic character.
    But, women suffer a lot more from envy. That’s a fact. Women are constantly vying for male attention, in general etc. etc.
    Here, both the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law are constantly vying for the attention and the affections of the son.

    1. I agree about the envy part in relation to vying for male attention. Also, in general, I would rather have a male boss and work around more men because women bosses and co-workers are often more petty. That’s just from my experience.
      I have only lived in one state in the United States and am White. I do see envy displayed, however.
      As far as the mother-in-law thing, I have heard the very old women in the family talk about how envious and petty some their mother-in-laws were toward them. In the younger generations, it doesn’t seem nearly as prevalent. If anything, mothers pay more attention to their daughters relationships and butt in there. Fathers tend to stay out of it unless a man is physically abusing their daughter.
      There is an American saying- A son is a son ’til he takes a wife. A daughter is a daughter all of her life.

      1. The typical Indian er Hindu societies are actually notorious for the widespread envy. To make it worse, people are very judgmental and show very little respect for the privacy of others. Of course, nobody and nothing really goes out of hand given the intensely moderate ways here but one has to be both thick-skinned and constantly on guard to strive and thrive here.
        White societies might be suffering from a number of flaws but envy is definitely not one of them.
        The apparently American saying seems to be equally valid here. A daughter is, indeed, a daughter all her life, even here. But, women used to be far less assertive in the not so distant past. In the past two decades, though, everything seems to have changed, to a significant extent. Women, here, are becoming a lot more assertive and self-reliant.

        1. Most indians are just nasty, toxic, vicious people who have zero positive qualities. Why in the hell the white western countries ever allowed these subhumans to immigrate is beyond me. Anyway one day there will be a race war and all immigrants will be kicked out.

  5. Modern women have become EXTREMELY nasty people. They have become vicious, rude, outright evil. Feminism allowed women to express all the worst qualities of their inner personalities and the result is no sane man wants anything to do with western women anymore. Of course in India it’s the same, the women from the big cities are even WORSE than western women, if you can imagine that! Only INDIANS could outdo western women in terms of their nastiness, arrogance, rudeness, and just overall disgusting personalities.
    After dealing with urban indian women, western women don’t seem so bad anymore. Literally urban indian women are probably the worst feminists on earth but then again can you blame them? Majority of indian men are disgusting pigs. Had I been born a woman in India, I would also HATE men.

    1. Majority of indian men are disgusting pigs. Had I been born a woman in India, I would also HATE men.
      Actually it’s the feminists in the West that are big time man-haters, e.g. Samantha Bee. I have seen her stand-up gigs. She really hates straight men (White American men) with a passion. Samantha has called men “leering dildos”, “drooling hyenas”, “man-splaining pricks”, on her shows. That’s what gets her high ratings.
      While it’s acceptable to use that kind of lingo to insult Donald Trump and Billy Bush, she also couldn’t resist taking a poke at the likes of Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz. I think that’s a bit of an overkill. Bernie has fought for feminism all his life, and Ted Cruz, despite all his other faults, seems devoted to his wife.
      I am starting to think that most women who HATE men at such a deep level, probably got abused (and raped) as children.
      We all could agree that misogyny is a bad thing. No matter what your experiences with women, it’s NOT OK to hate them for being women.
      But, why not hold the same standards for women? Why is misandry not just tolerated but encouraged by news media, movies, television and MTV

      1. Literally urban indian women are probably the worst feminists on earth but then again can you blame them?
        They’re just entitled. Indian feminists are relatively harmless. You can still grab ’em by the pussy. Less than 9% of rapes in India lead to a conviction (official statistics). Indian women still operate under the notions of chastity, sacred honor and keeping face.

    2. Feminism is not flawed. Of course, women should be treated as equals even though they are a lot different from men. However, we live in a terribly materialistic era, and, feminism has been taken to an extreme. The result is, women, in general, have become very assertive and extremely demanding.
      Indian women are literally holy cows when you compare them with the Western women. Sure, Indian women can manipulate you but still many of them have to take virginity, marriage, family etc. etc. pretty seriously even though purely as a matter of social diktat. Bengali women are a lot different though, thanks to their society.
      Besides, Indian girls, not even the wildest of them, are even remotely as wild and sassy as the American girls. With the American girls, you can do a lot of things, all the time, which will definitely freak out the Indian girls.
      Never forget, East is East and West is West.

