The Real Story of Zimbabwe: I Would Rather Starve on My Feet Than Feast on My Knees

RL: Reminds me of the situation in Zimbabwe when the Blacks destroyed all the White farms and drove the farmers out of the country and then all the Blacks sat around and said, “Whoa! We ain’t gots no food! Someone please gibs us some food! We hungry!” Jason Y: Yeah, but didn’t you say Zimbabwe was a justified state. Aren’t you a fan?

I wrote some long posts on what happened. 2,000 White farmers from the UK owned half of all the land and about all of the decent arable land. The crops were all grown for export, and most of the Blacks were starving and malnourished. The Blacks were forced onto marginal lands which they farmed. However, yields were poor, and most importantly, the land was eroding away due to its poor nature for farming. So this situation was not working out. Mugabe came in and said we have to deal with this land situation. He offered to buy out the White farmers, and then the state was going to deal with the land with state farms, leasing it out to small Black farmers or whatever. However, no matter how much money he offered, the UK kept saying they were going to pay and then never paid, and the negotiations went on forever. The truth was the UK never intended to allow the farmers to be bought out ever, and they wanted to drag this out until the end of time. The US was helping the UK in this disgusting racist charade. This went on for a long time, and nothing happened, and people started getting mad. The US and UK started slapping all these sanctions on Zimbabwe for no good reason, and the economy started going down the tubes. Meanwhile, Mugabe’s base were the war veterans. There had been a revolutionary war that ousted the White racist regime, and Mugabe had led the war, so he was a revolutionary war hero. He was also a Black power guy along the lines of Mandela. The war veterans wanted land, and Mugabe kept saying it was coming. But the US and UK kept putting more and more sanctions on. Mugabe kept telling them that if they did not let him buy out those farmers, he could not hold his supporters back forever, and at some point, they would just go grab the land themselves. Mugabe kept urging peace with his supporters. Well, at some point the war veterans had enough and they invaded all of the White farms. Nothing much happened. The Whites mostly took off and only 8 The Blacks were fine at small farming, but they could not run big farms. So like complete idiots, they simply dismantled the White farms and took everything they could. So the farms were left nonoperational, stripped of equipment, and the Blacks could not run the farms. So now there were food problems. Mugabe knew that the Blacks could not run those large farms, and he always wanted to do this in an orderly way. He saw the whole mess as catastrophic and stupid. But it was his supporters who raided the farms, so he felt that he had to cheer them on, which is what he did, though he didn’t really want to do that. The project was more to have the state take over the farms in some way because it was assumed that the state could figure out how to run them, or even hire the Whites back to run farms for the people. The White farmers never got paid off. A lot of the Whites stayed, and nothing happened to them. Now a lot of the Whites are coming back because Mugabe says you can farm your own lands, but we own them now, and you have to lease the land from the state. I think you have to grow food for the people too. And I think a lot of the Blacks are small farmers now. The situation is fixing itself. The government is socialist and dedicated to helping the people, which is the main reason we in the West hate them. Mugabe has not been nice to the opposition, but they are in bed with the US, UK and the West. Their project is neoliberalism. They lack majority support because nobody wants this crap, and the Opposition basically fronts for the US and the UK. Most people see them as traitors and carpetbaggers. Mugabe is still a patriotic hero. The opposition has maybe 30 There was a big deal about Mugabe tearing down some neighborhoods where a lot of Opposition supporters lived. He called it Operation Tear Down Trash. It was not handled well. The West lied, went crazy and said that Mugabe was tearing down all the homes of the Opposition people, leaving them homeless. But this was not true. The operation was done in a mean way, but their homes were shantytowns, and Mugabe tore down their shantytowns and built a lot of much better, decent modern state housing. Then he invited the former residents, many Opposition people, to come live in the new houses. People stuck with Mugabe all the way. The sanctions ruined the economy because they were locked out of the world banking system. This was all done for some racist bullshit that the UK wanted to let 2,000 White farmers continue to monopolize the land and create a system of gross injustice. The British acted very bad in this case, and their behavior was quite racist. We shamefully went along with them. The US and UK media wrote the situation up in a disgusting racist way which basically said that the Blacks destroyed the White farms and were now hungry because niggers are so dumb they can’t even grow food and they need superior White people to even grow food for them so they don’t starve. Yep that’s how dumb niggers are. That was the actual subtext of the West’s reporting on this case, and the openly racist tone was disgusting for the supposedly nonracist Western media. Anyway it’s not true that niggers are so stupid they can’t even grow food. Blacks have been growing food in Africa forever, and they even started plantation agriculture in East Africa 900 years ago. They also excelled at animal husbandry for thousands of years. Granted Blacks mostly ran small farms, but they were generally able to grow enough food to survive. How hard is it to grow food? The Papuans grow yams and raise pigs. It’s not real hard to do. You don’t have to be a genius to do it. Any human can do this. However, Blacks never got good at running large modern farms which are run more like a good-sized business. You need higher education, accounting skills and a lot of others smart brain skills to run large farms. It’s almost like running a big factory, or harder. There are still Whites in Zimbabwe. I watched a video recently of downtown Harare. Crowded parking lot, lot of Blacks but some Whites, everyone dressed nicely, nice cars. They went into a nice restaurant where there were Blacks and Whites both in there, and everything was cool. Apparently a number of Blacks have some money, and there are still moneyed Whites there. If you have some money, it does looks like a nice place to live. You go to downtown Harare on a weekday afternoon, and there are workers in office clothes eating lunch in the park. There’s a brand new fancy radiology center that Mugabe built. Most people are pretty chill and laid back. You can go to the slums which are not great, but I would say that Harare has the least bad slums in all of Africa. The slums are state housing, and the state spends a lot of money on the people. This just goes to show you that people would rather stand in misery than die on their knees in comfort. It was very bad under Mugabe due to sanctions, but he represented African pride and self-determination against the predatory West that was trying to screw them over. It was like the Blacks not wanting to live under White rule in South Africa or the Palestinians not wanting to live under Israeli rule. People have pride, and idiots who think humans are only about money are wrong. Not all people are capitalist hogs who worship money. A lot of people will take poverty with pride over more stuff and living in indignity under people who think you are inferior. The West can’t seem to figure out that humans have pride and don’t want to be lorded over by those who act superior to them. You can’t even buy people off to live under supremacist rule as inferiors. The West doesn’t get it because our only value is money, and we can’t see how many humans will gladly trade money for pride and prefer poverty over being ruled by condescending supremacists.

