Face It, Seduction Is Basically a Scam

If we are honest with ourselves, we must admit that seduction is a scam. It’s true, seduction is basically men scamming, tricking, fooling and lying to women. Show me an expert seducer or player, and I will show you a superb and masterfully skilled liar, one of the best. Honestly doesn’t work if you want to be a player. If you want to be a womanizer, you need to learn to lie your fool head off and get damn good at it.
I tried to be an honest womanizer for a while when I was around 20. It was a serious failure, and looking back on it, it was one of the stupidest things I have ever attempted. I told men about my experiences, and they got this little twinkle in their eye and said, “Why were you honest? You’re supposed to lie about that, didn’t you know?”
If you can’t stand being a big, fat damn liar, just forget about being a player. You will only fail.
There’s nothing wrong with monogamy. Many monogamous men live fantastic lives. Just find yourself a girlfriend or wife and be in a monogamous relationship with her. It should not be too hard as you are an upright fellow anyway.

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0 thoughts on “Face It, Seduction Is Basically a Scam”

  1. In the early and mid twenties, men can really fool around a lot because they have the time on their side, and, life is far more interesting and exciting.
    However, men are in for a rude awakening in their 30 s. Much of the youth is past behind, almost all the girls are taken, and, they must have goodies to remain in the game.
    I am talking about the developed, liberal societies here. Conservative societies do not really give common folks much of real opportunity.
    Of course, a womanizer will always womanize. He just can not help it, it is his very basic nature.

  2. While sugar coating facts or being dishonest does help some men “get a piece”… a true player doesn’t have to lie. Most women find men that can’t be tied down as an exciting challenge. There is nothing more attractive than that self proclaimed bad boy. It’s the level of confidence they have that keep women crawling on their knees just to get their attention. And, let’s face it practice makes perfect… they know how to look at a girl and speak to her to make her feel desirable. Plus they’re typically good in bed. To be a respected self proclaimed player is what really drive women crazy. Doesn’t make sense I know… but this is how the story goes…

    1. Getting a woman into the bed, in the era of militant feminism, requires both skill and hard work unless of course, you are quite an alpha. I could be wrong but that’s my perception.
      A person who does that on a regular basis is definitely a player er playboy.

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