"Networking Marketing is Capitalist Exploitation on Steroids," by Magneto

Networking Marketing is Capitalist Exploitation on Steroids

By Magneto

Many of you may have had the misfortune of getting caught up in a network marketing multi-level marketing scam in the past. My own involvement in such an MLM scam is what eventually caused me to reject capitalism outright and start believing in socialism. Network marketing is capitalism on steroids. Normal capitalism is exploitation but at least in normal capitalism the worker class gets paid at least something. In network marketing you are working to make the top 1 percent rich and you are doing this for free.
Usually it starts out that an old friend will call you up and talk about how excited they are about their new business. A few days later they will call you again and see if you are interested in meeting to discuss their new “business”. If you agree to meet, they will typically show you a bunch of graphs and charts which claim you can become a millionaire within 5 years by following their program. What they don’t tell you is that 99% of people who sign up into MLM scams do not make any money at all from it. It’s literally only one out of a hundred people that profits from this.
Even worse is that most MLM companies use cult mind-control tactics to keep you from leaving their pyramid scheme. They use guilt programming and are constantly saying “Only losers quit this business”. That is a sure-fire sign that an organization is a cult when the leaders are constantly telling their followers to never leave the organization.
Network marketing companies thrive on naive young people who have never come in contact with an MLM pyramid scheme before. Older people are more mature and knowledgeable and know that pyramid schemes are wrong. But young people are easy to trick into these things because they have no experience of it. That’s why it is the duty of older people to warn younger people to never fall into these scams. No adult ever took the time to warn me when I was younger about the dangers of MLM’s, so I was just another victim of these pyramid scams.
I finally realized how immoral these types of businesses are, and I left the scam company and cut off all contact with the members of it. Donald Trump himself has a network marketing company, so that is another sign that he is just a greedy bastard who doesn’t give a shit about the common man and will do anything to exploit them so he can become rich. I realized that the logic that the MLM leaders use to justify their actions is entirely wrong. Society cannot function like this – where 1 percent manipulates the other 99 percent so that the 1 percent have all the money and the 99 percent have nothing.
Life is about more than money, but if you hear MLM leaders talk in their public speeches, you get the impression that money is all they care about. All they talk about is their expensive houses, cars and gadgets. What they don’t tell you is that 99 people had to fail in order for one person to get rich. The dreams of the MLM leaders are built on the blood, sweat, and tears of the 99 losers in the pyramid scheme.
A few common MLM’s that you should be very careful of are as followers:

  • Amway
  • Empower Network
  • Mary Kay
  • Herbalife
  • Nu Skin
  • Avon
  • Forever Living
  • Young Living

If you ever get invited or tricked into attending an MLM meeting, leave immediately. Do not even entertain the words of the MLM presenter. He will try to use a lot of logic and tricks to brainwash you into joining. Network Marketing and MLM’s are evil cults that thrive on manipulating ignorant people into joining. If we become active in warning people to avoid wasting their time and lives by joining such cults, we can save a lot of people and also stop the MLM’s because without a constant supply of new members, such pyramid schemes would collapse overnight.

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64 thoughts on “"Networking Marketing is Capitalist Exploitation on Steroids," by Magneto”

  1. You live and learn. Note, if you’re really serious about making money online, maybe try a blog with ads or a hosting business. But don’t think you will automatically make much – but maybe a few hundred a month is a good goal – and then build from there. But it generally depends on getting visitors so if you can afford ads then try to get them (but not pop-under or redirect traffic companies)
    MLM scheme? Don’t bother with them.

  2. I don’t think all MLM schemes are necessarily bad for those below. McDonald’s, for instance, has made people below (but maybe not the workers) have a decent living. However, though, a McDonald’s franchise or basically anyone getting into serious MLM is putting A LOT of cash into it and also they have an in-demand product, not some dumb beauty or health product. I mean, it’s common sense your not going to make much peddling crap.
    As for theories relating this to capitalism? Well, just cause capitalism stinks, per se, doesn’t mean that MLM always does. Basically, capitalism isn’t giving the lowest workers a living wage. If it did, then nobody would be complaining much – even if the owners lived like Arab oil men.