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81 thoughts on “The Real Story of Zimbabwe: I Would Rather Starve on My Feet Than Feast on My Knees”

    1. I think Blacks need to realize the absolutely sickening racist subtext to this whole mess. We have not conquered racism at all here in the West and you can see from this story that it is still being practiced at the state level. I mean really this was about money, but it cannot be denied that there is a nasty racist subtext to this whole mess. It is not a whole lot different from South Africa, who we also supported for a very long time.
      And the way the media portrayed it was almost on a Stormfront level of racism. Black people are too dumb to grow food! They need superior White people to grow food for them so they don’t starve! Oh those poor, primitive, moronic people.” They almost accuse Blacks of not being human, since any figure most any humans can grow food.
      Do you think there was a racist subtext to this mess on the part of the US, UK and the media, Tulio? Might want to see your reaction to that.

      1. Managing a business is incredibly hard. Note, in the US people are needing managers all the time. Apparently, not many can do it – not even whites.

      2. Well, sure. I mean just about every state interaction the West has had with Africa for the past 500 years was racist. Exceptions of course being some genuine philanthropists working with NGOs and such.

        1. TULIO
          The problem has been that Africa has never had a choice but to interact with the West until now.
          I suspect that the relationship with Chinese will be more mutually beneficial.

        1. There’s something likable about Black Africans. Seen a movie the other night, and the Ugandan was quite likable up until he was trying to kill the protagonist. Then Jack Ryan had a big Black bastard to fight. Many of their leaders are like this. Seen one drinking beer, laughing, etc. while someone’s killed slowly. I think it’s illogical to be pro-Black but there’s charisma there. I think it’s a BS act a lot of times, and many Blacks are just sociopathic assholes, but on the other hand, they aren’t social idiots.