      1. With the American girls, you can do a lot of things, all the time, which will definitely freak out the Indian girls.
        With that serial killer look, you’re going to freak out a lot of women, Indian as well as American. 🙂 The hardened criminal must evolve into a non-intimidating appearance if you want a White American woman for marriage.
        Tip: Learn not to stare at people for more than 3 seconds. In fact, don’t stare at all.

        1. I don’t trust the likes of you, man. Or it wouldn’t be a problem at all.
          No sane and sober professional would like the company of potential serial killers, photoshop artists and blackmailers. And no, I wasn’t referring to you.

  6. …..No sane and sober professional would like the company of potential serial killers, photoshop artists and blackmailers. And no, I wasn’t referring to you…..
    Rofl. You can bitch to your heart’s fill, Bengali but first show up, in all fairness to me and others.

  7. Bengali
    On a second thought, I will like to add that people who suggest a phony marriage to a prospective immigrant, masquerade on the internet as North Indian Brahmins etc. etc. do not have the moral high ground to question the integrity and sincerity of folks who behave in the most genuine manner on the internet.

  8. …..Most indians are just nasty, toxic, vicious people who have zero positive qualities. Why in the hell the white western countries ever allowed these subhumans to immigrate is beyond me. Anyway one day there will be a race war and all immigrants will be kicked out…..
    India is full of people. Besides, it has a lot of diversity. However, Indians do not stick well together.
    America s and Australia s do not really belong to the White s.
    You seem to be nuts about the Brahminical faith yet you dislike the Indo-Aryans etc. etc. Strange.

  9. Indians know nothing about Jesus the Philosopher.
    White s have a lot of flaws but they tend to stick pretty well together, and, yes, they are into extremes. Of course, they are awesome to look at.

  10. Magneto
    If you really find the Indians, in general, to be vile semi-humans then what are you doing here, exactly

  11. Well, what do you all think about the http://sportssuck.org 😆 Can you believe this website? I told you before how arrogant alphas created the cultural left. Anyway, check out the connected forum:
    A forum category description below:

    We Hate Hockey, eh?
    Ice skates, maple syrup, and a dozen or so toothless morons.

    That one made me bust out laughing.

