Confused Old Man Named POTUS Wanders away from His Limousine

Secret Service had to show him the way back to his car. Too bad they didn’t direct Lord Marmalade straight to the nearest busy highway. He did the same thing at a recent European conference. He got confused and someone had to show him where the exit to the stage is. The car was right in his ugly orange face and he walked right by it. As if there might be some other limo parked right outside Airforce One. “I’m sorry, Mr. Trump, this limo is for Elon Musk. Yours is over there.” Jesus Christ! Grandpa has dementia! Man, that’s really scary thinking this sundowning old man has the nuclear codes! Gramps is getting to the point where he needs a full-time caregiver. He never was very smart to start with, but now he has the attention span of a goldfish and the IQ of a french fry. That’s crazy. People around the Net are saying that that was the first symptom that their grandmother or grandfather showed of dementia – wandering off exactly like this. Is there some way we could help this guy wander right off the face of the Earth? Too bad the Earth isn’t flat like most of his supporters believe, huh? Trump for Prison 2017!  

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0 thoughts on “Confused Old Man Named POTUS Wanders away from His Limousine”

  1. Along with this he wandered out of the oval office before signing an executive order and wandered away from a photo shoot with the president of Israel. There’s other stuff out there. Some it grasping at straws. But, walking past a limo after getting off a plan? Something this dude does all the time? Definitely unnerving.

  2. Trump also mutters incoherently about unrelated topics in front of world leaders. His shakehands are legendary. This man-child doesn’t know how to shake hands with other homo sapiens. A lifetime of KFC/McDonald’s/soda addiction, via harmful braim-eating chemicals, WILL catch up with you. It’s never too late to quit.

  3. A close look at the video actually reveals that after he had touched the ground, he did approach the limousine but the driver seems to have muttered something to him which led to some kind of confusion and only thereafter, he walked away from the limousine.

  4. Latest pictures from the G-20 summit. Trump has that typically confused child look saying he doesn’t really belong in a meeting of world leaders.
    Trump is no longer the center of attraction. WTF! The sidelining of the United States at such an important event is unprecedented. The Orange clown has to make do with with France’s Macron and the President of Indonesia. All the big boys, Putin, the Chinese President and Turkey’s Erdogan are together.
    India is in good company with Modi flanked by Justin Trudeau and Shinzo Abe.
    Macron took his own sweet time to join the photo-op which left Herr Pussy-grabber flanked by the leaders of Senegal and Indonesia. He’s obviously not too pleased.
    Trump looks obviously happy after meeting his ideological mentor.
    Something in the pic says he doesn’t belong in a gathering of world leaders.
    The way Trump twiddles his finger (a clear sign of boredom) is priceless. He’s the only one without a natural, dignified pose.
    Again, as confused and lonely as a lost child.
    LOL, what an ass clown. That tweet was moments before the meeting.

    1. The White States of America can easily afford a Donald Trump. Such is it’s might in the unipolar world.

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