Coalburners and Oildrillers

Coalburners and oildrillers. Haha. Those names crack me up. I don’t think they are all that mean really. They pretty much describe what’s going on. She’s burning coal in her furnace lol. He’s using his white drilling rig to drill for black gold in the tar sands lol. Oil drills even look like they are fucking the black earth lol. I love those damn machines. One of the few machines that that actually looks like it’s fucking. Mudshark is a bit mean. Coalburners isn’t really mean. It’s more funny than anything else. Did you know what White women who love Black cock call themselves snowbunnies? They also call getting fucked by Black guys “getting Blacked.” There are quite a few White women into screwing Black guys. Some won’t even touch a White man. It’s Black men or nothing. WTH.

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145 thoughts on “Coalburners and Oildrillers”

  1. I work with one of these type of young white women. I’ve never asked her who she dates, but she’s into rap music, kinda talks black and just has that stereotypical look of a white girl that likes black culture. She’s actually quite pretty, but not my type at all. I don’t like white girls that act black. Hell, I don’t even like black girls that act black, lol. She has natural blonde hair and bright blue eyes. I’m sure many white guys would be outraged to lose her Aryan genes to the black race. I don’t think she has any kids yet, but I’m sure when she does they will be mixed.
    As I get older I’m starting to find myself more and more attracted to black women. I rarely even look at white female porn anymore. Pretty much all the porn I watch is just black women.

    1. Some blacks, not all, want a trophy, and the woman wants a big dick. That seems to be the case. How that could develop into something real is beyond me.

    2. TULIO
      I am from Greater Detroit and I can attest that many African-American women are trapped in the most base form of sexual exploitation by white males.
      These being the African-American women trapped in prostitution on the streets of any major American city. Their clients are mostly white males-rude, low-paying and sometimes abusive.
      Black women are probably in greater harm’s way to the white males from the working or lower middle-class who patronize prostitutes. Some are serial killers. Others simply perverts.
      But because so many black women are caught up in street prostitution they face the greatest danger from white males.
      Also, police ignore crimes against them.

    3. A lot of coalburners end up single mothers, as coal burns and is less durable than an hard White drill.

        1. Mr. Lindsey
          Why are the children of white males (David Bowie) who marry black females (The Somalian model) less likely to be born to an abandoned single mother or raised in dreadful circumstances than the Mulatto child of a white female and a black male.
          Interracial marriage between white males and black females does exist.
          But Imran the African model is not a victim of domestic violence. Her Mulatto son will not grow up as a single-parent child in trying circumstances. They will not struggle in poverty.
          It is far rarer to find a black woman married with children to a white man. But the children of those that are do not seem to be as at risk as the children of white women and black males.

        2. ROD
          I’ve heard black women say that the white penis is harder and that white males in general can retain a full hard erection for longer than a black male.

      1. JV, there are plenty of all-white couples that are no different – and this isn’t SJW sentimentality but reality.

        1. JASON Y
          Actually domestic violence is probably higher in all-white couples than some coarse white rural slag getting knocked up a black thug to rebel against her racist redneck parents because the black thug just drifts off before the child is born.
          Clint remains around long enough to be dragged out his baby’s mother’s residence for domestic violence and the tax payer has to pay for the restraining order she files to keep him off the 4 feet of grass she calls a front yard.
          The black thug who impregnates the white girl simply fades into the darkness of night.
          There’s not domestic dispute calls or restraining orders because the black thug cannot even bothered to pretend he gives a shit about the fat coarse white girl he had sex with when his windows were fogged up by liquor and drugs.

        2. You might have a point there. Note, interracial marriage isn’t technically wrong – as in some abomination or something – but there are certain undeniable facts about certain blacks. However, I really think it’s a minority of the blacks.

  2. I think people should be free to do what they want. Anyway, it’s difficult to say if they’re really trophies or not. However, though, the attitude of some men wanting Asians is flat out ridiculous – borderline dorky. Of course, it’s a trophy thing in that instance. But again, I think that’s just the average. There are exceptions.
    This one guy speaking to me about a trip to China and his Chinese wife is so filled with narcisstic bullshit that it’s beyond explanation.
    Blacks? Indeed there is some true love but I do think a lot of it is trophy bullshit – but that doesn’t mean I think it should be banned – like the way Neo-Nazis etc.. want it.

    1. Trophies, white worship, all that stuff is imperalism, no doubt. Well, I mean I don’t want to be “too politically correct” but you can see that these irrational fun obsessions with other races get out of hand.

    2. JASON Y
      Well it is not as if many Neo-Nazi’s want to shaft the coarse-looking overweight pissed-off poor white women who often ends up with a black thug.
      Homeboy’s windows are fogged up by the blunts and 40 ounces so he can be aroused by this overweight, nagging, loud, stupid, coarse white woman but most self-respecting Nazis cannot.

  3. Some of Jessica’s hate could be jealousy,. She sees these women happy getting a big cock every night – and she is envious. So she goes on Stormfront jerks off with the rest on how blacks and liberals etc.. are stupid, whatnot. Just a theory.
    I mean, how do interracial couples really bother these Nazis? Most of them are just minding their own business. – and possibly living in fear of semi-literate maggots (quoting Jess) from Stormfront harassing them (and they did in my mountain valley and also another place).

    1. If you are a White man in a blue state who is accused of being “chauvinist” all the time, yet you see women dating men from a culture that is more chauvinist than yours (African American culture), you are naturally going to feel cheated and see the hypocrisy.
      These same women also criticize men for being “shallow” yet they are primarily concerned with dick size.
      Really it’s about the hypocrisy of White women harming White men. Black men or their mixed race offspring should NOT be faulted. What sense is there in that?

      1. Comically, that’s the same hate that Asians dish out to white guys stealing their women. Note, to Jessica the WNs surprise, white guys from the south are the “n-word” in South Korea and Japan (those ESL teachers and GIs)
        Anyhow, women being shallow isn’t abnormal.

        1. Honestly, they see a lot of whites as monkeys on par with blacks. These guys cannot go into a bathhouse with harassment from the community and a lone one is often met with insults and dirty looks.

        2. Right. I actually think the Asian Nationalist types like Haux were correct about a lot. For every gripe White men have, Asians experience it more acutely.
          And as for “women being shallow” it is not abnormal, except feminist types put themselves on a moral pedestal for not being shallow, attributing it only to men.
          That’s pretty shitty.

        3. I thnk we are all shallow – like me – if I had more money – but this month I’m broke – I’d like to travel to Knoxville and look at 30 or so naked women. Note, it’s all fun. So why would SJWs see a problem?
          Anyway, being a perv is something I see as OK, but mocking the disabled is something I don’t. But SJWs would hate both.

