Has Self-Expression Affected Your life, If So, In What Way?

Just met a new friend here who very, very smart. I have no idea if he meets criteria for genius, but he’s close enough for me. I’ll just call him my New Genius Friend, ZE. We are having a dialogue lately on creativity. His interests include the intersection of creativity and leadership and how one informs the other. His work seems to be mostly directed at the business sector where leadership training is often used and I would argue very much needed, though I have no interest in this sort of thing, mostly because I seriously suck as a leader. And I’m not sure I care about that at all because I hate the idea of leading people in much of anything, except maybe leading a herd of humans racing like scampering rodents off a steep cliff, and I might even have to think twice about that one, as momentarily thrilling as it sounds.

ZE: Has self-expression affected your life, and if so, in what way?

To me self-expression is my writing. For many years, I did not write. Now I write all the time, so I am expressing myself and my emotions to the whole damn world every day, with thousands of rapt listeners. God I love it so much. But I do not write to express myself. I write because I have to or need to. This is a gift I was born with, and as with many people with gifts, I have been working like mad overtime on my gift for most of my life. This is where people confuse giftedness and hard work. They think it is one or the other, but often it is both. Many people are born with a gift but then work, often very, very hard, on their gift for years or decades. It’s my opinion that they get better at it, but I suppose that remains to be proven. It’s a good question. Would I be just as good a writer if I picked up a pen now for the first time as opposed to working like Hell on my skill for years? I say no, but has it been proven?. It probably doesn’t matter because most with a gift secretly think they suck and always look to those who do the gifted thing better than they do. This makes them mad and insecure, so they are always trying to be better. I am always trying to be a better writer because I look around and see better writers all the time. They often make me a bit mad that I can’t write that well, so I kick myself in the butt for being a lousy writer and resolve to beat that guy if it’s the last thing I do. Even if you could prove that practice is worthless, I think a lot of us gifted folks would do it anyways because the gift seems to compel you to insecurity and constant upward striving. The most gifted people often secretly feel that they suck. This is interesting. Lousy writers don’t get blocked. Every blocked writer I knew was a great writer. Also blocking is usually stupid. Blocking is caused by fearing that you can’t write well, which in the case of most good writers, is pretty much a lie. Once you sit down and start doing it, you usually see that the blocking was a lie, and you can actually do it well. This is because gifted people are perfectionists, but that is a rather good thing I think.

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0 thoughts on “Has Self-Expression Affected Your life, If So, In What Way?”

  1. For me, painting watercolor, drawing, writing and reading poetry are my favorite forms of self-expression. It’s where I go when I need to clear my head, or cope with issues that try to derail me.

    1. Just met a new friend here who very, very smart. I have no idea if he meets criteria for genius, but he’s close enough for me. I’ll just call him my New Genius Friend, ZE.

      There is no doubt, despite the sympathy with brain dead rednecks that some WNs harbor, they some have genius or sensitivity. Nonetheless, so did Hitler, so did many in the Nazi elite. It doesn’t change the narcissist projection (the insane white nationalism). Again the wussy narcissist uses the tobacco chewing redneck like the Jew uses the black or liberal.

      1. ……man, you guys really hate white supremacists and Aryan supremacists. I can see it’s become an outright obsession with you guys………..
        You clearly are obsessed with the WN, liberal.
        It is sensible, and not braindead, to read the blog posts and leave sensible and relevant comments. That’s what I intend to do all the time unless I am unnecessarily dragged into needless bullshit by Trash and the likes.

  2. White, Asian nationalists and the like have mountains and mountains of narcissistic self-expression. Do we need more? How comical that they would bring up the subject.

    1. man, you guys really hate white supremacists and Aryan supremacists. I can see it’s become an outright obsession with you guys.

  3. Comically they want to express themselves – so much – that they would pretend to harbor left-wing economic views (or at least be silent on the matter) just to get on the blog. Hmmm, Any idea who ??

    1. As a matter of fact, that’s much saner and nobler than selling drugs, taking liberties with women at the slightest available opportunity, pushing people around etc. etc. in the guise of equality and justice.
      Be grateful to the era in which you are born and be grateful to the country in which you are born.Please count your blessings.

  4. Well whenever I express my belief that the Holocaust was fake, that a Jewish mafia controls the world, and that everything the media/schools/society tells us is true is actually false, people mock me, laugh at me, or insult me. So self-expression has gotten me no where in life and that’s why I don’t bother talking or expressing myself to people anymore.

    1. What makes you take the Brahminical nonsense too seriously
      Holocaust was not a fake, possibly a bit exaggerated though. A maniac such as Hitler who single handedly ravaged numerous countries including Russia ,that too, in almost no time, would have in all certainty gone after the racial parasites called the Jews whom he both deeply despised and held in awe.
      Jews may or may not control the world but they definitely are quite powerful despite their insignificant numbers and despite their Middle Eastern origin and faith. Of course, either they, on the whole, are super humans or Devils incarnate!

      1. Rothchilds are top of illuminati pyramid. Some say they talk directly to the devil but their influence is more easy to prove. These verifiably evil people want us to view Nazis and especially Hitler as evil. Don’t look at the evil that exists today, focus on the lampshades and soap…..

