Asthma Attack

Felt tightness in my chest. I was wondering if my blood pressure was going up (I have hypertension) or I was getting heart problems. Then I figured it out. I had the window open and there is so much damn smoke from all the fighting going on outside that the smoke was coming in my window and giving me an asthma attack!
Hope the battle is over soon.

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0 thoughts on “Asthma Attack”

  1. What about people with PTSD?
    I have seen signs on front lawns of homes. asking to please respect Veterans inside that may have PTSD.
    Was a war-zone in my neighborhood as well, happens every year.

    1. Very well put, Sir !
      Too many folks are advertising themselves that way on Craigslist and others, hoping a good woman will strike on them for their package.
      Peace !

      1. Too bad you are a man!
        I, by virtue of my ethnicity, happen to be quite conservative in some of my ways.

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