The Problem of Overdiagnosis in Mental Health

Zed: Most of psychology is whack bullshit considering the Jewish involvement. As many Jews are in medical field, they coin new terms to swindle money. While I am not calling entire psychology bullshit, it’s being stretched to include even normal behaviors. Lots of people are scared that normal behaviour like anger, happiness, crying would be branded as some kind of disorders. I looked up on it. There are many people I could identify as having passive aggression with its definition. It hardly matters, as they appear normal, and to brand them as some kind of mentally ill is a Jewish ploy. What have Jews called their pet groids who’re almost symbolic with destruction? Nothing!! That’s Jew psychopathy for you.

I guess I will have to disagree with you there. If your personality seems normal to most everyone else, and if it is not ruining your life, we would say it’s not pathological. Only 14 There is a lot of misdiagnosis around. I’ve been diagnosed psychotic a number of times by clinicians. That’s all wrong. I’ve never been psychotic a day in my life except when Trash drove me insane. I received a diagnosis of Depression just the other day, and I think it’s wrong. This same guy also insisted that I was either psychotic or used to be solely on the basis that I use marijuana. Last time I used it was 3 1/2 years ago, but no matter. Everyone who smokes pot is delusional according to this guy. I was also recently diagnosed with “narcissism” but he said I did not meet criteria for Narcissistic Personality Disorder, thank God. I despise narcissists, so I contacted my favorite old therapist who I have not seen in 10+ years. He told me that I was not a narcissist. He said that instead I had something called “high self-esteem.” He said high self-esteem is often confused with narcissism, but it’s not the same thing. In my own practice, I try very hard to avoid Diagnosis Creep. I think we should diagnose people with the absolute minimal number of disorders. A lot of times, someone will meet partial criteria for a couple of disorders, but we can’t give them full diagnosis. I have met partial criteria for GAD and Panic Disorder before, but I doubt if I meet any of those criteria now. If you want to check partial criteria, you will get a lot more people, but those are not full disorders. Diagnosing someone with a mental disorder is pretty serious business. I think we should do so as sparingly as possible. For instance, of course passive aggression is everywhere. I have been accused of it myself. But in my entire life, I have only met one person who I felt actually met criteria for Passive Aggressive Personality Disorder. His personality is seriously screwed up by this problem, and it makes him a very annoying person to be around. He’s simply not normal. Not only is he passive aggressive, but his PA is so extreme that in my opinion it demands to be called some sort of mental disorder. I would very much object to the idea that this man’s behavior is normal or healthy at all. God forbid that it might become more common. I would agree with you though that overdiagnosis is a very serious problem in the biz. Sometimes I wonder how much of it is money-driven. There is a tendency of clinicians to look at people, especially clients, as being much more ill than they really are. Their limits on normal behavior are quite ridiculous in my opinion. When you walk in that room, you’re the Sick One, and they are the Healthy One or the Sane One. As a peer counselor, I try to get away from all that. The first thing I assure my clients is that I’m nuts too! I usually point out that I’m not nearly as nuts as they are (I don’t put it that way usually), but I was at some point, and if I got this much better, they can too! When they go down the list of their symptoms, I often tell them that I have experienced such symptoms myself, but that was a long time ago, or that I used to feel that way a lot, but I worked my way out of it, as I found that that was not a healthy way to walk through life. My basic attitude is, “I’ve been there too.” In fact I am so sick and tired of playing the Sick Role while the clinician plays the Sane Role or Healthy Role that I have not been in therapy for a few years now. I’m graduated anyway. They told me I’m well enough that they don’t need to see me anymore anyway. I was on the state’s dime, so my care can be rationed which is fine with me.

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13 thoughts on “The Problem of Overdiagnosis in Mental Health”

  1. Psychiatric science is right but the cures offered are overkill. Instead, as I mentioned in another thread, natural cures are better. However, comically, Asian and White nationalists etc., the ones who would criticize it, are – off-the-wall mentally ill.
    Anyway, yeah, if the parent smokes when the child is pregnant and also after they are born and they constantly give them junk food, then is it no wonder it has ADD? But I guess WNs would say manly men or women should smoke and only the PC Jew is stopping it, so they would approve of it.

  2. No shit that WN pigs and the like would hate modern psychiatric science. It robs them of their ability to bully people. However, I find the “crying” line funny. So WNs, you’re into male crying? ha ha WUSSY 😆

    1. What’s the matter? Did your sow not allow you to plough? Did some buck steal your sow? Don’t worry, go to chicongo, you can always find one there are many….

    2. Jason, WNs are across the board. I was online friends with Klansman who secretly looked down on the Klan, my main goal was to get him to smoking. He was born into the Klan. A woman I know was tied to a bed with a jizz rag as a gag and gangraped by a group of blacks, after this she became a WN. Another was brought up quite differently than you. His fathers first wife cheated on him with anything that had a dick and he was so devastated he married the ugliest looking woman in town. Unfortunately, she only took joy in abusing her defeated weak husband and their totally unprotected son. She enjoyed torturing animals as a kid. The son takes no pride in his genes and is a WN who strives to be the opposite of his parents by doing right.

      1. Robert, I request another topic be made to continue this subject about the source of bullying and whether it justifies extremism.” This is sort of off-topic here.

  3. …..Jason, a woman I know was tied to a bed with a jizz rag as a gag and gangraped by a group of blacks, after this she became a WN. Another was brought up quite differently than you. His fathers first wife cheated on him with anything that had a dick…….
    See, the Blacks have quite come on their own, in the White States of America. It’s impossible for the Blacks, in general, to be so daring anywhere in Europe, Latin America and Asia.
    People should always count their blessings.

  4. It would seem that brain scans for electrochemical activity would be able to identify disorders. This would ensure that young kids aren’t drugged up because mom or teachers or want it. But unfortunately that is expensive for insurance and doesn’t benefit pharmaceuticals.

  5. Mental health is taboo, because quite frankly not many are into it. When someone shoots up the place, people immediately asks about gun control, but few question why people do such things.
    Whenever Lindsay writes about mental health, it usually generates few responses in the comments section. If you have more than 20 comments per thread related to mental health, it’s usually a derail thread or a thread that’s pushed up by a few commenters who are going back and forth. Also the people who appear in these threads comment on anything and everything.

  6. It’s good studying personalities, because it can be greatly beneficial.
    My friend try to hook me up with a woman, so I said sure. I got a hold of her Facebook page, which was open to the entire public. I was immediately disturbed. Many people thought she was a cool person with a vibrant personality. I saw a narcissist through and through.
    Fast forward months later. A friend of my brother dated her and said she was a nightmare. She also got busted for writing bad checks.

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