        1. Hitler was naturally inclined to do what he did to the Jews. That’s all I am saying. Holocaust is a probable fact a bit exaggerated possibly but still a probable fact irrespective of the immense Jewish influence on media etc.
          Jews are either superhuman or Devils incarnate.
          I have met only two Jews in person, at different times, one from Israel and the other from America and both of them gave me a profoundly ‘more than meets the eye’ impression. They were definitely distinct in mannerisms from the typical Whites. However, both were intellectually gifted.

    2. If Jews supposedly control everything, then where does leave the free-will of people? Your saying people don’t obtain the consequence of their actions? Note, that was JV’s argument.
      Note, the fact I go to Wal-Mart and mixed raced couples pictures are on ads (note that’s not saying mixed race is bad – but only maybe an agenda is going on) doesn’t affect my life. Instead, I only reap consequences – good or bad – of my choices.

      1. You don’t get the point. They are too powerful at the macro level in the West for the liking of the Christian Gentiles.
        Besides, they seem to be pretty sly and extremely sophisticated.

        1. People don’t need nationalist movements. There has always been the local church – which was always saying drugs, porn, worshipping money and the like was bad But nationalists won’t go to them – in fact, viewing Christians as wimpy cucks.

    3. Magneto’s stuff – though well, meaning – is obviously laughed at because it’s a conspiracy theory. You know like that the Earth is flat or that aliens are among us etc.. My brother-in-law tried that stuff with my rich (well upper middle class) brother. The response (at least in his mind) was “What a shit-for-brains, ha ha.
      So Magneto sharing this stuff among young adults his age, especially successful ones are going to bring ridicule, of course. Especially, if the person saying it, though I’m not including Magneto, is like my brother-in-law and is simply reaping the consequence for being an alpha asshole most of his life – kind of like Clint on Dazed and Confused (someone JV mentioned)

      1. I never understand his obsession with the Brahminical nonsense. Perhaps he has a Dravidian Brahmin wife.

      2. A conspiracy theory is somthing that cannot be proved. The Holocaust is thus a conspiracy because it cannot be proved because there is zero evidence to prove it ever happened. 6 million dead jew bodies just vaporized into thin air. No bones, no ashes, nothing. I guess Hitler had some futuristic vaporizer technology too?

        1. There is plenty of persuasive evidence to substantiate Holocaust.
          Besides, the majority of Jews fled the developed Western and Central Europe countries where they were doing reasonably to exceedingly well.immediately after the World War Two even when the infinite times saner and liberal White powers had eliminated the Nazis and destroyed Germany as a Military Superpower.
          Hitler the evil genius the Arian had clearly wiped out the entire Jewish race from the Western and Central Europe. That’s what he always intended to do. It’s all there in Mein Kampf. Only Nazi Germany could have done it and it probably did.

        2. I’m sure if that was the wisest move. I mean, assuming you did want to do that (something, of course, I would not), then eliminating so manyJews – while being unable to subjugate Russia and US was a just a recipe to ultimately lead to nothing and provided an excuse (as it did) for Jews to gain a massive high moral ground in years to come (liberal guilt trip etc..)

        3. Possibly Hitler was another one of the “autistic dreamers” – an artist who thought he could conquer “all of the world” or at least enough to stop the Jews.

  5. We are always good at doing what catches our interest and appeals to us, naturally. People are always good at few things, naturally. Some have the natural aptitude to become technocrats, some have the natural aptitude to become traders and businessmen, some have the natural aptitude to become managers and administrators and some have a natural aptitude to become artists. People, in general, are naturally inclined to become masters of one.
    The key to economic development lies in enabling people to develop their inherent capabilities to the maximum.
    To develop our inherent capabilities to the maximum, we first need to develop them and then constantly improve upon them. Of course, a person with a natural aptitude for writing can always develop and grow as a Writer with far greater ease than a person who has a natural aptitude to become a technocrat but he needs to apply himself all the time, the process ain’t automatic i.e. success can not be taken for granted even when one has a natural tendency to succeed.

  6. I’m pretty sure the people that realized they where talented or learning a certain thing very quickly kept learning and becoming better and better and then eventually became famous on that certain thing.

  7. …..If white gentiles hate the Jewish agenda, then why don’t they boycott the stuff they find immoral or liberal overkill, etc.. ? They don’t because a large number whole-heartedly agree with it. I mean, people like their drugs, sex, and rock and roll…….
    Can the Middle-Easterners get rid of the Gentiles even though they find them to be evil in most of their ways despite them being the people of the book
    The same way the Christian Gentiles can not get rid of the Jews among them that easily.They have quite penetrated the White gentiles and they are not loud exactly. Besides,the Liberals have had quite come on their own in the West in the post World War Two era.
    Taking on the classes requires mobilization of the masses, and, revolution ain’t a day-to-day thing. Of course, you can not take the masses for a big ride for an eternity.

    1. The Jews don’t’ have a gun to people’s heads in America – like they do in Israel or how right-wing regimes do to ordinary people in Latin America. Bottom line, the far right assumes the masses are children when they’re competent adults who can reject what is deemed “a Jewish agenda” if they want.

  8. Jason
    Let us take it there in open topic. You have had been derailing the both of us here for quite sometime.
    Let us not forget that Trash was kicked out from here primarily for thread derailing, only recently.

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