The Deep Ties Between the Jews and the House of Saud Go Back Over 75 Years

In this comment, Churchill got Prince Ibn Saud to agree to let the British put the House of Saud in power in Saudi Arabia in order that they could control Mecca and Medina and to allow the Saudis to become “the Kings of the Arabs.” In recent, Ibn Saud would agree to let Weitzmann invade, conquer and usurp Palestine’s Arabs to create a Jewish Homeland.
It appears to be dated March 4, 1941, but the deep alliance between the British and the vile House of Saud goes way back before that.

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29 thoughts on “The Deep Ties Between the Jews and the House of Saud Go Back Over 75 Years”

  1. And why would the British be so kind to the Jews? To get rid of them or because of their fabulous wealth? Please throw some light on that. By the way, “recent” ought to have clearly been “return” there.

    1. Simple, the Brits wanted to keep the Arab world in chaos. The Brits have been doing this for 500 years, first to European continent, then to everywhere in the world they go.

      1. YEE
        It was not an attempt to keep the world in chaos so much as a desire to cease being a colonial power.
        Britain wanted out of India, Palestine and Africa.
        Hong Kong was handed over exactly 20 years ago but this was more of a formality than anything else as Hong Kong by then was already owned by mainland Chinese financiers who loaned the government money.
        I can remember being young-about 23-when in 1997 a rainstorm blew over the ceremony and Prince Charles scuttled onto a vessel to leave Hong Kong.

        1. “It was not an attempt to keep the world in chaos so much as a desire to cease being a colonial power. Britain wanted out of India, Palestine and Africa.”
          The question is why did the colonial bastards turn saints overnight?

        2. Oh, the Brits didn’t WANT to leave, they were FORCED to leave, by the new powers after the World War II — the Americans, who wanted the old imperialists’ markets; and the Russians, who wanted sea gates to Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean.
          Apart from Latin America, all colony-independence were after WW II. Just a case of old imperialists handover to the new. Freedom, democracy, universal value blah blah blah, were all just bullsh*t.
          The Brits (and their pupil the Americans), have one tactic they apply to everywhere — keep others fighting among themselves.
          Supporting Saudi in the Arab world is the same thing with supporting rebellion grounps in individual country, only on a larger platform. So is supporting India and Japan against China.

        3. The colonial bastards left India because firstly, the Wehrmacht onslaught had left Great Britain hanging by a thread, and secondly, India as a nation had finally awakened from its deep slumber, thanks entirely to the miracle called Gandhi. I.e. the Indians had become profoundly rebellious in their own gentle way.

  2. MAYER
    Following World War 1 former Ottoman Empire territories fell into the hands of Great Britain including Palestine, Trans-Jordan and the rest of the Middle East.
    Jews had always lived in Israel but the vast immigration occurred from Central and Eastern Europe after World War II at which time the Jews demanded that Britain grant independence to Israel in 1948.
    Britain at this time was granting Indian independence and was weary of all of its colonies. So in the late 40’s the State of Israel was created and your own country was Independent from Britain.
    You truly know nothing my Desi friend. The Johnnie Walker Whiskey, that is probably what you know.

    1. “You truly know nothing my Desi friend. The Johnnie Walker Whiskey, that is probably what you know.”
      You never answered two simple questions of mine.
      ‘What is the shape of the staple Germanic skull ‘
      ‘Why the Parsis despite being authentic Iranians and probably Indo-Aryans are pussier than even the Brahmin goats ‘

      1. Shape of the staple Germanic skull? Cannot answer this so I haven’t. DNA tests link the high-caste Indians to Slavs and not Germans or Northern Europeans.
        “Aryans originating in Iran” is the anti-colonial and anti-Western “We ain’t got no Gora blood in us” Indian line. DNA tests indicate that high-caste Indians are descended from Slavs who of course migrated through Iran into India. Where or why, nobody knows.
        Parsi “pussies”. They have evolved into a merchant-group and no money can be made from macho behavior like Muslim Indians or lower-caste Indians exude.

  3. Simple. The Zionist project was unearthed probably during the prime ministership of Disraeli, as a means to extend British imperialism, cutting through the Ottoman Empire. Probably Zionist-bought Churchill didn’t see so much ill in going ‘further’ in this partnership. But today it is obvious that imperialism doesn’t need the British.

  4. Bin Laden and the 9/11 hijackers came from Saudi Arabia, you know. Also, the schools of terrorism are funded with Saudi oil.

    1. Imagine if WNs were funded with Saudi oil. They might still be something to laugh at, but people would fear them, nonetheless. What are the odds they would do real terrorism in that instance?

      1. Nobody can be as fanatical as the MIDDLE EASTERNERS. Their culture literally gives them orgies. Of course, even a BRAHMIN goat can fight quite savagely for his own survival.

  5. YEE
    These countries soak up USAID and development money which their corrupt and irresponsible leaders often steal. This is a reflection of national character and maybe cultural orientation-Filipinos cannot seem to stop squandering US AID for example.
    In receiving US AID they are expected to pretend to hold up US policy.
    Japan was rebuilt by the US and simply does what the US tells them to do-militarily. I can remember when the anti-globalist sentiment was directed towards them until their banks collapsed. But in military terms Japan has simply done what the US told them to a proxy.

    1. You know, all this colony or quasi-colony business is about MONEY. You’re a capitalist country after all, not Islamic Jihadists who just want to spread their religion.
      So when you try to understand anything your government do, the last thing you consider is “a waste of money” theory, start from “how do they benefit from it” is the correct way to figure it out.

      1. YEE A Sterling Example
        The collective IQ of certain nations is so low that even the leaders are fairly dim. The US prevents famine in exchange for whatever value the US derives from the geopolitical position of the country like the Philippines.

        1. Yes, when you analyze failed or almost failed countries, you may consider they might have done something wrong, but obviously not suitable for the Brits and the Yankees.

    2. They might not be successful every time with every plan, but the US doesn’t become the most powerful country in the world by being stupid.

  6. YEE
    The US became the most powerful country at one time through population and cultivatable land. Also its geography between two oceans.

        1. Right.
          But what I said is still true. India has population and cultivatable land, coast lines on both side.

        2. OPTIMUS
          Salman Rushdie is an Indian and he is a much better writer than I am.
          Yee does not believe that I am an Indian and I am not some Tom Alter Gora who lived in India my entire life. I was in and out of the country for about 10 years from 1999 through 2009.

        3. OPTIMUS
          I stand by my version of who I am. A rather ordinary middle-class US national of German origin who happened to live in India off and on for 10 years. I’m not Indian and I am not Jewish.

      1. YEE
        India had 2,000 years of problems behind it. The United States never had a religion with a rigid social structure like Hinduism and was not invaded by everybody from Greece to China to Muslims.

  7. Could help explain why Saudi Arabia is actually be de-facto neutral with Israel, as opposed to constant worrying over Iran up its shoulders, especially with Iran having GNP number equaling with Saudi Arabia’s a swell that could be far larger if Iran was allowed to fully exploit her resources, not to mention it’s more advanced indigenous technological infrastructure as well.

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