Thank You, Winston Churchill: The House of Saud and the UK, A Bloody Marriage Begun a Century Ago

White the House of Saud was conquering most of the peninsula for the princes around 1920, British warplanes under Winston Churchill were bombing all of these areas, leveling whole cities and massacring countless civilians. Much of the Hijaz was leveled as this region had always hated and the Najdis now in power as the House. All of the gorgeous architecture was leveled by Saud’s Wahhabi warriors from the Najd because the Wahhabis felt that anything but the most drab architecture was sacrilegious. Hijazis were massacred in huge numbers and piles of bodies lay on the ground.
The Najdis had to impose their will be force as Wahhabism had only been popular in the Najd and was widely disliked everywhere else, especially in the Hejaz where a much more peaceful, tolerant and artistic form of Islam (almost Sufi-like) had long held sway. The Wahhabis conquered that whole peninsula at the point of a sword. Everyone who resisted or imposed them was executed. The  death toll was gruesome. Of course the British helped the whole way, offering needed help to kill more civilians and level more sacreligiously beautiful buildings.
At the same time, Iraqis were in armed rebellion against British colonial rule in Iraq. The charming Churchill responded by bombing them with chemical weapons. Yes, not only Saddam gassed Iraqis. The first man to gas the Arabs was Winston Churchill.
Churchill was a real bastard. He was a mean old coot and a reactionary to boot. He was also depressed most of his fat miserable life. He called it his “black dog.” It descended on him most mornings and lasted most of the day. That sounds like melancholic depression, as that is worse in the mornings. He was also a profoundly racist man. Read some of his statements about Jews and Arabs. Pitiful.
Some hero.

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37 thoughts on “Thank You, Winston Churchill: The House of Saud and the UK, A Bloody Marriage Begun a Century Ago”

  1. Call it bad techno-timing because petroleum was becoming essential exactly 100 years ago a dusty corner of the Ottoman Empire known as Saudi Arabia had most of it when Britain seized control of the Arabian Peninsula after the Turks lost their empire.
    Britain also owned a stretch of the Eastern Mediterranean strip from Egypt to Syria that is now Israel and Palestine.
    Oil and World War II’s aftermath created the Middle East of today. If France or Spain had owned the place the effect would have been the same.

  2. Winston Churchill: “I hate Indians. They are a beastly people with a beastly religion.” He wasn’t referring to Islam. Nearly everything that Churchill said about foreigners was derogatory. He excepted the Americans from his disparaging remarks. After all, his sluttish, frivolous and neglectful mother was an American.

    1. He did slap Americans in at least one quote, “You can always count on Americans to do the right thing after they’ve tried everything else.” True enough. The man was evil by his actions, needlessly targeting innocent civilians even after victory. For all his elequence, Churchill knew little of the knightly value of Mercy.

    2. Churchill and Robert have the same idea about Indians, though.
      Well, we don’t want to be – too PC here. Let’s call it as we see it. Of course, Indians would justifiably rather be free than be bootlickers – just as Zimbabwe doesn’t, but still, the place has major problems.

  3. Churchill behaved with monstrous callousness towards Indians even ignoring the famine.
    One has to bear in mind though that he inherited the position at a time when World War II prevented Britain from retaining colonies. They had to be set free quickly.
    He was given about one year to withdraw from the entire world.
    We also have to note that he was facing tremendous pressure from Gandhi etc.
    Sure the guy was a drunk and a racist. But Mother Theresa would have ended up no better off in a similar situation.
    In any event he was drunk and discredited by the end.

    1. Churchill behaved with monstrous callousness towards Indians even ignoring the famine.
      I get a guilty pleasure out of Churchill’s quotes on Indians. He was right on the money about a few predictions he made on India. He also tried to expose that inferior bania charlatan named M.K. Gandhi.
      “Power will go to the hands of rascals, rogues, freebooters; all Indian leaders will be of low calibre & men of straw. They will have sweet tongues and silly hearts. They will fight amongst themselves for power and India will be lost in political squabbles. A day would come when even air and water would be taxed in India.”
      He ought to be lain bound hand and foot at the gates of Delhi, and then trampled on by an enormous elephant with the new Viceroy seated on its back.
      Referring to Mahatma Gandhi in conversation with Edwin Montagu, Secretary of State for India, 1921
      India is a geographical term. It is no more a united nation than the equator.
      Speech at Royal Albert Hall, London (18 March 1931).
      It is alarming and also nauseating to see Mr. Gandhi, a seditious Middle Temple lawyer of the type well-known in the East, now posing as a fakir, striding half naked up the steps of the Viceregal palace to parley on equal terms with the representative of the King-Emperor.
      Comment on Gandhi’s meeting with the Viceroy of India, addressing the Council of the West Essex Unionist Association (23 February 1931); as quoted in “Mr Churchill on India” in The Times (24 February 1931).