          It’s perhaps noble of Whites to want the best for Blacks, but deep down even the Blacks must recognize soft Whites as suckers. I’ve heard a saying “No one is more confused than a White Mandela.”

  1. Cannibal leaders, more crime, ect. is preferred to being lorded over by a foreign race. Better a black drug dealer in Harlem than some Jew or Italian. At a basic level we all want racial and cultural independence.

    1. MOONMAN
      NAFTA actually enable free-enterprise drug dealing to a great degree because blacks could be supplied by Mexicans instead of being runners for Italian-American heroin czars.
      This has been one benefit of globalization. Blacks formerly under the thumb of Italian soldiers could obtain supplies from Mexican nationals who had no interest in living in the United States or taking money from the distribution of drugs. Simply wholesale suppliers.

  2. It is all a matter of the willingness of the aliens to integrate with the natives. As a rule of thumb, White folks do not really mix with the people of color easily. The harsher you are on the natives, the sooner they rebel.

  3. It was like the Blacks not wanting to live under White rule in South Africa or the Palestinians not wanting to live under Israeli rule. People have pride, and idiots who think humans are only about money are wrong. Not all people are capitalist hogs who worship money. A lot of people will take poverty with pride over more stuff and living in indignity under people who think you are inferior. The West can’t seem to figure out that humans have pride and don’t want to be lorded over by those who act superior to them. You can’t even buy people off to live under supremacist rule as inferiors. The West doesn’t get it because our only value is money, and we can’t see how many humans will gladly trade money for pride and prefer poverty over being ruled by condescending supremacists.

    WNs and other just – don’t get it.

    1. A similar situation could happen to Republicans, WNs forced to live in Seattle or some other over-PC place – in exchange for a higher standard of living of course.

  4. The Blacks were fine at small farming, but they could not run big farms.

    Well, I don’t think many whites can either. You have to be specially trained.

    1. WHITE folks tend to be the most organized of all, and they tend to stick pretty well together.

  5. It was like the Blacks not wanting to live under White rule in South Africa or the Palestinians not wanting to live under Israeli rule. People have pride, and idiots who think humans are only about money are wrong. Not all people are capitalist hogs who worship money. A lot of people will take poverty with pride over more stuff and living in indignity under people who think you are inferior. The West can’t seem to figure out that humans have pride and don’t want to be lorded over by those who act superior to them. You can’t even buy people off to live under supremacist rule as inferiors. The West doesn’t get it because our only value is money, and we can’t see how many humans will gladly trade money for pride and prefer poverty over being ruled by condescending supremacists.

    What’s funny is if I posted this on Facebook I would just be called a nigger 😆 In fact, I did post something similar to this. (It was about India and it was a quote my Irish co-teacher gave comparing India’s colonization to South Korea’s plight. with the US). So I said well, what do you Tennessee Facebook posters think about this? (of course dark sarcasm here – noting all the rednecks on there).
    Isn’t it amusing how arrogant whites are here? They truly have bought into the white identity politics for sure.

    But all the Whites left. Seven whole Whites were killed in the “White genocide.” Like 1 in every 3,500 Whites got killed. It’s said when anyone is killed, but there was no genocide.

    It’s a dick measuring contest. Note, racial groups that hate each other want war – over even just one dead body. Look at Black Lives Matter or the WN obsession with Zimbabwe.

    1. People are such assholes here even blacks were mocking me as nigger 😆 So I think the real problem with this place is people are conformist cowards, whatever the race.

      1. “Even blacks were mocking me as a n***er” You push credibility here. The people are so redneck in Appalachia that even the blacks are KKK racists.
        Why wouldn’t they call you a pecker-wood since you claim to have the appearance of a white Ulster Southerner with the usual brush of Cherokee Indian?

        1. No, that was mostly being cute. Maybe a few of them were. I think it’s more a thing where they’re making fun of what they see as sensitive wussy behavior. See, they hate that stuff here. But mind you, a lot of the white people are truly racist. I mean, it’s obvious.