      2. True, liberals will not criticize black chauvanism – like they wont’ with the Islamic type.

      3. BEAU ANGLO
        It is probably the African-American and Latino (And Italian) machismo and street savvy that attracts white women to confident swaggering males who live in the “now” than penis size.
        Suburban or rural women are more attracted by the street-rough masculinity than anything else.
        Also, the middle-class white is not as physically appealing many times. He is pale and lanky and lacks self-confidence. His clothes and his manner and his lifestyle are bland.
        The black or the Hispanic or the Italian oozes danger. His sense of dress is more masculine-the open shirt, the gold chains, the muscular build.

        1. Not where I live. White guys are loaded with tattoos and even “nice guys” have at least one or two.

        2. LOL I love the hairy open chest thing. I do that to appear masculine.
          I have been told I look like a Mafioso (my father was Southern European and my maternal Grandfather was Welsh- who are darker than other Anglos).

      1. What would she say to some obese – but bearded tattoed WN? She would propose to him. HA… And they would both still make fun of the obese I’m sure.

        1. JASON Y
          They can castigate the “limousine liberal” like me too (though I am middle-class and only attended a State University) but you and I have been employed overseas and lived in exotic wonderful places while they spent their entire lives in a 100 square mile radius going to the same Sports Bars on Ladies Night from age of 18.
          Being a Blue State Democrat from the working middle-class one knows a Clint well and why after the usual youthful mistakes he wakes up at 30 with the kid out-of-wedlock and the minor criminal record and ex-wife who won’t talk to him and the proximity to NAMS because he lacked the initiative to move and begins to blame Hollywood, the Jews, porn etc.
          I would add that Northern states do not have a problem with THEIR BORDER. Why is this?
          To the extent that the Hispanic and Jew HAS HAD a negative impact on Flyover whites or the South then an Irish-Catholic in NYC it is because of the ignorance of whites
          In the North we are not dominated by Jews culturally or politically. Jews make stupid films for profit and some make watchable films. We do not interpret this as reality but the White Southerner is so far removed from his European roots that he is only “American” and “American culture” is silly specious crap.
          The white prole from the Flyover or the South talks about Northern amorality but they are more likely than middle-class educated “elite” to have children out-of-wedlock and young while the Irish-Catholic swinger from San Francisco has sex with 50 women a month and does not.
          In the North we come from a European heritage and culture (And religion if we have it) of tight-knit families. They have only the pride of a feudal land-based agrarian plantation system and the flag of a conquered army along with a tedious preoccupation with a sub-population of the black underclass.
          They blame being jumped for running their mouth outside a KFC on Affirmative Action but ultimately it is their lack of earning power that puts them in the same proximity with NAMS.

  4. Interracial Relationships
    There are many respectable African-American men in relationships with white women.
    However, a good percentage of white women who get mixed up with black or Hispanic males end up being borderline criminals. This has been my experience in Southeast Michigan.
    They get into drugs. They become accessories to various petty crimes. They become street people. A white woman has been mixed up with black thugs for some period of time is irrevocably changed by the experience.
    Years later, a great many of them will regret the experience.
    To begin with, perhaps 20% of white women who have interracial relationships with black males will get into crack cocaine. Or they used to. Perhaps this is not the drug of choice anymore but in the old days cocaine fueled the black thug lifestyle (Or Hispanic Cholo for that matter).
    Secondly, they develop criminal instincts. They become familiar with gangs, drug sales territories, guns, resent police.
    Third, often times the support they received from the father of their child is minimal. At least 50% of interracial relationships with children end in out-of-wedlock destitution.
    These are my observations but of course the white women I knew in the 1990’s who became involved in interracial relationships were the either the dregs or had issues with their parents.

    1. Interesting – but there are plenty of so-called low-life white women with OTHER so-called low-life white men.

      1. JASON Y
        Demographically this makes sense.
        Also we are talking about lower middle-class white women in relationships with black thugs whom they meet through socio-economic proximity.
        A black Supermodel married to David Bowie is probably a different dynamic.

        1. Most of those guys are not thugs – only guys like Tulio or Darrius Rucker. They’re harmless, but obviously, they stir up the WNs.

  5. Cautionary Tales
    Becky was a French-Canadian woman whose parents had immigrated to Michigan during the 1970’s (Being on another border).
    I met her in college at 18. The first couple of years she was a good student but smoked some marijuana like the rest of us. Then she discovered cocaine at a Fraternity.
    Slowly, as she got into it, she began to associate with Hispanic dealers. She drifted off campus but hung around. In the summer of 1997, at 21, she finally picked the wrong Hispanic to date.
    She accompanied him to Texas and here she was arrested in a stolen vehicle and spent time in jail. Within two years of associating with Hispanics she went from a college party girl to a coke whore to a criminal. It happens fast.
    By the time I met Kelsy she was dating a black drug dealer who was a campus dealer. He was a reasonably nice man but he sold huge amounts of marijuana. She was still a college student.
    Then he was busted for a pound of marijuana on the premises and she was jailed.
    Her name went in the local newspaper and she remained in jail a few months.
    Never saw her again. Presumably she returned to her parents-a college dropout with a felony on her record.
    About 40% of the time the white girl is vulnerable to begin with and gets into a bad situation. At the end of it, she has a mixed-race child and perhaps a minor criminal record as an accessory and often times a drug habit.
    As late as the 1990’s these sort of white women came from lower middle-class backgrounds. But today, interracial dating has probably crept up into the middle and upper middle-classes so the sort of situations one used to associate with white girls from modest backgrounds who became involved with Hispanics or black thugs is now a more widespread phenomenon.
    When I left the United States in 1999 the white male was not so cucked. Also in the North, where whites come from immigrant backgrounds it is not possible to entirely erase their ethnic pride. Certainly not with Jews or East Asians.

    1. And of course – the mixed race thing is BAD right? That would be Jessica’s thinking. But two low-life whites are at least getting a white baby. OK, is this thinking rational or moral? SJWs would say no for sure, but plenty of other Americans would also say no.

    2. People become more civilized. It has little to do with Jews but just the fact people are more rational and moral.

    3. When I left the United States in 1999 the white male was not so cucked. Also in the North, where whites come from immigrant backgrounds it is not possible to entirely erase their ethnic pride. Certainly not with Jews or East Asians.

      Who is defining cuck? You mean men who are not discriminating based on race – only stupidity and other factors that people can control? That seems more like civilization and rationality to me.