    1. Man, even the blue collared are paid handsomely, in the developed countries. Eg. GBP 17000 as an annual wage for cleaners, butlers etc. etc. is pretty awesome, actually.
      To me, this growing resentment against capitalism in the developed countries seems to be mostly on account of the ever widening economic gap between the capitalists and the others.

      1. No it isn’t! I have made $14,000/yr the past few years and literally my life is shit. I live in a world of shit. I hate my life. It’s no fun. I can hardly do anything. It all goes for bills and the rest goes for gas, food and necessities. I do not live well at all. It is hard to even date. For a long time, I could not even pay my car repairs. Truth is, I still cannot pay my car repairs. I pay 64% of my car repairs in recent days, but that is only because I am making $2,000/month lately. Note that even on $2,000/month, I still do not earn enough to repair my car.
        You are JUST WRONG.
        You fail to take into account living standards and prices. $14,000/yr is pure shit wage here and I doubt if $17,000 year is much better. My experience has been that even $2,000/month is not really any good either.

        1. At the risk of sounding argumentative, I will like to point out that even the technocrats there, on an average, make a modest 58000$.
          Here, an IT engineer, on an average, makes 20000-25000$ while a truly blue collared can make absolutely nothing in $, say at the most 5000-8000 $ . Besides, both the types have to work like mules round the clock.
          As far as economic inequalities are concerned, West seems to be ignorant of them. As far as showing a genuine concern for common people is concerned, the Christian countries of the West appear to be saints!

        2. $2000 is way more than what I make. I scrape by on $400. Also, I am paying massive bills, but they are unnecessary, but I seem them as vital to my future.
          $2000 would seem like a president’s pay to me at the moment.

      2. It depends on what things cost. Note, people make more in developed nations – but the cost of living is higher. I mean, sure a wage at an American Burger King is top-of-the-line in Mexico, but it barely pays the rent in the US.

        1. The quality of life even for pretty common folks in the West seems to be far richer and more complete which gets adequately reflected in a well rounded economy which is very developed.
          Here in India, the service sector is pretty developed i.e. the quality of professional services one is can get here is pretty okay even by the Western standards.But, the manufacturing sector looks like an ant when you compare it with the manufacturing sector of countries such as Japan,China and the West. Creative industries, if you are willing to ignore the shoddy Bollywood, do not even exist.

        2. My life at 400 a month isn’t even that bad compared to some slum in India. I suppose the real problem is that it’s possible to do a lot more. And the fact that I cannot seem to do that annoys me – much as with Robert. For instance, it would be nice to visit the ocean or some excursion or have the freedom to maybe rent a motel room once or twice a month.

        3. But I would have that power to do those things – if only I would give up my projects. But that’s too much a big thing with me.

    2. Franchises cannot be compared to MLM even though MLM leaders are fond of comparing their scams to franchises.

      1. Indeed.
        Only the established brands can attract franchisees.
        Besides, nobody really knows much about MLM. They seem to spend far less on advertisement and publicity.

      2. Maybe a Facebook page and some ad money would make one a winner selling crap, I mean, it depends on how much you know about health and beauty products. However, though, you’re not going to reach people door-to-door in a saturated market. Like any business, you’d need a lot of cash to outdo the competition. In that case, it doesn’t really matter about saturation, cause your miles above it.
        Myself, I just don’t like those niches cause I know little about them and their cheesy.

  3. Amway
    Empower Network
    Mary Kay
    Nu Skin
    Forever Living
    Young Living

    A bunch of crap, Well, maybe not, but it’s a saturated market anyhow. Why do that when you can drive traffic from Facebook using ads or really viral material (that an ultra-alpha stud could make easily) to a blog where you could have ads (some of which only require clicks to make money)?

