The White Working Class Is in a State of Cultural Collapse

A commenter on the protected post comments on her view of the state of cultural collapse of the White working class in Northeast Indiana around the area of the Delphi Murders:

Cathie: I am loss for words when I look at the posts of all these young women, babies at a young age, meth, with wannabe “Ganstas.” It truly saddens me. What the heck is going on in the world? Lack of education, opportunities? As I said before, I bet the Midwest was really hard hit by the last recession.

Mer criticizes me every time I bring this up, but I feel the same way you do.
It feels like the White working class in these Flyover states is in a state of cultural collapse. Maybe I am showing my age, but it was not like this when we were growing up. Girls didn’t pop out babies right after one another right after high school. I grew up on the beach. Long hair, rock music, surfer chicks, promiscuity, pot, LSD and sadly later cocaine somewhat, but it was all well managed.
Young men and teenage boys are always bad boys, but I look back and I think the bad boys nowadays have gotten so much worse. Most of us stayed out of jail. Our heroes were hippies like Tim Leary. Surfers had sort of gangs to some extent, but not really. More like “my beach, my waves” stuff. We did not imitate ghetto Blacks. Joining a white supremacist prison gang was not cool. It was very not cool to go to prison, much less jail, but if anyone did, it was for selling acid or coke, and they came out OK, still peaceful hippies.
Dope/booze, promiscuity, bad boys, bad girls: all of these things are timeless elements of teenage and young adulthood, but there is a difference of degrees.
And White people have gone seriously downhill on all this stuff. The sex is worse, the STD’s are worse, the dope is worse, the music is worse, the role models are worse, the male and female behavior is worse, the irresponsibility is worse, the imprisonment rate is much worse, and the gangsterism is horrifically worse.
Sorry, but all this stuff is a matter of degree, and these new young people have really gone off the cliff.

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126 thoughts on “The White Working Class Is in a State of Cultural Collapse”

  1. Midwestern Exile Here
    Michigan, Indian, Ohio are in a permanent recession but from 2007-2009 it was nearly a depression. When I called my brother from Dubai saying that I was tired of dealing with arrogant rich Arabs he told me “Don’t come back to Southeast Michigan or you’ll be homeless” (He lived in California by then).
    Reasons for white working-class decline would fill a library but here’s some:
    As late as 1989 the idea of a bad ass was looking like Kurt Russel from Escape From New York with long hair and tight pants and the role models were Aerosmith and other Metal Gods. Young working class white males were defiant and tough but actual crime and gangs were simply a quick route to the cemetery or prison-a guaranteed “Anally Inflicted Death Sentence”. To be an ex-con meant that many good-paying blue-collar jobs such as factory work were no longer obtainable. You were no better or better-off than a black.
    In the old days only psychopaths and middle-class drug dealers went to prison. It was extremely rare for a working-class white to go to prison. They tended to a brief stint of jail time in their youth for a brawl or a drunk driving bust and were humbled by the experience.
    Rural white working class Anglo Protestant antipathy for Mediterranean Catholics was part of this aversion. Italian “off-whites” who looked like Ralph Macchio and drank olive oil were gangsters.
    “Wannabes” became popularized in the early 1990’s and by the time Eminem emerged young white males were imitating black gangsters instead of Steven Tyler. More and more young whites drifted into ghetto behavior and culture.
    The poor working class white attends awful public schools, to begin with. Here they are bullied by blacks and introduced to all sorts of deviant behavior. The idea that they would emerge as educated human beings is a joke. None of them could tell you when the Civil War was fought or the chemical compounds of water. Public zoo is a reformatory for blacks and Hispanics. As recently as 1990 public schools were still decent but tax cuts have eroded this.
    My IQ is bright-normal and attained a useless undergraduate degree from a State University.
    I was gone from Michigan before the graduation ceremony. You will not see many attendees at the graduation ceremony. Their degree is their license and they want to get the hell out of the Midwest to Arizona or California or New York and get a job.
    So young people with any earning capacity above minimum wage leave and there is less money in the local economy.
    Intelligent whites have fled the rust belt. Much of the middle-class is gone and there is no cultural trickle-down to working-class whites in some perverse application of the Reaganomics Theory. The UPPER MIDDLE CLASS is long gone from the Rustbelt to Arizona or California. College graduates are gone. Some of the big universities are an exception.
    The endgame is Detroit or Flint where nobody wants to live and these places simply revert to farmland.
    Cocaine was always to expensive for working class whites in the Midwest. It was popular with middle-class white-collar yuppie types at $80 a gram but was never in the affordability range of working class whites. Crack was a “n***er drug” and associated with comical ghetto behavior “Crackheads Gone Wild”.
    Then came Meth. Cheap, good for a 2 day run, sort of like coke but with a longer buzz.
    Meth was to the white working-class what crack was to the ghetto. It blighted the population. Overnight hard drinkers who held decent if low-paying jobs became dangerous, psychotic “tweakers” in the mid-1990’s (It took a little longer to hit the Midwest than the Southwest) who were homeless and unemployed burglars.
    Meth used to be a real class demarcation. Middle-class college kids used psychoactive drugs like marijuana and mushrooms but “crank” was regarded as a dirty low-class white trash drug.
    Porn was something girls were not exposed to in the Midwest 20 years ago. To purchase porn in the Midwest 20 years ago a male had to enter the back of a sex store and masturbate in a booth or purchase his porn on video. For a male to be seen entering a sex shop or to rent porn was considered pathetic.
    When the internet came along porn was consumed by both males and females at an early age. Males were always horny when young but females seem to have been affected by exposure to porn at a young age.
    Middle-class whites were always liberal and sexual promiscuous of course. Especially in university. But few white middle-class educated young women get pregnant out-of-wedlock.
    There was always sexual promiscuity but in the past it was young women of 18 or 20 and out-of-wedlock babies were less common.
    Up to the 1990’s having a child out of wedlock was a disgrace even to the most redoubted slut.
    This could be another imitation of black culture. I’m not sure.
    The poor white has no hope of a decent blue-collar job that can pay a mortgage and send his children of college. The best a working-class white with a GED or high school diploma with a D average can hope for in the rust-belt today is a teenager’s job at a fast food restaurant. There simply is no longer any industry. Technology, outsourcing, robotics.
    California has a different climate and culture. Whites on the West Coast, no matter how poor, get some benefit out of the perverse trickle-down theory from the top. Same goes on the East Coast. Coastlines are the gateway to the world. The economy is always somewhat stabilized by the diversification of industry.
    The white from the Rustbelt has no cultural barrier like the Hispanic or Asian. He accepts the media as reality and those who blame Jews have a point here. Murray is amped on the cocaine and Tequila in Hollywood and whatever he writes that is physically produced actually forms the uneducated rural white’s perception of reality.

    1. i can’t believe you wrote that 2 days ago. it reads like something that was written in 1998.
      are you completely unaware of the current heroin and opiates epidemic sweeping the country? do you know what fentanyl is?
      I won’t even bother with the rest as it sounds like your nostalgia.
      no offense….

