Is There Any Way to Sustain Emotional Self-Expression?

ZE: Is there any way to sustain emotional self-expression?

I think most people do it anyway because most folks seem to be pretty emotional. They go around expressing their emotions all the time anyway, unless you are getting at something different from quotidian emotionalizing here. For me, to sustain it, I would have to keep writing because writing expresses my emotions best. Humor is a good way to express emotions. As long as you are communicating with humans, you can make humorous comments that express emotion very well. It also helps to be a systematizing thinker. The more you can systematize, the more wisdom you obtain, and the best emotional expression is in the form of wisdom. And art. And then humor.

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2 thoughts on “Is There Any Way to Sustain Emotional Self-Expression?”

  1. People, in general, are social beings who are not emotional but rational. That’s how they evolve right from the very childhood, to become less and less emotional and more and more rational while staying social.
    Artists are the people who, for some peculiar reason, have been quite a failure at abandoning emotionality in the quest for rationality, and, are naturally good at expressing their emotions and perceptions.

  2. The best way to strive and thrive as an artist is to stay true to one’s emotions and perceptions.
    However, the artists do not happen to exist in a vacuum. Therefore, an artist must be quite willing to play to the gallery almost any number of times, at least in the nascent stage of their not so tangibly rewarding careers.

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