      1. JASON Y
        Cannot speak for today but back in 1999 whites were not so filled with guild about their race. Especially Italians and Jews. You’d be hard-pressed to get them to say they were ashamed of being white.

        1. Well, either that hasn’t changed or it’s gotten worse. The situation hasn’t become more “peaches and sunshine”. Note, most regular white guys have never and are not now crying tears over other races. Myself, I’ve always been the more empathetic type – mainly cause my pop is this sort of harsh military man – with a massively irrational complex against blacks (though not enough to become a WN).

    4. Actually, racial hatred has increased since the 90s, not what JV is saying. The black president and all the white alienation has made the nation LESS “flower power” “love” etc… Instead, males are on the defensive – so hate is more acceptable and guys are subconsciously are putting on these beards, tattoos to cover up racial insecurity.

  6. Note my father was culturally conservative and cynical like JV, but not economically liberal like he is. So I know all about JV’s type. But that thinking is massively irrational and immoral. Well, that’s the egg-head way to describe it. Let’s just say it’s being a dick, no disrespect to pop. But lots of guys are like that – especially coming from a military or police background.

    1. JASON Y
      I’m not culturally conservative per se as pragmatic: two Jewish gay males in San Francisco sucking one another’s penises above their Bistro are less likely to develop the social pathology of a child born to low-life whites from a shotgun wedding in Alabama because, well, they are both working with no dependents.
      Abortion is another issue I do not care about although once a child is born it should be illegal to put it in a dumpster. But most high IQ white women these days have been raised on porn so they know about withdrawal and sucking their partner off into their mouth (Best form of birth control in my opinion) and the pill. NAMS and poor white women become pregnant and abortion becomes an issue because they lack the IQ for family planning or if male they just won’t use a rubber because it is like eating with your nose plugged.
      I’m also realistic about NAMS soaking up tax money that poor whites have to earn because I have stood in front of the black giant in line at KFC and I know that they would not quietly starve to death. So lifelong charity is going to be inevitable for them. Unless white working class men who protest welfare and taxes wish to donate themselves to the cannibalism that would ensue if there was no welfare.
      The Northern States do not have a problem with their border. Oh and by the way when Americans try to sneak into Canada they are caught, jailed and deported immediately. So somebody wants illegal immigration and what began it was Big Business in agriculture.
      I am not sure I am heartless.

      1. Lots of blacks work. The whole “charity” thing is exaggerated – mainly cause it’s tough to get on welfare, SSI etc.. In fact, if some blacks are on it, then they’ve obviously been diagnosed as disabled, retarded etc..
        it would be interesting to see how many NAMS are on welfare, as compared to ones working and also see how many whites are on welfare (the stats). After that, we can make a judgment.
        Anyway, in regards to pop, his ranting about blacks didn’t take this into consideration but was mostly identity politics.

    2. JASON Y I’m Pragmatic
      Jewish and Chicano men swimming around a gay bathhouse in San Francisco having 30 partners in one night are not the problem. They both work and have no dependents.
      The young white couple from the rural background or man and woman whose random lust results in a child at 22 are the problem. Domestic assault and child support issues often follow as well as eventually juvenile delinquency.
      This is just pure IQ. The gay Jewish councilman in San Francisco used condoms, the poor white prole in Missouri does not.
      I feel the same way about welfare. Poor whites are angry that so much of their tax money goes to unemployable minorities. Okay. Can we have them donate their body to the cannibalism that will soar when welfare is removed from Detroit or Chicago? If you ever stood in front of a black ghetto giant at a KFC in Detroit like me you would know the guy would EAT YOU if you took away his Greenbacks.
      I’m going to add that in a naked-in-the-wild type situation the black is usually faster and stronger than the white. So if I put the average white male naked on the savanna the black would corn-hole him. It is ironic how tough white guys like Clint act until they go to jail and blacks that are 50 pounds heavier than them are raping them in the showers.
      I am not culturally conservative as I am realistic.

      1. They all cannot all be on welfare. There is just no possible way. It’s difficult to get on it. In fact, a lot of law firms specialize in SSI claims because it’s so tough.
        Anyway, who knows how they’re getting the money for KFC. Does anyone have an idea? Maybe it’s working some really crappy job, drug dealing etc..
        Note, and this is interesting, that poor person exist in Brazil and the Phillippines (a lot of them) etc. and they haven’t eaten people yet. They do survive somehow – and there isn’t a dime in welfare.

      2. I feel the same way about welfare. Poor whites are angry that so much of their tax money goes to unemployable minorities.

        It also goes to unemployable whites.- who are also poor.

      3. Poor whites are also using socialist advantages (note Robert not putting down socialism here) to make up for life’s fuck-ups. For instance, with a baby, as with blacks, they can get more money from the government.

        Jewish gays in Frisco are typically artists. They sell paintings to upper middle class progressive lawyers or mid level bureaucrats.
        They are not rich.
        When they get AIDs they will drive up costs on the Obamacare exchange and accidentally help Ted Cruz’s poll number’s rise.
        So this is a problem, although it may be far less of a problem than a segment of the population in “The Flyover”

        1. Don’t insult art by calling these freaks as artists. Can you even compare the classic French art to the shit these gay freaks pass as art? Most of the Jewish arts only serve the purpose of only debasing the pure art. San Francisco gay artists are an abomination.

  7. I don’t really know the solution to this. However, at least in Tennessee, there are restaurant jobs available – and nobody will do them – so they work people 12-hour shifts. Do they have those desperation jobs in Detroit?

    1. Mr. Yiddish.
      I was in High School during early recession recovery.
      I was told that I could not be hired for entry level positions because I did not have retail experience. That makes no sense as they are entry level positions. If the employers get to be so absurdly picky it indicates the job market is not too hot.
      I also noticed a sharp uptick in adults working fast food jobs.
      BLS stats do not take that into account, nor do they take into account people who have given up looking for work/don’t file unemployment (which includes many young people, students, people who’s spouses work, etc.)
      With all due respect, your liberal elitism is blinding you here, sir.

      1. Maybe this is just some new thing going on. Note, where I live they advertise for fast food and waiting for jobs all the time – cause nobody wants to do them.
        Liberal elitism? No, it’s just an observation – just like the nerd on Dazed and Confused made before getting in a fight with Clint.

        1. JASON Y
          “Clints” can be employed in factories or garages or construction sites but they are not socialized enough for service sector jobs that require any sort of interaction with the public.
          So once the factory closes or the trucking firm goes under if Clint does not have some trade (Plumber, mechanic) he is unemployable.
          To work in fast food requires you to be drug-free (At least long enough to pass the drug test) and functionally social. Males like Clint are only going to last three days before pouring hot coffee on a rude customer.
          Fast food jobs that require polite and subservient teenagers or pleasant housewives won’t be the answer for Clint.
          Here is the real problem: technologically we have outsourced the sheet metal cutting jobs that pay $40 an hour or “any swinging dick” railroad yard employment.