  2. Personal Experience
    By 2009 and the age of 35 I had been overseas for many years and I no house and no permanent employment. I’d worked in Dubai, Canada (Which I tried and failed to permanently immigrate to), India and Philippines. I’d also lived a short time in UK but failed to get employment there.
    “You’ll be homeless in Michigan at your age with your degree (Broadcast Journalism and a minor in Economics)” my brother assured me. “If you are going to be homeless do it somewhere warm”. My parents had long-ago left Michigan of course.

    1. Always the stuff like math or science (or a medical field) has more promise, but it’s a Darwinian battle there.

      1. I sort of feel sorry for engineers and the like. They live in a different world untouched by the economic disaster. Basically, they will always have jobs. In that case, the resentment has to be off-the-wall.

      2. JASON Y
        Which STEM graduate wants to hang around the post-industrial wasteland of Southeast Michigan or Pittsburgh or Gary when he can move to California or Houston and earn more money in a sunnier place with less crime and poverty.
        Would you stay in Flint and drink septic water if you were an engineer?

    Is there white music anymore? Most whites seem to listen to the same R&B as blacks. Could a band like Aerosmith possibly be popular in this day and age with whites? I doubt it.
    Not that Ozzy was ever a role model. But whites had their own culture. To some extent Hispanics and other races still do. But whites have to nibble like rats at the bottom of a black popular culture.
    In the old days porn was hard to get a hold of. Us males can recall the back entrance to an “adult book store” where you could buy videos or hardcore magazines with penetrative sex or beat off in a booth. That was the only way to view hardcore porn.
    The internet today is a non-stop “8 MM” on every child’s cell-phone. Celebrities leak videos (This started with Tonya Harding and then Pamela Lee Andersen) of their hardcore sex acts.
    So kids are exposed to perverse images of gaping prolapsed anuses and 60 man Bukkake and rough sex featuring “Rocco” or “Max” slapping some woman until she vomits into a toilet bowl. Porn is just grotesque.
    Part of the reason is competition with amateurs. Sixty year old grandmothers are allowing themselves to filmed in hardcore acts on cellphones. Max Hardcore was once quoted as saying “the fastest way to separate a girl from her clothes is a camera”. It is true. Everybody with a cell-phone is a porn star.
    I have not been a teenager for 25 years but when I was most girls had no idea about hardcore sex when I was young. A young man in 1991 in the Midwest had to visit a prostitute if wanted a woman to do doggy-style sex with the lights on.
    Also young people were more concerned about out-of-wedlock pregnancy. Hardcore nymphos got an IUD. Studs carried rubbers and did not do bareback.
    Even among the white working class out-of-wedlock birth was relatively rare. Everybody was terrified of it. But of course as late as 1990 there was either abortion or marriage. So you had to hope the chick was not Catholic. If you hit up a Polish or Italian girl on the wrong night it was a shotgun wedding.
    That said, the girl’s father was more likely to be around. In the 1980’s and 1990’s the divorce rate was at its peak and we are seeing the result-man-children and promiscuous sluts seeking to fill the void (Literally) of the father absent from their life. How good is a single-mother home even when Dad pays alimony? Well, you are looking at it.
    No heterosexual white working class women had AIDS before 1990 unless they were porn stars or got a blood transfusion. This disease was the result of being on the receiving end of promiscuous homosexual anal sex.
    However straight white women did not do anal when I was young in the 1990’s. Such a suggestion would have been horrifying. Straight white working class white women did not even do “doggy style” sex. It was missionary-position sex in the dark.
    I should add that there was a much bigger market for prostitutes in those days because of the morals of young white women. Every city had a major red-light district where males indulged in anal sex or other things that even their wives would not agree to.
    But AIDS I suspect has something to do with interracial sex and the reason more white hetero women have AIDS is because of the soaring popularity of interracial sex. But this is only conjecture.
    “N***ers smoked crack” and “white trash bikers used crank”. Such was the popular white youth sentiment until the 1990’s.
    Young white people associated meth with dumb white trash in a trailer about to explode and toothless rednecks.
    At the very end of my college years Ecstasy became popular. Say about 1997. Nobody had heard of Vicodin and Valium was what somebody’s mother took for anxiety.
    People used to take psychoactive drugs to expand their mind. Meth was for truckers and bikers. Unless you knew bikers or truckers you could not find meth until about 1995. It was considered a real low-class drug.
    The same was true of heroin.
    LSD is not always a good thing, don’t get me wrong. I had one or two friends who never came back from their voyage back somewhere in the early 1990’s. Most middle-class whites preferred mushrooms.
    Cocaine was a yuppie drug. You had to have $80 for a gram. So working-class whites could not really get their hands on it anyhow. The stereotype was a sleazy used-car salesman or stockbroker.
    Heroin in any form synthetic or otherwise was not around. You had to be deep in the Mexican barrio to find Black Tar. You could not walk into a high school party and just see a bunch of 16 year old kids smoking heroin off foil.
    Today many young white males worship the black thug and imitate him with Academy Award-winning precision so why be afraid to suck his AIDS-infected penis in a prison shower.
    So many white males ARE IN PRISON today that there is probably less of fear of being victimized by minorities.
    Possibly imprisonment is a reflection of how little the working class white young man of 2017 feels he has to lose.
    He is never going to hold a decent job that would pay a mortgage or support a family or lease a car. The government is going to have to support his children anyhow. So what does he have to lose? After all, the next step after welfare is complete custodial care by the state. They feed, clothe, shelter and provide medical costs to you.
    In effect, the white has joined an underclass once associated with blacks.
    However, I’d be inclined to believe that incarceration rates for Jews, Asians, Arabs have not risen.
    Back in the 1990’s “Beaners” who crammed into an old car wearing hairnets were associated with gangs. They were regarded as little more than roaches really. Spraying graffiti on walls.
    Today every working class white wants to be a short and tetchy-looking Italian fiend at the top of a staircase firing a grenade launcher like SCARFACE.
    Gangsters soared in popularity in the late 1990’s with the release of the Sopranos.
    What makes white rural working-class idiots so stupid is THAT THEY LACK THE ECONOMY to be gangsters. Instead, they go to jail relatively quickly.

    1. The black music is worse. There is no Eminem or Snoop Dogg. And of course, as JV noted, the whites listen to it.
      Note, the white music isn’t much better. Post-grunge like Nickleback is horrible.

      1. That ain’t music it is called eekings and ookings. Eminem fostered it and now it’s run out of his course. Music has been on the decline for decade It has now reached its death knell with real pieces of shits like justin bieber, Beyonce and Nicki minaj.

        1. ZED
          Anybody born after 1985 would think POISON or WARRANT was noise.
          The era of the power-ballad is over.

