Up with Alexandr Dugin

It’s quite popular to hate this guy, and everyone calls him a fascist, but he doesn’t seem very fascist to me. He never talks about race. All I know is if this guy is a fascist, I guess I must be a fascist too then.
He’s a Russian nationalist, and Russian nationalists don’t care about race. There was one armed Russian nationalist group fighting in the Donbass, and their only requirement for joining was to follow the Russian Orthodox religion and speak Russian fluently. I saw some very Asiatic looking faces in the group of armed men. Some of them were so Asiatic they could have been Kazakhs or even Tuvans.
Putin’s Defense Minister is a Tuvan. Putin is a Russian nationalist.
Russian nationalism is based on the theory of a Russian Empire. Traditionally, many non-Russian languages and several non-Russian Orthodox religions were part of the Russian Empire. The Russian Empire now would seem to imply everything encompassed in the Russian state.
There many official ethnicities and there are many official languages spoken throughout Russia today. Many to most of those languages have official state support, and with many of those languages, you can attend school in your native language. In some cases, I think you can even attend university in your native language. There are state-sponsored TV and radio stations and newspapers and magazines all in these languages. Many Russian ethnicities still grow up speaking their native language. Putin’s record on this has not been optimal, but he is driven by fear of secessionism as is the case with nearly all official languages of nation-states. Nevertheless, the language situation that was set up by the USSR still largely stands, and in many cases has expanded in recent years.

An ominous and alarming country on the other side of the ocean. Without history, without tradition, without roots. An artificial, aggressive, imposed reality, completely devoid of spirit, concentrated only on the material world and technical effectiveness, cold, indifferent, an advertisement shining with neon light and senseless luxury; darkened by pathological poverty, genetic degradation and the rupture of all and every person and thing, nature and culture. It is the result of a pure experiment of the European rationalist Utopians.
Today it is establishing its planetary dominion, the triumph of its way of life, its civilizational model over all the peoples of the earth. And over us. In itself and only in itself does it see ‘progress’ and ‘civilizational norms’, refusing everyone else the right to their own path, their own culture, their own system of values.
How wonderfully exactly does all this remind us of the prophecy concerning the coming into the world of the Antichrist… The king of the dead ‘green country’, that arose out of the abyss of the ancient crime…
To close down America is our religious duty…
– Aleksandr Dugin

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40 thoughts on “Up with Alexandr Dugin”

  1. This Dugin fella sounds like a true Russian er Asiatic White, to me.
    The trouble with the Slavs is that they are quite ascetic er quite the non-materialistic perfectionists without having the typical White er Germanic restlessness and drive. No wonder they come across as the somewhat impoverished descendants of the Germanic tribes who lost their way into Asia and bred in varying degrees with the witches there.
    Russia should have been conquered long ago by the non-Russian Whites. Russians er the Slavs do not really deserve exclusive access to such a large country which is so rich in natural resources. Like India, Russia too is a colossal waste but a colossal waste of land and natural resources. It is awfully bad that the Germans did not conquer and develop it from scratch.
    Of course, the Slavic girls are quite feminine and loving.

      1. I never said that the Slavic er Germanic tribes crossed the Urals and migrated further into Asia in large numbers.
        Besides, once you leave Hungary and move East, you are in a different world altogether. That’s the common Western perception.

  2. Dear Robert
    “Russian Federation” is actually a misleading translation. A more accurate translation would be Russlandic Federation (Russländische Federation in German). The Russian term emphasizes the territory rather than the tribe. Even today, Russia is multinational, and the Russians are aware of that.
    The Russians have often been assimilationists, but they usually have been inclusionary assimilationists. If you accepted to become Russian, they didn’t care who your ancestors were and they would regard you as one of them. There can’t be that many Russians who have 16 Russian great-great-grandparents.
    Pushkin, Russia’s greatest poet, had one 1 black great-grandparent. He died in 1937. It was know to the Russians that he had a little black blood, but it didn’t seem to bother them. Mind you, it is absurd to include him on the list of black literary figures, as some American blacks like to do. He was 7/8 white.
    Regards. James

    1. Chechnya and Ukrainians have resisted being assimilated into Russia quite forcefully.
      Not every country between Poland and Pacific Ocean wanted to belong to Russia.