        2. Beau Anglo wants a retail position and feels nothing is available. Well, that’s nothing new. I tried for those jobs in the 90s and could not get them. I tried at grocery stores too and was turned down by one and accepted by another. Therefore, I think the problem is that Beau hasn’t tried enough places. See, the manager has to like you somewhat – and some managers are sort of unreasonable.

        3. Clint pours coffee on a customer? That could be something worth a medal of honor. ha ha, Customers deserve it. However, though, sometimes it’s the waiter/waitress who is the bully. In that case, they might go off unjustifiably on a customer. But of course, a complaint will have the employee finished for good – even at other places.

        4. Mr. Yiddish-
          I mean to include fast food jobs at fast-food outlets.
          There IS literally nothing until you get a High School diploma. Even beyond that, it’s difficult.

      2. Retail positions? You might be right there. It does seem tough for people to get in places cause – employers want experience, but nobody is willing to give you any.

        1. BEAU ANGLO
          Why then do Indian primitives from the jungles of Central America or Mexico manage to “steal a white man’s job”?
          It is doubtful that they even have a GED.
          My understanding is that some of the Indians coming over the border now can barely even speak Spanish.

        1. JASON Y
          Hispanics seem to be beating Affirmative Action and so do Southeast Asians, so that it is Epic Fail.
          Socially and Psychologically-speaking the public likes some guy the color of Al Pacino with a diffident manner whose hoping not to get deported before his house in Mexico is build or the pleasant ex Filipino bar girl rather than big sullen-looking black people.

        2. Is this a case for/against affirmative action? Are you saying blacks need it – not cause of whites – but because of Filipinos and Hispanics?

      3. Oh, wait. Beau was in high school? Oh, that explains it. They aren’t going to hire high school for retail. Only restaurant stuff is open. It’s always been like that.

        1. JASON Y Clinton’s Story (His real name)
          Clinton was a homeless man from Connecticut in the Philippines about 54 years old. He’d been in the army and then he had been a steelworker.
          He had the usual working class story. He was Irish-American and his parents were working poor from an East Coast harbor town. His brother was a psychedelic derelict who grew marijuana in Oregon and lived in a camper. His wife had divorced him. She got his modest condo.
          He’d served in the Philippines and after one last decent paying job as a contractor in Iraq he went to the Philippines.
          Because he spent 3,000 a night at the girly bars the money ran out. His last hotel had agreed to store some of his things free so he simply checked out and started sleeping in Neepah huts on the beach.
          One one occasion he asked me for antibiotic for a foot infection. It was only 8 pesos a pill but he did not have the money and the foreigners around the McDonald’s were so tired of his mooching that when he asked for it they ignored him.
          At this point Clinton asked to move in with me but I refused. Just did not want his large smelly body on the floor of my tiny apartment.
          So I asked Clinton why he did not return to the US.
          Clinton explained that in the public park of his harbor city he might be in more danger or cops would simply roust him. His kids legally owned the condo and he was not sure if they would allow him in and besides “I want some self-respect around my kids” (They were young adults by then in their early 20’s). Finally Connecticut was cold.
          Jobs-wise he told me that once a man was 50, even with a decent service record, employers just did not want him even for minimum wage teenage jobs. Additionally, having been a steel-worker he felt it was an affront to be working for a teenager’s allowance and it would not cover his bills anyhow.
          The steel mills in his city and for that matter in the US had closed. He had earned $40,000 a year for 20 years.
          So for Clinton being on the streets penniless in the Philippines was preferable.

    2. Detroit itself has few desperation jobs because few people who remain there have any money and the remaining liquor stores, no-tell motels etc. are owned by Arabs, Pakistanis etc. Ditto for gas stations.

      As much as Idi Amin and Mugabe are hated – you can see the source of their anger.

  8. I think drugs play into things big time. Drugs can keep people from getting hired due to testing and job discrimination against users. Do you think we need to change The Drug War?

  9. JASON Y
    “Blacks need it”. Be honest that when the waiter is a diffident Hispanic man who looks like Al Pacino you feel a bit less stressed than when he is a large sullen black male. Then again, you would prefer this diffident and pleasant Hispanic to Clint just as quickly.
    When the nurse is a pleasant Filipino woman who has lovely bedside manners from all the foreigners she had to sleep with in order to pay for nursing school in the Philippines you feel much more at ease than when she is a large black woman with a self-assertive attitude.
    …or maybe you don’t but the average person does and so affirmative action only goes so far.

    1. I don’t feel threatened by blacks dressed like Penguins. I mean, come on. In fact, a lot of people are into this “Sambo” thing where they actually desire black servants – maybe even sexually. You know like Sir Elton John or something.

      1. JASON Y
        “Desire black servants sexually” This must be a love-hate thing in the South.

        1. Yeah, definitely it’s a psychotic obsession. Your statements about the manner were dead on right.

    2. Black women probably seem more threatening now, but it wasn’t the case in the past – when it was assumed that they were good servants.

      1. JASON Y Vast Regional Differences
        Sometimes hatred is better than sheer indifference.
        The Northern white arrived 50, 60 years after the Civil War from Europe and his grandchildren or great-grandchildren feel a mixture of indifference and contempt.
        The Southerner had a love-hate relationship but the Italian or Pole merely feels indifference.
        Blacks in New York City accuse the whites of ignoring than more than of aggressive racism.
        “All we hear about is the Holocaust” complained one black female activist.

  10. BEAU Question For the Youth
    Why has porn recorded with cell phones become a new form of art?
    Why are so many young people (And not so young) putting pornographic depictions of themselves on the internet these days?
    When I was in college young women committed suicide over being photographed unknowingly by a pervert.
    These days there it seems like every young woman in the world wants to be uploaded on the internet being recorded on cell phone with a penis spewing semen into her mouth.
    Not all of these are young girls either. There are hundreds of thousands of grandmothers 50 plus on the internet spreading their butt-holes for a cell phone.
    I left the United States at 25 in 1999. At that time, if you wanted to see a woman giving a blowjob you had to purchase a videotape or a magazine from an adult book store.
    So I’m curious what you believe-being a young man in your twenties-is driving this totally shameless exhibitionism among chicks? A desire for self-expression? A total collapse of values since 1994 (Women tried to deny giving blowjobs back then even if they were masters at it) among women? A desire to put Jews in the porn industry out of business with free stuff?
    Of course it is easier to make porn and upload it to a venue these days.
    But why all the millions of women of every nationality, every age, every appearance being willing to do acts in front of the camera that porn stars wouldn’t do 20 years ago.
    As an older guy who has not been in the United States for nearly twenty years I am curious.

