Passive-Aggressive Personality Disorder as a Valid Concept

This post deals with a concept called Passive Aggressive Personality Disorder that has risen, died and been resurrected a few times by the psychiatric community. I read a recent article on Passive Aggressive PD that cheered on the fact that it was in the trash can now. The implication was that we are all passive aggressive sticks in the mud in one way or another. Perhaps that is true, but I have met some people who are so passive-aggressive that they are frustrating, annoying, abrasive, exasperating and most of all infuriating. You give the person a car to work on, and he says it will be done in  a week. It’s not done in a week, and he had all the time in the world. He is just being a stick in the mud as usual. You keep calling him. Three weeks later, you start to get angry. He completely blows up at you, as it’s you that are the problem, not him. The fact that it has been three weeks and he hasn’t even looked at the car yet is your problem, not his! He is outraged that you are such a terrible person that you bothered him about this. He is also self-righteous, as he thinks waiting three weeks for no damn reason was  completely reasonable! You finally get the car back maybe six weeks later, and he “forgot” to fix a couple of things that he promised to fix. Whoops! He didn’t forget. He intentionally refused to fix them to get back at you for being reasonable and asking him to keep his end of the deal! We can’t have that! To this person, your concept of fairness is an outrage! Now you look at the rest of the person’s life, and you see that passivity is the normal way of reacting with the world since a very early age. You go down the passive-aggressive checklist, and you check off at least five numbers. This person is ill not because they are passive-aggressive. We all are, and if you ask some of my female ex’es and even current best friends, I am notorious, though I cannot see it. But the person above has become so passive aggressive that it is messing up their lives. In addition, it is starting to blow up a lot of their relationships, and as the anecdote above suggests, it’s probably getting in the way or making money. His passive aggression is turning him into a major asshole. I would argue that this person is ill and that their personality is so disordered that we ought to diagnose it and call it Passive Aggressive Personality Disorder. I think we ought to bring back PAPD as a concept despite this dumb dimensional model that DSM-5 is forcing us to use. Every met anyone like this? Most of the other trashed PD’s are the same. I am certain that Depressive Personality Disorder exists. Someone very close to me is a textbook case. It’s quite rare, but it’s real. Sadistic Personality exists and so does Self-Defeating of Masochistic Personality Disorder. These two were thrown out by idiot feminist clinicians who thought that woman batterers would be labeled as ill with SPD and they would use it to try to get out of punishment. They also thought that battered women would be prejudiciously labeled as SDPD or MPD, and this would be a blame the victim thing. Well, sometimes you need to blame the victim in sense. It takes two to tango. And many battered women would indeed qualify as SDPD. I think you all know what Sadistic Personality Disorder looks like as most of you have probably had the misfortune of meeting one.  

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22 thoughts on “Passive-Aggressive Personality Disorder as a Valid Concept”

  1. Someone told me once that I had a passive aggressive told me this just after we fell out! The person telling me has a serious personality disorder whereby they demand attention all the time!

  2. Passive aggression is always a major problem when dealing with other national or racial groups. Also, political extremists in the US have it. It’s basically why they’re difficult to be around. It’s why they exhibit prick-ish behavior – even to people that did nothing to them.
    Like this Irish guy who felt discriminated in South Korea for having an Irish accent – so always the passive aggression. Anyway, this behavior isn’t very manly, in my opinion. But there is no way to avoid it as normally 30 or so of the population has it. In fact, that’s one of my great anxieties about going to work in Tennessee.
    Note, the dumb hillbilly stuff (like I was mocking in another post) doesn’t represent most of the population, but a minority of them are literally impossible to get along with – so if you get a job – the odds of a dismissal or quitting are high. That’s one reason I don’t aggressively seek work here.
    I mean, there are jobs here – but I know the type that work those jobs. They’re massively racist, they love to pick on small guys, the disabled etc.. Basically, it’s just no different than being tossed around by a bunch of blacks in a prison.
    Anyway, aside from lack of talent – but honestly it doesn’t take a lot to go into construction or something, the passive aggression is a major block to employment. I mean, you can even take karate or learn to fight, or be more witty or something, but still the odds are a confrontation will happen – and you will get fired on the spot. It happened to me in Korea when I punched that Irishman in the head (in a bar).

  3. I think Robert was saying male passive aggression is less than in females. That’s a total lie 20 percent or so of males are full of passive aggression. Bullying, itself, is normally passive aggression, not actual physical violence. It’s normally taunting and the like. Stormfront and other alt-right places are loaded with it.

    1. Passive aggressiveness is basically the female reaction to conflict.It has its advantages and pitfalls (it can mitigate all out conflict, but can also lead to confusion) but is undeniably more of a female.

    Stormfront is really more about projection imho.
    They claim that other men are effeminate, non-Whites are racist, everyone else is dumb, etc.
    That is not “passive aggressive”. It’s just denial.

    1. Some non-nationalist men are effeminate, but not all of them. I’m not sure what percentage we are looking at, though. Anyway, though it sounds cheesy and cliche, it takes a bigger man to love than to hate – especially when you’re the object of massive hate.

      1. ” it takes a bigger man to love than to hate – especially when you’re the object of massive hate.”
        Actually, I think when you are the object of massive hate and/or attack, righteous anger that spurs you to wise and appropriate action is the proper thing. Love your enemies just leads to being walked all over and annihilated after a certain point.

        1. Lyn – Yeah, but these hyper-nationalist feelings are only appropriate in a war. However, WNs are in a war because their level of hyper-masculinity is at insane levels.
          Also, note that even though I don’t like what Zed says – I will admit the psychiatric industry and certain SJWs are at an insane level in the other direction.
          Finally, the ideology being insanely masculine doesn’t mean the little nerds on their keyboards are. Again, it’s more projecting.

