Zionism, Anti-Zionism and the Monster of Dual Loyalty

Forced to choose between loyalty to the homeland and loyalty to the tribe, Jews have traditionally chosen treason. This is the poison pill of anti-Zionism, for it throws the Jews back into the Diaspora where they may revert back to their normal treacherous role. On the other hand, Zionism has not solved the problem of Jewish disloyalty and dual loyalty. In fact, it has worsened it by orders of magnitude. Whereas before Zionism Jews may have been mildly treasonous, afterwards Jewish treason went through the roof as Jews captured nation after nation throughout the West and turned one White country after another into a colony of Israel.
All things considered, I think Jews would be much less treasonous without a Jewish state.
So yes, the dismantling of Zionism would throw the Jews back into the Diaspora and bring back the boogeyman of Jewish dual loyalty. But Zionism has morphed the dual loyalty monster into a titan. All in all, I feel that Jewish dual loyalty would radically diminish if the Jews no longer had a state that they could use to drag generations of White Gentiles into fighting and dying for them in the endless Wars for the Jews we see playing out across the land, in Iraq, then in Libya, next in Yemen and now in Syria and soon to be Iran. Lebanon? Been there, done that. 323 Marines died in that War for the Jews.

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47 thoughts on “Zionism, Anti-Zionism and the Monster of Dual Loyalty”

  1. The Israelis like the South African whites had set up tents in the most retarded places imaginable.
    Basically, both of them are sitting within NAM slums. You have vast areas of people who are massively jealous of them, and as you pointed out in another post, do not want to be the servants of a more technologically advanced people. But the 2nd thing is something that’s a totally justified human reaction. Note, how the most racist American whites wouldn’t want to live in self-righteous Seattle – even for more pay.

      1. JASON Y
        Many Jews would go to Israel for the same reason single white Christian males go to Southeast Asia-their money goes further and there are no Non-Asian minorities. If you are a poor American Jew (About 25% of US Jews live under the poverty line despite the loud proclamations of their wealth) than living in Israel is a bit of an improvement over a slum in the Bronx.
        Similar to me or thousands of other white males in Thailand or Philippines who come from depressed (And depressing) places in the United States. What’s the point of being a poor white piece of trash in Southeast Michigan or Arkansas when you live on $800 in Southeast Asia?

        1. Yeah, but American tourists in Southeast Asia are not hated. In fact, tthey’re having their dick sucked constantly. I mean, get real. :lol;

      2. JASON Y
        Jews genetically trace their roots to this part of the world while South Africans are from Holland and Belgium.
        I am going to continue stating that I am not a Jew and I will add that after thousands of years of intermarrying with local Jerry Springer is a blonde blue eyed guy who looks like any other German but the Jewish argument would be that they originated in Israel while Charlize Theron is clearly Dutch/German.

    1. JASON Y
      I am not Jewish and I keep saying this but one reality for poor Jews in America is that things might be slightly better in Israel than New York from their perspective.

      1. Well, then the should be prepared to live like people in outer space, cause once they get out – the cosmic rays will destroy them.

    2. No self respecting American White would want to live in Barrios or ghettos with beaners and niggers. There is nothing racist about it, as you very well know that niggers are going to attack and destroy anything they can get their paws on.

    3. No self respecting American white would want to live in Barrios or ghettos with beamers and niggers. There is nothing racist about it as you very well know that niggers are going to attack and destroy anything they can get their paws on.

      1. JESSICA
        Blue state liberal Jews will no more live in a ghetto then Alabama clansman.
        I’ll add that Israel is a second world country and it is still preferable to Jews to Midwest Rustbelt inner-cities. In any event losing those Jews who would otherwise be on public charity (And possibly have even more animosity with NAMS) to the care of another country is no terrible loss.

        1. Voorhees, just like rodents Jews can survive only when they create filth and degeneracy and thrive healthily in it. Sort of like how they made our country now where they hold us like hostages. They will always need some gibsmedat like blacks to maintain their shitty little hellhole.

        2. You mean Jews put a gun to people’s heads and – forced them to accept the counter-culture 1960s etc.. ?? It just isn’t even remotely true.

        1. Yup they can’t stand anything​ remotely Christian and pure. Whites need to follow Amish way of living if we want to save atleast the remnants of our Christian culture.

        2. I’ve to note seen that WNs are people sort of like they have any “puritanical values”. I mean, no offense, but look at this blog. Mostly, all this mud-slinging from the racists or semi-racists is just self-righteous hypocrisy.