  12. While we’re on this topic, a sage piece of old school advice for MALE entrepreneurs.
    Totally avoid women when you’re trying to focus at work. The wicked wenches are nothing but insidious distractions that will cause long-term damage to your productivity.
    Hear me out before judging.
    I’m at a co-working location completely filled with oral cum dumpsters. I’ve been avoiding them from the get go, not even a courtesy hello, or a second glance.My mind is totally focused at work, on accomplishing great things, so it’s very easy to ignore small talk with the bimbo sluts. If they head in my direction, I offer them a wide berth as if to avoid something offensive and repugnant. By God, I am right in my judgment.
    Of course, my behavior doesn’t sit well with the cock-teasers. A royal ignore by all men together, is the worst thing that can possibly happen to them. It perhaps causes as much damage to their self-worth as sexual assault. Adequate proof that women are just like children who cannot differentiate perceived slights from real harm.
    Equality, my ass. Why else should 3rd grade school avoidance tactics be enough to drive the menstrual bitches so crazy that I practically see them cursing (me) under their breath. Do explain.
    As it happens everywhere else, these cooter carriers keep wasting the time of other male coworkers by dawdling too long near the water cooler, or finishing a damn work conversation. Just waiting for that tiny bit of affection. It’s never going to happen with me, sweetheart smutbags! Remember, I said. I’m trying to accomplish things.
    Here are top 10 reasons why I have to treat you like shit.
    1- You human dishwashers said that sexual harassment at work is not cool. OK. Then, why is it so important for you that male coworkers leave their important work behind, to focus on kissing your vaginas.
    2- I am paying like $40 per week to rent this piece of sound-proof desk (not useful when your noisy female chatter causes continuous disturbance). That’s a lot of money as far I am concerned. It’s important that I achieve the full monetary utilization of what I am paying. Got a problem with that, fuck you.
    3- You wouldn’t let me grab that hot piece of ass, right? Without a bit of struggle at least. And lots of man-shaming. Then, why do you expect me to treat you more importantly than what you really deserve. Get this, you’re of no use to me unless I can touch and feel those shiny objects hidden under that corset. That is your max worth as far as I am concerned.
    4- Why do you all have to wear revealing clothing at work? Why can’t you be more modestly dressed? This isn’t some kind of a fashion show. You know we (men) have dicks that get automatically aroused. Had you been in proper business attire, I could have looked past your gender. Not any more. The least I can do is totally avoid looking at you, so that I can concentrate on my work. And you have a problem with that too.
    5- Why do you all have to talk so loudly on your cellphones? You witches get a pass for your bad behavior way too often to be shown any further consideration by me. Take your goddamned boyfriend/husband conversations elsewhere. No one wants to hear it. Not that you’ll be caring for others’ personal space anytime soon.
    6- Why do you have to occupy the toilet for so long? I mean I’m paying rent too. Why do you get to use the toilet more often than I do? Keep those bleeding tampons on, and know your fuckin’ limits. Don’t consume so much green tea/Cappuccino which makes you pee and fart every minute.
    7- Why is it that nothing you ever say strikes me as intelligent or remotely funny? Useless conversations. That too with such a loud, high-pitched voice. Why do men have to dumb down everything when explaining stuff to you? And then you bitch about, what was that word, mansplaining!
    8- Why can’t you keep your handbags and personal goods in the locker? You know it’s intruding into my space. Why do I have to specifically make a request, just so that you can force me into an unwanted conversation, not cool. That’s like me trying to hug you so that I can feel your warm breasts (mmm).
    9- Why are you all so crazy about those goddamned iPhones? Apple products were specifically designed for women and wimpy males, and it’s really a cult. I want to start my own polygamous cult of hottie sex slaves, you should probably sign up. That iPhone 6s you modern girls bought about a year ago has experienced a drop in its real value by more than 50%.You can verify this at Amazon.com. Now you shameless cunts want to buy iPhone 7+, another useless piece of junk. Daddy’s money, perhaps. Proves time and again that you deepthroating cocksuckersare superficial, and will fall prey to any marketing gimmicks under the sun.
    10- Why is it a problem with my objectifying you while you see absolutely nothing wrong with posting sexy pics on Facebook, even as you pretend to work just so that drooling male hyenas can lust all over your exposed bodies? Do you have any idea how many of them try to photoshop those pics? You’re fishing for attention, dick-breathing trolls, admit it for once! Online, since your male coworkers (including me) will not allow it in real life. Facebook is nothing but a replacement therapy for your slutty behavior. You’re no better than a nicotine and coke addict. And don’t ask me for my Facebook account. It’s inactive.
    You see, crooked ratchets , I could go on and on. The reason I penned this lengthy piece is so that I can tell you how much I hate the double standards which benefit your gender so much, and how much I am disgusted by your wanton disregard of basic rules.
    Call me whatever you want but I have come to the defining conclusion that too much freedom isn’t good for your gender, because you dumb cunts just can’t handle independence. You can take it in whatever way you want.
    At the end of the day, all you Dirty Jezebels belong in a place where you are making a goddamn sandwich for a man and his kids. You don’t really belong in an office environment. It’s for your own good, you see.
    Patriarchy is actually good for you.

    1. Hard-hitting, and, meaty.
      Of course, men will be men, women will be women, but a human being can not be treated as a mere possession solely on the basis of sex, clan, caste, ethnicity etc. etc.
      One has to give respect where it is due.

    2. The concept of “mansplaining” is insanity.
      One is not entitled to discuss an issue because he is the member of a certain demographic?
      That’s pretty fash..

      1. Pretty recent jargon all this,
        I want to coin one, “Mantastic” as in I am Mantastic 🙂

  13. Hard-hitting, and, meaty.
    Of course, men will be men, women will be women, but a human being can not be treated as a mere possession solely on the basis of sex, clan, caste, ethnicity etc. etc.
    One has to give respect where it is due.
    Women have to be treated as equals, without spoiling them rotten.