      RED STATES: An (underage) girl WILL NOT be punished by her school/the law for producing amateur porn…That is “bigotry”… either against culturally low class people. So, there is less deterrent to do that…although of course other girls will call her a slut and guys will ogle these photos.
      BLUE STATES: A girl being punished for doing such thing is part of the patriarchy, as is a father being angry that his daughter did that (or his wife, etc.)

        1. BEAU Another Question
          When I was a young man (90’s) women viewed porn as a horrific tool of the male patriarchy to degrade women.
          Now women seem to love doing porn and taking facial cum shots in public on cell phone cameras.
          When did women decide that porn was wonderful? What changed this line of thinking?

        2. BEAU
          I’ve been out of the United States for so long it is interesting to see the cultural decline.

        1. BEAU ?
          20 years ago if a woman was giving you a blowjob and you produced a camera to capture the act on film she would probably assault you.
          In those days women were paid $1000 a scene to give a blowjob on camera in the porn industry.
          Why are they doing it for free on camera?

    2. I think that’s sad that a young woman would commit suicide over that stuff. it makes you wonder what damage all these open media is doing to people – some are just too sensitive to handle it.

      1. RA story:
        One Residential Adviser at my college was gay and he went out to California to be a porn star.
        In those days (90’s) people were paid $1000 a scene.
        I have read somewhere that the rate for a woman willing to do anal sex had now declined to $300 or something.
        Porn just does not make the money it did 20 years ago.

      2. JASON Y “Open Media”
        In 1999 no woman who was say 22 or 23 at that time would have consented to be videotaped giving a blowjob, much less for free.
        So the question remains:
        Why are so many young women consenting for free to be captured on a cell phone sucking a dangling penis sentient that it will be uploaded to the internet.
        20 years ago these white girls were decrying pornography as a tool of degradation and a cause of rape.
        What has changed since I lived in the United States?

    3. WNs want to “cuck” the white man as much as Jews. Note, how they ridicule obese guys (probably half the American population) as well as other degenerates – who in reality are a little weird – but just average American guys. And of course, the Jew DOES love the sports fitness hunk, but so does the WN. Is the Jew really ridiculing the hunks – or just the so-called degenerate, like the Jews?

      1. JASON Y Southern Hick Paranoiac Idiocy
        If you walked up to Max Hevenstein the Brooklyn Jew and suggested that he wanted black men to have sex with white women you would probably be in a fight.
        It is absolute nonsense that Jewish men want blacks to have sex with white women. Some many sell images of it for money or even produce it but the average Jew on the street in Brooklyn would belt you for suggesting that he wanted to get white girls to have sex with blacks.
        None of you Dixie hicks or rural suburbanites have ever been in an urban population center with many Jews because all of you are basically hicks but I would not advise that you walked up to Max the Jewish Brooklyn thug and suggested he wanted to make white women have sex with blacks.
        Jews in Brooklyn don’t care whether Evangelical Southerner’s daughters get screwed by huge groid dicks. In fact they probably find it distasteful that any white girl would do this.
        The white working-class has collapsed because of stupidity and possibly the Jewish middle class has an IQ 5 points or 10 point higher (Along with Asians) and this creates some degree of skepticism.

    the situation is so bad in the U.S. that when a wife cheats on her husband, the husband is to blame as he “ignored her”. And the women is cheered as being “liberated”.

    1. BEAU
      This is why I did not marry as a young man in the United States.
      I can remember as a young man in my twenties I would see my roommates spending loads of money on snotty young white women who would let them screw them in the dark a few times and then get bored and break up with my roommates.
      By then I had given up trying to convince white women to screw for free and went into the barrio to pay Mexican prostitutes. In 1998 a Mexican woman in a Phoenix barrio would do sex and oral for $25 in a semi-public place. Detroit prostitutes who were black would give you a blowjob for $20.
      I carried this line of thinking overseas.

  12. BEAU Second Question
    But what is driving the desire young women to be captured on cell giving blow jobs or other degrading acts? Why are women so enthusiastic to drop to their knees when a man whips out a cell phone and his penis.
    Twenty years ago a woman would freak out if you suggested recording her on videotape giving a blowjob (Even if they were notorious sluts).
    Even grandmothers seem eager to participate in amateur acts on camera.
    Is it the fact that women these days are viewing porn more now that you do not have to go to a sleazy adult book store to consume it?
    Or the glorification of porn stars?
    What is driving women to appear on camera in degrading acts?

      1. BEAU
        well it put Jews in porn out of business so a paranoid WN might say that the MSM is outraged that Jewish women can longer make $1000 a scene doing porn.

    You can hardly accuse Jews of destroying the Gentile with porn when every male with a cell phone is dropping his pants and uploading a BJ in public.

    1. Jews tend to be the most overt and covert promoters of Liberalism everywhere while beautifully preserving their own faith, language and culture. Besides, they love to hoard wealth.

      1. MAYUR
        For some reason the higher the IQ the easier it is for a race to protect itself from moral or cultural disintegration.
        It is the lowest IQ races whose culture seems to disintegrate in the face of free choice into a miasma of addiction, crime, single parenthood, prostitution.

      1. But people have a right to do what they want in America – that’s why we’re free. However, if a gun was held to someone’s head saying, “OK, you’re white and you HAVE TO marry a Pakistani,” , then that’s when it’s wrong.
        OK, so Jews are using propaganda, OK so are fast food companies marketing to kids, so was The Marlboro Man with his cigarettes. What’s new here?

        1. JASON Y
          White girls getting involved in pornography who are not Jewish (Which many are) will have the usual white trash horror story: the mother who was 20 when they were born, the stepfather that molested them, the high school flirtation with drugs and bad boys etc etc. They are the products of white dysfunction.
          I’ve known one or two white trash prostitutes in Asia. Hard-faced gum-chewing blonde call girls in Manila or Tokyo who charge $500 a customer. White women from the Flyover states with limited skills will peddle ass because it does not bother them. So whether the payment is from a Jewish director or a Chinese-Filipino casino patron does not really matter. Some of them would take another woman’s money and squat to have sex with her dog if they were paid to do so.

