Jews Don't Control the US Media or Anything Like That!

God I love that Jew icon so much! Le Happy Merchant is the coolest Jewish icon ever. Everything I see him, I can’t stop laffin. I would almost like to make him my personal icon if I could. That’s how cool he is! Happy Merchant I love you!

No way! Jews don’t run the media! They have nothing to do with it at all! And if you say they do, you’re a Nazi! I guess scientific fact is Nazism then? The Jews need to rewrite their propaganda. When the truth is Nazism and Nazism is the truth, it’s not a good day for the days. Sorry, it just isn’t. Jews! Get back to your machinations! Your old lies are failing badly. Come up with some new ones quick! Your God Bernays is rolling in his grave!*
*Edward Bernays, the man who invented Public Relations (making up stories and lies for paying clients) and propaganda (a synonym for modern Western “journalism”), was Jewish. Isn’t that incredible? The man who literally created lying for money and the concept of political propaganda was Jewish! No way! Jewish are honest! They never lie! Like, ever. Say it ain’t so, Jew!

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9 thoughts on “Jews Don't Control the US Media or Anything Like That!”

  1. Mr. Lindsey
    I was once a staff reporter for a small city newspaper in Michigan and the internet was as responsible as Jewish media moguls as smaller print venues and broadcast news stations were simply phased out by the internet.
    Jew Media Moguls on the East and West Coast were able to survive the internet but they in themselves were not responsible for the phasing out of the medium-sized city newspaper or news station. It was the lack of local advertising.
    Later on I wrote several screenplays that were produced into minor horror films at the height of the Mom and Pop video store era. These days medium-sized regional distribution is gone with the Blockbuster so of course it is only Jews in Hollywood who survived the phasing out of home video and the death of the video store.
    Conversely, porn was once popular with poor Jews. Any Jew from New York could find some willing bodies and a bed and be a porn producer. But the advent of the cell-phone and the very cultural collapse that produces white grandmothers willing to be recorded on a cell phone sucking a penis for free on a ratty sofa in middle-america has more or less destroyed the porn industry. We have to thank to Gentiles-Bill Gates and Steve Jobs-for saturating society with free porn.
    If the so-called Jewish porn mafia could force people to continue paying $10 to beat off in a porn shop booth they would, as the democratization of porn production was the end of the industry.
    Additionally, the Jewish influence over the media is only in the United States. BBC is not run by Jews. Rupert Murdoch is not a Jew.
    More and more Hollywood films are awful these days. If you watch a film from the 1970’s you are struck by how shitty “Wonder Woman” is. It costs 100 gazillion dollars but seems to have been written by two coke-heads on napkins during a Tequila bender.
    But if you live outside the United States it really does not saturate you.
    I’ll go so far as to say that Indian-Americans, Japanese-Americans and Hispanics do not seem to be as influenced by Hollywood. They watch some crap on cable and then flip back to their favorite Bollywood film.

    1. Britain is PC. If Jews don’t run the media, then how did it get PC? My guess is because the media didn’t make the people PC, but rather the place is simply more modern than in the past – because that’s what the people want.

    2. Murdoch’s Fox News, as right-wing as it is, is a billion times saner than The Daily Stormer. Note, even conservative Americans etc. are not as disgusting as these alt-right types.

    3. Porn is produced because people buy it – and they buy it all over the US. In fact, 7 out of 10 of the top buyers are these conservative states where people officially hate porn.

    4. “I’ll go so far as to say that Indian-Americans, Japanese-Americans and Hispanics do not seem to be as influenced by Hollywood. They watch some crap on cable and then flip back to their favorite Bollywood film.”
      Japanese-Americans and Hispanics er Latinos flipping back to their favourite Bollywood film. That truly is sensational !

  2. The companies still answer to supply and demand. The common people are not so stupid as to be brainwashed – at least not most. Anyhow, the Nazi alternative is just as ridiculous and evil.

  3. Today, seven Jewish Americans, through huge media conglomerates, run the vast majority of US television networks, the printed press, the Hollywood movie industry, the book publishing industry, and the recording industry.
    An entirely Middle Eastern race which despises violence and aggression but somehow manages to enjoy such a great influence in the Bastion of the West has to be superhuman er extremely sophisticated and sly.
    The Jewish race, which seems to be all devoted to the noble cause of Liberalism, rewards anybody who manages to acquire proficiency in Orthodox Judaism with the citizenship of their chosen land.

  4. I always wonder, how could a miracle such as Jesus actually spring up from a race as deceptive, sophisticated, moderate, materialistic and arrogant as the Jews!
    Quite possibly, he was a common yet extremely noble and bold Jew who found the entire system to be awfully bad and chose to rebel against it on a grand scale, of course in a non-violent manner, and ended up getting crucified for his novelty, integrity and daring.

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