Sheryl Crow, "Soak Up the Sun"

I have no idea what sort of music this is?* Soft rock? Like we used to listen to in the 1970’s? Who knows? Who cares what this is called! It sounds like soft rock to me. Came out 15 years ago. I do not know much about this woman except she is beautiful.
Great music is still being made today folks, and this is a great example of it. Wow! Good music!
*Officially called pop rock. A Hell of a lot of great music has been made under the banner of pop rock. Now where pop rock ends and soft rock begins, I have no idea. It turns out that soft rock is a type of pop rock or a genre of pop rocks that was very popular in the 1970’s. Yay! Later it turned into something called Adult Contemporary and I have no idea what that is? Luther Vandross?

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0 thoughts on “Sheryl Crow, "Soak Up the Sun"”

  1. I wouldn’t even call that song pop-rock. There’s not enough rock. It’s simply pop. Sheryl Crow now lives in Tennessee and is doing mostly country music these days I believe.

  2. Sheryl Crowe was the original hipster.
    She broke through in 1994 with “All I Want To Do” (Is have some fun) and was enormously popular through the mid-to-late 90’s.
    She seemed to encapsulate that laid-back and decadently cynical era between the Cold War and 9-11 when everybody was a slacker.
    Her hit songs bookend my college years in fact. “Winding Road” was her last huge hit in 1997 although she showed up with Kid Rock in 2003 for one last guest spot on a duo.

  3. Ah! Sun-kissed, optimism-filled American music at its best. This third-worlder approves!
    What’s not to like, the rest of the world simply cannot create this variety of melody. Europe, Middle-East and Asia are basically depressed continents. Thailand and Australia may be exceptions.
    Reminds me of this quote from a book called America Rules the World.
    “The true American citizen is by nature brave, honest, amiable, hospitable, patriotic, energetic and intelligent; he is practical and yet idealistic and enthusiastic. Cultivation and refinement make him a gentleman equal, if not superior, to the gentry of the best educated classes of Old Europe for manners and behavior. An educated American is the best and most generous of friends.”

    1. Most Brahmins want to immigrate to Dubai or London which leaves me sort of intrigued by your obsession.
      Why the United States?
      Lot’s of Indians are obsessed with Goras (Though as a Brahmin you’re unusual because you usually they have a good thing going in India) but mostly this is with their former British Raj.
      How come you do not want to be an account manager in the UK. Australia maybe.
      Genuinely, I am curious.

    2. People hate the multi-cultural USA – especially WNs, not realizing that it’s the diversity which created the great music.

  4. To be so obsessed with the United States and still walking the red earth of India you must be a real rogue, especially since your education betrays fairly well-to-do Brahmin parents who sent you to some college that cost money.

  5. “What’s not to like, the rest of the world simply cannot create this variety of melody. Europe, Middle-East and Asia are basically depressed continents. Thailand and Australia may be exceptions.”
    Another gem.
    Middle East ain’t a continent.
    Europeans and Asiatics have a lot of old world charm.As a matter of fact,people are less obsessed with money there and give much greater importance to family and friends.Women still behave like women.No wonder,both Europe and Asia are far saner places.It quite shows in the music,cinema,literature and arts of both the Europeans and Asiatics.Harmony,and not intensity,is the key to understanding both Europe and Asia.
    But we live in a unipolar world.Alas!Germany has a lot of potential to end the American hegemony in the next few decades but they are far drier and much more ascetic than the rest of the world.The world is surely losing much of it’s laid back charm day by day.

  6. Honestly, I don’t really like this song. It’s too pop. Nonetheless, I do love The Cranberries, a 90s group Robert likes. Anyway, not everything from the 90s was so great – and this Crowe stuff was mind-numbing cocktail music – to say the least.

  7. Solid tune
    Lately I been listening to nothing but chick music. I just made a playlist of over 200 chick songs. Numerous artists ranging from the 60s to the 90s.
    I like chick music, well, because a lot of it sounds great. It also goes well with chicks, and most women are into chicky music. I was playing nothing chicky music around a girl I just met and she was digging it and having a blast.
    The downside of liking chick music is that people think you’re gay. I’m not gay and don’t want people thinking I’m gay. I was playing Pat Benatar tunes in the car with my sister and coworkers. Afterwards my sister told me that some of her coworkers thought I was gay. I said “why”. She said it was because of the music I was playing.

  8. Try “70s Lite Rock” Pandora channel. Firefall! Loggins and Messina. Stephen Bishop. Little River Band. Seals and Crofts. Gerry Rafferty! Sit back, sip an Asti Spumante and enjoy.

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