        2. Jews “using” propaganda.
          Having a high verbal IQ (My own is 121) makes you cynical. I don’t why but math geniuses with spatial IQ’s of 165 are not as cynical as those with verbal IQ’s of 130.
          Since a high verbal IQ seems to be intertwined with cynicism it seems to make sense that the only thing you can do is write or sell things that pander to the basest (As in widest) desires of the consumer-like seeing what women are willing to do on camera for money.
          I’d add that those with a high math IQ are not as cynical. You’d think that logic and analytical intelligence would lead to cynicism but this condition seems to be the domain of the high verbal IQ.
          In fact physicists like Hawkins or Bill Gates have a childlike sense of wonder.

      2. Some white men have been labeled “lame and inferior” but NOT by the media only, but BY WHITE MEN. I mean, how could tons of WN propaganda change some skinny, autistic, obese, or handicapped dude? Finally, NOTE, WNs are also shoving shit in the face of the obese etc.. as noted by the lovely Jessica (Zed) on here.

        1. JASON Y
          Jess or Zed is such a Dixie stereotype that it is quite amusing to a Northerner. “Nigsows” on the “down low”. There is the rural agrarian allegory that hints at beastiality and cuckoldry-“criminal bucks” running off with white girls.
          One can imagine her/him dressing for some hunting or fishing trip as if they were on an expedition in darkest Africa.
          The Yankee giggles at it, frankly.

        2. JASON Y
          Jews have been labeled inferior for 1000 years and does not appear to have stymied them at all.

      3. MOONMAN
        Koreans sell fortified liquor in the ghetto because people by it. Mexico grows poppy because it sells over the border.
        We have to ask ourselves why White men can be made to pay money to see white girls suck big black penises.
        Sure the blacks and Jews and some sluts (Also Jewish much of the time) are going to show up to make the stuff because they want money (Or cocaine) but it is the Anglo-Saxon in Kentucky who wishes to masturbate to images of big black penis tearing a white girl’s anus.
        So the question is why does it arouse him to the point that his money pays for it?
        Is it the white girl? Or is it the big black penis.

        1. black is in the bottom three porn searches in the link I provided. Lesbians and MILFs are far more likely to arouse White men.

      4. MOONMAN Nutmeg
        Go to a Liquor store in the ghetto of Detroit and you will notice that there is a huge rack of nutmeg and also baking soda. Do people in the black ghetto bake that many cakes?
        Just as ghetto blacks will eat spoonfuls of nutmeg with cold water with a hallucinogenic low-grade high or smoke baking soda with trace amounts of cocaine white males will pay money to see a 14 inch black penis up a white woman’s anus for some horrific reason.
        So somebody sells it to them.
        And if the Jews did not then Japanese porn producers were be overrunning the shores of the Pacific to fill the void.

  14. BEAU ANGLO GED Generation
    When I left the United States anybody with a Good Enough Diploma could be hired in fast food or retail.
    This was in the 1990’s when teenagers sometimes worked their way up to assistant managers in Burger King by 16 or 17.

  15. MOONMAN Human Sheep
    It is sad to see that the White American (Though not the British white or Australian white or Jewish white) is a mere sheep to produce profits for other races.
    Mexicans invent horrific new drugs and the dumb white American gets hooked on them. It was crack when I was a child and then when I left America it was meth and now it is heroin.
    Jews get some female white tits and ass to do sex acts in a ratty Los Angeles apartment for a gram of cocaine and $500. The dumb white American pays for it.
    Chinese outsource his factory jobs and then the white man pays for his cheap furniture at the cost of his entire downtown of family-owned businesses turning into a graveyard of crumbling buildings.
    So you see in some ways the White American seems to be a bit of a fool. A mere beast of burden like a donkey to be used as a consumer.

  16. MOONMAN & BEAU “MILF” Porn ? for the Youth
    In 1999 a white-collar man could lose his job for being seen entering the back entrance of an adult book store to purchase a hardcore magazine in his private hours-this happened to a lawyer friend of the family’s who was seen exiting an adult book store back entrance with a magazine by an acquaintance in a passing car. He lost his job.
    When I left the United States female porn performers were young women from the dregs of society hooked on cocaine or heroin who showed up at the LA bus terminal. Most consented but some even alleged they were forced.
    Today 60 year old grandmothers are sucking black penises. Respectable-appearing middle-aged women who look like real estate agents in their late 40’s or early 50’s are spreading their anuses to be double-penetrated.
    Is this economic?
    What is driving the participation of normal “MILFS” who are not cocaine or heroin addicts to participate in pornography?
    Is the US economy THAT BAD?
    A mere 18 years ago young college women killed themselves over a nude photograph taken without their consent.
    Males who were caught keeping a porn video tape were derided by every female in their circle as a “pervert” because they masturbated to pornography.

    1. “In 1999 a white-collar man could lose his job for being seen entering the back entrance of an adult book store to purchase a hardcore magazine in his private hours-this happened to a lawyer friend of the family’s who was seen exiting an adult book store back entrance with a magazine by an acquaintance in a passing car. He lost his job.
      before I can speculate as to that I need some background info….
      in the 1990s, how often could non-Alphas get laid?
      I know a completely ripped guy, a complete “hunk”.
      However, he is a gamma personality. He is introverted with interests that differ from mainstream people (into politics, right-wing conspiracy theories, etc). He is a 23 year old grad student.
      Despite his chiseled looks he told me he has not been laid in 3 YEARS.
      I was floored at this. It is evident that if this guy has trouble getting laid, 90% of men must as well.
      Was it like this in the 1990s?
      IF NOT, then that explains the rise in porn viewership.