      2. JASON Y
        I assume that you have the standard-from what you described-appearance of the Caucasoid Southerner with the typical claim of a little Indian blood (Cherokee of course).
        Why wouldn’t blacks call you a “peckerwood”? You cannot possibly look Mulatto.

  6. The press stated the same thing when Idi Amin expelled the Indian merchant class (Imported by the British) and the economy collapsed.
    However, the ethnics of the black ghetto have been gradually phased out by “black-owned” businesses. The Koreans never returned to the ghetto after the 1992 riots and the Jews never returned after the 1967 riots. Where these people went or what they did who knows but gradually the ethnic merchant class of the black US ghetto was phased out.
    Which suggests, at least on micro levels, that a basic economy can be run by African-Americans.

      1. “They want us to kill ourselves” Koreans want their customers to come back not kill themselves.
        They sell nutmeg and baking soda (Lot’s of cakes being baked in the hood?) because there is a consumer demand that pays for their onyx mansion far away from the store that pays the mortgage.
        Since this film was made in 1991 however the Koreans like the Jews before them were phased out. I think 90% of stores in the hood are black-owned now.

      2. Portrait of Ethnic White Businesses
        My own great-grandfather immigrated to Detroit as a cabinet maker at 14 and entered into an arranged marriage (Common with Germans in those days) with some German owner of a lumber company.
        He took it over and all of his kids had to begin working in it at the age 8. These kids’s kids also worked in the lumber company so there was a family of 15 descended from one German immigrant running the thing.
        My own father became a doctor and his brother a lawyer but the children of the rest of the family remained 40 strong in the lumberyard.
        Blacks lack the nuclear family structure to begin with. There are baby’s mommas and half-siblings like the characters in Boyz in the Hood. Also, out of four black siblings in the hood at least one will be a thug and another a drug fiend which diminishes the number of stable reliable workers.
        There are many more reasons than this why it is difficult for blacks to corral their relatives into working for nothing in some family business.

        1. “My own great-grandfather immigrated to Detroit as a cabinet maker at 14 and entered into an arranged marriage (common with Germans in those days)…”
          The Germans remind me so much of the so called Indo-Aryans in some of their ways.

      3. Liquor stores in black and Amerinidan areas are there to satisfy a demand. Note, this stuff reminds me of the typical WN argument against porn and Hollywood.
        Note, if they want it to stop, then the people have to change – and I don’t mean becoming WNs – but rather stop drinking, perving, wanting to see movies glorifying pot use or whatever.
        It seems these racist/nationalist movements are simply some quick-fix solution to what we are a failed race.

        1. For instance, what is so new in WN or Nation of Islam bitching about porn that we aren’t already present in evangelical or Catholic literature and teachings?

        2. DEMAND
          To be willing to swallow big spoonfuls of nutmeg with cold water you have to want to get high fairly badly. But in Detroit liquor stores this is the only spice that is sold.
          It comes down to the Armen Meiwes German cannibal case where some man’s sexual fantasy was for another man to cut his penis off and eat it in front of him.
          Or 2Girls1Cup.
          Where there is demand there is supply.

    Amin’s economy collapsed because he expelled the Indian merchants.
    If “WN’s” in sweet Dixie had an IQ above 105 they would be harping on the fact that Indians made better shop keeps than blacks.
    Of course this market-dominant minority angle is probably to complex for the average Sweet Dixie to grasp.

    1. What IQ do you need to operate a shop? How can we be so sure Africans or African-Americans cannot operate one? I mean, it’s not as complex as a huge farm.

      1. Didn’t someone on here note the fact most liquor stores in big cities are now 90 percent owned by locals?

        1. In that case, maybe Amin had a point. It seems the Indians, as they do in my home of Tennessee also and other places, simply come in and use some economic advantage to buy stuff out.

      2. JASON Y
        My point was that White Nationals lack the intelligence to make a cognizant accusation-that the economy of Uganda fared better prior to the expulsion of the Indians.
        This is a fact of Idi Amin’s regime.

        1. How dumb do you think WNs are? Are they simply a group that cannot get above serving jobs – sort of the “White Curse of Ham”?

