Self-Defeating or Masochistic Personality Disorder

SDPD or MPD is an interesting concept. It’s more than being a battered woman.
Ever heard of the guy at work who meekly says, “Hey, it’s Friday night at 5 PM. You all go home. It’s a weekend night, and you need to get home early to have fun for the weekend. Don’t worry that your work’s not finished. I will stay here tonight and finish up your work for you.”
His behavior is masochistic in a nonsexual sense. He’s going to suffer like Jesus for the sins of the rest of you (not finishing your work). Don’t worry. You will be saved when Work Jesus finishes your work at 11 PM and trudges out of the office bleary eyed and alone. He doesn’t deserve to party. He’s on this Earth to suffer. He’s Work Jesus.
“You all go off and have fun now. I’ll just stay here and suffer alone. Don’t let me make you feel guilty or anything like that.”
Ever known anyone like that?

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0 thoughts on “Self-Defeating or Masochistic Personality Disorder”

  1. I know a male and female like this. Both are devout Christians of Scandinavian descent. They behave as Jesus would and see the best in people no matter how deserving. The man gets cucked sexually a lot. The woman’s married to a guy nothing like her. They are socially naive, never acting in their own interest. Gullible and easy to take advantage of, not that they’d mind as willing martyrs. The man isn’t very masculine and the woman isn’t very feminine. They make great coworkers and are genuinly good people.

  2. Well, they have the attitude of humility – and that’s good. That would be the polar opposite of the alt-right, despite its claim of being for humble working people. Anyway, though, what do you expect from such an arrogant movement based on racial superiority and dominance?

  3. This polar opposite of Snow White looking at herself in a mirror is terrible, but then again, the narcissists need a little or maybe a lot of that in them for a reality check. It’s sort of like what the late comedian George Carlin was saying. He was putting down the self-esteem movement – noting that nearly all sociopaths and the like all have high self-esteem.

  4. Robert,
    This personality trait you are describing can be classified as a cultural trait called “classical libertarianism”. Basically, what it teaches is that if life gives you lemons, make lemonade. In other words, you may have no control over the hand of cards you’ve been given, but if you play them right, you may be able to achieve a positive outcome.
    From an evolutionary biology perspective, it is a good culture for males with beta characteristics. There is enough evidence that our species was designed so that alpha males would dominate the gene pool– just look at the low levels of genetic diversity on the Y chromosome and the visible bottlenecks when there is a transition such as the agricultural revolution.
    For the rest of us, it may still be possible to get laid; there’s a phenomenon called an extra-pair copulation, where a female will give her attention to a male whom she would otherwise ignore. There are a number of different reaaons for this, one of which involves gaining access to resources. Unless you fit Alduous Huxley’s definition of an intellectual and have found a cause so important you want to dedicate your social life to it.

  5. People who take the Brahminical bullshit too seriously end up worshipping their parents and their elder brothers and sisters for an eternity and consequently spoil them rotten in the process. My father is the shining example of that. He has had been heavily biased in favour of his parents and elder sisters throughout his life!
    Even otherwise, he finds delight in playing the martyr even when the same can be avoided. He finds it very hard to say ‘no’ to people. No wonder he ends up getting used by others more often than not.
    It is extremely important to be fair to people including the near and dear ones and to oneself. We are only human. This world is very,very real the probable afterlife notwithstanding.

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