    1. It’s not so simple. “Just make a blog and get clicks and you will get revenue”. Less than 1 percent of people who try to make money that way succeed. I’m done with these risky methods. I just want a normal stable job but unfortunately the jobs are all gone due to the greedy previous generations outsourcing them.

      1. There is a much, much larger market for the Writers in the developed countries. All one needs to be is a White who can develop T.V. and movie scripts.

      2. Possibly a job at a fast food place or grocery store in the US would get you enough base capital for to hire writers and get ads for a blog. So if you’re making 2000 at a crummy job, then maybe 500 to 1000 would go to your project.

        1. 5000 $ are all that one needs, on an annual basis, for the membership of the very best Writers’ Association.

        2. Magneto is expecting to get somewhere with no cash – and of course, the ads for “get rich” make it seem that way. So there is a debate, are the ads exploitive – or the customers stupid? This sort of reminds me of Robert’s gripe with the Nigerian scammers.
          No offense to Magneto, though, lots of people have been where he is at.

        3. See, this can be expanded to something more. Note that the Jews often aren’t the problem – but rather cheap consumers Magneto is wanting riches without investment. OK, well, that leaves writers and whatnot in the poor house. I mean, it’s no wonder that nobody makes anything when there is so little money in circulation – because cheap people don’t want to pay a living wage.
          No offense to Magneto, but it just seems like his type is everywhere – wanting something for nothing.

        4. Note, as a strange odd example, look at the late 70s/early 80s Miami. Money was in circulation – even though it was dirty (drugs etc..). So things got done – and people were happy because there was good paying work.

        5. Magneto stated that only 1% of the people who try to make money off the Net make any significant money at all. So 100 try, 99 fail and 1 does well. Sounds about right.

          I’m no fan of capitalism, but I think more than 99 could make it – if only they weren’t so lazy, uneducated – and unwilling to part with money (cheapskates). Well, at least they could make it – in the sense of having a good regular income, not riches. Projects require investment and brains but people are not willing to make the effort.

  4. I did Amway and Herbalife years ago. None of which made me substantial money but I did learn a thing or two about door-to-door selling.
    A good salesman never quits. As per Jordan Belfort (a famous stock exchange fraud. The Wolf of Wall Street was based on his exploits), “a good salesman should keep knocking on doors till the knuckles hurt.”
    I didn’t have that much of a natural sales ability though. It didn’t help that every hack in the neighborhood was planning to get rich off of Amway. It’s becoming a very saturated market. Plus, noone trusts their products anymore.

    1. I think people should never quit. That’s probably a big reason why Robert is making far less than he should. Well, he does try hard on the blog, but not in things that could produce cash.
      Nonetheless, I don’t like trying hard at being a salesman, rather I would prefer to build a website so that customers – already in the mood to buy – would go to it and buy. In a sense, the website is the salesmen and, ironically, it takes hard work – as with a door to door sales, to build it.

      1. Yeah, either way, door to door or making a website – you cannot get around the hard work, but with a website, nobody is going to harass you as you build it. Get what I’m saying, lol?

        1. Makes a lot of sense actually for those who are very thin skinned, like me.
          But to make real money, you need to be around people unless you are really skilled, and, acquire a thick skin.

        2. Well, actually, what stock brokers do isn’t really cold calling. However, you could get rude people, but they’ve qualified leads anyhow. Also, in developing a website you could run into rude people when you call people out of the blue – which you will have to do, but the odds are low. So maybe I was sort of wrong on that one.

        3. I had one experience where I was sent a bunch of leads (back when I was a rookie web guy like Magneto) I phoned one and he was very rude – because his name was put on a list and probably all these dummies were calling him up. Anyway, that soured me on cold-calling.

        1. Right.
          You ain’t even remotely pushy.
          You will continue with this blog irrespective of the revenue it is able to generate in the future. It gives you a lot of intellectual and social satisfaction.