        2. Eminem was good – WNs simply hate him – well – because. Do you think WNs would really ever like Eminem?
          Yeah, the music today is bad. Maybe cause there is no economic motive. I mean, if people thought riches actually existed then they’d be tearing out the walls to write good music..

    2. Not that Ozzy was ever a role model. But whites had their own culture. To some extent Hispanics and other races still do. But whites have to nibble like rats at the bottom of a black popular culture.

      Blacks have not taken over popular culture. Whites still listen to white music like country or post-grunge – but the post-grunge like Nickleback is horrible.

    “Lack of opportunities” The working wage has not risen since 1970. Forty year old middle-management type males have replaced 15 year old kids at the fast food window. In the old days many whites from the Midwest trucked off to Florida or California but these day they cannot afford a car and live in their basement.
    Well it is more expensive and liberal arts degrees will get you nothing. You might as well have a GED. My brother got the PHD and managed to stay in the middle class as an urban planner.
    But the average high school graduate?

  5. You government and Jews are leading you guys into debasement since counter culture and now reaping what have been sowed.
    When you guys bang a lot, sodomy, feminism…etc you will fall.

    1. Chinese have debased the Malay 100 x worse in Southeast Asia than Jews in America.
      Filipino women sell their bodies to 80 year old men because Chinese own the economy and they cannot get a job above starvation wages.
      Is Israel piping Shabu in boats to America and creating the drug war that Chinese labs created in the Philippines? Which by the way cannot be stopped because Duterte has no jurisdiction over Taiwan or China where it is being produced?
      Jews are not asking Israel to send AID to the US because they will not allow foreign investment. Chinese merchants so completely run the economies of Southeast Asia besides those countries that you point out have some Indian populations that they are depended on US taxpayer AID. Of course this is because Malays are stupid politicians who can be bribed for a pair of shoes for their wife.
      There are about 30 other reasons why the Chinese have debased Southeast Asia 100x worse than Jews in the Western World.
      Now granted the Chinese gave them jobs and improved their economy a little bit but the Malay is basically a rat nibbling at the trickle-down outside the SM Mall.

  6. Chinese have debased the Malays in Southeast Asia 100x worse than Jews in the United States. You are probably correct that Indians in Malaysia and Singapore have been sort of a buffer than Indonesian and Philippines lack.
    Jews did not introduce “Shabu” to America and pipe it in from Israel like China has done to the Philippines and thus created the drug war that left 7,000 people dead last year. Filipinos are dim and prone to addiction but Chinese have seized this opportunity to make their country even more corrupt and dangerous.
    Jews do not bribe government officials to keep foreign investment out of American as Chinese merchants do in Southeast Asia whose politicians then have to get the US taxpayer (Including the Jewish-American) to send billions in Aid and Development while Henry Sy opens SM’s in China.
    Jews do not pay less than minimum wage in the United States simply because population pressure allows them too like Chinese in Southeast Asia.
    Chinese in Southeast Asia are not creative enough to do much influence with the media. So Jewish liberals might do more damage there. If you believe that Hollywood is destructive.

  7. Trump is the ultimate culmination of the rot and moral cesspool that has become middle America. In no prior generation could someone as trashy as this man swept the presidency. Say what you will about Reagan and the Bushes’ politics, but as people, they were class acts.

  8. TULIO
    In my opinion Bush was the worst president rednecks managed to elect simply because Big Oil and Big Business at that time had an agenda (Iraq etc.) that he was required to follow no matter what.
    Ask yourself if the 2010’s were as fun as the 1990’s.
    Trump is simply incompetent. He is a landlord with enough money to buy his way into a public position like it was an entry-level job but Bush was part of a vast Lovecraft horror of GOP corruption and special interest groups.
    As for white middle-Americans electing Trump it is understandable why: their standard of living fell after Clinton left office.
    They are too stupid to understand that part of this was because they elected Bush and Obama merely coped with the damage he did between in the first eight years of the Millennium.

  9. The Midwest is not in a state of cultural collapse, and yes Robert, you’re sounding old. I grew up in the suburbs of a major Mid Atlantic city, with the majority of my family living within the city limits. I’ve lived in the Midwest for 12 years now and this is my second time living out here. So, very obviously, I choose to live out here. The area in question that you speak of, Delphi, I live about an hour away from. Yes, there are issues with drugs and teen pregnancy out here but I see the same issues with my family and friends who live within city limits. It seems to me that the suburbs (money) is the only place that is “immune” to these social ills. I hold a bachelor’s degree and yes, I am more educated than most of friends out here but my friends are good, solid, loving people. They’re blue collar workers who go to work everyday and pay their mortgages. They are Dan and Roseanne Connor. What I find particularly interesting about my friends, is that while none of them have travelled abroad like myself, a vast majority of them have travelled more extensively through the U.S. than I have. I also have a couple of friends that, like myself, are voracious readers and we exchange books frequently. A factory worker and a liquor store manager….voracious readers, who would have thought? The little town I live in is beautiful and in the past two years much work has been done to revitalize the downtown area. I really love the direction my town is heading in. The sense of community out here is absolutely amazing. Also, just to touch on the subject of teen pregnancy/drugs/gangstas, the kids (I’m in my 40s) that I know of like that, their parents were the same way. Teen parents doing drugs, different music, though. While I don’t have any children myself, I have a 13 year old goddaughter that I am very close to. She is an exceptional student and athlete. Her parents, my best friends, have very decent employment, own two homes, etc. My goddaughter is obviously on the road to college and not to having babies and doing drugs in her later teens. Honestly, the only real issue I encounter out here are the lack of eligible men to date. However, the last guy I dated was a lawyer, so not all hope is lost. LOL! But honestly, though, I have a career in a field that I love, I have a darling apartment, and where I live is safe. And you couldn’t drag me back to the Mid Atlantic area for all the whiskey in Ireland.

        1. Cucks? You mean people who don’t go for your extremist views? What bullshit appeals to masculinity. OK, what are Muslims that don’t join Bin Laden?

        2. Mind games don’t work. Why the hell would I want to follow extremism? So I can be like some white trash turd in a prison? No, I’d rather be Mr. Rogers or Clark Cuck, I mean Kent.

        3. Your views are dumb. If manly men supported them, then your organizations would be full. Look at the stats.

        4. I’ve already debunked your feigned imagination comparing Muslim terrorists with white patriots. Not much of white patriots encompass such views. People advocating such views are generally sidelined in the alt right circle.

        5. The Turner Diaries speak of a nuclear attack on US soil with the WNs coming out the victor – of course, after the death of millions.

    1. Midwesterners are decent folks. In fact, Wisconsin is deeply Christian in it’s character.

    2. Lack of eligable men? That’s how most American men feel. That’s also why a ton of American men are travelling to Thailand to just pound asian pussy or even marry one.
      It’s because feminism has caused American women to become quite intolerable. Now this may be much less of an effect on rural women than urban liberal women but it’s all there nonetheless.
      Another reason is a ton of guys have an asian fetish and so in the era of globalization, it’s never been easier for men to satisfy their fetishes.
      100 years ago, only the super rich could travel worldwide. Nowadays, anyone with a decent salary can afford to take a trip abroad once a year.