  14. Some of the grievances of women, even in the west, are legitimate.
    But there is a counter-productive culture of blaming ALL men for all those problems, even if other women are to blame or only a select few men.
    “Slut-shaming”= More women do this than men.
    Alpha males are disp. abusive yet betas are the “creeps”
    Apparently women are 60% of University Grads in the U.S. As women gain more power, I think this culture of “blame men for everything then plug your ears” is going to gain more prominence then encounter opposition.

  15. Mr. Lindsay is the opposite of most men.
    Most men WILL take crap from a woman, even if in more subtle ways.
    That’s why we have seen very little backlash towards Radical Feminism.
    Men will get mad at minorities (who really hold very little power relative to what’s culturally there for women) yet give radical feminist culture a free pass.
    MGTOWs, MRAs, etc. are seen as ‘closet f@gs’.

    1. Radical feminism against White men is insane. I am a woman and cannot understand it. I have gratitude for the first wave of feminists who gave us voting rights and so much more, but the 1960s movement through today was just filled with insane women and government operatives. I think it’s mostly a disruptive government operation. All that the women of the 1960s had to do was intelligently press for laws for more equality- the doors were wide open from accomplishments made by the first feminists. Instead you see all the man hate from then to now. Of course it wasn’t just the early feminists who helped women get a lot of equal rights, but men in power who acquiesced, so why no gratitude for those men? White women have always been treated better overall than any women.

      1. White men, in general, and the American men, particular, treat their women with a lot more dignity, even the worst ones. Precisely, this is the reason why something as absurd as militant feminism has become so strong.

        1. I agree. Also, just look at the fact that women (as well as men and children) are being sold in some places in Africa right now! Laws that White men put into place are some of the highest human right laws in existence.
          I think that White men in the US should have never given up so much control of certain things- like control of our culture, allowing business globalism and monopolies, massive immigration to begin again after 1965.
          By 1965 we had had a set demographic for close to two centuries. Whether people want to admit it or not, our society is permeated with Christianity from long ago. In spite of everything, it’s influence still lingers. If you fill it with non-Christians that is bound to change as White people with Christian backgrounds dwindle.. Our education system has become anti-White male. It didn’t happen overnight. Why did White men allow, even assist it to happen?
          It’s true that women had the vote since 1920, but up until around the 1980s, or perhaps later, most usually voted the same as their husbands for issues that were right for their family in general. So, for men who try to say that female voting got us into these messes would be wrong.
          Even a lot of women in the 1960s-1970s were repelled by the radial feminists.
          I am glad that women have protections under law, but do agree that some things have gotten crazy. I don’t understand why, in the 1960s-1970s more equal protections for women had to equate a total cultural change and man hating. The women’s movement in the late 1800s-early 1900s didn’t seem to intend to upend everything in order to elevate women with some
          societal and human rights.
          In spite of it all, it actually seems to me that there is STILL a bond between White men and White women. I see an even greater divide between men and women of other ethnicities, actually. If you look back into history at art and literature, White men and women have expressed a great deal of romanticism and love for each other. And I mean emotional love, not just passion.

      2. LYN
        Women leave their husbands, break-up their families, all because they “get bored” with husband. He allegedly “ignores her” (whatever that means).
        This is seen as a source of female empowerment (cheered on in books like EAT, PRAY, LOVE).
        Yet men are blamed for single motherhood.

        1. Single motherhood seems to be largely due to too much of free sex and drugs, starting towards the end of the late teens. It seems that in the U.S. of A. people do not really save much for their future spouses.

        2. Divorce isn’t too much of a contributor in some communities.
          For example, 72% of Black kids born in 2015 had parents who aren’t married to each other.
          Poor Black women would probably be grateful for a White Knight…unlike many women.

        3. MAYUR
          Some men cheat on their wives because they withhold the sex.
          However, few people other than Roosh types would excuse this and it is treated as a joke.
          Is that not a double standard?