        2. OK, 70 percent is awesome. In fact, it’s at 2000, there’s not much to complain about – but you can complain for others who failed under capitalism.
          So are your blog posts and the like making this much money? But you don’t have to say the source if you don’t want to.
          Oddly enough, some at 2000 would still bitch. Well, I guess if you had a demanding family it wouldn’t be that much. Also, if you were a crack addict or something.

        3. You could plug “White Genocide Survival Gear” on your blog(s).
          Available for the low, low price of $14.88.

          How about “New Insults for Liberals – a Guide? ” Creative Uses of the n-Word to use Against Whites”, “How to Effectively Fart around a Liberal” 😆

        4. Hi Jason, indeed I am quite unhappy at $2,000/month! But that is because all the money has gone for car repairs. I have had $3,100 in car repairs in the past few months. I paid for only $1,800 of that. Someone close to pay covered the other $1,300. So at $2,000/month, I am not even able to afford my considerable car repairs.
          Also if I met a woman and told her I made $2,000/month, she would not be very impressed. I honestly do not have enough money to date. When I have a gf, she pays for everything, including vacations, food, restaurants, bars, gas, the whole nine yards. I barely pay anything.
          Last two dates I had, one we went Dutch and each paid for our own meals. The other, she bought me lunch, we want back to my place and took a nap together, then she bought me dinner, then she had sex with me before she left.
          I generally get laid without having pay much of anything. And all the women are hot too. Some are even models. But this is extremely hard to do, and most guys probably could not do it. But I apparently still have good looks for my age and my Game has always been excellent. Plus I may have some status now as a semi-famous Internet rock star. I guess I have 3 and maybe a bit of 4.
          You need at least one of these to get laid in general and especially at my age. If I am dating a younger woman, this stuff is even more necessary:
          If you have none of those things, you will need Looks and probably Game too. Game -Looks seems pretty lousy and Looks -Game is not good at all.
          But this is a very sleazy dating hack that I am doing here, and most guys my age probably cannot do it. Honestly though, I need money to date like any other man. I would be a lot more successful if I had some cash.

        5. The entirety of the increase has come from donations, almost all from the murder case. We now have a separate forum to investigate the case. It is password protected, and it costs minimum $10 to get the password. It’s pretty common to have ~$30/day coming in from that. Donations from the rest of the site are very low and my counseling business is at a very low level.

        6. Frankly speaking, you are a bit too exotic and liberal for a Gora from America with mostly British roots.
          Your perspective as an outsider, and, that too a privileged one, can quite possibly find a good number of listeners outside the West.

        7. Robert –
          Donations from the case thing? You might be on to something there. But what about when the sensationalism runs out? Are there other controversies?

        8. Robert – fix your car or get one that runs decent – then you have no bills –
          and you’d be basically rich.

        9. Robert –
          You have a forum? What forum software did you use? Did u install it? What hosting is it run on?

        10. Jason, it is pretty obvious that “everyone” can’t just set up some webpage and then just kick back on ad money. The thing about money and business fields is that money doesn’t grow on trees. If it did, sure, everyone could do all right, and a dollar would be worth about a penny, too. Only so many people can make in the Internet ad game. Yes I am making money too, but that is due to huge traffic. You have any idea how long I have been doing this? Something like 12 years. It took me 12 years to build up this 8,000 hits/day traffic on this site.
          There is no forum software. There is just a password protected part of the website. You can only access certain posts with a password. It’s pretty cool but I wish I had more control.

        11. It’s impossible to make money online. I’ve tried a few different online money making methods this past year and ALL of it was BULLSHIT. Just more SCAMS just like MLM. Better to not waste time trying to make money online. There’s plenty of offline businesses you can do that are legit, like importing/exporting, and that kind of thing.

    2. I did Amway and Herbalife years ago. None of which made me substantial money but I did learn a thing or two about door-to-door selling.

      it’s Heb-alife, lol.