        3. JV and Jessica, David Duke’s blog specifically supports abortion – of course – ONLY when blacks are involved, lol. Look at the article on Africa. Duke and the like are NOT Christians. Any kissing up they might do to evangelicals is just a dirty scheme.

        1. In response to comment about beamers and n-word wanting to savagely attack “the good law-abiding Fox News watching folk”.

    4. The Israelis obviously have a tougher opponent.
      Arabs have a more sophisticated civilization than Africans. With Arabs, CIA needs to fund and encourage Jihadists; with Africans, just sell them guns, no need to find a worthy cause for them to fight.

      1. YEE
        CIA funding the Jihadists? That’s sort of a stretch, Yee. I can believe that they are all over Taiwan and South Korea and want China contained.

        1. Where have you been for the past few decades, TRASH, living in a cave? Even Brzezinski admitted they fund Jihadists in Afghanistan, the later Al-Qaeda.
          Actually, this is the standard tactics of the US, funding and coaching rebellions in every country you don’t like. I can’t believe you don’t know this. Maybe you’re a CIA, pretending to be stupid…

      2. YEE
        CIA funded Afghanistan during the Cold War which is the fallacy of “enemy of an enemy is a friend of mine”. I agree with this and possible some weapons and personnel from Afghanistan were involved in the Palestinian struggle but the Israel would not overlook the CIA funding the PLO. I am sorry to differ with you.
        China funded Vietnam but the Vietnam turned around after the Americans withdrew and went war against China in 1979.
        This is a case of financiers creating a new enemy.

        1. Now I think about it, the US is actually the biggest supporter of Muslims.
          The US supported Sadam, who was a Muslim, in the war with Iran; Muslims in Afghanistan, Muslims in Bosnia, Muslims in Kosovo, Muslims in Chechnya, Muslims in China. I’m sure there’re some more I have forgotten….
          Really, the ungrateful Muslim world owes you a “thank you” note.

      3. I would compare the CIA and Al Qaeda to Vietnam going to war with China in 1979.
        Like China, the US financed and armed “a temporary ally” whose ideological goals changed over time-the Americans and Soviets withdrew, respectively.

  2. JASON Southeast Asia Correlation
    1) Israel and Philippines have political problems but NAMS in the US are more primitive than Mediterranean Arabs or Malays even if a load of government money keeps them functioning in a developed country. Neurologically-speaking a Palestinian is more advanced and can run a liquor store in the United States and Asians often have degrees. The Savannah of Africa and jungles or plains of Mesoamerica had a different hormonal affect during evolution of NAMS.
    2) As Robert noted you can flee to rural areas in Red States but these are remote and job opportunities are fewer.
    3) It is hard to immigrate to other developed countries.
    4) Jewish or Christian, a great many white guys cannot get laid or find a woman to marry them anyhow. No money, too short, not attractive, overweight. American women quite logically are looking for a 5 figure salary and a decently employed husband. So many American males are single anyhow.
    5) Less expensive and some local woman will move in with you.
    It is less about Israel being a Holy Land than American Jews with nothing going for them and no reason not to leave.

  3. Jewish immigration to Israel/White expats in Asia
    1) A white guy who lives in a poor American city has nothing to lose.
    2) American women won’t look at him anyhow if he has no decent job, cannot afford to move out of his family’s house etc. At least in some other country like Israel or Thailand local women might have lower standards.
    3) NAMS are worse than Palestinians or Southeast Asians in terms of crime. Palestinians and Thais are not the big crime problems in the US.
    4) Cheaper cost of living.

  4. If a few undesirable males who happen to be Jewish go to live in Israel and NYC loses one more welfare receiver what difference does it make?
    Politics aside the real dregs of the Jewish population-unable to make a living, lifelong recipients of public charity, petty criminals, general urban scum-that moves to Israel relieves the US of some social work cases.
    As for Zionist control of the Middle East through war the average middle-class or working-class Jew sure ain’t voting for it. They don’t vote for GOP or Republican presidents and are actually the money machine behind the Democratic party.
    I am somewhat dubious of the extent to which lower middle-class and working-class Jews who hustle hot dogs on Coney Island really vote for George Bush to invade Iraq in order to support Zionism in Israel. Its about as likely as Appalachian rednecks interfering with the Scottish Independence Referendum.