      1. Bania fraud” That’s funny, most Brahmins like Gandhi or even revere him. What’s your gripe with him.
        You forgot it was a Brahmin that assassinated him.
        Gandhi was an incestuous pedophile and a wife-abuser. You can Google about his “naked experiments”. This perv was heavily into enemas which he would gladly perform on female inmates living in his ashram. Gandhi had a strong interest in topics like menstrual bleeding, fart inhaling, scat etc. He behaved like a quack doctor with little girls who would line up to be personally treated by Bapu
        Churchill probably had a love-hate relationship with Gandhi. Both were sexual degenerates. Gandhi outdid his counterpart by a huge margin though.
        Gandhi’s role in winning India independence from British rule is highly overrated. Sure he did rally mobs of not-so-non-violent protesters. The British treated Gandhi as a joke and were unwilling to surrender India until c.1946. The real reason was a naval mutiny over the death sentences of 3 INA commanders. The INA was an Axis-affiliated group of rebel Indian soldiers in the British army led by Subhash Chandra Bose who commanded fierce loyalty among the natives. This led to a situation where the Brits could no longer depend on native Indian soldiers to manage the British Raj. It was the 1857 mutiny all over again.

      2. If I’m correct – Indians, themselves, are racist against blacks – on a caliber even shamed on in the west.

  4. Winston Churchill was basically pro-British to a fanatical extreme which led him to view other nations as medieval, barbaric and uncivilized. That explains his open disregard for their peoples as he strongly felt that none of them could measure up to HIS idea of benchmark British values. Accordingly, they all deserved to be exterminated (Dresden bombings) or abandoned to their fates (Bengal Famine). Not very different from the Nazi line of thinking. Nazism and Churchillism are simply two sides of the same coin.
    So, the Germans became the barbaric Huns (granted it was war time but Churchill’s views of Germans much predate the rise of Hitler). The French were, ahem the French, so automatically deemed untrustworthy. The Indians were a “beastly people with a beastly religion.” The Africans were niggers so Churchill could speak glowingly of the Apartheid regime in South Africa.
    Churchill’s loved by the people of the United Kingdom for his casual stereotyping of other countries, it’s a national sport that they all love to participate in. Many Brits are able to relate so well with Churchill because his memories help them ventilate their deeply buried feelings of racial superiority while being able to simultaneously live in denial. All this under the cover of a sense of righteous, moral indignation which is characteristically British, no different than Nature’s Law.
    Had Churchill been living today, the consensus would be that he was a war criminal not a hero. Although he would have gotten away with it just like Tony Blair.
    Churchill was a cigar smokin’, naked dancin’ (he was a frequent masturbator), sexual assaultin’ (like Trump), sanctimonious, racist, pompous prick. Britain might have prevailed against Germany even without this war criminal stealing credit for the victory.

    1. He actually nailed the Jews in some of his writings despite being in their pocket, selling what little soul he had. While Hitler may have shown too much restraint, Churchill could never be accused of that.

      1. One tends to overdo it given the easy availability of really good porn at throwaway prices on the internet.

  5. Inspite of all his negatives, Churchill was quite a wordsmith. That is to his credit. I could read his essays for hours….

  6. Love this thread about that douchebag called Churchill.
    “Irreverence is the champion of liberty and its only sure defense.’ — Mark Twain.”

  7. …But he failed to see the urgency with which ex-colonial subjects would seek to live in Britain or the swiftness of the Jamaican or Pakistani or Bangladeshi to flee his slum or village to create a no-go area in the UK.
    Churchill’s mistake was not raising barriers to prevent his former subjects from COLONIZING HIS COUNTRY.

      1. JASON Y
        The cruel irony was the correlation between industry and post-colonization. The British needed workers for their factories especially in “mill-towns” like Bradford so immediately thousands of Pakistanis and Bangladeshis poured in.
        Jamaicans did not seek any work at all. There was a period of time when they were allowed to stay in the UK, so they did.
        But essentially the last throes of mass-industrialization occurred as Britain was withdrawing from former colonies so South Asians and Africans and Caribbeans got on the boat.

  8. Well, to Churchhill’s credit – he wasn’t using humans (including kids) for medical experiments, using Russia as a civilian target range, or gassing 6 million Jews.

    1. oh vey, never forget the six GAZILLLION!!! It’s not like the Jewish elite would want to discredit Hitler any way they could, even making up totally absurd and mathematically impossible lies about it? I mean god forbid, if other people started following Hitler’s example and kicked out the Rothschild bankers from their country? It would like another SHOAH!

      1. Well, what about Russia? It’s pretty tough to deny that Hitler wanted to waste the place. How can WNs white-wash that stuff?

        1. Even the Spaniards quite ravaged the natives of Latin America.
          Be grateful to the times in which you live. The West has somewhat warmed up to the people of colour in the post World War Two era entirely due to the horrors and collective shame of World War Two.