      1. BEAU Sex in the 90’s: A Personal Account
        For the average (and average-looking) white male in the 1990’s the only avenue for steady sexual activity was the girlfriend or prostitutes. White women would screw after about 2 weeks of courting on average, maybe a month, but you could expect nothing but missionary-style sex in the dark with most of them and maybe about half of them ever gave blow jobs.
        Because of AIDS and STD’s blow jobs were far less common. In 1993 if you contracted AIDS from semen you were dead in 3 years-no cocktail kept you alive. Genital warts and herpes could not be cured.
        Anal sex was unheard of with Caucasian women and to even SEE Anal Sex you had to enter a bad neighborhood (it was like buying drugs) and enter a licensed sex store and pay $20 to $30 for a video or magazine.
        Hardcore pornographic magazines and videotapes were ONLY available in adult bookstores for $40.
        Middle-class white women usually broke up with a man if they found that he read pornographic magazines and few woman had seen hardcore penetrative sex more than once in their lives. In this era the Blue State women often protested the sale of porn and even succeeded in my city in closing down an adult book store. Women were doing anything in their power to keep porn out of men’s hands. At any rate a campus average white college guy who got caught with porn magazines in his possession became an instant pariah.
        I’m not sure if Red Light areas still exist to the same extent but they were vast in North American cities in the 1990’s. The only place to see a naked white woman was a strip bar and the only place to buy hardcore penetrative porn magazines was licensed sex stores and also crack cocaine was still an epidemic so female addicts were selling their bodies every night for $20.
        It was possible to sometimes “hook up” at a Ladies Night college meat market bar. The average-looking white middle-class male might do this once or twice a year although there have always been Alpha males.
        My own experience in the 1990’s with sex began in Amsterdam at age 20 and after that I was a covert user of prostitutes.
        By the time I was single penniless college graduate of 25 in Phoenix living with two other college-agish guys I had thrown over any attempt to have a relationship with a white middle-class young woman to simply obtain quick sex from Hispanic and White Trash prostitutes in the red light areas.
        I would take the bus to some random bus stop, then take another downtown where no middle-class young whites ever went and walk around until I found a $25 Chicana prostitute.
        My roommates meanwhile floundered through relationships with white college aged girls who were often snotty and expected a man to put out a great deal of money simply to lie down in the dark for missionary-style sex.
        White young women would date a white guy for a while and then tire of him and break up. By the time this happened he would have spent several thousand dollars.
        I just could not afford this and sex was cheap on the streets at that time.
        So this was the state of sex for white middle-class guys who came of age in the 1990’s.
        The notion that a white woman would allow you to capture her on film for free doing a sexual act was nil. It never happened.

      2. BEAU This is curious cross-generation exchange and enlightening for a man who left the United States 18 years ago
        “How often could Alphas get laid?”
        Answer: Quite often but it was the same missionary sex in the dark. Middle class white women reserved blow jobs for long-term boyfriends (And some refused). One reason was that if you got AIDS in 1994 you were dead in 1-2 years-it killed you quick back then. Genital warts and herpes were impossible to cure.
        If you were average-looking and did not have a girlfriend you basically did not get laid at all. Maybe if you spent all your money at bars every weekend you might get sex 1 x per month but this would be optimistic.
        “Decline of the Crack Whore”
        In 1994 to purchase a hardcore magazine anywhere in the US you had to go to visit a licensed Adult Book store. These were always in black ghetto and cops often pulled you over and gave you a “verbal warning” not to be seen in the area again after searching you for drugs.
        So because oral sex from a “crack ho” was only $25 at that time many guys just went that route.
        One way adult book stores made money was to offer private massages. Another words a female employee sat in the booth with you and jacked you off while you slid quarters into the machine that ran porn films. They would usually charge $50 and draw it out so that you had to spend $10 watching porn until finally you came.
        “Chiseled looks”
        The 1990’s was the Era of the Serial Killer as well as AIDS. This was age when Bundy’s and Dhamer’s were killing ridiculous numbers of people. If a woman went off with the wrong man she was never seen again. So chiseled Alphas could not just walk up to women like they can today. There were no cell-phones, CCTV, digital trails to track people.

      3. SIR
        I appreciate your information.
        My own parents were born in the early 1960s (much older than you).
        My father recalls watching the Reagan years in amazement (everyone signing unto a guy anally raping them economically because he played cowboys in the movies).
        He did not support NAFTA but did not predict it would have the magnitude of effects it would have.

        1. BEAU “Cover their Face”
          $20 would get a blowjob in a parked car.
          For $25-$30 you could enter the woman’s home for “half-and-half” oral and vaginal sex.
          The women were not hideous. They were Hispanic and Black women in their 30’s or 40’s.
          There were two reasons:
          REASON 1
          Minimum wage was $4.75 an hour. So many white trash or black or Hispanic women working 60 hours a week had no choice but to give hit the streets once a month and give 4 blow jobs in order to cover a water bill or keep their electricity on. Minimum wage just did not cover the basics.
          Some prostitutes in those days would give you blow jobs in THEIR CAR. They worked. Paid bills. But the money was not enough.
          REASON 2
          Crack cocaine was at the peak of its epidemic heights. A crack rock cost exactly $20. More often black women or especially white women were crack addicts than Hispanic women. So essentially they were giving head to get their next hit.
          REASON 3
          Hispanic women, particularly with dubious legal immigration status could not obtain welfare. Forget about it. There was no Affirmative Action for Hispanic women who could pass for Italians. They were not considered a “minority”. So many of the ones with kids had no choice.
          Sometimes they were US citizens and even owned their own house. Their kids would sit watching television as they led you into the bedroom.
          Going rate was $25 for everything.

        2. BEAU
          Most educated white middle-class Americans protested NAFTA.
          Mainly because SCARFACE had come out and America was still dealing with the Mariel Boatlift and they feared that rapists and lunatic gangs from Central America would enter the United States. They did of course.

        3. so for $45 in today’s dollar, you could get laid by an average looking, highly skilled prostitute in her home? legality, surprising more guys aren’t going for this.

        4. Cubans tend to be a strong influence in the GOP because without them the GOP would lose Florida 100% of the time.
          (We would’ve had a Democratic President from 2001-2009. Trump would’ve only had an 8 electoral vote majority).

        5. Cubans also tend to funnel money to Florida State politicians, who, being from swing states, are more likely to make it to national prominence. (Jeb Bush, Mel Martinez, etc.)

    I, as most men, do not see the desire to see a girl get pounded by a BBC or a c0ck of any other race.
    In fact, I do not want to see c0cks at all….this limits how much porn can be watched as that is the majority of porn.
    Imagery like playboy, strip clubs, etc. are far more preferable.

  18. TRASH
    Most ca. 25 year old women view porn now…albeit far less than men do.
    “there is hardly a guy or girl who has not masturbated to porn at least once”

    1. BEAU Interracial Assault and Female Porn Viewing
      Occasionally a gaggle of “Soho’s” (Sorority Girls) would go to an Adult Book Store for a laugh and Black female prostitutes would attack them outside.
      Making white male prospective johns feel ashamed to hire the black prostitute was the main reason or uneasy in general. Or sometimes it was just snatching the white girl’s pearls. Or simply racial.
      But because porn stores WERE ALWAYS in bad areas women did not see much porn in the 1990’s pre-internet.

          There was a joke about a white middle-class woman who orders a sex video and some sleazy hippy-looking guy parks a Van with a Dildo On Top in her driveway that has “Joe’s Sex Shop” painted on the side.
          The white middle-class woman protests horrified and the sleazy sex shop delivery boy says “But Lady, it’s IN A BROWN PAPER BAG” (In the old days sex shops would give you a brown paper bag so that it looked like you were carrying groceries instead of a sack full of hardcore mags or a porn video or a vibrator).
          Your answer is that not many women wanted the sleazy mob-connected Italian owners of Adult Book Stores coming to their house (Adult Book Stores were a mafia “front” at that time).