  5. A decade earlier China funded Vietnam and when the Americans withdrew Vietnam went to war with China infused by the cash and arms China had given them to fight the Vietnam conflict.
    Same thing happened when the Soviet Union withdrew from Afghanistan.

    1. Vietnam has always been an ambitious country. They had wanted to annex Cambodia and Laos for a long time. Over confident after they kicked you out, they got bold.
      The war with Vietnam was like the war with India, just to put them in their place.
      Helping Vietnam to fight the US was to stop you setting your cannon right at our front door. It was a defense action and necessary.

      1. YEE
        “Just to put them in their place” I’d argue that the Indians initiated the war with China under the bad assumption that the Soviet Union would get behind them or failing that, the Americans. It was inscrutable Indian thinking, frankly.

  6. YEE
    My point is that proxy wars often turn against their financiers or their financiers turn against them.
    This has happened over and over again for the CIA.

    1. CIA seems to have a great result with the Kurds in Iraq and Syria. Tax money well spent, congratulations.

      1. YEE
        Actually its good news for the rest of the world because the US is economically broken with no possible way that the middle and lower class could absorb the cost of another war, the price of oil rising any further, more refugees.
        The United States lost its triple-A rating. That is not a good sign at all.

  7. It has cost the United States its status as an economic superpower, partly because the middle-class was broken by the strain of taxes and the price of oil tripled instead of being a free spigot.
    American is sort an extension of Europe in political terms being run up to this point by ex-Europeans and their societies have been overrun by Kurdish and Syrian refugees.
    So yes the result has been disastrous.

    The problem is that these places do not have an economy to support the entire population of whites.

  9. “…if the Jews no longer had a state that they could use to drag generations of White Gentiles into fighting and dying for them in the endless Wars for the Jews we see playing out across the land…”
    I think White Gentiles should not support such causes (at least not in such costly ways), but rather more or less leave the Jews on their own (to defend their own interests).

    1. Jm8
      When did Israelis expect Indian-Americans to die in Lebanon in their wars?
      Do you think Israelis actually believe they could DRAFT AMERICANS TO DIE FOR ISRAEL.
      Never happen baby. No Brahmin princess who got married at 14 and has only one son wants her Babu to die in some wadi fighting a war for a homeland she could not find on a map.
      So Gentiles are not dying for Israel.

    1. Jm8
      Israeli cannot draft Indian-Americans or Hispanics willingly to die in a war with Lebanon, for example.
      Nor Chinese-Americans.
      Perhaps a volunteer army of Americans can be ordered to assist and this would cause sacrifice but Reagan withdrew the US from Lebanon fairly quickly as you remember in 1983. Well you wouldn’t because you were not born.
      If you are the son of successful Gujarati merchants in New Jersey to what extent would you care about Israel.
      One would read this blog and expect to see whites driving rickshaws full of rich Jews or laboring under them like Dalits beneath Brahmin but in fact Jews are not nearly as influential or powerful as non-Americans would believe they are in the United States.
      Perhaps a fraction of 1% of them and this is disproportionate to their population BUT total rule of the United States.
      No, most Gujarati in New Jersey or Japanese in Hawaii are richer than the average Bronx Jew.

      1. “Israeli cannot draft Indian-Americans or Hispanics willingly to die in a war with Lebanon, for example. Nor Chinese-Americans.”
        I meant the West/America in general, not just Whites.

        1. Cont:
          i.e, I meant the West/America in general (and all who live there), not just Whites, should let the Jews defend their own interests (at least do so to a greater degree than they do currently).

        2. Jm8
          The West has been reticent about fighting in Lebanon for example. When the US Marine barracks was bombed the Americans pulled out.
          So the idea of German or Norwegian soldiers dying on the West Bank is unlikely.
          Like most non-Westerners (Probably Indian) you overestimate the extent that Jews can actually influence the West. They are masters at manipulation through the media and experts at business but they cannot actually march out and put a gun in an Irish citizen’s face to force him to fight in Israel.

        3. Jason Voorhees
          “…you overestimate the extent that Jews can actually influence the West. They are masters at manipulation through the media and experts at business but they cannot actually march out and put a gun in an Irish citizen’s face to force him to fight in Israel.”
          I never said they were able to compel the west to fight for them. I am inclined to agree with you that their influence over the west is estimated/overstated. If they have less influence over the west than many believe, all the better for the west to be able to choose to withdraw from their affairs if it wishes and hopefully will increasingly.

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