  5. Door to door is basically the equivalent of spam if the people aren’t qualified leads Possibly Jehovah’s Witnesses would be th biggest spammers, so to speak.

    1. Rofl.
      Here, in the land of Hindus obsessed with White collared jobs, aggressive marketing is considered to be very similar to begging.
      Nothing much wrong with the Jehovah’s witness, man from whatever I can make out. Actually, nobody really dares to sell Christianity to the Hindus here in the North.

      1. people in India hate MLM. So India is pretty much an impossible market for MLM plus most indians are poor and can’t afford to invest.

        1. Many of the Indians are fabulously rich.
          The great Indian Middle Class has finally come of age, thanks largely to the not so old boom in service sector.
          Indian er the typical Hindu psyche totally looks down upon things such as aggressive marketing.

        2. Many indians have the attitudes of the newly rich- arrogant, selfish, thinking the whole world is meant to serve them, etc. It’s REALLY nasty behavior, to be honest.

      2. You’re just some Baniya with an inferiority complex who doesn’t realize Indian charity sucks because all the temples are looted by the secular gov.

        1. That is one of the most retarded statements I have ever heard.
          Besides, it is not very difficult for commoners like me to immigrate to Israel.

  6. I will like to correct myself here. The creative industries in India are virtually non-existent but for the shoddy Bollywood and the massive T.V. industry with it’s numerous, seemingly never ending daily operas.

  7. RL is a prolific writer. I don’t think I met anyone online with such an excellent command of the English language.
    His prose is elegant, graceful and impactful enough to sustain any reader’s attention and interest. Plus his writings are firmly grounded in factual data with infusions of dry humour.
    If RL travels down to ESL countries, he can make a killing as an English language trainer for companies.

  8. Greg Anthony
    What exactly was the caste of Jesus and what exactly was his ethnicity
    What did he exactly look like
    What is his philosophy
    For what crime exactly was he crucified

    1. Jesus’s crime was that he dared to criticize the jewish elite bankers. Hitler was also crucified for the same crime.

      1. Jesus apparently tried to reform the materialistic and heavily ritualistic Jewish society in a simple yet sober manner. He did want to take his philosophy of universal brotherhood everywhere, but his initial focus was always on the Jews. He paid for the audacity with his life; Jews take their faith too seriously.
        Hitler was the rootless Austro-German with imperial designs for Germany whose Machiavellian daring caught everybody including Great Britain napping. He almost walked away with the entire Europe and much of the Caucasoid Russia. In the process, he nearly finished off Great Britain as an imperial power, utterly humiliated France and ravaged much of the Mainland Europe. He probably killed a large number of Jews, too; he both abhorred them and admired them, in equal measure.

  9. My friend who joined Nu Skin become very thick skin.
    He invited me for catch up many times, and these meeting sure end up with me ambushed by Nu Skin gangs. After few such invitation, I reject all his rendezvous. But this guy still keep calling me up like a mad dog.
    This person destroyed out friendship. I get pissed whenever the idea that he is out to scam my monies by exploiting my friendship.

    1. Yep, that’s what happens. MLM people will lose all their friends because who wants to be friends with someone who is simply trying to exploit them and their money?
      The Islamic religion is the ONLY religion to ban MLM. MLM is banned in Saudi Arabia and a few other Muslim countries. Seems like Muslims are the only sane people left.

  10. Greg Anthony
    You do not know even the basics of your native faith. So sad.
    But hey why are you so mad, at me
    I ain’t trying to masquerade and penetrate your supposedly elite and pristine society, only trying to escape mine.

  11. My dad, who is a semi-retired engineer, just tried getting me involved in this multi-level marketing thing called Team National. I just slowly back away whenever he brings it up…

    1. Your dad, unfortunataely, has become a brainwashed cult member. Do not let him drag you down into this shit. There’s nothign you can do for him right now except wait until he realizes his error. It usually takes between 1 to 3 years for a cult member to wake up. Then again some cult members NEVER wake up.

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