  9. Any books to cite? The conquest of Hijaz by Nadj and support of British is one of the biggest taboo.
    99.99% of western history paper over the event, and claim Hashimite corruption led to their downfall.
    Even Russian and USSR historians are not helping in digging the truth.

  10. Singaporean Indian-Chinese tensions are partly caused by the British. They imported the Indians en mass ignoring the fact that this would cause friction and overpopulation with Malays and Chinese.
    The majority of the Indians were uneducated laborers whose descendants became the exploited labor class of the Chinese (Though not now as much) and of course Indian riots resulted.
    Indians did not have to be in Singapore and Brits created this three-is-a-crowd interracial mix of Indian, Chinese and Malay in Singapore.

  11. The Singaporean vs recent-Indians immigrants problems are probably created by USA and PAP government.
    We have just imported loads of Brahmins that consider the earlier wave of Hindus as untouchable shit collectors.
    The intention is to dilute as much Chinese power as possible on the face of emerging China.

  12. Churchill was damn on the money when he talked about indians. They are a barbaric race of people. As for their religion, well Aryan dharma had been adopted by Hitler and Germany to the extent that they even made their new logo as the swastika. So it’s not the religion that is barbaric, it’s the people who practice it. Race is even more important than religion.

    1. So you’re saying racism is wrong? Then why not join the cultural liberal bandwagon and pick on southern USA whites – like JV?

    2. No Mayur, Magneto is by all means a second generation American Indian Highcaste muslim or a Hindu (probably born to a uppercaste Hindu/Muslim couple) brought up probably in a conservative family whose values he hates. Yet because of his innate tribal instinct he wants to brag about the greatness of his religion (both islam and Hinduism). Also a virulent elitist. It is very clear from his racial views, hatred of Christianity, hatred of western women and attraction to brown skinned women. He thinks he’s so clever fooling around people that he is some sort of white man playing a net-nazi. Epic Fail!

      1. OPTIMUS
        MAGNETO is Gujarati Muslim or Syrian Christian or Brahmin Maharashtra and from the US East Coast. He’ll be in his early 20’s.
        His motivation is primarily amusement.

      2. He sounds too simple and straightforward for an Indian proficient in English, even remotely. He probably is a WHITE American who for some peculiar reason is nuts about Indo Aryans and Hinduism. The probable reason is that he is quite in love with his Dravidian Brahmin wife who seems to have brainwashed him completely with her self-delusional Brahminical bullshit.

        1. This is exactly correct. I have seen Magneto’s photo and he is definitely a White man. A rather Aryan one too, blond hair and maybe light eyes. And he is a very good-looking man. NO HOMO!

        2. No man married to a Brahmin would espouse Islam like he has. Brahmins despise Indians Muslims.
          If he is married to an Indian Dravidian girl she is a Tamil Christian.

        3. Might have bleached it. Some pashtuns look awfully white. Might not be surprised if he’s one. Lindsay said even Indian muslim dota was very European looking man. Trash, if he’s married to a Tamil Christisn why should he be passionate about Hinduism and Islam? We have read a lot of white people’s writings here in Roberts blog. There is not even a semblance of white in little Maggy’s writing. No clarity, no finesse nothing, all genocide BS. Even SHI writes far better than magneto though I don’t like his elitism. Thanks, ill stick to reading Roberts posts.

  13. Winston Churchill was the sole reason behind the resolute British reluctance to give in to the Nazi demand of unhindered control over Continental Europe.
    Winston Churchill was in fact ,among the very few British who correctly understood the precise nature of Hitler’s Machiavellian audacity from the very beginning and campaigned vigorously for the British Rearmament much before he became the Prime Minister of Great Britain in 1940 following the resignation of Chamberlain who had tried his level best to pacify Hitler and avert the Second World War only to ultimately realize that Hitler had been taking him for a big ride.
    It was this resolute reluctance of Winston Churchill combined with the physical remoteness of the barren island which quite saved it from the brutal Nazi onslaught and kept the Western Front open against Nazi Germany for an eternity. The tide had to turn against the Wehrmacht, Hitler had to get carried away with his own propaganda, he had to grow impatient and reckless, he had to eventually invade Russia, and he had to get entangled in a gigantic imperial war on both the Western and Eastern fronts.
    Winston Churchill’s resolute reluctance and courage alone eventually led to the downfall of the Third Reich and saved his country from the Nazi Jackboot even though at the end of the World War Two, Great Britain as an imperial power was left hanging by a thread.

  14. “No man married to a Brahmin would espouse Islam like he has. Brahmins despise Indians Muslims.”
    He seems to be quite taken by the Indo-Aryans and Hinduism. He was not espousing Islam; he was only talking about the plight of West. He seems to be deeply disappointed. with the Western civilization. He seems to be pretty old-school. It seems that he was headed for Europe but erroneously boarded a flight to Bangalore or Mumbai and ended up losing his heart and mind to a self-deluded Dravidian Brahmin girl. He clearly has a fetish for feminine girls. He does have some knowledge about Indian girls in particular and Indians in general.

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