      1. Actually why lie? Feminism is not really the issue at all. The main point is that tons of American men have a fetish for Asian chicks and so it’s very easy to satisfy that fetish with international travel.
        A lot of men also PREFER to be single because it gives them independence. So yea you are probably right in that there are a lack of eligable men to marry. A lot of men have become MGTOW at least subconsciously, preferring to remain single and free, or some of them have consciously decided to avoid American women and just bang asian chicks and prostitutes instead.
        Life is indeed much more simple for men without the hassles and burden of marriage and a wife.

        1. So it’s not really about hating American women, it’s just that a lot of American guys nowadays prefer foreign women and also enjoy the freedom of being single. Another point is that men are afraid of getting ass-raped in divorce by the anti-male divorce system in America.
          If American women want men to be willing to marry them again, they should demand the legal and divorce system to stop being so heavily biased against men. So far I’ve seen few women willing to do that, so don’t expect men to be willing to sign a contract that subjects them to an extremely unfair legal system. Men are tired of watching other men get fucked over in divorce and have their house and kids stolen from them by their vicious ex-wives. So most men are saying Fuck that, and would rather just fuck asian chicks or prostitutes and enjoy the safety and freedom of being single.

      2. MAGNETO
        Would you rather be a poor white living among Asians in Thailand or Indians in Goa or a poor white living among blacks and Hispanics. At the bottom of it all this is why white males on a modest income sometimes opt to live overseas.
        Actually the stereotype these days is that the hardcore white loser lives in Southeast Asia.
        It is not quite true: most of us are simply dissidents who cannot bear to be around the sort of underclass minorities we would live among in the United States. What’s more palatable to you, a Goa bungalow or an efficiency apartment on the periphery of the black ghetto if you have $1,000 a month to spend.
        So many white males just say “screw it”. The economic center of gravity has shifted to Asia anyhow.

  10. RECITA
    “Only the suburbs are immune” Will the US get the point that Brazil has where people have to build walls around their subdivisions? The fact that only those who earn above $50,000 a year that live in the suburbs can be immune is not a good sign.
    “Parents the same way” Decadent 90’s when we were young (I was born in 1974) produced a lot of children born out of wedlock to young druggies and libertines. We the most irresponsible generation ever. It was a decadent era and decadent young people were having kids young and poor. Now these kids are in their teens and twenties. No surprise they have problems.
    “Lack of eligible men to date” Yes, I am sure. A 40 something man who is single in the Midwest outside the urban centers is probably a real derelict.
    “Rosanne” I think the purchasing power of these type of blue-collar people has diminished and they are struggling to make ends meet.
    “Overseas” I live overseas and the US has fallen FAR behind Australia, East Asia and up to the refugee crisis-Europe. We are still dealing with the same street crime that we did in the 1990’s when I left, there is still tension between blacks and the police since Rodney KIng, Oxy has replaced meth/
    The US, from the perspective of a Gen X male who left as a young man in the late 90’s and never returned, has not really improved in my opinion from when Clinton was in office.

    1. Wow. What a bleak outlook of your home country. I’m sure you’re much happier overseas. Happy 4th of July.

      1. You’ve been overseas so you know as well as I do that many countries are safer and have a bigger middle-class/better standard of living.
        But you probably met a few white college-educated middle-class males like me. Nothing appealing about our birthplace, no real sense of patriotism or strong attachment to the place, easier to find a spouse overseas etc. etc.
        For white males it is easier. Unlike African-Americans or other minorities we have no attachments to the “hood”. We’re not as family orientated as Jews or Italians or Hispanics. Unlike women the home is not as important. So we wander off.
        I will say that something happened during the Bush era. When I returned for one week in 2007 I was surprised to see how much less prosperous it seemed and more grim.
        Was glad to hurry back overseas.
        So yes I am much happier overseas. I’d probably be sleeping in a park in Benton Harbor, Michigan

        1. Sounds like you could’ve easily been in the same situation as the blacks that gave you head back in Michigan.

        2. I think you overexaggerate a bit. Even in my hometown, there are jobs available in fast food and waiting tables and if you need more money – a two-year degree as an x-ray technician or something. Also, the neighborhoods full of degenerate behavior are easy to avoid.

    2. why not move to the rural countryside? If you have a choice between living in poverty in the big cities surrounded by violent blacks and mexicans, or living in poverty in the rural area surrounded by clean air and fresh sunshine, why not choose the later?

        1. JASON Y Northern Ontario Experience
          As a liberal American I naturally moved to Northern Ontario seeking the easiest way out of the United States. This was my experience:
          With little money I moved into a boarding house. One of the locals there was named Jeremy. Jeremy sensed I was urban and began asking me about my past rudely and abruptly.
          “I was in Dubai for a couple of years”
          “Where?” Jeremy would ask me again.
          “Dubai” I could tell Jeremy thought I was lying and himself had never been on a plane or left the city limits in his life.
          The town was small and Jeremy saw me a few times and continued to always approach me with rude and abrupt questions. “What are you doing here?” I told him about my job and that I was trying to get away from Greater Detroit. Over and over, like a police detective trying to elicit some confession, he would make me repeat my bio.
          “Where?” Underneath it all I could tell that pathetically he probably wished to travel and escape existence but he did not have pot to piss in (He was unemployed at that time).
          At work one woman was older about 34, Dana, and she had been a stripper who returned to college. We became friends as she was more worldly and she was also tough. Eventually I rented a room in the apartment building she had parlayed her earnings into buying.
          Jeremy called up the answering machine in our building and left some drunken messages for me. The guy just seem to broil at an urban guy from a middle-class family (I later gathered he was from a broken home and even had a social worker at one time) with his redneck roommate.
          Dana finally confronted him on the street and asked him why he was bothering me. He and his friends backed off, chastened. Redneck women, seemingly used to facing superior brute force, seem to develop dominate personalities and can face down males effectively.
          On another occasion I foolishly dated local woman Janie without knowing her history. It was not serious. We had fun and I received some good blow jobs and we had good sex. I was always a perfect gentleman by redneck standards and local women liked me. But she told me the usual dysfunctional story: her mother’s father had sexually molested her young daughter. Her ex was a brute. Etc.
          Then at a gas station a guy stormed up to me. He told me that he was in love with J and behaved like a Springer Show contestant. I had no idea who the man was, never saw him before.
          When I saw “J” I asked her who he was. She told me that Rick was a co-worker who had been “after her” for years but he had 4 children and an ex-wife and was 40 so she was not interested. Like most redneck women she had led him on a bit, letting him take her to the bar and buying drinks for her but then refusing to have sex with him.
          In the time that I was in this Northern Ontario town there the presence of biker gangs was in the news. I’d say they were about as omnipresent as the mafia on the East Coast. There were a few killings in the region while I was there. So remote areas are not without crime.
          Eventually I left Northern Ontario because I was not going to get Canadian citizenship no matter what.
          On my last night I made a phone call from a hotel with a bar that was notorious and happened to be across the street from my rental unit.
          As I walked out the door I brushed past a huge redneck who noticed I was not a regular.
          He asked me “are you staying at this hotel” and when I walked past wordlessly he leaped into his car and drove after me.
          Luckily my rental unit was across the street and I was inside before he could swerve into the front yard.
          He idled in the street in front of the house shouting “if I see you around here again I’ll kick your ass”.
          So I moved back to Dubai. I’ll add that rural Canada lacks the component of Blue State/Red State conflict that an urban white with elitist views might encounter among rednecks in Missouri or Alabama.