    They made a film called “Mississippi Masala” about this: Indians kicked out by Idi Amin who go crazy when their daughter falls in love with Denzel.
    But of course no White Nationalist has a memory long enough to span the release of a 1991 film.
    At any rate Uganda’s economy collapsed because the Indian-mostly Gujarati-shopkeepers were expelled.

    1. White Mississippi people boggle my mind. They hate blacks but live in a state with a 30 or 40 percent.of them.

  9. Problem is the citizens all end up coming to Britain or wanting too because things were slightly better when people like Ian Smith ran the country.
    Idi Amin for example, expelled the Indian shopkeepers whose sons might have been well-behaved and prosperous shopkeepers but ended up marginalized in working-class English neighborhoods.

    1. The sons would be more well-behaved in Africa because they would be “under threat” from Africans. The “threat” thing tends to make populations less culturally liberal.

      1. Southern USA people owned slaves for so long – the threat mentality is built into them – hence, why liberals cannot break thru to them.

        1. JASON Y
          Liberals do not want to live in the Southern USA and Southern Whites only migrate to Blue States to escape their shitty economies up the I-23 (“Hillbilly Highway”).
          Few Southerners want to live in San Francisco next door to Felch-breath gay Jewish artists.

        2. The sun-belt states – well, at least outside of Appalachia – were booming during the 90s and maybe later. It’s Detroit and the Midwest that fell to pieces

        3. No offense, but the only thing important seems to be the Detroit Airport. I’ve been there countless times. It’s the main gateway to Asia from the east coast.

        4. I traveled a bit and stayed the night in Rome MI one time, but not enough to get the feel of the place. I had to head back to the airport. Also, I stayed the night in Charlotte MI once, but again not enough time to understand things.

        5. Rome seemed like a normal American town. I didn’t get the impression it was a hellhole. It had a nice library. There were fast food restaurants etc..

  10. “Beverly Hills”
    Why are so many Ferrari Dealerships in Beverly Hills instead of liquor stores?
    Probably because this is what people want to buy.
    Most of them are also liberals who want guns banned.
    So a Gun Store is not going to do a brisk business.

  11. A look at the basic economics can explain a lot of happenings in Zimbabwe. It’s a Primary Industries economy (agriculture, mining, fishing, forestry etc.), the Newzealand kind of economy.
    Mugabe could easily win an election because 70% of the population is agriculture. He didn’t need cheating. You give land to peasants, of course they support you.
    I believe it’s the cities, the industrial part that is in deep trouble, because their industries are mainly about processing raw materials. If big farms are no longer producing, these processers naturally crumble.
    Of course Blacks can grow their own food. But growing your own food doesn’t build a modern economy. Africa doesn’t need elections, it needs officials with expertise at about every field, lots of them, too.
    This is a problem of lacking expertise which is common in all developing countries, plus a political system seeks short term reward that worsen it.

    1. I don’t think China will invest heavily in Zimbabwe, provide some help or loan, perhaps.
      They have a relatively small population of 20 mil and no oil. They have lots of platinum, and gold, diamond, not of the national interests of China.
      But really, 20 millions isn’t too difficult a country to run. Their original primary industry model will work too, even if it turn state owned or semi-state-owned. There’s no reason it can’t turn out to be a slightly less wealthy Australia if run by people with expertise.

        1. On individual level, Chinese have little difference than Whites, or any other groups.
          But the investing in Africa is leaded by Chinese government. It has a lot more than profit to consider, the image of the 3rd world big brother, geo-politics, sustainable stability etc., these considerations make a difference.

      1. If you love the groids so much why don’t you move to Zimbabwe and be in bed cuddling your beloved pets, Jason y. Why do you have to live amidst those whom you hate? Give it a thought, it might work well for you.

        1. You’re changing the subject. The subject is about whether or not Zimbabwe is justified, not whether I am a negro lover or something. Note, I would probably not want to live in such a place, even if I thought the government there was justified – mainly because there are too many people with a chip on the shoulder – but then again, the same situation is in white areas of the south USA.