    2. The projection of a lot of them could have been fueled by a spoiled childhood. That’s why their such wusses. I mean, look at the kids now, all pampered and shown off on Facebook. OK, these kids meet real kids, and the real kids hate them – because they’re narcissistic wusses – but it only causes them to morph into super-wusses like we with WNs.
      Now narcissistic wusses are horrible creatures because they’re massively into a superiority complex. Therefore, of course, they project.
      OK, this link might be from a wimpy SJW website but it has a point. Read it.

      Many articles have been written in favor of people releasing tension, feelings of not having control in a situation, or somehow using cuss words as a method of standing up for themselves, but when paying concerned attention to what these articles are explaining, they all end up talking about how the person swearing must somehow be more important than the ones hearing the outbursts. This way of thinking is called self-preoccupied, self-absorbed, or narcissistic.

      1. I definitely feel that mommy has made a lot of these WNs, the ones that are the autistic, wimpy sort. Coddling them in the New Age way of thinking, the self-esteem movement, created these Young Republican asshole types.

        1. I am not a psychologist, but this is explained in layman’s terms:

          The title is about SJWs (“left wing authoritarians”) but a sizeable portion of the video discusses crypto-fascists (“right wing authoritarians”)
          Right-wing authoritarians tend have closeted insecurities and have lower verbal intelligence (which may explain the preponderance of autistics in the alt-right). They look for order/stability in strongmen leaders. They are basically the earliest people to sign onto fascism.
          This differs from SJWs in that SJWs tend to be insecure, but their insecurity is not closeted. They look for order in converting as many neutral people as possible to their ideology of inclusion. However, they respond extremely negatively to differing opinions. There is no research on their verbal intelligence.
          Right wing libertarians (mainstream Republicans) tend to be less intelligent than mainstream democrats, and hence they are more motivated by material goals, like money. They hence are great workers, and tend to do well in the meritocracy. However, they are not inventors or cutting-edge.
          Left-wing libertarians (mainstream democrats) tend to be so intelligent as to not be motivated by money, but are motivated by abstractions. Hence, they are not as good of workers in capitalist societies as right wing libertarians. They are ideas people and inventors.
          Mainstream leftists start companies, mainstream rightists run companies.
          Looking at Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, et al this becomes clear.

      2. Note, they may not have been spoiled in the traditional sense, but I think it’s more along the lines of having a mother that basically tells her son that he is great and that he is superior. Also, I guess it could be the dad also, but either way – the damage is beyond belief.

        1. Northern Europeans are one of the only groups to voluntarily accept mass immigration from other groups (America may have a multi-racial identity, but Europe does not).
          However, groups that reject immigration like Eastern Europeans or East Asians aren’t any more racist than a Klansman. They just belief there is “no place” for others in their society.
          Ironically these groups were less imperialistic than Northern Europeans.

  5. Most of psychology is whack bullshit considering the Jewish involvement. As many Jews are in medical field, they coin new terms to swindle money. While I am not calling entire psychology as bullshit but it’s being stretched to include even normal behaviours. Lots of people are scared even if normal behaviour like anger, happiness, crying would be branded as some kind of disorders. I looked up on it, There are many people I could identify as having passive aggression with its definition. It hardly matters as they appear normal to brand them as some kind of mentally ill is a Jewish ploy. what have Jew called their pet groids who’s almost symbolic with destruction? Nothing!! That’s Jew psychopathy for you.

  6. “Northern Europeans are one of the only groups to voluntarily accept mass immigration from other groups (America may have a multi-racial identity, but Europe does not).”
    Northern Europeans are, in fact, far more racist than the Americans. They are nowhere as loud as the Americans and the same shows even in the racism over there. It is subtle. As a matter of fact, the Blacks are a force to reckon with only in America.
    I don’t really think that the European countries, irrespective of their past, are too fond of the immigrants. The old world does not really belong to the immigrants.
    Of course, they are much saner places.
    Of course, the West needs talent from the rest of the world. It is not only skilled but very docile and much cheaper.
    “However, groups that reject immigration like Eastern Europeans or East Asians aren’t any more racist than a Klansman. They just belief there is “no place” for others in their society
    Ironically these groups were less imperialistic than Northern Europeans.”
    The thing with the Eastern Europeans or East Asians etc. etc. is that they have nothing much to offer in tangible terms at least at the micro level. They are attractive only at the macro level largely because of their large populations.
    Besides, there is a general distrust of the White outsiders everywhere in the post colonial era, and, the Asiatic societies are deeply conservative. White folks are considered to be a bit lewd and crazy.
    These societies never discovered imperialism because the whole exercise was a bit too demanding on their gentler and laid back
    disposition. Besides, the White folks are both physically and intellectually far superior to them.

  7. The psychiatric industry is right in their science, but a lot of times the treatments are overkill. Instead, natural solutions are better. However, I have no clue how to naturally insane feelings of insecurity as common with extreme nationalists. Any ideas?

  8. Sorry to derail and I think we need a new topic on the things brought up to prevent it.
    However, one last thing, as Robert mentioned (and this includes scots-Americans who are tired of being called hicks), people don’t like being ruled over by the superior. They won’t even trade it for a better standard of living.
    So again, the talk of “white master race” is gibberish to most NAMS, and rightly so. Of course, NAMS would give the middle finger to whites proclaiming themselves as GODS. Who are we kidding here? What else would you expect?
    (and example)
    I mean everywhere the US Army wants bouquets of flowers, but instead in Latin America etc.. it’s always an attitude and they were even throwing bags of shit at US sports teams, for example. (something like that)

    1. Yes this is a serious derail indeed. You guys need to take it over to Open Topic if you wish to discuss this stuff. The subject is Passive Aggression. Keep it to that and anything related to that somehow.

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