        2. JASON Y Liberal in the Sticks
          “where you from?”
          “I am originally from Greater Detroit but I moved around a great deal”
          You reel off a few places the redneck has never heard of and does the Colombo detective routine of asking you over and over the same questions.
          Beneath the line of interrogation is resentment: he’s never been on airplane in his life, never traveled, never been outside of the US.
          Then there is dating. You meet a single woman. Two days later you’re approached by some hick whose been carrying a torch for her for the last 10 years.
          He’s pissed off that you met her only two weeks ago and already you are getting the sex he pursued for 10 years.
          And so on.

      1. MAGNETO
        …If you can enjoy the beaches of Goa at sunset smoking a nice bit of hash or drinking a Kingfisher Beer why pay 3 x the amount of money to live in Texas Chainsaw country with the sort of rednecks Jason has described?
        A) Asia has women that will sleep with you, for pay or for pleasure. Note that a white man with a mere 6 inch penis seems like John Holmes in India and are a few Indian women who watch porno films and would like to have the “porno experience”. With white rural women you’ll meet obnoxious overweight loud coarse “Beth the Bounty Hunter Types” if you are lucky on Ladies Night. And they can be choosy. Usually they have the “Meth Lab Explosion”-baggage: kid from an early marriage, dysfunctional family, brother molested them, bi-curious or black-curious and so on.
        B) Remote areas of the United States have limited public services and you’ll end up in a battered old wooden house. You’ll need a decent car and gas money because nothing is within walking distance. Why not just live in a nice Goa bungalow where everything is within walking distance and the weather is always nice (Though it is hot in summer)? Or Southeast Asia.
        C) Cops in Asia and India leave you alone unless you do something. The remote areas of the United States are police states run by the sort of cop that arrested Stallone in FIRST BLOOD (A realistic portrayal). Arrest quotas are a huge part of the economy of the US interior as well as tickets so the police are searching and stopping everybody constantly even if like me you do nothing more serious than smoke cigarettes.
        D) Rednecks. They are not as violent as blacks or Hispanics but sometimes they are capable of impulsive violence. Sometimes they harbor an antipathy towards urbanites or at least the poorer ones do. You have a college degree, even if it is useless. Your parents were middle-class and part of the class structure that the rednecks parents had to serve. Your views are Democratic. You traveled. If you are trying to get by on $2000 a month your life will be drenched in poor white stupidity in the sticks.
        E) Its boring.

        1. I definitely think rednecks have a chip on the shoulder. There seems to be massive passive aggression from them – just like Koreans or any other ignored group.

        2. Jason y rednecks don’t have a chip on their shoulder, it’s wigger cucks like you who are infact one. Rednecks infact mind their own business, groid coddling and pandering has infact left wusses like you to behave similar to it – look at me- always attention whoring and throwing tantrums. pathetic wimps and wussies like your kind are why several towns and cities are going down the tubes in our country.

        3. Most WNs are whiny wusses who are 15 and live with mom. Possibly you are also. So go get on your skateboard or video game. 😆 And they have medication for the autism.

        4. Rednecks minding their own business? You mean like when they harass innocent people? But it surely wouldn’t be autistic wusses. They’re too afraid to get away from the keyboard.

        5. Yeah, Zed, yeah wigger cucks are throwing tantrums – you mean like relentless BS whining from rednecks on Facebook – 100 posts on the hour?? Yeah, I believe that, skateboard boy.

        6. Jason y, nationalists and patriots are ofcourse bad in the lexicon of emasculated wussies. Sissy cuck, alt right aren’t extremists like islamists this is not even a comparison. Ofcourse what else can we expect from the herd of complete sjw brain-dead sissy freaks?

        7. Patriots and nationalists are massive douchebags. Hey, I got a word for them SHUT THE FUCK UP Also, if they’re so brave then why don’t they go near these groups they hate – and tell them off – to their face?
          OK, people’s views are fine but not when they’re blow-hards.

        8. Some sissy blasting his mouth off in Utah is indeed a sissy cuck – seeing as his black or Mexican enemy is a million miles away. Maybe he should wear a dress while he’s typing.

        9. Comes from a sjw downlow wuss that is having gender identity issues.. lol is that the reason you’re having an orgy in the comment section, sissy? Did your sow ditch you for some criminal buck? Struggling to find a new nigsow? Or is it that even colored sows have started to hate sjws?

        10. Robert, Jessica is back. Ban her. She’s playing more psychotic mind games. 😆
          Look, lady, what I’ll do to you is hit you with a flame thrower if you come near me again.

        11. SJWs aren’t mocking cripples, mixed race, mixed couples and other innocent people. In that case, what’s wrong with them? Oh, they’re effeminate. So that’s the definition?
          On the other hand, WNs, alt right are doing so.
          Who are wusses but those who attack obviously weak targets?

        12. Yeah, Zed I made fun of rednecks. What of it? 😆 : Don’t they deserve it? Look how they make fun of blacks, cripples whoever on Stormfront and other websites. It’s just a case of getting back what they dish out.

        13. “Asia has women that will sleep with you, for pay or for pleasure. Note that a white man with a mere 6 inch penis seems like John Holmes in India, and there are a few Indian women who watch porno films and would like to have the “porno experience”.”
          Try sleeping around with the Asian girls in the interiors. You will get a good taste of the Asian pride. The Asian girls, in particular the conservative ones, are far more rooted than the White girls. Asian girls, in general, from the Middle East to Japan, find White men to be a bit too lewd and somewhat crazy. Prostitution ain’t common even among the common Asians. Of course, Thailand is an exception. It is pretty simple and straightforward for any outsider to realize that the Asian societies are deeply conservative.

        14. Making fun of crippled? Nah, cuck. Nobody does it. You talk as if white activism is still centred around stormfront. It’s been several years since stormfront lost relevance. There are many cutting edge sites offering great insights about prowhite politics with more intellectual depth than stormfront. Ofcourse people like you can’t get past stormfront as you would have tried to troll the site and got banned for being a pest.

        15. No fuck 😆 You’re saying The Daily Stormer’s article on “Garbage Kids” (mixed race) is a step up? How about David Duke’s praising of China’s practice of killing disabled embryos? Anyway, you’re on Stormfront a lot. It’s obvious. So you don’t think it’s irrelevant.