        2. The ideal environment is some mildly multicultural area where people make at least a decent income. Otherwise, too much ethnic BS raises up (and whites also).

        3. ZED
          You are the type who tells American blacks to “go back to Africa”.
          Which African country wants the dregs of the world’s black population who derive their ancestry from no country in West Africa in particular and are 25% white?
          Perhaps 70% will have criminal records and histories of violence.
          Sure, Johannesburg wants these African-Americans right away.

        4. One argument is that liberal elitists want “peace and love” but won’t go live with other races – but instead, force poor people (who aren’t so enthusiastic) to do so.
          OK, what is the answer to that? Well, I don’t really advocate that. However, though, I don’t favor segregation either. Instead, what I really think: Is that some poor whites over-exaggerate the problems with other races. Note, these certain specific poor whites are these alpha personalities and ironically – none of them actually live in areas surrounded by blacks – because they can’t stand it. Instead, they’re bitching about blacks in another neighborhood.

  12. Very nice post on Mugabe. Of course any person vilified by the western media seems like a Goodman (Mugabe, Putin or even Mao to some extent. As Trash mentioned in one of his comments, if despots like Gadaffi, Saddam didn’t keep the trouble-makers in control, things would have been far worse. Its pathetic that those countries got invaded and destroyed. Some countries require dictatorship unfortunately.

    1. OPTIMUS
      German girls were not raped in public swimming pools when Saddam Hussein was keeping Muslim fanatics under his thumb with nerve gas.
      Africans were not pouring into the Southern backwaters of Europe like Sicily when Gaddaffy was in the way.

      1. The same for Putin and Russia they are unfairly been vilified by the western media like Mugabe. The constant venomous anti-Russian propaganda like election hacking, their role in combating terrorism all sounds just comical these days. Trash, have you ever been to Russia? what’s your opinion on Putin and russia in general?

        1. OPTIMUS
          I found Eastern European women in Dubai trashy and never wanted to visit Eastern Europe in my entire life.
          My own family, however, is partly from East Berlin so the shadow of the Cold War fell over my grandparents.
          But the Russian women in Dubai selling their bodies in the nightclubs and the ominous male smugglers seemed really skeevy.
          As a young man I would walk around Dubai and got a bad vibe from these Soviets.
          When visiting Germany I was approached by a big Russian guy who bummed a cigarette off me. His condition indicated Russia was a rough place.
          Like Latin America, Russia never appealed to me. Its part of the US conundrum.

      2. But the WHITE classes are always looking for excuses to seize all the goodies that the heavily populated countries have to offer, at least at the macro level.

    2. OPTIMUS
      You are too young to remember Yugoslavia. Tito was a dictator but when he died it split apart into the Balkans conflict of the 1990’s.

    3. You don’t seem to get it. West is quite particular about the Human Rights and it’s definition of Human Rights is quite different from that in the developing countries.
      West is indeed the champion of liberty at least at the individual level.

    Benghazi was one element of the Clinton history Hillary cold not live down so in a sense Gaddafi’s ghost contributed to the election of Trump and he managed to negatively impact the United States as a ghostly legacy.

  14. For the ruler of a small insignificant armpit of a country in North Africa he managed to be a constant concern for the United States from Reagan to Obama.
    His removal from power (Long after it made any difference at all) resulted both in the refugee crisis and the scandal that disgraced Hillary Clinton.
    Trump sits in office and Africans pour into Sicily. The Colonel was a factor in both.
    So who laughs at who?

  15. YEE Historical Repeat
    China traded with Africa when Europe was sunk in wars with Muslims and political divisions.
    And so it happens again. Whites have backslid into wars in the Middle East and cultural division while the African and Chinese civilizations progress.
    Its happened before.

  16. YEE
    This is a weary fact of European history and sometimes the Muslims were the advanced conquering race and sometimes lately the Europeans are.
    But what is interesting is that throughout this the blacks and Chinese peaceably traded unperturbed.
    Now they have begun to again.
    Perhaps this is a reflection of the sad preoccupation Europeans have with the desolate deserts of the world which offer nothing to them and promise nothing to them.

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