        4. It is a trend for women to leave because they are “bored”? Actually, I have only known of two women who did this and I have known many people. One of those women also left her kids and the man has been a great father, raising them alone.
          I see women’s side of the story as well. I currently have a friend who is an old fashioned, wonderful woman. She is a nurse and adored her husband, babied him, cleaned the house immaculately, cooked great meals, just anything to please him. He began acting distant toward her after six years of marriage. She kept asking what was wrong. He finally said that he didn’t think he was in love with her and that marriage wasn’t for him. Broke her heart. She told him to leave and file for divorce. Now it seems he has changed his mind and wants her back. He killed it for her. Now his facebook is full of crying and moaning over losing her and making himself a victim.
          Also, another man I know married a woman when he was 35 and she was 47. Now he is 45 and she is 57. He says she is no longer physically attractive to him and he thinks he wants a divorce to find a younger woman.
          Etc. Etc.

        5. Lyn- I don’t deny there are many cases like your friends with the 12 year age difference.
          I’m just saying that generally speaking there is not as much cultural acceptance of a man like that as opposed to a woman like that (he may moan on facebook- but virtually 100% of women and many men would not empathize)

  16. Also, so called feminists of today say nothing about non-White men and the way they treat women in their cultures (Muslim/sharia law cultures, the machismo of south of the border cultures, forced abortions of Chinese women, for example). They tend to say that non-White men are victims of White men and White cultures and that White women and non-White men must fight their common enemy, the White man. It is so sick and demented, just evil really. Again, I think it is some dark “world government” operation to bring down White men and White civilizations because that is the strength and prosperity that stands in the way of the powers that be who want full control of the world.

    1. LYN
      A big mistake people make is that the assume this ideology is exclusive to Tumblr or SJW types.
      It is pervasive in mainstream society, as discussed above.

  17. From whatever I can make out, the White girls in particular seem to be too spoilt for choices besides having excessive liberty.

  18. Lyn
    The most typical White folks are, as a matter of fact, supremely racist and quite imperial. Racism is, indeed, rampant among the Whites though it has been significantly toned down in the World War Two era.

    1. I don’t think that I agree that most are racist. If they were, so many non-Whites would not be coming into the majority White nations. A large segment of Whites would make it too dangerous or at least unpleasant for them to do so.
      Most White people do not even tolerate racist talk from other Whites. It is enough to get them ousted from the group in many instances. I have wondered if it is the same with other ethnicities of people.

      1. I gave you my personal perception. Things have changed a lot in the Post World War Two era.
        The Asiatics ain’t exactly too obsessed with physical beauty.
        Other ethnicities did not exactly venture out from their supposed native places, in huge numbers.
        I am quite interested in knowing your stance on the de facto Christians who ain’t exactly White where exactly do they belong
        And, yes, all races and sub-races mostly stick to their own kind, though interracial marriages are more readily accepted in the New World.

  19. ….I agree. Also, just look at the fact that women (as well as men and children) are being sold in some places in Africa right now! Laws that White men put into place are some of the highest human right laws in existence…..
    I agree with you, absolutely. But it is because the White societies are, in essence, Christian societies.
    However, things change drastically when the same Christian societies deal with the others; it becomes pure business, most of the times.

  20. Women you know closely will respect you more if you stop making advances at them altogether.
    In doing this don’t prostrate your ego for them to destroy.
    However, this may reduce the respect other men have for you.
    They may assume you are homosexual.

    1. I was only trying to be civil and cordial.
      My ex masquerades for an eternity, she drives me slowly but surely towards insanity. It wasn’t ME, there on fb. If that’s what you really mean.

      1. There’s not much of an incentive to behave civil and cordially anymore, at least in the West.
        However, as a Southerner from a formerly wealthy family (pre-Civil War, ahem), it is basically my second nature.

        1. Milord, I ain’t exactly White and I ain’t exactly very bright. West is very different place.
          I assume, you are related to Lyn.

  21. There is a lot of talk that the IQ standard deviation and variance at equal percentiles is more for men than women.
    It could why men tend to occupy the elite, but also the most impoverished (although women can sell themselves, men cannot)

    1. Men are, of course, more volatile and more passionate. Women, of course, happen to be more organized and more diligent.

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