  11. RICITA
    Have been for 18 years.
    It would be hard for the average middle-class female understand that for a white male of average educational standing from a middle-class background it is easy to simply “wander off”.
    I’m from Greater Detroit.
    I fit a textbook type of “expat”: white, male, raised middle-class in declining area, college educated, left in his twenties, single but later married abroad, was not particularly appealing or desirable to young women then, opportunist, never developed any feelings for the place of his birth.
    No uneasy feelings of fear around certain minorities on the street.
    No redneck whites complaining about taxes and welfare.
    Police more friendly and less tense with a genuine desire to help.
    Less paranoia about terrorism.
    Fewer wars than end in disappointment and national debt.
    Less crime in general because divisions between rich and poor in countries like Canada or Asia are not as vast.
    No latest drug epidemic of the moment-I’ve missed meth, then Oxy, then Spice.
    Highest office not an entry-level job position for the rich.
    Easy enough to find a spouse.

    1. JV has a gift for writing. He could put up a blog and make millions. Send me an email and I will help out. Someone with this talent shouldn’t be poor.

      1. JASON Y
        Well I appreciate that but the fact that I could not obtain a decent job in Greater Detroit was a good thing.
        When things get as bad as you describe it is time to drift overseas and find some other Anglo-Saxon country.
        Truthfully it is better to be poor overseas. No need to worry about Black Lives Matters or the ever-growing barrio or what the next drug epidemic will be that turns poor whites into crazed zombies (Spice? Bath salts?).
        Also, I can get laid.

        1. Oh wow, man, you can get laid! Such a huge achievement! And in fact, ANY male can get laid if they are willing to spend 50 dollars in Tijuana.
          If I somehow or other ever moved back to America, I’d move to San Diego and take a trip down to Tijuana on the weekends and pound a bunch of thick brown pussy

        2. Yeah, Magneto, JV’s bragging can be knocked down quite easily sometimes. Getting laid by economically desperate people? Easier than you think.

      2. JASON Y
        I don’t really want people to know who I am. I may already be something of a public person, you never know. Or perhaps I am just a loser. Or both.
        But I truly do not want my identity disclosed.

        1. With all these WNs lurking around – the type that harasses others – I wouldn’t either. But then again, you’re not even in the US.

  12. Finally, lol, a subject that JV can post on like crazy without fear of derailment.
    Anyway, maybe the US drug war has gotten tougher than in the past. Note, the more “fair” it becomes than the more whites will go to prison etc. along with the NAMS.

  13. Movies and video games glorify extreme violence. When you spend hundreds or thousands of hours of your youth playing violent video games and watching violent movies which glorify murder and war, then it tends to affect you on a subconscious level.
    Combine that with the lack of parental supervision and affection, and most of us youth grew up to be basically low-level psychopaths.
    I hope God destroys us because we have all become truly evil. Islam invading and taking over the West may very well be our savior. Islam will restore society to a state of innocence and peace.

    1. Video games? It’s debatable. Well, you have to take note of the nature of the violent characters. Are they good guys or bad guys (thugs etc..)? Anyway, the notion of Islam saving humanity from violence is laughable, ha ha. I mean, come on; look at radical Islam.

    2. Islam and peace are mutually incompatible. Any Eastern faith in general and Islam in particular will rob the West of it’s essence, i.e. enterprise and passion, besides making them too inward-looking.
      The only trouble with West in general and America in particular is too much affluence.

  14. ROD
    “No better off than the blacks who gave you head in Michigan”
    If you are female in Southeast Michigan’s urban satellite cities working your fingers to the bone in a minimum wage job and still cannot pay the electric bill that month it is down to no power or some random perv picking you up and shooting his jizz into your mouth.
    You have to factor in crack cocaine, which perhaps 30% of the underclass of the ghetto smoke.
    Crack is everywhere in the Southeastern Michigan ghettos. It is an economy and a culture in itself. I’ve never tried it but apparently it is quite addictive.
    But even if you are drug-free and a college graduate desperation can lead to sex acts for money.
    For some reason, Chicago has retained its white collar population and there is a trickle-down economy. Southeast Michigan does not have that. People born in certain cities have never met a person who earned more than minimum wage in their life.
    If you are not a single male and college educated how are you going to have $5 to leave the state on a greyhound and what will you do when you get out of the bus terminal in say, Arizona? Your house is worth nothing. Even if you have a car you have no money for gas. Basically you are screwed.
    It was a little easier in the 1990’s when I fled Southeast Michigan. Most young people who did not have kids could scrape up the money to move out West or to the Sunbelt and find some sort of employment elsewhere.

    1. There are liberal white enclaves around bigger southern towns and of course, in the blue states. Going overseas is a bit extreme, but, hey, it’s your choice.
      I mean, even very small southern urban areas like Chattanooga are places where a liberal can relax, but if you venture out into neighboring counties than you cannot.

      1. JASON Y
        Sorry, but the US has declined since Clinton was in office.
        There are few NAMS overseas. Or rednecks for that matter.
        Truthfully, I would tell any young Democrat today with the qualifications to move to Australia or New Zealand. But I tried this and it is hard to get citizenship.
        If you are a white male with a modest income why live near these three undesirable groups of people with the threat of latent violence when you can live in a nice tidy bungalow and have a nice wife or mistress?
        I’d prefer that to trying to live off the same amount of money somewhere that is full of cholos and thugs and ‘necks.

        1. Zed is probably just Beau Anglo. But I’m sure internet wusses (posing as fearsome psychos) show up on here.

        2. Zed is haunting me for my remarks which just mirror remarks for stuff said every day on WN forums.

  15. JASON Y “Southeast Asians Only As Nice As Money You Pay Them”
    You can live cheaply in Southeast Asia and you are generally safer than you would be if you were equally poor in the urban United States.
    Most whites in Southeast Asia do not have a pot to piss in. But Southeast Asians lack the aggression or violence towards whites that NAMS do.
    Try living in the barrio in a beach hut or in the middle of the black ghetto. You are going to be much safer in Thailand or the Philippines.
    This is why so many white males retire to Southeast Asia. These folks can be killers of course but the random chaotic outbursts of low IQ violence like nursing home rapes or three Mexicans randomly assaulting a white Anglo on a Phoenix street in the afternoon because they are bored is less common.
    If we look at the Aztec or African civilizations (Barring Egypt of course) they were far less advanced than Indochina. The fact that these populations live in a developed country is not going to alter their behavior much.

    1. The reason blacks and Mexicans in the US are so mean is cause you cannot pay them. However, you can pay southeast Asians. Get the point? So it’s very possible that Southeast Asia became richer and you poorer – narrowing the gap, then these people would kick your ass, no offense.

      1. You cannot pay Asian-Americans or Jews either, but they are less likely to kick your ass.
        Do you feel more uneasy walking past Korean-Americans than a cluster of blacks or cholos?

