Thinking of Applying for a Job

Thinking of applying for a job as a Fake News Reporter. What do you all think? Think there are a lot of openings? I would think so. I wonder how well they pay? Any benefits?

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19 thoughts on “Thinking of Applying for a Job”

  1. Go for it! It would be fun! The problem I see these days is all this politically correctness, you will call an ace a spade etc. This is what the Public really yearns for.

    1. LOGICALLY speaking, it’s not FAKE news; let me explain:
      For a ‘Correct statement A’ implies ‘Correct statement B’, the implication is logically correct.
      But an ‘Incorrect statement P’ implies ‘Incorrect statement Q’, the implication is also logically correct. Example: ‘martian monster (false, doesn’t exist) has 10 cocks (bogus)’ is a logically correct implication.
      P =’Planet Mars is inhabited’ — false
      Q=’Inhabitants are child slaves’– false
      So “Child Slave colonies on Mars” is logically not fake news.

      1. P= John is a rapist- false
        Q= Susan was raped-false
        Therefore the statement “John is a rapist” is not incorrect.
        Does not hold up in the real world.

    What do people expect. If a newspaper publishes something that is false they are sued and lose advertising.
    But with “Yahoo”? It is the internet.
    So the death of print media has lead to an inability to determine what is reality.
    That is digital.

  3. People do not read newspapers so what do they expect?
    Anybody with a laptop can produce fake news on the internet.
    It is not vetted.
    You get what you pay for.

    1. SHI
      A Millennium child of the 90’s like you (Born maybe in 82, 83) should know that digital film is inadmissible in court. It can be doctored.
      Only old fashion print is vetted through ministries etc. and contains only the facts at risk of a lawsuit.
      This is why when some of you 30-somethings send me a link to a statistic from the Wikipedia I am really dubious.

      1. TRASH
        What the fuck are you on about? I gave him the link to a job site. They have openings for independent reporters. I took this question seriously because I thought he needed some information.
        I’d imagine someone in their 30s has seen enough of life to not be patronized as a “millennial child” by the likes of you.

  4. A white trash American who gives the lowdown on India is actually what elicits that response.
    You want “propah” British tourists to get on Lonely Planet and talk about how lovely it was to see the Taj after waiting 3 days.
    Some white trash American who hustled Syrian Christians and knows the low-down on the seamy side of Indian life (Better than you because you were a schoolboy when I was rolling up my Kashmir hashish on Anjuna’s red cliffs) kind of irritates Indians.
    But I dish out the down and low. I’m the real Asian experience.

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