        2. Some sleazy mob-connected Italian guy rolls into the white woman’s driveway in a big van that says “Joe’s Sex Shop” on the side with a big painted dildo on top.
          “But lady, your videos are in a brown paper bag!!”

  19. JASON Y ?
    Should we ban nutmeg because a few desperate ghetto blacks will ingest for a low-grade trip? How about baking soda?
    There are no Jews in the Japanese porn industry (I am sure it is protectionist).

      1. “Call Girls”
        In the old days call girls had to leave their names in phone booths or even more risky, they had to advertise. They were always getting busted.
        Alternatively if you were a clean polite well-dressed white mesomorph you could meet a Hispanic woman on the street and follow her to her house and she was happy enough to do what you wanted.
        Some would actually get excited (Some prostitutes do) and one Hispanic woman sucked me off quite fast and then said disappointed “I didn’t think you would come so fast”.
        Call girls are snotty unhappy white woman with a bitchy attitude who insists on 2 rubbers for oral sex and behaves in a disdainful manner because she is essentially middle-class. She is reluctant.
        Call girls have to advertise and they are always getting busted. Or maybe THEY ARE A COP (Watch a Cops episode where some hideous hick dyke cop gets some poor horny sap to agree to “oral copulation” on the phone and when he enters the hotel room he is pinned with knees on his back like he had a weapon of mass destruction).
        With digital these days it is easy to track “sex offenders” on Craiglist (IE a normal guy seeking a nice BJ from an adult woman) and you cannot deny it.

    1. BEAU Phoenix, 1999
      I had no money for a steady white girlfriend at that time so I would take a bus to one bus stop and then ride another bus downtown.
      Because serial killers in those days were killing prostitutes in cheap hotels (This was the days before CCTV) many of them would insist that you went back to their residence. This was the era of Dahmer and Joel Rifkin when in any given city 15 prostitutes were dead from one nutjob. So many hookers insisted on going to a safe place:
      One white prostitute insisted that I follow her to her house. She was 45 or so and owned the house and was crack cocaine addict. She wanted $25 for the blowjob.
      We actually walked into her small ranch house backyard because she did not want me in her house (not that I blame her) and I sat down on her lawn chair and she gave me head there. She had a short wooden fence but a passing car could have seen the entire act. Each time some car went by she’d stop and raise her head and my big erection would be sticking in the air like the Eiffel Tower. I was afraid the neighbors would call the cops for indecent exposure.
      Second incident was a Hispanic woman about 40 who offered me head for $25 and I went to her house. It was kind of awkward stepping over her kids as they watched TV to get blown in her bedroom.
      In this instance she was kind of excited to be with a young white mesomorph and got carried away with the blowjob and I shot a huge load all over her face accidentally. She wiped it with my shirt kind of irritably, so I had to walk out of her house with a wet-semen stained shirt.
      In the bus station going home I slithered quickly into the male restroom to wash my shirt but it was wet. Everybody on the bus looked at me smirking. They knew what happened. I had shot a load on myself.

    2. BEAU ANGLO More Popular
      In the crack cocaine epidemic heights of the 1990’s female addicts sucked 20 penises per day to pay for a $500 a day habit.
      Many women died of cocaine overdoses in those days. After one year of smoking $500 a day of cocaine they had a heart attack at 28.
      The demand among white middle-class guys was enormous. There was no internet porn and even if you wanted to beat off you had to be alone in your house with a VCR (And beating off in your living room was still risky).
      In those days if a middle-class “Gamma” wanted a BJ he had to pay for it unless he met a woman and dated her for 2 months.
      Even then it was not the kind of BJ a 40 year old hooker could give that was known as a Hoover (After the vacuum cleaner brand).
      But as I said 3 things happened
      First, crack cocaine declined in popularity outside the ghetto (Where I am sure you can still get an economically-priced blowjob in your car) and people on meth are more likely to hold a job whereas crack was a 20 minute rush.
      Second, young women’s morality has apparently changed a great deal in the 2000’s. For whatever reason.
      Third, welfare laws and affirmative action gave many more NAM women decent incomes.

      1. SIR
        Have you ever considered starting your own blog?
        Many people would be interested in these observations and musings.
        Readership of your comments may decline but you’ve had more freedom to write what you want.

        1. BEAU Actually I find it fascinating how the United States has changed in 18 years according to your own statements.
          Society changed.
          One thing I do notice, over and over again, is that there is more antipathy towards Jewish people now than in the 1990’s.
          Back then they were regarded as street people who lived in the Bronx. They were not really associated with the degree of power and influence and destructiveness I see today from other parts of society.
          Another thing is the “Cuck” accusations that a Democrat who believes that the working-class needs the sort of minimum wage and healthcare Canadians or Australians enjoy is homosexual who wants to see his wife screwed by “black bucks”.
          In the 1990’s a Democrat was a macho Italian construction worker or salt-of-the-earth Midwestern factory worker who was getting robbed by the rich.
          Today if anybody who believes working people are being screwed by a fraction of the 1% is homosexual “cuck”.
          So I have learned a few things since celebrating my first 4th of July in Dubai overseas in 1999. The country changed after Clinton left office. Nor entirely for the better either.

  20. Robert,
    I once saw a program on Link TV, a viewer-supported channel about environmental issues, that stated that oil companies have a pretty radical agenda because they are changing the chemical composition of the atmosphere for their own profits. Environmentalism is actually a conservative movement, since they want to stop change just to preserve our way of life as we know it.
    Regarding the issue of white women and black men, they are basically rebelling against what they perceive to be the patriarchal values of white Anglo-Saxon society in favor of the patriarchal values of black Anglo-Saxon society. Please don’t forget that Anglo-Saxon is not just an ethnic indicator anymore; it is a cultural term as well.

    1. ZEBRA
      I have not lived in the United States in 18 years but from what other posters state it seems to be so obviously run by Jews you’d think rebellious teenagers would walk around in shirts reading “I love Palestine” through Brooklyn as an act of rebellion.
      I’d add that less Asian-American or Jewish-American or Arab-American women are entering into interracial relationships than Anglo-Saxon women.
      One would imagine Asians, Hispanics and Jews would be the ones seeking to overthrow Anglo-Saxon patriarchy but less of them are bringing Tyrone the Thug home to Dad.

    2. “ethnic indicator”
      Anglo-Saxons are from an island off France. The amount of English blood in the white American these days is probably less than the amount of American Indian blood they possess.

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