        1. Koreans are paid off because their economy is good. Just like rich parts of California are. Poverty is a powerful motive to kick someone’s ass – but the Southeast Asian tourist has the cash to buy off the poor.

    2. It’s like on that movie Funny Farm from the 80s. Chevy Chase is this hated city slicker (comically as you might be perceived by many) Especially the mailman hates him cause he is too far off the main route.
      But then low and behold he pays everyone in the town, then everybody loves him and the mailman delivers his mail by hand.

  16. I need to get off of here. Yeah, I’m an attention whore – as Zed (the scary skinhead ::lol: who is really a 14-year-old said). It’s because I’m isolated in the countryside. Even if my views are right, I still don’t want to clog up a blog.
    However, my final thought would be how these alt-right bozos have only really retarded appeals to masculinity and honor to drive them. Do they really think they can make headway with real males like that?

  17. quote by Zed

    Jason y, nationalists and patriots are ofcourse bad in the lexicon of emasculated wussies. Sissy cuck, alt right aren’t extremists like islamists this is not even a comparison. Ofcourse what else can we expect from the herd of complete sjw brain-dead sissy freaks?

    The definition of emasculated wussy to these people is anyone who simply doesn’t favor their viewpoint. OK, I will act a little more sane here and say, “Well, I guess that means everyone who isn’t Rosie O’ Donnell or Michael Moore is a Nazii” Same logic
    Only retards buy into this dumb black and white (no pun intended) view of the world.

  18. “Isolated in the countryside”
    Yeah, I would really rather live in Tennessee or Missouri instead of the heart of Asia so that I could be accused of impregnated “nigra sows”.
    “Masculinity and honor”
    Courts chasing them for child support and a GED. Yeah, these folks are the height of glory and power.
    “Scary skinhead”
    At least Bloods and Crips or the Italians own a strip club or some front business. Skinheads hang around a tattoo parlor or sit on park benches. I’m German-American and I know their habits. Whew, moshing at a punk concert. That’s intimidate the Sicilian hitters and Jew bankers and Mexican cartels.

    1. Nigra sows. Good one. Who said these WNs aren’t funny? Yeah, definitely the Jew propaganda would lead weak nerdy white guys to shack up with fat black women. But I forgot, black nigra sows prefer to hang around gay guys – gay guys don’t like women at all.

    2. Trash, you must get back to America asap and start resuming your life as a American citizen. Your heart is still there. It is evident from your comments. You can have a good career there. Why the sour grapes?

      1. I arrived in Dubai 18 years ago. How old were you in 1999? Three. I was there before LULU HYPERMARKET. Its not like arrived overseas yesterday.
        …Come to think of it I was having sex with Indian girls on Vasco De Gama beach before you started primary school.
        In India I was roaming the red clay earth toking huge hashish joints and partying with crazy Syrian Christian drunks and tripping on mushrooms at Full Moon parties when you were in diapers.
        Would I have traded any of this to have remained in Greater Detroit and listened to hicks rave about “cucks”.
        No thanks.
        My heart is in America like yours is in Delhi, Dravidian.

      2. OPTIMUS
        If not for Dubai and India I would have had no career at all.
        More or less like a Nair who spends his whole life in Oman or somewhere.
        Not to mention my sex and drug exploits on the shores of the Arabian in Goa. I miss the hairy pussies of the Punjabi girls with their big asses and the hot horny mouths of Bengali prostitutes. Would never traded that for a humdrum life in the United States.

      3. I’m 43 and left the United States when I was 25. After spending most of my adult lifetime overseas the place does not appeal to me at all. And to be honest, its declined slightly since Bush came into office. It was actually more prosperous and peaceful in the Clinton Era when I left.
        The problem with living overseas and roaming the world is that at a certain point you have no house and know nobody and you might as well just remain overseas.
        Would have traded my exploits in Goa to have worked my entire life in Southeastern Michigan.
        Probably not.

      4. Let’s see:
        America is a place where the multi-media is controlled by Jews who project their cocaine-induced distortions on the blank minds of the rest of the population and especially encourage Anglo-Saxon women to intermarry with blacks.
        America is also a place where anybody who is not a fascist who voted for an incompetent landlord is a “cuck” who wants to see his wife sucking big black penises.
        America is a place where Indian criminals and psychopaths from the bottom-depths of Latin America’s corrupt racial caste system run by cocaine-loving Spanish sadists can walk across the US border and take a citizen’s job.
        America is a place where blacks protest almost every day.
        America is a place where Social Justice Warriors demand that Kyle Jenner-type 6’3 inch men who want to sodomize other men should be able to use bathrooms with little girls because they where a dress.
        America is a place where entire cities revert to farmland because the remaining jobs have been exported to China except for call center jobs which all went to Mumbai.
        America is a place where idiots declare war on obscure Middle Eastern countries and create refugee crisis in Europe.
        Sounds like a fun place.
        No my heart is not there. Now don’t get me wrong, “Malabaris” in Dubai were irritating but I am still glad I left.

      5. TRASH
        If you had a minor in economics you must’ve been reasonably good at math.
        Why did you not try to get some sort of specialty business degree (i.e. accounting) or an engineering degree?

        1. BEAU
          That was simple two-fold answer. First was money because my father was not going to pay for anything further than an undergraduate degree and loans were more difficult to obtain in those days. Second was being sick of being a starving student. I briefly considered law school but I would have been 27 years old by the time I graduated.
          Engineering would have been another 4 years in school. And I found it a dull occupation.
          My parents were divorced and barely covered my tuition.
          Michigan was economically deprived my parents had already moved out of state.

        2. BEAU
          This is simple. I starved to death for 5 years to get a degree. By the time I graduated at 24 I was tired of being a starving student.
          I consider loans and law school but this would have kept me starving for another 2 years.
          But more than that, if you are from particularly bleak places in the Midwest like Greater Detroit or Gary Indian that are not only poor, poverty-depressed shitholes but freezing cold half the year on top of that…you just want to get your degree and leave.
          You must remember that in 1998 if you had a college degree in theology or liberal arts you could get some kind of 5 figure job. Having a degree was much more important than it is now. This was a time when 15 year old kids worked in fast food joints.