  3. Oh, fuck you Dugin 😆 and I’m really serious about this one? Genetic degradation? You’re going to shut down America? You and what army? So again, screw you Dugin and this is the 4th of July message from this redneck in Tennessee.

    1. Russians have been wanting to come to America since the Ice Age.
      Lately we’ve gotten all their hookers and mail order brides along with a fair number of mafia.
      Gee, talk about moral degradation Rasputin.
      Shut down America? You’d go there if you got a Greencard I bet.
      Anti-Americans are like the hooker who hates men but wants depends on hard penises to pay her rent. They all want to come to the United States and most of them even admit it.

      1. Anti-Americans are like the hooker who hates men but wants depends on hard penises to pay her rent. They all want to come to the United States and most of them even admit it.

        More prick-ish passive aggression – as also noted in Robert’s new post. But they still want to be in America.

    2. Dugin looks like a redneck from Tennessee a little bit himself despite his Jewish, Lithuanian and Russian mixed ancestry with those pale blue eyes and big Rasputin hillbilly beard.
      Tell me if you put Dugin in an “Lynyrd Skynrd” t-shirt behind the wheel of a Silverado he would not look as Appalachian as the cabin in the Evil Dead films.

      1. The anti-American former leader of Iran could easily be from some small town around Knoxville.

  4. His argument is against the melting pot, obviously. Well, you know, that’s the way the world is though, People gravitate toward jobs. You might call that one-world or Satanic but it’s just a fact of human nature.
    Anyway, America is way LESS diverse than Dugin noted. For instance, my area is full of Scottish-Americans, Boston is full of Irish, Detroit is full of blacks, so where is the mixing that is supposedly going on?

    1. Russian-Americans like Charles Bronson and Leonard Nimoy and Steven Seagal don’t scream of Eurasian melting pot random screwing between Mongol and Tartar rapists and Slavic women?
      They sure look like a melting pot to me.

      1. Speaking of that, (though I know you cannot reply) I saw a Lenord Nimoy looking guy recently around here. Probably part-Cherokee, so he’s the real deal – not some Scottish-American “poser”.
        Gosh, he looked just like him.

    2. JASON Y
      You exported your black share croppers in the 1940’s from sweet Dixie but up to then Detroit was a German and Polish enclave. Very few blacks until then.
      They’d leave to if somebody in Arizona would send them a bus ticket and a paycheck.
      Canadians and Appalachians migrated a little earlier during the Depression.

    3. JASON Y “Melting Pot”
      America is actually more of a mosaic.
      Appalachians for example claim to be part Cherokee (Including yourself) but most of you are 110% Scottish.
      I’ve read that North Jersey has more Italians than Rome.
      Russians themselves are blocks-deep in Chicago.

    4. JASON Y “Mixing that is supposedly going on”
      Every modern race is mongrelized. British are a mixture of Norman, Celtic, Roman, German and Viking. Germans have Hun blood. Eastern Europeans have everything. Sicilians have are a mix of Greek, Arabic and possibly even African. Greeks are Slavs. Russians everything that ever walked through Asia.
      This was before Columbus got to the New World.

  5. Russia and these other weird speaking nations have never been able to produce a culture rivaling the US. No way. Who in the hell wants to listen to anything from Russia – unless it’s classical stuff from Prokofiev etc..?
    The reason they are threatened by the US is cause their home cultures suck donkey balls.

