The Only Time The Media Universally Praised Trump

The only time the media universally praised Trump was when he bombed Syria based on a fake false flag poison gas attack that never even happened. For an excellent writeup on how this attack was not a poison gas attack and in fact how this attack never even happened in the first place (!) please see Seymour Hersh’s excellent work in the German press, just out. Hersh presumably had to take his work to the German press because the (((US press))), I mean the US press, would not run it. Notice the difference? (((US press))) (((British press))) (((Canadian press))) (((Australian press))) German press Notice that the German press is apparently the only media that is controlled by nationalists, members of the nation state itself, that is, actual German people, not (((traitors))), (((double agents))) and (((agents of a foreign power))). This is the difference between having a true national media and having an (((anti-national globalist cosmopolitan media))) run by (((internationalist traitors))). Have you noticed this? Let me put it in bold. The only time the US media unanimously cheered for Trump was when he bombed Syria.  Do you understand why that is? It’s because we don’t have a media. We have a (((media))). We don’t have a Congress. We have a (((Congress))). We don’t have a Democratic Party and Republican Party.  We have a (((Democratic Party))) and (((Republican Party))). Keep in mind that there are Jews and there are (((Jews))). The highest calling of any Jew converted or born should be to remove those damned parentheses from your name. This more than anything else nowadays it what it really means to be a Jew. Want to light the way to a better world? Clean your own house first, then worry about being cultural messiahs. Mr. Hersh, despite his ethnicity, will not get three brackets. Mr. Hersh is a good man and a good Jew, a true mensch. He is an American nationalist who puts Americans first and Jews second. With most of his people, it’s the other way around. You wonder why they kept getting thrown out of countries? It’s because of this.

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0 thoughts on “The Only Time The Media Universally Praised Trump”

  1. I don’t know what’s going on with those brackets but I did notice that, yes. It was pretty striking how they started talking about him respectfully all of a sudden.

  2. Robert, out of curiosity, what is your take on Kevin B MacDonald? I used to think he was stretching a bit with his whole evolutionary strategy theme but I’m coming around to the idea that he may have been right on the money all along.
    Enjoy the blog, sir.

  3. It’s laughable to pretend that “German nationalists” own the German press. To judge, take a look at the fruits of the tree. Do you know what’s the legacy of Germany these past years? Simple. Germany is marching on the same suicide path taken by the West, but with professional, ‘Made In Germany’ equipment. With Law and Order, and brutal disrespect for small entities. They may even be the first country to enact a ban on online hate speech.
    Now, I admit there’s still something working in Germany. That’s because they are the economic strongman of the EU. They have no competitors left in the Eurozone. Ravaged the UK, France and Italy. Conquered the East. Free-trade is their game. Right now they would probably beat the US, if TAFTA were to be enacted. That’s why Trump won, I think. The elites start to care about people when it means money.

    1. Germans take life a lot more seriously, are extremely pigheaded and very upright and straight. The so called Whites dismiss them as too boring and lacking terribly in creativity…but it’s just that capitalism is yet to come of age in Germany. Germany never became an imperial power…in fact, it was plundered by the Imperial West and Russia after World War Two. The path taken by Germany towards economic recovery in the post-World War Two era is quite unique. The riches of the Imperial West are largely based on colonization, but those of Germany are based entirely on its BRILLIANCE!
      Germany can possibly overtake the U.S. in the next few decades. The things which work heavily in favor of the U.S. are its gigantic size, population and its hegemony over the rest of the world in the post-World War Two era.

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