        3. BEAU
          When you get overseas the first thing that hits you is NAMS are not around. In the city.
          Sure you can live in the sticks of Texas but some white trash animal dancing in the road with a chainsaw is not much better.
          White trash and NAMS rarely live overseas. The one exception I knew of was a shitbag Cholo Mexican Marine in Dubai who hung around Arab nightclub owners and their Russian hookers smoking hashish. He was shipped back to the US early. But NAMS in the military are restricted to perimeters.
          For many middle-class whites, it is so incredibly liberating to walk down a street at night or go into a restaurant knowing there will be no “bad actors” that this in itself is a reason to just ditch everything and never return to the United States.
          Plus, if you marry the average Chinese woman you know for a fact she did not let some guy capture himself on a cell phone spewing his gunk all over his face and that she did not suck 50 penises before you met her. Or if you marry an Arab woman. Or an Indian woman. Or whatever.
          Additionally, the police don’t hassle average working middle-class whites as much. You are not living in a police state where some moron with no college acts smug because he has a badge. In the United States no matter how innocent you are there are times when police simply harass you hoping to make a quota.
          Much is written on this site about how “such and such a place is a shithole” from Americans who clearly have to choose between cable TV and repairing their car.
          In reality, few places I have been except India and the Philippines were as poor as the Phoenix barrio.
          Once you are overseas it is difficult to ever want to return and get a job that will keep you in a cubicle for 30 years. White women have usually been wildly promiscuous and then turn snotty and materialistic about 25-30. If you divorce them they keep everything you ever earned.

  19. I’m German-American and grew up at the Geraldo-era height of Skinheads in the Northern United States. My neighborhood was full of them. Here is some insights on Stormfront:
    Bloods or Italians have an economy underneath their organization worth millions. Hispanic cartels own front businesses.
    Skinheads sit around park benches or maybe some tattoo parlor with Hep C let’s them hang around, that is about it.
    Sure in prison a Skinhead turns the Guido into spaghetti sauce and even some of the blacks fear them but ON THE STREET THEY HAVE NO MONEY (What a few mosh pit receipts?)
    Skinheads lack the sophistication to get away with crimes like the Italians. They go to jail for unregistered shotguns.

    1. Jessica aka Zed says WNs are cutting edge. The problem is that, aside from some tech upgrades and more modern techniques of propaganda, they’re still saying the same vulgar message

  20. JASON Y Turner Diaries
    Detroit is post-apocalyptic and whites fled. Every poor white and malcontent whose got nothing going on in functioning society secretly imagines himself as Mad Max.
    This was even more popular in the 1990’s before the War on Terror made it more conceivable that weapons of mass destruction might fall into terrorist hands.
    This made the fantasy slightly passe.
    It’s the daydream of the white male without a great deal positive going on his life whose done some jail time for petty and stupid offenses and lives at the poverty-line and wish for some transcendence from their humdrum ennui.

  21. JASON Y “Garbage Kids” Bowie?
    Whose a garbage kid?
    Bowie’s children with the African model or the out-of-wedlock daughter of a 19 year old stripper whose father is white manual laborer who refuses to pay child support?

    1. Well, sorry to make an SJW sermon, but it’s not about their social condition but their looks. But to santoculto and Jessica that would be important. Now for a mocking crying face. baa baa baa..

  22. Some fat nigra sows are hot though. Some white sows are hot. Skinny girls don’t have any tits and ass. There just isn’t any. No more tits and ass than a cuck has penis, huh. Har har , ha ha…

    1. JASON Y
      The syntax of the Dixie redneck is amusing to the “Northern Liberal elite”.
      The vaguely rural analogies of “sows” and “bucks” lends a vague animal sex ambiance to his metaphors.
      Repeated uses of the word cuckold as if to imply that anybody who does not hunt in camouflage as if they were on safari in deepest Africa is married to a woman who has sex orgies with blacks.
      Its rather amusing.

      1. If she likes to use “bucks” so much – well, that’s destroying credibility right there. It shows some sort of sexual obsession with black men.
        Also, there are no men anywhere, not even in California, that desire to be stupid chumps. Is that what she’s implying?

      2. There was a girl like that on another forum. She would joke around. Talk about “boys” (as in black slaves) and “bucks”, stuff like that. Very amusing and it was obvious, despite her denial, she was a white supremacist.

        1. But then again, to Jessica’s credit, I bet there are a lot of white women who literally want black men for sex – and literally view them as pre-1860 slaves out of some sexual fetish.

        2. JASON Y
          Like I said, I thank goodness I moved to Dubai during the Clinton era. Is this where the white working class and even middle class has come to.

  23. JASON Y Garbage Kids?
    A 19 year old part-time stripper or low-class unemployed female is impregnated by some 21 year old manual laborer.
    They are both white.
    What advantage does the child have over David Bowie’s children with Imran the model?

  24. Jess is hurt because my comments hurt her feelings and much more so than with your comments which were the same. But she doesn’t really believe that cutting edge WNs are really as “mean” as in the past.

  25. I don’t buy Jess’s idea that real men are supposed to agree with WNs. As we have noted, WNs are saying some stupid barbaric crap – and then calling opponents cucks if they disagree. I mean, it was this bullying that probably got the German population to follow them to their grave (via Allied Bombings). What’s new of this stuff: German, Japanese, Russian, Black, you name it nationalism?

  26. JASON Y Blast From the Past
    Thank goodness a friend of mine talked me into leaving Phoenix for Dubai is my thought.
    The specter of my youth has has blown back like gust: this what happened to the poor whites (And some Latinos) I knew as a young man with little money.
    Flash forward through the Bush Presidency and Obama era and 9-11 and this is where some of them are. Angry, middle-aged, their best years squandered in the sports Bars and bad relationships.
    Now they are sitting around today in their early forties feeling ignored and marginalized by the more romantic struggles of the NAMS.

  27. JASON Y Jess & Sam
    I am no less racist, perhaps. I live overseas because certain minorities cannot. The prairies is not good enough for me.
    Also, I have a clear picture what has happened to those rednecks and poor whites I knew in my youth.

  28. JASON Y Interracial Relationship
    “Mo was altered”
    I knew a Polish-American young woman at college named C and she lived nearby in my apartment block.
    She dated a towering black young man who was a student named “Mo”. His real name is unknown to me.
    One day she complained to me that her mother showed up to meet him and he arrived stoned to her apartment.
    “Mo was altered (90’s lingo for stoned) and he just stared off in space. My mom tried to talk to him and he went into the kitchen to get a juice and sat down again.”
    She remarked that he had simply stared off into eternity stoned out of his head.
    About nine months later he was accused of raping another girl in the same apartment block-a petite blonde hippie chick named Andy. Charges were never pressed.
    But when I e-mailed C once about two years later she was still seeing “Mo”. She had graduated but “Mo” remained in school, 25 years old by then but still a student.
    And this I suppose, is my clearest recollection of an interracial relationship.
    It seemed to sum up the way things were in the 90’s. The girl was always none-too-bright and the guy was a scholarship student (These were easier to get back then) who was having sex with whatever white girls he could, forcibly or not.

  29. Robert everything you are saying is 100% correct. The white working-class is in a complete state of cultural collapse — but it makes sense since America is currently in a collapsing state with this collapse being spearheaded by none other than Trump.
    However I’m a 21-year-old white guy and everyone around me is terrible. White teenage girls giving birth to children, wiggers everywhere, drug addicts, welfare-leeches, etc. overall.
    I’ve never seen it before, things weren’t this bad 10 years ago or even 5 years ago.
    I am (by the way) from a white middle-class area in Florida (average middle-class area) not too upscale but not too poor.

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