    1. The White States of America happens to be an essentially Christian country. It does not have much of a culture. Much of it is ‘free for all’ and ‘no holds barred’. It’s basic Christian character, limited culture and it’s gigantic size and population do manage to generate fabulous wealth which ensures general affluence. Therein lies it’s real appeal.
      America, sure as hell, is a kickass country with lots of opportunity!
      Each country has it’s own charm. Eg. Great Britain is all class. Germany is fabulous for those who take life too seriously. France is literally a heaven for the artistic types. The Scandinavian countries are full of nice even though extremely introverted people. India too manages to quite fascinate some with it’s intensely moderate ways.
      To each his own.

  6. “The dangerous clashes of the future are likely to arise from the interaction of Western arrogance, Islamic intolerance, and Sinic assertiveness.”
    ― Samuel Huntington
    “The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order”
    Seems like the Russians have no choice but to assimilate into the leading culture of the West, the American culture… Accept the inevitable.
    Funny thing is that the US and western Europe don’t want them.

    1. YEE
      “Sinic Assertiveness”
      Malays seem to prefer having an ethnic Chinese ruling class than being US colonies under harsh military rule by dumb peasant career soldiers from Missouri who walk around pointing rifles at everyone.
      Nobody in the Philippines wants the Americans back. Singaporeans of all races despised the British. Vietnam had a revolution against the French.
      Lately Africans seem to like doing business with the Chinese.
      So let’s face it that China is not “asserting” itself but that Malays and Africans prefer them to whites.

      1. Huntington was an US conservative, who didn’t know too much about us.
        Still, I think he made more sense than “The End of History”.
        As for the Malays and Africans, well, to be honest, they don’t really have too many options, economically, I mean.

        1. Filipinos prefer being run by a syndicate of Fuji Chinese merchants to callous American military men (Or Spanish).
          Africans seem to like doing business with Chinese as oppose to whites.
          So if say the Philippines could choose between having Chinese run the economy or Americans the economic choice for them is the Chinese.

        2. YEE
          Filipinos choose the Chinese. Singaporeans choose the Chinese. Africans choose the Chinese.
          That is not assertiveness. Its mutually beneficial trade. Chinese actually beat the US at capitalism in many cases.
          What are the Americans going to do?
          Point a gun at Africa and tell them that they can only do business with the United States?

    2. You are totally wrong. Slavs are the largest ethnic group in Europe. But, they are a little too proud of their distinct culture to fully integrate with the West anywhere.
      Besides, they can quite be a nuisance.
      They simply can not be overlooked or ignored.

        1. YEE
          This would be impossible in America.
          A “White Nationalist” cannot expel Slavs or Blacks or Chinese.
          Especially since some of these groups are wealthier than he is and have more money and respect in society.
          Notice that white racists do not go into Chinatown and heap insults on the tough Northeastern peasants that dwell in deep numbers there.

      1. Slavs have been running India for 3,000 or 5,000 years. What do you think an Aryan is? Ask SHI, the resident Brahmin.

      2. Slavs do not even live in Western Europe.
        They live in the countries bordering Eurasia and Russia.
        You ignorant Indian.

  7. YEE
    “Culture of the West, the American culture”
    Europeans are not overly impressed with American culture.

    1. They like American culture enough to worry that Russian, obviously.
      Really, I think it’s inevitable. A country gets strong, its culture become more influential. It’s human nature to imitate, start from infant age.
      No matter how different Russians are to the rest of the West, they’re still part of the western world. So they’re more ready to accept another Western culture.

      1. Manchurian Chinese are indisputably from what is now Russia (Siberia) and they sure don’t look Western to me.

        1. They were from Far East. They are Mongoloid, not Caucasian. They look like Chinese, Koreans, Japanese.

    2. Indeed but they are quite impressed with its gigantic size and population and its opportunities. However, even the European Whites find the American girls a bit too hot to handle despite their alluring sass!

  8. For all his talks, Russia could very well end up like What America has become, after Putin. This guy looks very fash to me from his writings

  9. Russia has been a KGB Dictatorship since 1991 when the wall came down. In your lifetime-probably 25 years-it has always been a fascist police state run by the KGB.

    1. Maybe, some say Russia is still very much red minus the renaissance of Orthodox chrisitianity

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