Trump and Bannon Are Carrying out a Fascist Coup

And Kelly Ann Conway, a fascist herself, keeps giving it away with her comments.
That’s actually the 100% truth. The Republicans have been moving towards a form of fascism or rightwing authoritarianism ever since Reagan to be honest. It’s been a Long March through the Institutions, so to speak.
The expert quoted is an expert on Italian History and the Mussolini Era.
We are putting you fascists on notice, dammit. We are coming to get you. If not now, later. You bitches have been warned.
The only good fascist is a dead fascist!
I’m not with the Antifa at all on a lot of things, but I am with them on this all right.

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0 thoughts on “Trump and Bannon Are Carrying out a Fascist Coup”

  1. I see what the article is saying – but the fact remains that Trump is going to get impeached before he can carry it out. He was just very stupid to get involved in so much crime – otherwise, using terrorism in a “divide and conquer” thing, he could very well morph into Mussolini.

  2. Anyway, what about this theory? Note, with the changing demographics of the US, Trump felt like crime was the only way to win the White House and Congress. Note, for some reason, Nixon felt the same way with Watergate – even though he had a massively weak opponent (maybe he was paranoid cause he felt Kennedys would keep stabbing him).

    1. Maybe partially with the installment of the “federal” reserve and most of the rest of the way after the assassination of JFK.

      1. LYN
        Before my time (1974) but things really changed when Reagan came into office in 1980. The Carter era was a depressing time but there was not the harsh fascistic tone that Reagan brought to office.
        I grew up during the Reagan Revolution of the 1980’s and my impression has always been that the US began to cruelly ignore the middle-class (I’m from Greater Detroit) at this time while Japan marked the start of no-hole-barred competition from Globalization.
        Bill Clinton was elected by white middle-class and white working voters as a populist president. Its ironic that these same people rejected Hillary (Who was by then dragging around 25 years of scandals and bad business practices behind her).
        Clinton was elected as a sort of burnt-out reaction to the Reagan Era but his NAFTA signature opened the door to unchecked immigration from Latin America IN ADDITION to globalization. Canadians did not dig this I’ll add.
        But it was Bush who seemed to really usher in an era of unchecked fascism. He was incompetent as well and a terrible domestic president.
        I have to state that Obama like Carter 30 years before him was really trying to damage-control and was not bad domestically even if his international policies were atrocious. Like Carter after Watergate he was trying to pull the economy out of a bad situation and extract the US from a quagmire in the armpit of the world. He sort of managed to do this.

    1. Trump is literally a CLOWN,he looks so out of place,most of the times.HITLER even though nutty and deeply insecure was a political genius,and his heart was in the right place until he got carried away with his own propaganda.

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