Trash Is Being Banned Again


  • He derails threads all the time. He was banned for this.
  • He annoys the living Hell out of me.
  • He repeats himself endlessly, even word for word almost. He writes one post, and then he posts it again rewriting it somewhat.
  • He has these obsessions that he hammers on endlessly and always derails about.
  • Most of all, lately he picks fights with other commenters. I am not sure if he used to do that before. He starts fights with other men for no reason other than his insecurity or psychological stuff.
  • He uses the site as some sort of a stage to strut around on to gain fans or narcissistic supply.
  • I am not even sure if he is writing to write. I think he is writing to show off and to hear his own voice.
  • One more thing I just realized, and it makes me sad. The poor man has no sense of humor. I finally figured that out. He never laughs at jokes. I make funny posts, and he never laughs or cuts up. He reacts seriously to them. He never cracks jokes, even though some of his stuff is rather funny. He’s dead serious all the time. I don’t get it. I think it’s wrapped up in his psychological stuff.

Reason for banning: General annoyance. It says in the Rules that I can ban you for any reason or no reason if I feel like it. I almost never use that clause, but now I will.
Recommendation: He needs to get his own site. Then he can peacock around all he wants.

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20 thoughts on “Trash Is Being Banned Again”

  1. Personal attacks – I know they’re allowed in here but you have to draw the line on harassment/verbal bullying. I can vouch for the sheer number of occasions when TRASH/Jason Voorhees said mean and hurtful things about my employment status, dropout lifestyle, and failed career choices. Out of all the posters, he has been specifically target me to provoke a reaction, almost vengeance like. He didn’t even spare my parents in his malicious attempts to prove a point (my mother recently died). I am like, “Dude, what’s your problem?”
    I tried to be very reasonable with TRASH but this person hates me on a very deeper level.
    I have said some mean things myself but I know at which point it’s no longer funny. I’m a cheery, positive and helpful person. I don’t get off of others misery.
    Bye bye TRASH. Hope I’ll never see you again. I have been on this blog longer than you have, you tried to ruin my experience with your vindictive nature.

    1. If you really lost mother recently then I apologize for that insensitive comment of mine. I do tend to lose my mind at the mildest provocation and I do tend to get carried away all the time.

      1. Apology accepted.
        You’re still a prick though. But I appreciate your sensitivity and the fact that your heart is in the right place.

        1. “If you really lost your mother recently then I apologize for that insensitive comment of mine. I do tend to lose my mind at the mildest provocation and I do tend to get carried away all the time.”
          The omission was purely accidental. I rarely review what I post on the internet. Besides, I know what the very word mother means to any Indian.

    2. Alt-right websites are full of verbal bullying. Only now Trash is throwing some of their crap – back in their face.

  2. His annoying behaviour can be checked to some extent if he comes clean as to who he really is. He probably is Mike Healey er Mike Delcassian and he is a Kiwi of Irish descent with an Aussie wife. For some strange reason he loves to masquerade and mislead.
    Besides suffering from verbal diarrhoea, he’s a compulsive liar, bad tempered and quite a bully.
    Of course, he is not ignorant. He does bring value to this blog but he is terribly annoying.

  3. Fair enough, he’s said what he wanted to say and has repeated it a gazillion times. As you said the man cannot control himself. Robert, apart from NPD does he suffer from OCD as well? I’m sure he wanted to get home as soon as he can so the sour grapes – trashing America. Don’t think he’s dangerous like other banned commenters like Beast Ganon, Coward and Sam, but he can be very annoying as you mentioned, sort of like commenter Swedish Shit. Maybe some issues with his family that he’s trying to forget but he couldn’t. He needs to get off the Internet for some months and sort his problems out then maybe think about starting a website.

  4. I saw him at The Unz Review last time he was banned, under another username. Obviously he likes here better. That site has lots of racists and Trump supporters, I never posted there.
    I never can understand why he bothers you so much while Jessica, who comes here with only one purpose to personal attack Jason Y, doesn’t.
    And why didn’t he bother you in the past when he picked fights with me and Creaders on Overseas Chinese and other issues of China? (Note, I’m not complainting, I can handle my own fight just fine.) Only when he picks fights with Indians bothers you.
    He’s no scholar, but nevertheless interesting. He has a view on most topic whether it’s race or history or geography, and he respond to everyone.

    1. And by yhe way, Psychology is pseudo-science. It’s wrong to base your judgement of people on pseudo-science.

      1. You are pretty right! Nothing can really explain the bizarre online behavior of Mike Healey er Mike Delcassian.

      2. Only when he picks fights with Indians bothers you.
        Lindsay actually loves Indians. I swear he once told me that. He knows more about India/Pakistan than any American I know of though he hasn’t even traveled to these parts. Way more than many tourists who actually spent some time in this country such as TRASH.
        To TRASH’s credit, he definitely knows how to survive on an unforgiving Indian street in third world conditions. Think of Compton/Watts or Trenton/Camden in New Jersey but more miserable conditions with the exception that there is less gun crime. I totally give him that.
        TRASH is also a fine writer, I can see why you’d miss his presence.

    2. Yeah, he even convinced Robert that overseas Chinese in South East Asia are racists towards the natives. It is actually the other way around. Indonesia and Malaysia being the most extreme. Indonesia forced the overseas Chinese to change their last names, discard their culture and language. Thailand did the same thing but not with force but rather by making the environment conducive to it. Malaysia has official apartheid progroms against them. Philippines while not having any official policies again overseas Chinese, does have community backlashes against the successes of the overseas Chinese. The only safe haven in South East Asia is Singapore and they are the main reason why Singapore currently has one of the highest GDP per capita despite having no natural resources unlike Dubai and other pretenders.
      Then again I like Trash because he is very intelligent and is generally spot on on some of his observations. Including Overseas Chinese.
      He should start his own site.

      1. Both sides are racist against each other. It’s because the Chinese are the “Jews of Southeast Asia” – just like Indians are “The Jews of Africa – and maybe also America.”. They buy businesses is ethnically foreign areas and then sneer at the locals – even though they’re the main customers.

        1. There is a difference between the Chinese acting all uppity looking down on the natives and official policies discriminating against them. When you have official policies discriminating against you and having the bumbling incompetent natives treating you like sh!t, your natural reaction is to look down on them.

        2. Well, I see what you’re saying – but this stuff is something that’s been going on for millions of years in many countries. There always this conflict between the winners and losers – and as Robert noted, the losers don’t want to be “negroes”, so to speak, to the successful, even in exchange for a comfortable life. Like in South Korea, where the big enemy is Japan, not the north, simply cause the locals don’t want to be bootlickers to the Americans.

        3. Jews have always had that problem. The local people, due to genetics or schooling, whatever, have always been vastly inferior to the Jews – hence why the Jews own everything. Therefore, unless the economy is booming, the Jews become a sort of scapegoat with the local authorities (all gentile) more than willing to discriminate against them.

      2. Indonesians fucking hate the ethnic Chinese that live there. Didn’t some Christian Chinese politician there just get some absurd jail sentence for blaspheming Mohammed (that retarded chimo)?

    1. Only as who he really is. Otherwise, he will continue torturing the others, here, with his usual behaviour.

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